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					                                The Secret Birthday Message
                                            by Eric Carle
Topic: map skills and shape identification
Book Description:
It is Tim's birthday. Instead of a package, Tim gets a mysterious letter written in code. The secret
message starts Tim off on an exciting treasure hunt through a dark cave, an underground tunnel,
and other strange places until he finds a happy surprise. Students will enjoy exploring die-cut
pages that demonstrate in a "hands-on" way the meaning of place-words like up, below, through,
A stuffed puppy (or other treasure)
Construction paper shapes, some large for the room and many matching small ones for the maps
Large manila paper for each child
A complete map for the room
1. Hide a treasure (stuffed puppy or other animal) under a particular shape in the room. Create a
     map that shows children where the treasure is hidden.
2. Read The Secret Birthday Message to the class. Emphasize the map shown on the last page.
     Talk about how the arrows and how they helped Tim find the puppy.
3. Show a completed map. It should have five shapes, directional arrows, and contain a hidden
4. Read your map to the children as they follow the directions and locate the puppy.
5. Ask children to make their own maps following the guidelines:
    Begin with a star on the top left of your map.
    Use at least 5 shapes
    Draw arrows to show how a treasure hunter should move.
    Make a shape lap to hide the sticker puppy and place it in the bottom right hand corner.
6. After children have had time to create their maps, allow individuals to practice "reading"
     their maps to partners.
7. After a few days, allow some children to hide the puppy under their specific treasure shape.
     Then "read" maps to class members and ask them to follow the directions and find the
Source: TEXTEAMS Pre-kindergarten/Kindergarten

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