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					                Spa Price List
                       Facial Treatments
Express Skin Care
30min l R220.00
Classic Facial
60min l R390.00
Deep Cleanse Treatment
90min l R470.00
Sensitive Skin Treatment
60min l R430.00
Pigmentation Mark Treatment
60min l R550.00
Problem Skin Treatment
60min l R450.00
Clean Start Facial
30min l R220.00
Clean Start Break-out Freak Out
60min l R390.00
Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Treatment
90min l R530.00

           Dermalogica MicroZone Treatments
AGE Smart Flash Exfoliation MicroZone
20min l R250.00
Eye Rescue MicroZone
20min l R220.00
Rapid Spot Clearing MicroZone
20min l R240.00
Blackhead Relief MicroZone
20min l R200.00
Lip Renewal MicroZone
20min l R300.00
Men’s Skin Fitness MicroZone (congested skins)
20min l R170.00
Men’s Skin Fitness MicroZone (inflamed, sensitive skins)
20min l R170.00
Clean Starting MicroZone (pre- and teenage skins)
20min l R120.00

                       Massage Therapy
Back & Neck Anti Stress
30min l R275.00
Swedish Body Massage
60min l R450.00
Aromatherapy Body Massage
60min l R490.00
90min l R625.00
Hot Stone Massage
60min l R590.00
Golfer’s Massage
60min l R490.00
90min l R625.00
Pregnancy Massage
30min l R275.00
60min l R450.00
Indian Head Massage
30min l R275.00
Tired Feet and Legs Massage
30min l R275.00
60min l R450.00

   Body Treatments & Wraps for men and women
Body Exfoliation (self application)
Body Exfoliation (in treatment)
Back Cleanser
60min l R450.00
Detoxification Wrap
60min l R500.00
Rejuvenating Wrap
60min l R500.00

Rasul Chamber
45min l R300.00
Kneipp Pool
30min l R165.00
Flotation Tank
30min l R200.00
Hydrotherapy Bath
30min l R200.00
Hydrotherapy Combo (Sauna, Rasul, Kneipp Pool & Flotation Pool)
2 hours l R500.00

                           Hands & Feet
Express Manicure
30min l R120.00
Classic Manicure (includes Paraffin Moisture Mask)
60min l R200.00
French Manicure
60min l R220.00
Shape & Paint
20min l R90.00
Express Pedicure
30min l R150.00
Classic Pedicure (includes Paraffin Moisture Mask)
60min l R250.00
French Pedicure
60min l R270.00
Platinum Pedicure
(includes Tired Leg & Feet Massage & specialized mask)
90min l R380.00
Gel overlay with pedicure
90min l R400.00
Shape & Paint
20min l R90.00

                       Nail Enhancements
                      (free soak off with a new set)

Acrylic                      Gel
Full Set French
R300.00                      R250.00
Full Set Natural
R280.00                      R230.00
Full Overlay
R250.00                      R200.00
French Overlay
R350.00                      R280.00
2 week fill
R200.00                      R150.00
1 Nail Repair
Toe Full Overlay
Toe French Overlay
Soak off only

                           WAXING: Face
Full Face l R250.00
Lip/Chin l R65.00
Eyebrow l R65.00
Cheeks l R65.00
                         WAXING: Arms
Underarm l R90.00
½ Arm l R90.00
Full Arm l R165.00

                         WAXING: Bikini
Standard l R105.00
G-String l R135.00
Hollywood l R200.00
Brazilian l R180.00

                         WAXING: Legs
½ Leg l R160.00
¾ Leg l R175.00
Full Leg l R210.00
½ Leg (under 16) l R100.00

                       WAXING: Combo’s
Underarm & Bikini l R170.00
½ Leg & Bikini l R235.00
Full Leg & Bikini l R275.00
½ Leg, Bikini & Underarm l R315.00
Tummy & Bikini l R190.00

                          WAXING: Men
Chest l R160.00
Back/Neck /Shoulders l R190.00
Full Leg l R270.00
Full Body l R600.00
Abs l R125.00

Eyelashes l R70.00
Eyebrows l R70.00
Lash & Brow l R90.00
Brow Tint & Shape l R90.00

                     Make-Up Application
Day Make-Up l R240.00
Evening Make-Up l R460.00
Bridal Make-Up (incl trial) l R800.00

                        Luscious Lashes
Eye Lash Extensions l R600.00
2 week fill l R225.00
3 week fill l R275.00
4 week fill l R350.00

                         Body Bronzing
Tan Can
1 Session l R45.00
10 Sessions l R330.00
Airbrush Spray Tan
Airbrush Spray Tan (incl Body Exfoliation)

                             Hair Salon
Cut & Style
Gents l R170.00
Short l R270.00,
Medium l R290.00
Long l R340.00
Blow Wave
Short l R150.00
Medium l R170.00
Long l R190.00
Extra Long l R220.00
Ladies Cut Only l R200.00

Occasion Upstyle
Half Upstyle l R330.00
Short l R440.00
Medium l R500.00
Long l R500.00
Fringe Trim l R35.00
Girls Cut & Blow l R110.00
Boys Cut l R100.00
Shave l R55.00

HI Lites
Gents l R310.00
Short l R400.00
Medium l R420.00
Long l R440.00
Short l R530.00
Medium l R550.00
Long l R580.00
Short l R650.00
Medium l R700.00
Long l R800.00
Gents l R390.00
Short l R500.00
Medium l R500.00
Long l R500.00
Hairline Tint l R250.00
Flashes x3 l R200.00
Flashes x4 l R240.00
Flashes x6 l R340.00

Permanent and Semi-Permanent Colour l Price on consultation
Relaxer l Treatment
Gents l R330.00
Short l R330.00
Medium l R360.00
Long l R390.00
Roots only l R250.00
Brazilian Blow Dry l Price on consultation

Bleach Bath
Short l R110.00
Medium l R140.00
Long l R180.00

Spiral Perm (includes treatment)
Short l R550.00
Medium l R580.00
Long l R660.00
Treatments l Various Hair Treatments available l Price on consultation

                             Spa Packages
Full Day Spa Journey       Half Day Spa Journey
7 ½ hours l R1795.00       4 ½ hours l R1150.00
Romantic Couples Overnight Spa Journey
R1950 pp
Personalised Spa Journey
2 hours l R750.00          3 hours l R1095.00
4 hours l R1500.00         5 hours l R1900.00
The Fairway Spa Experience

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