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									                                                                          LFCA’S GOD ROCK CAFE

                               Child’s Name                 Small $2.75              Sub Sandwich         Chicken Noodle Soup            God Rock Café Closed            Cheese Quesadilla
                                                            Large $3.00                        Chips                Soft Pretzel                                              (1 ½ is large)
                                                      Ex. Beverage $.25              Vegetable Soup           Nacho Cheese Dip                                                Mexican Rice
                               Child’s Grade                  S = Small                         Fruit                       Fruit                                                       Fruit
                                                              L = Large        Chocolate Chip Cookie           Rice Krispy Treat                                           Rainbow Cookie
                                                          B = Beverage
                                                       MB = Milk Break

                                                           Chicken Leg                     Sausage                         Chili          Baked Potato Rounds       Pepperoni Bosco Sticks
                                                    Macaroni and Cheese              Biscuit & Gravy    Grilled Cheese Sandwich         Grilled Chicken Sandwich                      Salad
                                                                    Fruit                   Pancake                        Fruit                            Fruit                      Fruit
                                                    Peanut Butter Cookie                        Fruit                   Brownie                     Sugar Cookie      Chocolate Chip Cookie

                                                             Meatballs                   Corn Dogs              Chicken Twists               5th Grade Mission             Pepperoni Pizza                Plan for March
                                                              Spaghetti     Seasoned Potato Wedges            Cornbread Stuffing                                                      Salad     Lunches and Send Money
                                                      Cheese Breadstick                         Fruit              Green Beans                      Soft Tacos                          Fruit              In Monday 
                                                                  Fruit         Peanut Butter Cookie                       Fruit    Nacho Cheese, Salsa & Chips            Rice Krispy Treat
                                                          Sugar Cookie                                          Rainbow Cookie                             Fruit
                                                                                                                                           Snickerdoodle Cookie

                                               No School Presidents Day       Chicken Noodle Soup       Pepperoni Bosco Sticks                             Chili          4th Grade Mission
                                                                                        Soft Pretzel                      Salad         Grilled Cheese Sandwich
                                                                                  Nacho Cheese Dip                          Fruit                          Fruit             Sub Sandwich
                                                                                               Fruit           Rice Krispy Treat                 Rainbow Cookie                      Chips
                                                                              Chocolate Chip Cookie                                                                                  Soup

                                                          Chicken Bites
                                                        Mashed Potatoes
                                                           Sugar Cookie

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