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					                                                                                                                                                                        Established 1914

       Volume XVII, Number 159                                          4th Waxing of Thadingyut 1371 ME                                           Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

               Hill station PyinOoLwin in                                                                                                      Admonition
                                                                                                                                               by Shwehintha
                     blooming flowers                                                                                                           Mahathera
              Article: Maung Maung Htwe (MNA); Photos: Tha Nyan (MNA)                                                                   Though performing things altruistic,
                                                                                                                                        You might yet hear remarks ironic.
                                                                                                                                        Still without care but for your
                                                                                                                                        Should you travel on with good

                                                                                                                                            Four political objectives
                                                                                                                                      * Stability of the State, community peace and
                                                                                                                                        tranquillity, prevalence of law and order
                                                                                                                                      * National reconsolidation
                                                                                                                                      * Emergence of a new enduring State Constitu-
                                                                                                                                      * Building of a new modern developed nation in
                                                                                                                                        accord with the new State Constitution
                                                                                                                                          Four economic objectives
                                                                                                                                      * Development of agriculture as the base and all-
                                                                                                                                        round development of other sectors of the economy
                Zaylay (Nyandaw) Roundabout seen with flower beds on Mandalay-Lashio Road in                                            as well
                                               PyinOoLwin.                                                                            * Proper evolution of the market-oriented economic
             On our arrival at 21-    plants and beautiful        three        tasks         for   OoLwin in coming cold              * Development of the economy inviting participa-
        mile        camp         of   landscaping works as an     PyinOoLwin to become             season, the committee is             tion in terms of technical know-how and invest-
        PyinOoLwin called the         evidence of its being the   a flower city, to be garbage     nurturing 331,000 saplings           ments from sources inside the country and abroad
                                      town of flowers.                                                                                * The initiative to shape the national economy must be
        hill station at an altitude                               free and ensure better           of flowery plants at the
                                                                                                                                        kept in the hands of the State and the national
        of 3538 feet, we felt cold        Various kinds of        roads,” said Deputy              nurseries. By the end of             peoples
        and breathed fresh air.       flowers along the roads     Director U Tin Win of            rainy season, the plan is
             At the archway of the    were in bloom.              Township Development             under way to grow over                    Four social objectives
        town, we saw flowery              “We are carrying out    Affairs Committee.               300,000 flowery plants at          * Uplift of the morale and morality of the entire
                                                                       “To be garbage free         the designated areas.                nation
                                                                  town, sanitation task is being        The news team                 * Uplift of national prestige and integrity and
                                                                                                                                        preservation and safeguarding of cultural heri-
                                                                  undertaken with the use of       observed season-wise                 tage and national character
                                                                  five vehicles, while workers     nurturing of flowery plants        * Uplift of dynamism of patriotic spirit
                                                                  of the sanitation section are    at the nurseries.                  * Uplift of health, fitness and education stan-
                                                                  collecting of garbage. The                (See page 7)                dards of the entire nation
                                                                  committee designates the
                                                                  places for garbage,” he
                                                                       The news team of
                                                                                                        Matric exam forms, fee stamps to
                                                                  Kyemon Daily had an                    be in circulation on 1 October
                                                                  opportunity to visit
                                                                  PyinOoLwin and witnessed              YANGON, 21 Sept—The Myanmar Examination Board today announced that
                                                                  favourable weather and           examination application forms and fee stamps for 2009-2010 academic year will
                                                                  fertile soil of the town.        be on sale at fixed prices at its office (Zwegabin Hostel) in Hline University
                                                                  Moreover, we saw the             Campus here from 1 October onwards.
                                                                  concerted efforts of the              Those students to sit for subject combination Nos 1, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are to fill
                                                                  workers to grow various          in green forms and cards, and those students for subject combination Nos 2, 3 and
                                                                  species of flowery plants.       4, in pink forms and cards.
                                                                       As part of attracting            Each external student is to buy and stick a fee stamp onto the left-top part of
                                                                  local and foreign tourists,      the application form and submit it to the township education officer concerned
                                                                  the red colour of                from 1 to 30 October 2009.
                                                                  December flower or                    The principals of basic education high schools, affiliated BEHSs, and
                                                                  Christmas            flower      BEHS branches concerned are to buy and stick fee stamps onto every application
                                                                  (Poinsettia) covers the          form, and submit them to the Myanmar Examination Board from 1 to 13
                                                                  whole town in December           October 20009.
                The clock tower built as a symbol of              when PyinOoLwin is                    Late application forms will not be legitimate, and either subject combination
             PyinOoLwin in 1936 decorated with multi-             most beautiful town.             is not changeable. So, students are to fill in and submit the correct forms,
                      coloured lights at night.                        To decorate Pyin-           reminded the board.—MNA

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       2 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

                 PERSPECTIVES                                                             People’s Desire
                    Tuesday, 22 September, 2009              *   Oppose those relying on external elements, acting as stooges, holding negative views
                                                             *   Oppose those trying to jeopardize stability of the State and progress of the nation
         Uphold Our Three Main National                      *   Oppose foreign nations interfering in internal affairs of the State
         Causes in pursuing national goal                    *   Crush all internal and external destructive elements as the common enemy
               In the course of its history, Myanmar
         has been standing tall as a sovereign,
                                                                 Industry-2 Minister inspects Thagara industrial region
         independent country in the international               NAY PYI TAW, 21 Sept—Minister for Industry-2                   At briefing hall, the officials reported matters on
                                                            Vice-Admiral Soe Thein inspected hydropower turbine            department-wise undertakings, installation of
         community. One of the fine traditions is that      and generator factory, multi-diesel engine factory,            machinery, progress and production of the factory to
         national brethren remain cohesive in               excavator and bulldozer factory and industrial training        the minister. Next, the minister called on officials
         safeguarding the Union, sharing joys and           centre (Thagara) being implemented in Thagara                  concerned to make all-out efforts in building the
         sorrows.                                           industrial region yesterday.                                   industrialized nation.—MNA
               Union Spirit is essential for
         perpetuation of sovereignty. It is, therefore,            61st Anniversary of World Maritime Day 2009 observed
         required of every citizen, wherever they live
         across the Union, to equip themselves with a
         strong sense of Union Spirit.
               Moreover, the entire people have to
         oppose those disrupting State stability and
         community peace and nation-building
         programmes as well as certain foreign
         countries interfering in the internal affairs of
         the motherland.
               In its drive for transforming the nation
         into a peaceful, modern and developed
                                                                  Minister Maj-Gen Thein Swe addresses the ceremony to observe 61st anniversary World
         discipline-flourishing democratic one, the
                                                                                                Maritime Day.—MNA
         government has devoted itself to a variety of
         tasks covering the whole nation for stability         YANGON, 21 Sept—          Maj-Gen Thein Swe.                Maritime Organization         Challenge for IMO too”.
                                                            The 61st Anniversary of          Next, Country Director        (IMO) Mr Efthimios E.             Next, the minister and
         of the State and community peace, improving
                                                            World Maritime Day 2009      Me Toshihiro Tanaka of            Mitropoulos.                  guests viewed documentary
         economic infrastructural buildings and             was observed at Park         United           Nations               Afterwards, video        photos of activities for safe
         development of human resources.                    Royal Hotel on Alanpya       Development Programme             clips on motto of the IMO     water transport on non-
               Only with State stability and community      Pagoda Road here this        (UNDP) read out the               for 61st anniversary of the   polluted sea and impact of
         peace, will it be possible for the nation to       morning, with an address     message of General                organization was presented    climate change and
         enjoy development and realize the democratic       by Minister for Transport    Secretary of International        that is “Climate Change: A    maritime activities.—MNA
         goal, which can be achieved only with the
         constitution, not with anarchy and riots.           Press conference on holding                                             Earthquake report
               Therefore, the entire people are duty-
         bound to adhere to the national policy “non-
                                                                ICT Exhibition 2009                                             NAY PYI TAW, 21 Sept—A strong earthquake of
                                                                                                                            intensity 6.3 Richter Scale with its epicenter outside
         disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration        YANGON, 21 Sept —        Sky Bristo hall of Sakura          Myanmar (Bhutan) about 800 miles northwest of
         of national solidarity and perpetuation of         Under the supervision of     Tower this afternoon.              Kaba-Aye seismological observatory was recorded
                                                            Myanmar Computer                  MCPA Chairman U               at 15 hrs 25 min 57 sec MST on 21 September,
         sovereignty in order to achieve the national       Federation, Myanmar          Khun Oo explained that             2009.—MNA
         goal of building a democratic nation.              ICT Exhibition (2009)        the ICT Exhibition was to
                                                            organized by Myanmar         be held so that those who
                                                            Computer Professionals       are interested in IT                “Geographic Information Systems
             All this needs to be known                     Association           and    development and IT sector,            (GIS) & Remote Sensing (RS)
             *   Do not be frightened whenever              Myanmar Computer             businesspeople, managers,
                 intimidated                                Industrialists Association   students and the people             Certificate Course No (3/09)” to be
             *   Do not be bolstered whenever flat-         will be held at the          could study modern                                opened
                 tered                                      Tatmadaw Convention          electrical appliances,
             *   Do not be softened whenever appeased       Centre on U Wisara Road      communication devices                 YANGON, 21 Sept— For using GPS, Satellite Images
                                                            here from 15 to 18           and computer software at          and Aerial Photographs, the course of “Geographic
                                                            October.       A    press    one place.                        Information Systems (GIS) & Remote Sensing (RS)
                 Press Conference of ICT 2009 in            conference on holding the         IT entrepreneurs,            Certificate Course No (3/09)” for the development of
                         progress.—MNA                      exhibition took place at     electronics companies,            Information and Communication Technology ,
                                                                                         communication devices             organized by Myanmar Computer Association and
                                                                                         shops,     CD      shops,         Myanmar Credent Technology, will be opened at the e-
                                                                                         bookshops and other IT            learning Centre, Hlaing Township, here.
                                                                                         enthusiasts are invited to            It can be attended on Tuesday, Wednesday and
                                                                                         open their booths at the          Thursday weekly from 5pm to 6:30 pm. This course
                                                                                         exhibition. They can              will admid trainees and last from 29 September to 3
                                                                                         contact MCIA office,              December.
                                                                                         Room No (204), Myanmar                The interested persons may enroll at Building No
                                                                                         Info Tech, Hlaing Campus          4, Room No 4, the office of Myanmar Computer
                                                                                         (Ph: 652238, 095067170).          Association (Ph 652276) before 28 September.
                                                                                                              MNA                                                          MNA

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                                                                                                   THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009 3

              Iran’s leader says US nuke
                  accusations wrong
          T EHERAN , 21 Sept—           as its predecessor.           tration has invited Iran to
       Iran’s supreme leader said          “The US officials who      start a dialogue on its nu-
       on Sunday that US officials      talk about Iranian missiles   clear programme and gave
       know they are wrongly ac-        and their danger while say-   a vague September dead-
       cusing Iran of seeking to        ing Iran intends to build a   line for Teheran to take up
       develop nuclear weapons.         nuclear bomb, they know       the offer. The US and five
       In Iran’s first official reac-   these words are wrong,”       other world powers ac-
       tion to the US decision to       Khamenei said in remarks      cepted an offer from Iran
       scrap a European missile         broadcast on state-run ra-    earlier this month to hold
       intercept system to defend       dio. “Despite its apparent    “comprehensive, all-en-
       against threats from Iran,       friendly messages and         compassing and construc-
       Ayatollah Ali Khamenei           words” the Obama admin-       tive” talks on a range of se- Afghan young men line up for wheat being distributed by the World Food Pro-
       claimed President Barack         istration is pursuing the     curity issues, including gramme in Kabul. Japan’s new Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada has hinted
       Obama’s administration is        same policy of Iran-phobia,   global nuclear disarma- Japan will offer more development aid to Afghanistan as a substitute for ending
       following the same policies      he said. The US adminis-      ment.—Internet                   its refueling mission to support US-led operations there.—INTERNET

                                                                                             Returning Afghan                           Iraq helicopter crash
                                                                                               refugees face
                                                                                              destitute future
                                                                                                                                           kills US soldier
                                                                                                                                        BAGHDAD, 21 Sept—A US soldier was killed and
                                                                                             T AQI N AQI , 21 Sept—Taqi              twelve others wounded when their helicopter crashed
                                                                                           Naqi township emerges bleak               in the US military’s main airbase in Iraq, the military
                                                                                           and barren from the dust of west-         said in a statement on Sunday. The helicopter went down
                                                                                           ern Afghanistan, an apparent              over joint base Balad, about 80 km (50 miles) north of
                                                                                           ghost town of derelict mud                Baghdad, at 8 pm (1700 GMT) Saturday, the statement
                                                                                           houses melding into a dun land-           said. US officials were not immediately available to
                                                                                           scape.                                    comment on the suspected cause of the crash.
                                                                                             The government built it for                Air crashes have become less common in Iraq now
                                                                                           homeless refugees returning to            that the United States has fewer aircraft crossing the
                                                                                           Herat Province from Iran after            country’s skies. The last reported incident was on 17
                                                                                           US-led troops ousted the                  July, when a US State Department helicopter crashed
                                                                                           Taleban regime in late 2001, but          near Baghdad, killing two crew members. In January,
                                                                                           no one wants to live here, away           two US military aircraft came under enemy fire and
             Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force fighter jets and a                 from arable farmland and big              crashed into each other, killing four soldiers.—Internet
          refueling tanker fly over Beijing’s central business district during a           cities. Behind some of the doors,
        rehearsal for the country’s upcoming 60th National Day celebration, in
                          China, on 21 Sept, 2009.—INTERNET
                                                                                           however, there is life — albeit
                                                                                           one eked out with the help of for-
                                                                                                                                        Three US soldiers die
             Jets soar over Beijing as China
                                                                                           eign aid and dreams of a better
                                                                                                                                          in Afghanistan
                                                                                             Inside 38-year-old Mina                   KABUL, 21 Sept—One soldier with the NATO-led
                 prepares for 1 October                                                    Yousif’s house, the family of tai-        International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) was
                                                                                                                                     killed during a hostile incident on Saturday in eastern
          BEIJING, 21 Sept—Dozens of fighter jets and other warplanes soared over          lors prepares clothing for a wed-
                                                                                           ding. Tapestries of Afghanistan’s         Afghanistan while two other ISAF servicemen were
       Beijing on Monday as China stepped up preparations for National Day,
                                                                                           legendary anti-Soviet and anti-           killed in a non-combat-related incident in southern Af-
       tightening security around the city with restrictions on knife sales and plans
                                                                                           Taleban fighter Ahmad Shah                ghanistan on Sunday, said a statement of the alliance.
       to ground flights on 1 October.
                                                                                           Massoud bring colour to the dirt          Col Wayne Shanks, an ISAF spokesman, also confirmed
          The planes and helicopters flew in formation over Chang An Avenue, the
                                                                                           walls.”We did not want to come            the service members were from the United States.
       major boulevard that runs east-west through the city and across the top of
                                                                                           back to Afghanistan because                 However, it did not specify the exact locations of
       Tiananmen Square. Some of the planes released streams of red, blue and
                                                                                           here there are no facilities, there       the incidents and provide no further information.
       yellow smoke as they flew low over the city in a rehearsal for the 1 Oct
                                                                                           is no power,” Yousif said, add-             Conflicts and violence have left 359 international
       celebration to mark 60 years of communist rule. China has tightened secu-
                                                                                           ing they felt pressured to return         troops dead so far this year as some 100,000 foreign
       rity in recent weeks ahead of the celebrations. In the latest move, the sale of
                                                                                                                                     soldiers, including some 68,000 US troops, have been
       knives has been banned at some stores including hypermarkets such as Wal-           in 2004 by Iranian authorities af-
                                                                                                                                     deployed in war-torn Afghanistan combating insur-
       Mart and Carrefour, after two separate knife attacks near Tiananmen Square          ter nearly 20 years as refu-
                                                                                                                                     gency and helping with reconstruction.—Xinhua
       last week, according to store officials and state media.—Internet                   gees.—Internet

        Israeli troops kill two Palestinians on Gaza border
          JERUSALEM, 21 Sept—A Palestinian            While the smaller left wing Popular Front
       Health Ministry official says Israeli forces   for the Liberation of Palestine identified
       have killed two Palestinian militants and      the other as 21-year-old Mahmoud
       wounded three in an incident along the         Ahmed Naseer in a separate statement.
       Gaza border. Dr Moaiya Hassanain said          Joint operations by the two groups are
       the men were hit by tank fire. The Israeli     rare, but not unheard of.—Internet
       military said a border patrol fired at a
       group of Palestinians seen planting a           Angolans pass through the Boa Vista
       bomb at the Gaza border fence on Sun-           slum in the Angolan capital, Luanda.
       day. It did not elaborate.                      Despite a post-war economic boom in
          The militant Islamic Hamas said one             the southern African country, two
       of its fighters was among the dead, iden-         thirds of the population still live in
       tifying him as Abed Hafiz al-Silawi, 21.                  poverty.—INTERNET

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       4 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

               US jobs picture may
             worsen in coming months
          WASHINGTON, 21 Sept        an interview with CNN.         has moved closer to re-
       —The jobs situation              “We’re probably not         covery as month-on-
       could worsen slightly         going to start seeing          month job losses in Au-
       over the coming few           enough job creation to         gust narrowed to 216,000,
       months, US President          deal with the, you know,       compared to 276,000 jobs
       Barack Obama warned on        a rising population until      lost in July well down
       Sunday as he declined to      some time next year.” As       from a peak of 741,000
       spell out whether the         the nation battles its worst   losses in January. Obama
       world’s largest economy       downturn since the Great       said on Sunday he be-
       was out of recession.” I      Depression in the 1930s,       lieved the embattled US
       want to be clear, that        the unemployment rate          economy would begin
       probably the jobs picture     rose to 9.7 percent in Au-     slowly adding jobs, say-
       is not going to improve       gust. And Obama has al-        ing: “What we’ve done, I     An employee at a job centre helps a jobseeker look through vacancies in San
       considerably and it could     ready warned that it may       think, in the first eight        Francisco, California in August 2009. The jobs situation could worsen
       even get a little bit worse   well tip over 10 percent       months is to stop the        slightly over the coming few months, US President Barack Obama warned as
       over the next couple of       before it begins to fall.      bleeding.”                       he declined to spell out whether the world’s largest economy was out of
       months,” Obama said in           The US labour market                          Internet                                 recession.—INTERNET
              S Korea to                                                                                                                China’s aviation market
             cut customs                                                                                                                to expand 7.9% annually
               duties on                                                                                                                       in 20 years
             eco-friendly                                                                                                              BEIJING, 21 Sept— Airbus SAS, the world’s largest
                                                                                                                                   maker of commercial aircraft, said in a report that
                energy                                                                                                             China’s aviation market will see an annual increase of
               products                                                                                                            7.9 percent in the next 20 years, following India to
                                                                                                                                   become the world’s second fastest growing market.
           S EOUL , 21 Sept —                                                                                                          India’s aviation market is forecast to have a 10 per-
       South Korea will take                                                                                                       cent growth annually over the next two decades, ac-
       new steps to promote the                                                                                                    cording to the report. A total of 25,000 new planes
       use of clean resources by                                                                                                   worth 3.1 trillion US dollars will be delivered between
       cutting customs duties on                                                                                                   2009 and 2028 in the global airline market, said the
       eco-friendly energy prod-                                                                                                   report. The report also said emerging economies, air-
       ucts, the Ministry of                                                                                                       line expansion, fleet replacement will drive the de-
       Strategy and Finance said                                                                                                   mand for energy-effective and environment-friendly
       on Monday.                      People visit the 2009 China (Dalian) International Garment & textile Fair                   airplanes. The Asia Pacific, including China and In-
           The government de-        (CIGF) held in Dalian City, northeast China’s Liaoning Province, on 20 Sept,                  dia, is forecast to account for 31 percent of demand,
       cided that the customs         2009. The CIGF kicked off in Dalian on Sunday, attracting 225 enterprises                    followed by Europe at 25 percent and North America
       duties on 31 new products                      from home and abroad to participate.—XINHUA                                  at 10 percent over the next two decades.
       and components will be
       reduced by 50 percent             G-20 security driving away Pittsburgh’s bustle                                                The company predicted the world’s aviation mar-
                                                                                                                                   ket will decline 2 percent in 2009 and increase 4.6
       from on Wednesday, the            P ITTSBURGH, 21 Sept       summit or, for that mat-     the doors and instead sell        over the next year amid a gradual economic recovery.
       ministry said. Thus, im-      — Nick Mancini Hartner         ter, how many customers      a limited menu of fresh               China’s civil air transportation continued recover-
       porters of eco-friendly       is like a lot of downtown      will show up either.         breads on the sidewalk            ing in August, with three major production indicators
       products will pay 10.8        business operators: He             That’s why he’ll try     out front. “That way, we          keeping a rapid growth in the month, according to sta-
       billion won (about 0.91       doesn’t know what to ex-       something new during         can react to whatever’s           tistics with Civil Aviation Administration of China
       million US dollars) less      pect if thousands of pro-      this week’s summit at his    happening,” said Hartner,         (CAAC). In August, China’s total air traffic turnover
       on customs duties.            testers show up for the        Mancini’s Hearth Baked       whose mother’s family             obtained a month-on-month growth of 7.4 percent and
                         Xinhua      Group of 20 economic           Bread shop. He’ll lock       owns the business. “If it’s       a year-on-year growth of 30.6 percent. The passenger
                                                                                                 a regular lunch crowd, we         traffic turnover registered growth of 7.6 percent on
                                                                                                 can open up the store. If         month and 41.6 percent on year. The cargo traffic turno-
                                                                                                 it’s slow, we can pull back       ver posted month-on-month growth of 8.6 percent and
                                                                                                 and come inside and lock          year-on-year growth of 18.1 percent.
                                                                                                 up.”—Internet                                                                      Xinhua

                                                                                                   PepsiCo on China’s blacklist of bad foods
                                                                                                    B EIJING , 21 Sept—            ternational branch based     and Quarantine. Exces-
                                                                                                 Many foreign companies,           in New York.                 sive yeast causes foods to
                                                                                                 including PepsiCo and                Nearly 38 tons of fro-    spoil faster.
                                                                                                 Mead Johnson, from 25             zen concentrated orange          The watchdog issues
                                                                                                 countries have been               juice that the firm alleg-   its report monthly and
                                                                                                 blacklisted from a                edly imported from Louis     names unqualified im-
                                                                                                 monthly report by a State         Dreyfus Citrus Trading       ported goods.
                                                                                                 Council watchdog in               LDA in Brazil in July            Though the blacklist-
        Policemen stand in front of the Taj Mahal hotel, fully lit-up for the first time         charge of product quality.        were found with exces-       ing has no economic im-
        after the Mumbai attacks, in Mumbai in this 21 Dec, 2008 file photo. Armed                  Among the companies            sive yeast, according to     pact on the companies
        paramilitary forces in combat fatigues are fast becoming a fixture at India’s            blacklisted, the most             the website of the General   listed, the banned prod-
         luxury hotels, software companies and office blocks, as security concerns               prominent name was                Administration of Quality    ucts are either returned or
                  push private firms to seek federal protection.—INTERNET                        PepsiCo, which has its in-        Supervision, Inspection      destroyed.—Internet

22-9-09 NL                      4                                                                               8/18/18, 1:25 PM
                                                                                                THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009 5

                                                                                                        Sino-Russian ties rise to
                                                                                                        unprecedented high level
                                                                                                    M OSCOW , 21 Sept—            of the Sino-Russian stra-     lomatic ties.
                                                                                                This year marks the 60th          tegic partnership of coop-       The China-Russia rela-
                                                                                                anniversary of the estab-         eration in 1996, the two      tionship has gone through
                                                                                                lishment of China-Russia          countries upgraded bilat-     an extraordinary course of
                                                                                                diplomatic relations, and         eral relations and set up a   development during the
                                                                                                the last six decades have         mechanism for regular         past 60 years, which also
                                                                                                witnessed abundant ac-            high-level visits, through    saw increasingly mature
                                                                                                complishment of practical         which leaders from both       bilateral political rela-
                                                                                                cooperation between the           countries can effectively     tions, Hu said in his
                                                                                                two countries and en-             communicate and under-        speech.
                                                                                                hanced cooperation on in-         stand each other through         China and Russia,
                                                                                                ternational issues.               frequent meetings and         which are permanent
                                                                    People visit a photo
                                                                                                    As friendly neighbours        talks.                        members of the UN Secu-
             Road accident injures                                exhibition showcasing
                                                                  the classical moments
                                                                                                sharing common borders,              Chinese President Hu       rity Council, are facing

              15 Chilean soldiers
                                                                                                China and Russia have             Jintao paid a visit to Rus-   the top task of domestic
                                                                    during the 60 years
                                                                                                unswervingly given em-            sia in June, when he and      development and also
                                                                   after the founding of
          SANTIAGO, 21 Sept—A military vehicle turned over                                      phasis to reinforcing po-         his Russian counterpart       shoulder the historic mis-
                                                                  the People’s Republic
        Sunday morning in southern Chile, injuring 15 sol-                                      litical trust and coordina-       Dmitry Medvedev at-           sion of promoting world
                                                                   of China, in Beijing,
        diers on board.                                                                         tion while developing bi-         tended a celebration to       peace and development,
                                                                    China, on 20 Sept,
          The vehicle, with 40 Chilean soldiers aboard,                                         lateral ties.                     commemorate the 60th an-      Hu added.
        crashed into a wall and turned over on the Y-290                                            After the establishment       niversary of bilateral dip-                      Xinhua
        road linking the Torres del Paine National Park to
        Magallanes after the brake failed, the police said.
                                                                  Sea piracy in waters                                                                                       A huge hot-
                                                                                                                                                                              air balloon
          The vehicle, belonging to No 5 Reinforced Lanc-         near Singapore sets                                                                                         is raised in
        ers Regiment, was part of a caravan that carried sol-
        diers for a visit to the national park.—Xinhua               five-year high                                                                                           Shanghai,
                                                                                                                                                                              east China,
                                                                   SINGAPORE, 21 Sept—
                                                                                                                                                                              on 19 Sept,
             Two killed, nine injured in                         The waters in and around
                                                                 Singapore reported more
             minibus collision in Syria                          piracy cases for ships this                                                                                    during a
          DAMASCUS, 21 Sept—Two people were killed and           year, local media reported                                                                                   celebration
        nine others injured during minibus collision on the      on Monday.                                                                                                    of the 60th
        road between the cities of Aleppo and Afrin on Sat-        Piracy hit a five-year                                                                                    anniversary
        urday night, the independent Syria-news website          high in the South China                                                                                         of the
        reported.                                                Sea, with 10 sea attacks                                                                                    founding of
          A police source said the incident took place between   reported so far this year,                                                                                  the People’s
        a minibus heading to Aleppo, the second largest Syr-     exceeding 2005’s record                                                                                     Republic of
        ian city, and another bus heading to Afrin.—Xinhua       of nine, local newspaper                                                                                        China.
                                                                 the Straits Times reported                                                                                     XINHUA
             Bus collision kills at least                        on Monday.
                                                                   Sea robbers have also         All items from Xinhua News Agency                                Israeli jets strike
                 five in Vietnam                                 been active in the Strait of
                                                                                                                                                                smuggling tunnels in
                                                                                                   Malaysia elected to
          HANOI, 21 Sept—At least five were killed and 61        Malacca and Strait of Sin-
        injured in a head-on bus collision between two pas-      gapore. Pirates have
                                                                 boarded ships on five oc-                                                                      southern Gaza Strip
                                                                                                      chair IAEA
        senger buses in Vietnamese northern Phu Tho Pro-
                                                                 casions so far this year and                                                                      GAZA, 21Sept—Israeli
        vince on Sunday afternoon, Vietnam News Agency
        reported.                                                made attempted boarding                                                                        warplanes on Sunday night
                                                                 once. The two waterways           KUALA LUMPUR, 21 Sept—Malaysia has been elected              struck by air-to-ground mis-
           A passenger bus carrying 48 students and teach-
                                                                 saw one attack and three       as Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Interna-           siles the tunnels used for
        ers collided with another bus in the accident.
                                                                 attempts over the same pe-     tional Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for the term 2009-           smuggling under the border-
                                                                 riod last year.—Xinhua         2010, according to the Malaysian Foreign Ministry on            line between southern Gaza
                                                                                                Monday. The ministry said this is the second time in the        Strip and Egypt, witnesses
                                                                                                history for Malaysia to have been elected to chair the          and security sources said.
                                                                                                IAEA Board.                                                        The witnesses said that
                                                                                                   The Special Session of the Board of Governors of the         F-16 jets hovered over
                                                                                                Agency to be held on 22 Sept will formally endorse the          Rafah town and struck by
                                                                                                chairmanship of Malaysia, the ministry said in a press          missiles the borderline
                                                                                                release. Arshad M Hussain, the current Malaysian Am-            zone between the town and
                                                                                                bassador to Austria as well as the Governor of Resident         Egypt, where hundreds of
                                                                                                Representative of Malaysia to IAEA, will serve as the           tunnels had been dug and
                                                                                                chairman of the Board, by assuming the post from the            used for smuggling stuffs
                                                                                                outgoing Chairman from Algeria.                                 from Egypt to Gaza. The
                                                                                                   Malaysia served as the Chairman of the Board in              Israeli aerial attack came
                                                                                                the term 1977-1978. Established in 1957, IAEA is an             after militants fired earlier
                                                                                                independent inter-governmental organization aiming              on Sunday two homemade
                                                                                                at promoting peaceful use of nuclear technology. The            rockets from northern
                                                                                                IAEA Board of Governors consists of 35 members.                 Gaza Strip to Israel. Israeli
                                                                                                As one of the two highest policy-making bodies of               radio reported the two
         A doctor teaches children oral health knowledge in Nanning, southwest                  the IAEA, the Board is dedicated to making most of              shells landed on an empty
      China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, on 20 Sept, 2009. China’s 21st                  the policy decisions of the IAEA and it meets five times        area, causing no injuries or
                      Teeth-care Day falls on this Sunday.—XINHUA                               a year. — Xinhua                                                damages.—Xinhua

22-9-09 NL                      5                                                                              8/18/18, 1:25 PM
       6 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

                                                                                                  Mexico                          This year’s El Nino expected
                                                                                                completes                                  to be mild
                                                                                               construction                         LOS ANGELES, 21 Sept—This year’s El Nino would
                                                                                                                                 be mild, resembling the pattern of 2006 and 2007,
                                                                                                   of 30                         weather experts said in remarks published on Sunday.
                                                                                               highways by                          The oscillation of hot water in the eastern Pacific
                                                                                                                                 Ocean is going to be a let-down, in terms of precipita-
                                                                                              end of August                      tion over a parched California, Jet Propulsion Labo-
                                                                                                                                 ratory (JPL) researcher Bill Patzert told the San Di-
                                                                                                  MEXICO CITY, 21 Sept
                                                                                                                                 ego Union-Tribune.
                                                                                              —The Mexican govern-
                                                                                                                                    “This El Nino is definitely puny,” Patzert said , add-
                                                                                              ment has invested in 125
                                                                                                                                 ing that this year’s pattern resembles the mild El Nino
                                                                                              civil engineering projects
                                                                                                                                 of 2006-2007, which left California’s snowpack and
                                                                                              to improve the nation’s
                                                                                                                                 reservoirs short of what water experts had coveted: an
                                                                                              highway this year, and 30
                                                                                                                                 end to five years of drought.
                                                                                              of them had been com-
        A general view from Everest Base Camp towards the summit of Mount Ever-                                                     Although the jet stream pattern still shows that Cali-
                                                                                              pleted by the end of Au-
         est in Nepal, May 2009. Nepal’s prime minister will present a piece of rock                                             fornia might get a wet winter, the likelihood of floods
                                                                                              gust, the Transportation
        from Mount Everest to US President Barack Obama to highlight the impact                                                  and massive rains is diminishing, the paper quoted
                                                                                              and Communication Min-
        of climate change on the Himalayas, the premier’s aide has said.—INTERNET                                                climatologists as saying.—Xinhua
                                                                                              istry said in a statement
                                                                                              on Sunday.                              Venezuela says ready for
                US man sought after wife,                                                         The government has
                                                                                              invested 2.1 billion pesos             S America-Africa Summit
                  five kids found dead                                                        (1.6 billion US dollars) to
                                                                                              improve the country’s
                                                                                                                                     CARACAS, 21 Sept—Venezuela is ready to hold the
                                                                                                                                 second South America-Africa Summit on 26-27 Sept,
          BEIJING, 21 Sept — US    on Saturday, Collier          point any indication of an   transportation infrastruc-         local authorities said on Sunday.
       police in Florida is        County Sheriff Kevin          individual out in the        ture, the statement said.              Key topics for the summit are education, health,
       searching for a 33-year-    Rambosk said at an earlier    neighbourhoods commit-           Mexico has built 157           energy, communication and the world economic cri-
       old man whose wife and      news conference. Authori-     ting additional crimes or    km of new highways,                sis. A Sunday multicultural parade featuring peoples
       five children were found    ties failed to locate Mesac   homicides, but certainly     nine junctions and one             from both continents marked the start of a cultural fes-
       dead in their Naples        Damas, the man who pos-       we will look at every op-    bridge so far this year, it        tival dedicated to the summit that will take place on
       home, media reports said    sibly left the country on     portunity,” Rambosk said.    said, adding that a total of       Margarita Island, a tourist resort in northeastern Ven-
       on Monday.                  Friday morning and may           Police said that there    819.2 km of highways               ezuela.
          Six bodies of Guerline   be in Haiti, Capt Chris       had been a “handful” of      were being modernized.                 Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said during the
       Damas, 32; Michzach, 9;     Roberts of the Collier        domestic disturbance             It said the improved           show that the summit embodied multi-polarity seek-
       Marven, 6; Maven, 5;        County sheriff’s depart-      calls to police since 2000   highway will boost the             ing to rescue the identity and history of the world’s
       Megan, 3; and Morgan, 11    ment said on Sunday.          involving the Damas cou-     country’s trade.                   poor.
       months, were discovered         “We don’t see at this     ple. —Xinhua                                    Xinhua                                                          Xinhua

             Pa man gulps 33 1/2 burritos, wins eating contest                                   NJ police say pot plants growing on High Street
            Professional eater “Humble Bob”                                                      Maybe this is why they call it High Street. Police confirm the odd-looking plants
        Shoudt ate 33 1/2 burritos in 10                                                      they pulled last week from a flower basket in Millville’s business district were
        minutes, winning the 2009 World                                                       indeed marijuana. The plants were discovered by a passer-by. Police responded to
        Burrito eating championship before                                                    the scene with a ladder and confiscated the 3-foot-tall plants, which were growing
        an excited crowd at the New Mexico                                                    in a basket hanging from a lamp post.
        State Fair.                                                                              The city’s parks and recreation department, which tends to the baskets, says it
           Shoudt, of Royersford, Pa, finished                                                has no idea how the pot plants got there.
        just ahead of runner-up Hall “Hoover”                                                    No arrests have been made yet.
        Hunt of Jacksonville, Fla, who put
        down 30 burritos in the International                                                  Train misses drunken
        Federation of Competitive Eating-                                                      teen napping on track
        sponsored contest.                                                                  A drunk French teenager narrowly
           Shoudt, who won $1,500, said he                                              escaped death on Sunday after falling
        didn’t eat for two days to prepare for                                          asleep on a railway track and slumbering
        the competition. Competitors ate 4-                                             undisturbed as a high-speed train roared
        ounce burritos, filled with beef, beans       Professional competitive eater
                                                                                        over him, police said.
        and green chile — each weighing                ‘Humble Bob’ Shoudt from
                                                                                            The 19-year old, whose name was
        about a quarter of a pound.               Royerford, Pa, competes in the 2009
                                                                                        not released, remained fast asleep face
                                                   World Burrito Eating Competition
                                                                                        down on a stretch of track near Saint
                                                        hosted by the International
                                                                                        Nolff in southern Brittany, as the
                                                   Federation of Competitive Eating at
                                                                                        Quimper to Paris train passed, leaving
                                                      the New Mexico State Fair in
                                                                                        only a few grease stains on the back of
                                                   Albuquerque, NM. Shoudt won the
                                                                                        his jacket.
                                                    contest, eating 33 and a half beef,
                                                                                            The driver saw the body lying on the
                                                   bean and green chile burritos in 10
                                                                                        tracks and slammed on the brakes, but
                                                                                        was only able to stop a few hundred                     Bryan Berg, designer of the keycard
                                                    This handout image obtained from    meters further on.                                      Holiday Inn hotel, shows the bathroom of
                                                    Wellcome Images(WI) in London           “It was his unconscious state that                  the keycard Holiday Inn hotel in downtown
                                                   shows a glass sculpture of the swine saved him really, as he lay there                            Manhattan of New York, the US.
                                                     flu (H1N1) virus by artist Luke    completely still like a dead body,” said
                                                  Jerram. The Wellcome Collection will a spokesman for the local police force,
                                                  display the sculpture from September adding that the clearance under the train
                                                       25 until on 18 October, 2009.    is only around 20 centimeters.
                                                                                                                                                 NEWS ALBUM

22-9-09 NL                     6                                                                              8/18/18, 1:30 PM
                                                                                                THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009 7

             Hill station PyinOoLwin in blooming flowers
                                                                     Article: Maung Maung Htwe (MNA); Photos: Tha Nyan (MNA)
              (from page 1)           Roundabout.
             It is not easy to grow        With regard to water
        a landscape or a block of     supply task, Senior
        flowery plants. There are     Engineer U Naing Lin
        many different steps for      Maung of Township DAC
        cultivation of plants by      explained, “A total of
        using          fertilizers.   25.92 million gallons of
        Moreover, it is necessary     water is daily supplied
        to weed the flower beds.      from Hsinlan Dam,
             We saw upgrading of      Naungkhamgyi Lake,
        landscapes at the corner      Thittabin (Upper) and
        of Lanthaya Road near         Thittabin (Lower) lakes,
        Gandamamyaing                 Thetkan spring, People’s
        Roundabout, at the            Park spring and Cherry
        corner of Yangon-             Tube-well to the local
        Mandalay Highway and          people of PyinOoLwin
        Ziwaka Road, at the           Township. There are 4872                      The signboard of PyinOoLwin decorated with beautiful landscape.
        corner of Ziwaka Road         artisan and deep wells in
        and the town ring road, at    the township. At present,      PyinOoLwin. Junctions      tower built in 1936 as a
        the entrance to the town      arrangements are being         and corners of the roads   symbol of PyinOoLwin
        and at the corner of Nanda    made to supply drinking        and        roundabout      was decorated with multi-
        Road                   near   water to 11 wards.”            landscapes         were    coloured lights at the
        Gandamamyaing                      In the evening, we left   illuminated. The clock     centre of the town.

                                                                                                                                    “We are carrying out three tasks for
                                                                                                                                  PyinOoLwin to become flower city, to be
                                                                                                                                 garbage free and ensure better roads,” said
                                                                                                                                 Deputy Director U Tin Win, Township DAC.

                                                                                                                                     We remembered the        prestigious           and
                                                                                                                                 talks of Deputy Director     significant places such as
                                                                                                                                 U Tin Win. He said that      Yatanarpon Myothit and
                                                                                                                                 the committee will try to    National Kandawgyi
                                                                                                                                 repair the clock of the      Gardens and Defence
                                                                                                                                 tower to give clear sound.   Services Academy.
                                                                                                                                     PyinOoLwin was                       *****
                                                                                                                                 named as PyinOo by King         Translation: TTA
             Thittabin (Upper) Lake stores 50 million gallons of water, located 380 feet upstream of                             Badon. At present,             Kyemon: 16-9-2009
                                                 PyinOoLwin.                                                                     PyinOoLwin             has        ************

          Drug producing chemicals,
        paraphernalia seized in Laukkai
         Township, Shan State (North)
                 NAY PYI TAW, 21 Sept—Acting on informa-
       tion, combined team comprising Kunlon special anti-
       drug squad of Shan State (North) and security force
       members at 2.30 pm on 19 September seized one horse
       brand stamping rod, three rods without brand, 14 WY
       brand stamping rods and 20 rods without brand, one
       tablet stirring machine, two small slender tubes, 24
       litres of chloroform, 20 litres of phosphorous acid, 50
       bottles with 500 mililitres of thycnychloride each, 58
       litres of acetone, 16 litres of ether and 172 litres of
       hydrochloric acid in the garage at a house of a person
       named Phon Kya Kyein and a house adjacent to his
       house in Ward 3 in Laukkai. The seized items are
       related to fugitives.—MNA
                                                                          Chemical substances and related materials used in production of narcotic drugs.—MNA

22-9-09 NL                       7                                                                            8/18/18, 1:25 PM
       8 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

               Commander donates cash, provides
               assistance to locals in Seikphutaung
              N AY P YI T AW, 21Sept—Commander of Nay           and officials donated cash and provided assistance to
       Pyi Taw Command Maj-Gen Wai Lwin, accompa-               the villagers. One of the villagers spoke words of
       nied by officials and members of social organiza-        thanks.
       tions, visited Seikphutaung Village in Eastern Nay              On arrival at the construction site of Malhaw
       Pyi Taw Pyinmana Mountain Region and met with            creek bridge, the commander heard the report pre-
       locals.                                                  sented by the Incharge engineer and left necessary
              After addressing a ceremony to donate rice,       instructions.
       water pipes and agricultural assistance, the commander                                                   MNA

        Free eye treatment, operation in Taungtha
                                                                                                                                  Commander Maj-Gen Wai Lwin presents
                                                                                              our the eye specialists at         cash and supplies to Seikphutaung village of
                                                                                              Taungtha Township Ba-                Eastern Nay Pyi Taw Pyinmana.—MNA
                                                                                              sic Education Middle
                                                                                              School. Minister U Aung
                                                                                              Thaung attended the cer-
                                                                                                                                   Talk on “Internet
                                                                                              emonies and gave an
                                                                                              honorary speech.
                                                                                                                                 Resource Management
                                                                                                     Next, team leader
                                                                                              Prof Dr Tin Win ex-
                                                                                                                                  Essential” on 26 Sept
                                                                                              plained eye operations. A                YANGON, 21 Sept— A talk on the matters for the
                                                                                              representative of social          arrangement related to Internet Resource, conducted
                                                                                              organizations and an eye          by Myanmar Computer Professionals Association,
                                                                                              patient expressed their           will take place at Function Hall (1), Myanmar Info -
                                                                                              thanks. The minister, spe-        Tech, Hline Township, here on coming Saturday from
                                                                                              cialists and donors pre-          9 am to 5pm.
                                                                                              sented sun-glasses to the                On the occasion, Training officer from Asia
                                                                                              patients who had re-              Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) Mr
                                                                                                                                Jeffery Leander Tosco and Senior Training Specialist
        Eye Specialist Professor Dr Tin Win and members of eye specialists                    ceived eye treatment.
                                                                                                                                Mr Vithanage Chanpika Wijayatunga will give talks
        giving free medical treatment to patients with eye complaints.—MNA                           The eye specialists
                                                                                              team provided eye treat-          on “Internet Resource Management Essential”.
              NAY PYI TAW, 21       cluded Dr Nyunt Aung,              With the help of       ments for 5140 eye pa-                   Anyone may attend the talk free of charge. For
       Sept—Under the patron-       Dr Nilar Thein and spe-     Head of Taungtha Town-        tients from 83 village-           further information, please contact Building No 4,
       age of U Aung Thaung,        cialists Dr Khin Ohn        ship Health Department        tracts in Myingyan,               Room No 4, the office of MCPA (Ph 652276).
       Minister for Industry-1,     Myint, Dr Nu Nu Yin,        Dr Tin Maung Oo and           Natogyi and Taungtha                                                            MCPA
       the ministry, the Minis-     Dr Thein Zaw, Dr Thein      doctors, nurses, health       townships, successfully
       try of Health and social
       organizations       from
                                    Htut, Dr Chaw Wai           staff, officials of the       performed eye operations            Manuscripts invited
                                    Lwin, Dr Aung Nay Oo,       Ministry of Industry-1        on 861 patients and pre-
       Taungtha Township,
       Myingyan District, Man-
                                    Dr Hnin Yu Chit Hsai,
                                    Dr Ko Ko Lin, Dr Malar
                                                                and members of social
                                                                organizations, the eye
                                                                                              sented 1298 sets of
                                                                                              power glasses free.
                                                                                                                                for Pakokku U Ohn Pe
       dalay Division, provided
       free medical treatment
                                    Kyaing, Dr Yu Yu
                                    Thein, Dr Hlaing Hlaing,
                                                                specialist team carried
                                                                out eye tests, performed
                                                                                                     Managing Director
                                                                                              U Aung Myat of Mother
                                                                                                                                    literary award
       for the eye patients from    Dr Shwe Wah Aye, Dr         eye care services and         Trading Co was the main                  YANGON, 21 Sept—Manuscripts for Pakokku U
       Myingyan, Natogyi and        Ohnmar Zin, Dr May Ko       provided power glasses        sponsor and U Win Lwin            Ohn Pe literary award such as novel, collected short
       Taungtha townships for       Ko Thet, Dr Theingi Win     for the eye patients of 83    and Daw Myat Myat                 stories, collected poems, reference and research gen-
       the second time from 16      (1), Dr Zin Mar Myint,      village-tracts of the three   Maw (Kyaw Thar Co),               res are being invited.
       to 20 September at           Dr Ei Kay Thwe Han, Dr      townships and gave talks      U Kyaw Moe Naing                         Manuscripts will be accepted in designated
       Taungtha Township Hos-       Theingi Win (2), Dr Zin     on dos and don'ts after       (Myanmar Moe Naing                form and one can buy the forms and rules at
       pital.                       May Tun, Dr Thein Than      eye operation and eye         Co) and Sandar Myaing             Serpaybeikman with K 100. For those ordered through
              The medical team      Htaik, Dr Aung Kyaw         health care.                  Pharmaceutical Co also            the post office can be available with K 200.
       led by eye specialist Prof   Htoo, Dr Myo Min Win,              On 20 September,       shared the      medical                  All the contestants may send their manuscripts
       Dr Tin Win and Medical       Dr Aye Chan, Dr Aung        a ceremony to mark the        equipment and expenses            to Secretary, Pakokku U Ohn Pe literary award selec-
       Superintendent Dr Than       Ko Ko Htet and 14           successful eye operations     for eye treatments and            tion committee, 529-531, Merchant Street,
       Lwin of Yangon Eye           nurses and expert U         took place in conjunction     operations.                       Serpaybeikman office, here before the last date
       Specialist Hospital in-      Than Htaik of Alcon Co.     with a ceremony to hon-                           MNA           31-10-2009.—MNA

                                                 Eye specialists giving health educative talks on caring of eyes.—MNA

22-9-09 NL                     8                                                                             8/18/18, 1:25 PM
                                                                                              THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009 9

                Today’s vehicles and motorways in Myanmar (3)
                                                                                 Article: Kayan Soe Myint; Photos: Ministry of Construction

                           (from page 16)
            combined with Tractor Head and Semi-Trailer,
            with Brake (Dual Circuit System) for 0.75-ton to
            10-ton trailer and Brake (Dual Circuit System,
            Automatic Retarder for a 10-ton trailer), with
            parking Brake, with fifth Wheel Coupling, Draw
            Bar and Safety Lock)
        Regulations for Vehicles
            Following are the rules and regulations for vehi-
            cles enacted in 1989.
        (a) Vehicles are not allowed to drive faster than the
            limit speed at public places or are not allowed to
            drive. (Vehicle Act of 1964, Chapter-5, Sec-
        (b) An act can be enacted for weight of a vehicle and
            loading. (Vehicle Act of 1964, Chapter-7, Sec-
            tion-17 (2) Nya)
        (c) Weight of a vehicle (or) trailer with or without
            loads shall be equal as it is manufactured. Gross
            Vehicle Weight is not over 18,000 Kg (18 tons).
            (Vehicle Act of 1989, Chapter-3, Section-31
                                                                                                          Yangon-Kyaukphyu road
        (d) Vehicles are not allowed to drive at the speed of     (e) Vehicle with trailer or vehicles carrying fuels               Ministry of Rail Transportation by law can do
            over 48 km (30 miles) per hour in municipal area          are not allowed to drive 32 km (20 miles) per                 amendment to the Sub-section (A) and (B) to
            of a town or over 80 km (50 miles) per hour               hour in municipal area of a town. (Vehicle Act of             change the speed for vehicles in accordance
            outside municipal area of a town. ( Vehicle Act           1989, Chapter-7, Section-143 (B)                              with condition of roads in respective states and
            of 1989, Chapter-7, Section-143 (A))                  (f) State/Division level committees constituted by                divisions. (Vehicle Act of 1989, Chapter-7,
                                                                                                                                    Section-143 (C))
                                                                                                                                (g) If there is a three-lane road in a municipal area
                                                                                                                                    of a town, vehicles on the left outermost lane of
                                                                                                                                    the road are allowed to drive at speed of 64 km
                                                                                                                                    (40 miles) per hour. (Vehicle Act of 1989, Chap-
                                                                                                                                    ter-7, Section-143 (d))
                                                                                                                               (h) Drivers are not allowed to drive at the speed
                                                                                                                                    higher than the limit speed. (Vehicle Act of
                                                                                                                                    1989, Chapter-7, Section-143 (C)
                                                                                                                               Road Signs and Signals
                                                                                                                                    Traffic signals and traffic warnings are erected
                                                                                                                               at strategic places in accordance with the agree-
                                                                                                                               ments at the conference on traffic of the United
                                                                                                                               Nations held in Vienna, Austria, in 1968, and the
                                                                                                                               traffic rules and signs of 1989.
                                                                                                                                                  (to be continued)
                                                                                                                                                 Translation: AMS
                                     Takaw-Maipyin-Kengtung road in Shan State (East).                                                                 *******

             Live birth depends on evolution of chromo-                                          Early life on earth                         processes that might have taken place
                                                                                                                                             along hot volcanic coasts during this
                       somal sex determination                                             BERLIN, 21 Sept — German scien-                   Hadean era by evaporating solutions of
            READING, 21 Sept —                                                        tists investigating the complex chemical
                                       the evolution of live-born temperature — as the pri-                                                  artificial primordial seawater and then
        A new analysis of ex-                                                         mixture thought to be present in the
                                       young depended crucially mary determinant of off-                                                     baking the salty residue in an atmos-
        tinct sea creatures sug-       on the advent of genes — spring sex.           early Earth’s oceans have found that                   phere of nitrogen and carbon dioxide to
        gests that the transition      rather than incubation                         amino acids can be ‘cooked’ into many
                                                                                  Internet                                                   volcanic temperatures of 350 degrees
        from egg-laying to live-                                                      other important chemical building blocks               Celsius.
        born young opened up                                                          of life when embedded in salt crusts.                                                 Internet
        evolutionary pathways                                                              Results of the laboratory experi-
        that allowed these an-                                                        ments will be presented by Dr Stefan
        cient species to adapt to                                                     Fox at the European Planetary Science
        and thrive in open                                                            Congress in Potsdam, Germany, on
        oceans.                                                                       Thursday 17 September.
            The evolutionary                                                               Approximately 4.5 - 3.8 billion years
        sleuthing is described this                                                   ago, the Earth was probably covered by
        week in the journal Na-                                                       a salty ocean, rich in organic compounds,
        ture by scientists at                                                         dotted with active volcanic islands and
        Harvard University and                                                        short-lived continents. The team from                   A synthetic salt crust obtained from
        the University of Read-        The Harvard Museum of Natural History’s famous the University of Hohenheim in Stutt-                     artificial sea salt and an alpha-
        ing who also report that         42-foot Kronosaurus queenslandicus skeleton. gart has simulated some of the chemical                               amino acid.

22-9-09 NL                       9                                                                          8/18/18, 1:25 PM
       10 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

                                                                                                     German teen who attacked school
                                                                                                          awakes from coma
                                                                                                      ANSBACH, Germany, 21 Sept—A                  said Juergen Krach, another prosecutor.
                                                                                                  German teenager who wounded nine                 Krach said investigators believe the
                                                                                                  students and a teacher in a terrifying ax        addressee may be fictional and the
                                                                                                  and arson attack on his school was               material was apparently not sent to
                                                                                                  motivated by “hatred for humanity” and           anyone.
                                                                                                  had been planning the rampage since                  The teenager, who has not been
                                                                                                  April, officials said on Monday.                 named, wrote that his “goal was to kill
                                                                                                      The new details came as the 18-              as many students and teachers as possible
                                                                                                  year-old was awakened on Monday from             and burn down the school building,”
                                                                                                  a medically induced coma. Prosecutor             Lehnberger said.
                                                                                                  Gudrun Lehnberger said the suspect was               “As a motive, he named his hatred
                                                                                                  responsive but has not yet been                  for humanity and, above all, school,”
                                                                                                  questioned about Thursday’s attack.              she added at a news conference.
             Balloon market : A flea market vendor sells balloons during a bric-a-brac                However, the roughly 80 pages of                 The assailant wrote that he was
              trade in the Serbian city of Sabac, 80 km west of Belgrade.—INTERNET                evidence recovered from the teenager’s           treated unfairly in and out of school and
                                                                                                  laptop included extensive information            feared that he wouldn’t meet the
        FCC chairman says ‘open                                       This handout image
                                                                      obtained August 2009
                                                                                                  on his plans, much of it addressed to a
                                                                                                  female whose name was not released,
                                                                                                                                                   requirements for graduation, Lehnberger
         Internet’ rules are vital                                    shows the new Sony
                                                                      Reader. The US Justice        Sinking River Deltas Threaten Millions
            NEW YORK, 21 Sept—Wireless carriers shouldn’t             Department has advised          COLORADO, 21Sept—              tens of millions of people    deltas from Asia and India
       be allowed to block certain types of Internet traffic          a court to reject a legal   Most of the world’s low-           at risk, a new study finds.   to the Americas is made
       flowing over their networks, the chairman of the               settlement between          lying river deltas are                  Researchers have         worse by the upstream
       Federal Communications Commission chairman said                Google and authors and      sinking due to human               long warned that the mass     trapping of sediments by
       Monday in a speech that figures to provoke a fight with        publishers that would       activity, making them              human migration to            reservoirs and dams, man-
       the industry.                                                  allow the Internet giant    increasingly vulnerable to         coastal areas in recent       made channels and levees
                                                                      to scan and sell millions   flooding from rivers and           decades puts more and         that whisk sediment into
            FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said wireless
                                                                          of books online.        ocean storms and putting           more people at risk of        the oceans beyond coastal
       carriers should be subject to the same “open Internet”
                                                                              INTERNET                                               death from major storms.      floodplains, and the
       rules that the agency has begun to apply to home
       broadband providers.                                                                                                          About 500 million people      accelerated compacting of
            It’s unclear how the rules would apply in practice                                                                       in the world live on river    floodplain sediment
       to wireless data. For instance, carriers officially restrict                                                                  deltas. A 2007 Intergo-       caused by the extraction
       how Internet-access cards for laptops are used, but                                                                           vernmental Panel on           of groundwater and
       rarely enforce the rules. The government also has been                                                                        Climate Change report,        natural gas, the scientists
       investigating Apple Inc.’s approval process for iPhone                                                                        which concluded that          say. New Orleans is one
       applications, but Genachowski isn’t directly addressing                                                                       many river deltas are at      example of a city that sits
       manufacturers’ right to determine which applications                                                                          risk from sea level rise.     in a sinking delta, a
       run on their phones.                                                                                                          The new study indicates       problem known long
                                                          Xinhua                                                                     other human factors are       before the city was
                                                                                                                                     causing deltas to sink        ravaged by hurricane
         “Surgical Olympics” to be                                                                                                   significantly.
                                                                                                                                          Why? The sinking of
          held in Beijing: Greek
           ATHENS, 21 Sept—               The        “Surgical
       The theme of the 2008          Olympics” will bring               Tanzania to host 2010 World
       Olympics is the driving        together       surgeons,
       force behind medical           gastroenterologists and             Economic Forum on Africa
       specialists from more than     oncologists to discuss the           DAR EES SALAAM, 21 Sept—Tanzania will host the
       70 countries gathering in      latest in medical science       2010 World Economic Forum on Africa which
       Beijing from 23 to 26 Sept,    and help bridge the gap         President Jakaya Kikwete says is an honor for the East
       a senior organizer told        between different levels        African country, the local Daily News reported on
       Xinhua in an interview         of medical services in the      Monday. “It is an honor for Tanzania to host the 2010
       here before leaving for the    world.                          World Economic Forum on Africa. We are looking
       event.                               “We call it sugical       forward to welcoming the community, which I am
           The theme of the           Olympics because the            confident will continue to make important contributions
       Beijing Olympic Games          spirit of the Olympic           in our collective quest for a better world,” Kikwete
       — “One world, one              sexists not only in sports      was quoted assaying.
       dream” — became the            but also in the field of             He noted that it is heartening to see the positive
       main idea of the 19 th         scientific research. In         impact that the World Economic Forum has on key
       International Congress of      ancient          Greece,        issues of global concern as the unique gathering
       the         International      intellectuals        were       regularly convenes a very diverse group of friends of
       Association of Surgeons,       encouraged to produce           the continent, who are united in their optimism of what
       Gastroenterologists and        better achievements,” said      Africa can, must and will achieve. The gathering is            A group of Intel employees promote their company at
       Oncologists (IASGO), its       Lygidakis, who is also a        scheduled to be held in Dar es Salaam from 5 to 7 May,         a trade fair in Taipei. The European Commission
       Secretary        General,      professor at the Athens         2010, which makes Tanzania the first East African              published e-mails and other company records to back
       Nicolaos J. Lygidakis          Medical Center.                 country to play its host, according to a statement             a record-busting anti-trust action against the US
       said.                                             Xinhua       released by the Swiss-based forum.—Xinhua                      computer chip giant, which it is contesting.—INTERNET

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                                                                                                  THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009 11

             Xinjiang builds sound social security,
                medical service: white paper
            B EIJING , 21 Sept—           The 2008 figures         welfare institutions of
       Xinjiang has gradually        show that Xinjiang had        various types had 19,000
       built a sound social-         799 community services        beds by the end of 2008,
       security system and           facilities in urban areas.    taking in 14,000 residents
       improved medical service,     About 9,645,700 people        under their care.
       said a white paper issued     had taken part in the five        From July 2007, the
       here on Monday.               major insurance pro-          rural minimum living
            Since          1978,     grams, of basic pension       allowance system was
       Xinjiang’s social-security    insurance, unemployment       introduced, providing
       system has gradually          insurance,       medical      subsidies for farmers and
       taken shape to provide        insurance, industrial         herders with annual
       basic living guarantees for   injury ins-urance, and        average per-capita income
       the people, said the paper    maternity insurance.          lower than 700 yuan. In         Rays of sunlight pierce stormclouds over a Greek Orthodox Christian monastery,
       titled “Development and            A total of 638,000       2008, 1,310,000 farmers         outside of the Cypriot capital Nicosia, on 21 Sept, 2009. The Cyprus Weather
       Progress in Xinjiang”         urban residents are           and herders in extreme          Service is forecasting more rain over the next two or three days as a low pressure
       issued by the Information     receiving the minimum         poverty received the            system continues to generate afternoon showers and isolated thunderstorms.
       Office of the State           living allowance from the     subsidies.                      Cyprus weather officials say the amount of rainfall over the last few days ranks this
       Council.                      government.        Social                        Xinhua              September as among the top five wettest in a century.—INTERNET

                                                                       Cambodia, Vietnam cooperate to fight                                                           Strong quake
                                                                            against drug trafficking                                                                jolts Bangladesh,
                                                                        P HNOM P ENH , 21          Sen requested Vietnamese           the bilateral cooperation       no reports of
                                                                   Sept—Cambodia and               side to help building a drug       and the cooperation               casualty or
                                                                   Vietnam will strengthen         rehabilitation center for          between the police
                                                                   bilateral cooperation to        Cambodian          victims         authorities from both sides         damage
                                                                   fight against drug              because Vietnamese side            to fight against and crack        DHAKA, 21 Sept—A
                                                                   trafficking crossing the        have more experience and           down the drug matters         strong         earthquake
                                                                   two countries, an official      abilities in dealing with          crossing border of the two    measuring 6.4 on the
                                                                   said on Monday.                 the drug cases.”                   countries in the past         Richter scale jolted
       The new iPod nano, featuring a variety colors and a              “Primer Minister Hun            “The center also will         years,” Ieng said.            Bangladesh at 3:53 pm
       video camera, is shown at an Apple Inc special in San       Sen held talks on Monday        play a key role for helping             Both sides have          local time on Monday
       Francisco, California on 9 September, 2009.—INTERNET        with visiting Vietnamese        to provide the vocational          considered drug users as      afternoon.
                                                                   Deputy Prime Minister           training for those victims.        not criminals but they all
           Development of A/H1N1                                   Truong Vinh Trong at            Their families also have           are victims from drug
                                                                                                                                                                        The epicenter of the
                                                                                                                                                                    quake was 462 kilometers
         vaccine on track: WHO head                                Cambodian National
                                                                   Assembly,” the premier’s
                                                                                                   suffered from the drug
                                                                                                   cases,” Ieng Sophalet said,
                                                                                                                                      problems, he said, adding
                                                                                                                                      that Vietnamese side also
                                                                                                                                                                    northeast from the capital
            HONG KONG, 21 Sept—Director General of World                                                                                                            Dhaka.
                                                                   spokesman Ieng Sophalet         adding that after they left        expressed a strong
       Heath Organization (WHO) Margaret Chan said here                                                                                                                 Fire service men said
                                                                   told reporters after the        the center, they will have         commitment to help
       Monday that the production of influenza A/H1N1              meeting.                        appropriate jobs and skills        reduce the drug cases in      they did not receive any
       vaccine is on track and it will be ideal to produce three        During the meeting,        in the future.                     Cambodia.                     report of damage or
       billion of them annually.                                   Ieng Sophalet said, “Hun             “Vietnamese thanked                              Xinhua     casualty yet, but the
            Speaking after the opening ceremony of the                                                                                                              weather offices said many
       Regional Committee Meeting of the Western Pacific           Senior Chinese                     Romanian policemen stand next to a derailed
                                                                                                                                                                    people ran out of their
       Regional Office, Chan said that many countries and                                                                                                           homes to safer places.
       regions are producing vaccines for the new flu and it       legislator meets                    train near Craiova, southern Romania, on                         Bangladeshi experts
                                                                                                      Sept. 21, 2009. Up to 15 people were injured.
       would be ideal to have three billion produced in one           Canadian                        According to transportation ministry officials
                                                                                                                                                                    predict that a major tremor
       year. “The development of vaccine is on track, it will                                                                                                       will hit the country with
       take five to six months after the emergence of the new           guests                        the preliminary inquiry points to a ‘criminal                 heavy casualty soon as the
       virus before we can start producing vaccines,” she              B EIJING , 21 Sept—            act’ as several bolts and nuts were unscrewed                 country is sitting on the
       said, adding that China is the first country to report to   Jiang Shusheng, vice-                from the rails and that caused the train to                 earthquake            zone.
       the WHO about vaccine production and get their              chairman of the Standing               leave the track. The train was traveling                  Bangladesh is very often
       people inoculated.                                          Committee of the National          overnight to Bucharest from the western city                  hit by mild or moderate
            According to data collected from laboratories          People’s Congress (NPC)               of Timisoara with more than 300 people                     earthquakes.
       worldwide, Chan said, from April to now, the new            of China, met on Monday                aboard the eight carriages.—INTERNET                                          Xinhua
       virus is still very similar and no mutation was found so    with a delegation from the
       far. Therefore, new vaccines produced should be             Canada-China Legislative
       effective in preventing the virus.                          Association (CCLA).
            Chan said as the peak flu season comes in winter,          The delegation, led by
       a second wave of the A/H1N1 flu outbreak is expected        co-chairmen senator
       to arise with more reports of new cases. She suggested      Joseph        Day       and
       that medical resources should be focused more on            congressman           Daryl
       saving patients contracted the new virus so as to           Kramp, is here for the 12th
       reduce the number of severe cases and deaths.               meeting of bilateral regular
             Noting that a total of 190 countries and regions      parliamentary exchange
       have reported cases of influenza A/H1N1, Chan said          mechanism. The Chinese
       that the majority of them are mild and most patients        NPC and the Canadian
       recovered on their own. However, people belong to           Federal       Parliament
       the risk group such as those suffering from asthma,         launched their regular
       heart disease, obesity and pregnant women should pay        exchange scheme in
       more attention to the disease.—Xinhua                       1998.—Xinhua

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       12 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

                                                                         Mexico subway shooter
                                                                          charged with double
                                                                       MEXICO CITY, 21 Sept—A gunman who opened fire
                                                                    in a crowded Mexico City subway station faces dou-
                                                                    ble homicide charges.
                                                                       Police say Luis Felipe Hernandez was jailed on
                                                                    Sunday on the charges after psychological exams de-
                                                                    termined he is fit to stand trial. After Friday evening’s
                                                                    shooting, officials had said Hernandez, 38, appeared
                                                                    to be mentally unstable.
                                                                       Hernandez was writing an anti-government state-
                                                                    ment on a wall at the packed Balderas station when a
                                                                    police officer confronted him. He fatally shot the of-
                                                                    ficer and then continued firing as people got on and
                                                                    off a train during rush hour. One commuter was killed
                                                                    and eight others were injured.—Internet

                                      New Zealanders lack knowledge about eye health
                                         WELLINGTON, 21 Sept—       ease which undetected          health in New Zealand,
                                      A shocking number of          can lead to blindness, but     and 62 percent of people
                                                                                                                                       A record one in four women in Japan is aged 65 or
                                      people in New Zealand         can be treated if diag-        who don’t wear glasses or
                                                                                                                                       over, latest official figures have shown, highlight-
                                      are neglecting the health     nosed early.                   contact lenses had never
                                                                                                                                        ing fears of a looming demographic crisis in the
                                      of their eyes, according         Similarly, the survey       had an eye examination,
                                                                                                                                           world’s number two economy.—INTERNET
                                      to a survey released on       found 41 percent of peo-       the survey said.
                                         The survey, released to
                                                                    ple were unaware that
                                                                    macular degeneration, a
                                                                                                      Save our Sight month
                                                                                                   throughout September is                  One in four women
                                                                                                                                             in Japan elderly
                                      coincide with Save our        condition which affects        an annual initiative pro-
                                      Sight month, revealed that    people as they age, can        moted by the New Zea-
                                      approximately 68,000          lead to blindness.             land Association of Op-                TOKYO, 21 Sept—A record one in four women in
                                      New Zealanders over 40           Forty-seven percent of      tometrists.                         Japan is aged 65 or over, latest official figures showed
                                      percent have glaucoma.        participants in the survey        The survey, Eye Health           on Monday, highlighting fears of a looming demo-
                                         Half of them don’t even    felt uninformed or very        in New Zealand: A study             graphic crisis in the world’s number two economy. Of
                                      know they have the dis-       uninformed about eye           of public knowledge, at-            Japan’s female population as of 15 September, 25.4
                                                                                                   titudes, and practices re-          percent were aged 65 or over, topping 25 percent for
                                                                                                   lated to eye health and dis-
                                                                                                                                       the first time since comparable data began in 1950,
                                                                                                   ease, is the first of its kind
                                                                                                                                       according to the internal affairs ministry.
                                                                                                   in New Zealand.
                                                                                                                                          Men and women combined, Japan had a record
                                                                                                                                       28.98 million elderly people, up by 800,000 from a
                                                                                                    Contestants wave their             year earlier. The latest figures demonstrating Japan’s
                                                                                                    hands during the final             rapidly ageing population come with authorities strug-
                                                                                                      of the 17th New Silk             gling to find ways to boost the low birthrate.
                                                                                                    Road Model Contest in                 Japan has one of the world’s oldest populations, with
                                                                                                     Sanya, south China’s              many young people putting off starting a family be-
                                                                                                   Hainan Province, on 20              cause of the burden on their lifestyles and careers. The
                                                                                                       Sept, 2009. Zhong               new government has promised to start allowances for
                                                                                                    Yangyang won the title             families with small children. Japan’s fertility rate was
                                                                                                    of the contest attended            1.37 children per woman in 2008, well below more
                                                                                                     by some 50 models on              than two percent needed to maintain the population of
                                                                                                      Sunday.—INTERNET                 127 million.—Internet

             Buenos Aires is world’s fourth                                                         Man suspected
                     noisiest city                                                                  in killing run
          B UENOS A IRES , 21         three noisiest cities.        comfortable and 90 as            over by car
       Sept—Buenos Aires was             The three-year study,      harmful. Some 507,000            SAN JUAN, 21 Sept—Authorities
       ranked the fourth noisiest     commissioned as part          people live in the area sur-   in Puerto Rico say a man suspected
       city in the world, with        of the city’s 2008-2012       veyed.                         of stabbing a 19-year-old to
       heavy traffic as one of the    Strategic Plan, first built      According to the de-        death was run over while trying to
       major factor to blame, a re-   a noise map of the city       partment of electro acous-     escape.
       port by the municipal gov-     centre and identified         tics of the University of        In a statement on Sunday, police
       ernment said on Sunday.        the boroughs of Barracas,     Buenos Aires, areas            say 57-year-old Pedro Quinones
          “Traffic is one of the      Monserrat and Con-            which now regularly ex-        Nunez was hit by a car on Satur-
       factors that most affect       stitucion, and the Santa Fe   perience 70 decibels of        day as he crossed the highway in
       Buenos Aires,” said the        and Pueyrredon Avenue         noise had suffered only 50     front of a public housing complex             A police officer stands guard in front of
       report issued by the           as the noisiest areas.        or 60 decibels in the          in San Juan.
       Environment Protection            These areas regularly      1970s. As sound is meas-         Police say that minutes earlier,          packages containing cocaine at the port of
       Agency under the munici-       suffer between 65 and         ured logarithmically, a        Jose Alberto Cadi was fatally
       pal government, which          80 decibels of noise.         3-decibel increase is a        stabbed outside the Llorens Torres           Colon, some 80 km north of Panama City,
       named Tokyo, Nagasaki          The World Health organi-      doubling of noise levels.      complex, where the suspect lived.                   on 20 Sept, 2009.—INTERNET
       and New York as the top        zation regards 70 as un-                          Xinhua                                Internet

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                                                                                                    THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009 13

             Lung cancer in non-smokers different
          BALTIMORE, 21 Sept—            never-smokers.                by cooking.
       A new biology, dia-                 Radon, which leaks             “It is becoming in-
       gnosis and treatment              into    homes     from        creasingly clear that the
       guide issued by US                naturally occurring           genetic, cellular, and
       researchers finds that            uranium in soil, is           molecular nature of lung
       lung cancer in those who          known to be the leading       cancer in many never-
       have never smoked is              cause of such cancers in      smokers is different from
       different from that of            US populations, but in        that of smoking-related
       smokers.                          about half of never-          lung cancers, and there
          Dr Charles M Rudin             smokers, lung cancer          is good evidence now
       of The Johns Hopkins              cannot be explained by        that the best treatment
       Kimmel Cancer Center in           known risk factors            and prevention strategies
       Baltimore said exposures          identified in the guide       for never-smokers may
       to second-hand smoke              — which also include          be different as well,”
       and radon gas are thought         asbestos, indoor wood-        Rudin said in a               A customer prepares to text on a cellphone. Donors can text a numeric code
       to play important roles in        burning stoves and            statement.                           and then a short word to give money via their mobile phones.
       causing the disease in            aerosolized oils caused                        Internet                                       INTERNET

             Brazilian scientists develop technology                                                  Rocket light spooks some on East Coast
                   to rejuvenate barren soils                                                            WALLOPS ISLAND, 21
                                                                                                     Sept— A NASA rocket
                                                                                                                                       from people who saw the
                                                                                                                                       light, including some
                                                                                                                                                                    particles formed an
                                                                                                                                                                    artificial noctilucent
          R IO DE J ANEIRO , 21          Souza, an expert from         region, including sucu-       launched to study clouds          worried             about    cloud. Natural nocti-
       Sept— Scientists at               INPA.                         pira, angelim, jacaranda,     spooked dozens of                 extraterrestrial visitors,   lucent clouds, also called
       Brazil’s National Ama-               Legume roots can           macacauba, copaiba,           people along the US               CNN reported on Sunday.      “polar     mesospheric
       zon Research In-stitute           create a structure called     cumaru and jatoba, to see     East Coast, some                      The Black Brant XII      clouds,” form spectacular
       (INPA) have developed             nodule which draws in         which one had the             worried about aliens              Sounding Rocket was          displays most easily seen
       a technology for rejuve-          bacteria to fix nitrogen      greatest nitrogen-fixing      landing, officials said.          launched to study Earth’s    just after sunset when
       nating barren soils, local        in soils, providing           capacity.                         Exhaust particles             highest clouds, about 173    illuminated by sunlight
       media reported on                 nutrients for future plants      “The study included        from the rocket launched          miles     up     in   the    just below the horizon,
       Sunday.                           at the same spot, Gomez       collecting fruit, ger-        on Saturday night at              atmosphere, Koehler said.    NASA said.
          The technology, using          said.                         minating seeds, pro-          Wallops Flight Center in              The rocket’s exhaust                       Internet
       leguminous plants from               The plants feed the        ducing sprouts and then       Virginia illuminated the
       the febaceae family to
       re-inject       nutrient
                                         bacteria through photo-
                                         synthesis products and
                                                                          It allowed us to
                                                                                                     sky with a cone-shape
                                                                                                     light that could be seen
                                                                                                                                           Bariatric laparoscopic
       materials into soils, “is
       cheap and can be an
                                         consume the nitrogen the
                                         bacteria excrete, making
                                                                       identify the best species
                                                                       that could contribute to
                                                                                                     as     far   north      as              surgery an option
                                                                                                     Massachusetts, NASA
       important solution to the         legumes rich in nitrogen,     soil re-juvenation,” he       spokesman Keith Koehler              D A L L A S , 21 Sept—    patients, evidenced by the
       Amazon region, where              he said.                      said. The technology can      said.                             Single-incision laparo-      growing demand,” Li-
       soils are poor in                    The expert studied         also be used to boost             CNN affiliate stations        scopic surgery is an         vingston said in a sta-
       nitrogen,” said Luiz              at least 45 kinds of native   agricultural output, he       and NASA officials                option for people con-       tement. “Not everyone
       Augusto Gomes de                  legumes in the Amazon         said.— Xinhua                 reported dozens of calls          sidering bariatric pro-      has heard about it, but the
                                                                                                                                       cedures for weight           enthusiasm is striking
                                                                                                                                       loss, a US researcher        once they find it’s a
         Mark Martin (5) leads
                                                                                                                                       said.                        possibility.”
             drivers out of the pits                                                                                                      Dr Edward Living-            Single-incision sur-
             during the NASCAR                                                                                                         ston, professor and chief    gery can help reduce
              Sprint Cup Series’                                                                                                       of gastrointestinal and      post-operative pain,
                                                                                                                                       endocrine surgery at the     speed healing and reduce
         Sylvania 300 auto race                                                                                                        University of South-         risk of infection, studies
              at New Hampshire                                                                                                         western Medical Center       in the emerging field
              Motor Speedway in                                                                                                        in Dallas, said having       indicate.
                                                                                                                                       just a single entry point       Bariatric surgery, or
         Loudon, N H, 20 Sept,
                                                                                                                                       means less scarring than     weight loss surgery, is
             2009. Martin won the                                                                                                      in traditional laparo-       performed for the purpose
               race. Juan Pablo                                                                                                        scopic surgery, in which     of losing weight on
             Montoya, right front,                                                                                                     five or more incisions are   the stomach and intestine
                                                                                                                                       required.                    of people who are
               finished in third.
                                                                                                                                          “The promise of fewer     dangerously obese.
                   INTERNET                                                                                                            scars really appeals to                        Internet

                        Vietnam confirms 7th death of                                                   Colombian state governor hospitalized
                             A/H1N1 influenza                                                                   due to A/H1N1 flu
           HANOI, 21 Sept— Vietnam confirmed that a 40-year-old man died of A/H1N1                      BOGOTA, 21 Sept— Andres Gonzalez, governor of the central Colombian state
        influenza, the 7th death of the flu in the country, said a daily report on the website of    of Cundinamarca, has been hospitalized due to the infection with the
        the Ministry of Health on Monday.                                                            A/H1N1 flu, said the state’s National Health Service on Sunday.
           The man, living in the central province of Danang, was admitted to the Military              Gonzalez, who began showing flu-like symptoms last week, is now quarantined
        Hospital 7 No on 16 Sept with fever and difficulty in breathing, said the ministry.          at hospital and treated with drugs.
        The patient was then transferred to the Danang Hospital as his conditions deteriorated.         Those who contacted the governor were warned of a possible flu risk.
        He died on the same day due to respiratory failure. His sample was tested positive              Gonzalez’s infection came after Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and four
        with A/H1N1 virus.Vietnamese Ministry of Health on Sunday confirmed 282 more                 top officials tested positive for the flu in late August.
        cases of A/H1N1 influenza, raising the total number of flu patients in the country              The epidemic has killed 65 out of a total of 1,090 infected in the nation.
        to 6,883, said the report.—Xinhua                                                                                                                                       Xinhua

22-9-09 NL                          13                                                                              8/18/18, 1:25 PM
       14 THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR Tuesday, 22 September, 2009
                                                                         Saha’s double gets Everton                                       Choi loses 7-stroke lead, rallies
              SPORTS                                                           back on track                                                     to win Samsung
                                                                         LIVERPOOL, 21 Sept—          prolific start to the campaign                               S AN D IEGO , 21 Sept—Na
         Hamburg on top, Hertha humiliated                            Everton forward Louis           and lift Everton out of the                               Yeon Choi blew her best chance
                                                                      Saha made up for his            relegation zone. Nigerian                                 for the first LPGA Tour win of
              in German Bundesliga                                    Europa League red card          defender Joseph Yobo was                                  her career. Her second chance
            BERLIN, 21 Sept—German Bundesliga leader                  as the French star’s            also on the scoresheet at                                 worked out just fine. After losing
       Hamburg saw a 1-1 draw in Frankfurt, staying at the            double-strike inspired a        Goodison Park as Everton                                  a seven-stroke lead Sunday, the
       top of the Bundesliga table, while powerhouse Hertha           3-0 win over Blackburn          won for just the second time                              South Korean rallied to shoot
       Berlin were humiliated 4-0 at home by newly-elevated           on Sunday in their Premier      in the Premier League this                                1-under 71 Sunday to win the
       Freiburg. Frankfurt maintained their unbeaten start to         League match. Saha was          season.—Internet                                          Samsung World Championship
       the season with a valuable 1-1 draw at home to early           harshly sent off in the final                                         Na Yeon Choi,       on the 18th hole.
       pacesetters Hamburg at the Commerzbank Arena.                  moments of his side’s 4-0                                             of South Korea                               Internet
           Hamburg’s Brazilian midfielder Ze Roberto looked           Europa League win over
       to have set the hosts on their way early in the match but      AEK Athens on Thursday                                              Chelsea face nervous wait over
       Marco Russ levelled the scores against the run of play
       with a sweetly struck volley. Hamburg played
                                                                      after an off the ball clash
                                                                      with defender Juanfran.
                                                                                                                                                  Drogba injury
       dominantly and had good actions in the opening stage,             But the former Man-                                                 LONDON, 21 Sept—Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti
       but failed to exploit their opportunities. Hamburg’s           chester United player took                                          faces a nervous wait to discover how long Didier
       Brazilian international Ze Robert opened the scoring           out his frustrations on            Everton’s French                 Drogba will be sidelined after the Ivory Coast striker
       at the 8th minute by a header from five meters, after          Blackburn to continue his         forward Louis Saha                was stretchered off with a calf injury in his side’s 3-0
       Frankfurt’s goalkeeper failed to save the ball properly.                                                                           win over Tottenham.Ancelotti’s side maintained their
                                                        Xinhua           Ronaldo at double as Real Madrid                                 100 percent record under the Italian, who replaced

             Record-breakers Sampdoria                                      make it three out of three                                    interim manager Guus Hiddink in the close-season,
                                                                                                                                          and regained top position in the Premier League with
                                                                         M ADRID , 21 Sept—
              go top, Mourinho sent off                               Cristiano Ronaldo scored
                                                                                                                                          a convincing display at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.
                                                                                                                                             Tottenham could not conjure a reply to goals from
          R OME , 21 Sept—           top of the table. Sampdoria      twice as Real Madrid
                                                                                                                                          Ashley Cole, Michael Ballack and Drogba and Chelsea
       Sampdoria set a club          lead Juventus, who won 2-        made it three wins in three
                                                                                                                                          have now set a club record sequence of 11 successive
       record four straight          0 against Livorno on             games with a 5-0 thrashing
                                                                                                                                          victories in league action, including fixtures from last
       victories at the start of a   Saturday, on goals scored        of bottom side Xerez in
       Serie A season with a 4-1     to be the unlikely pace-         Spanish league action on
                                                                                                          Real Madrid’s
       success over lowly Siena      setters at this early stage of   Sunday. There was no              Portuguese forward
       on Sunday that took them      the season.                      David versus Goliath               Cristiano Ronaldo
                                        It wasn’t such good           scenario as the might of
                                                                                                      making        his      first
                                     news for their city rivals       Real, with a budget of 400
                                                                                                      competitive appearance
                                     Genoa, though, who could         million euros, crushed the
                                                                                                      since suffering a serious
                                     also have gone top but they      newcomers who have the
                                                                                                      right knee injury last year.
                                     lost their 100-percent           smallest budget in La Liga.
                                                                                                      The result saw Real move
                                     record with a 3-1 defeat            Ronaldo opened the
                                                                                                      ahead of defending
                                                                      scoring inside the first
                                     at Chievo. Meanwhile,                                            champions Barcelona and        Chelsea’s Didier Drogba (C) beats goalkeeper
                                                                      minute in the match
                                     Inter Milan coach Jose                                           Athletic Bilbao on goal       Carlo Cudicini (L) and Vedran Corluka (R) of
             Inter Milan’s                                            played at the Bernabeu but
                                     Mourinho, who on                                                 difference at the top of La Tottenham Hotspur to score his goal during their
        Portuguese coach Jose                                         Xerez held on until
                                     Saturday launched a                                              Liga.                        English Premier League soccer match at Stamford
         Mourinho (L) leaves                                          the final quarter when
                                     broadside at his Italian                                                            Internet           Bridge in London .— INTERNET
           the pitch after his       critics, was sent off for        the Portuguese winger,
         expulsion during an         arguing with the referee         Guti, Karim Benzema              Spain face Davis Cup Leonardo praises AC Milan
        Italian serie A football                                      and Ruud van Nistelrooy
        match Cagliari vs Inter
                                     as the champions came
                                     back from a first-half           all netted in quick             final selection headache in victory over Bologna
          Milan, at Sant’Elia        deficit to beat Cagliari 2-      succession. It was a sweet         PARIS, 21 Sept—Spain captain Albert               ROME, 21 Sept—AC Milan coach
        stadium in Cagliari.—        1 in Sardinia.                   return to action for van        Costa faces an agonising selection                Leonardo praised his players’ pride
               INTERNET                                    Internet   Nistelrooy, who was             headache for the Davis Cup final against          following their laboured 1-0 home win
               Man United determined to silence City                                                  the Czech Republic when superstar
                                                                                                      Rafael Nadal, who missed the semi-final
                                                                                                                                                        against Bologna but said he wouldn’t
                                                                                                                                                        get carried away with the result. Milan
          MANCHESTER, 21 Sept—Manchester           Owen scored a dramatic 96th minute goal            win over Israel, will be banging on his           sit five points behind leaders Sampdoria
       United manager Sir Alex Ferguson insists    to secure a derby triumph which had                door for inclusion.World number two               and Juventus and three behind champions
       his side will silence “noisy neighbours”    featured three City equalisers. The rivalry        Nadal, as well as ninth-ranked Fernando           Inter Milan in the Serie A table after
       Manchester City after a sensational 4-3     that had been building all week helped             Verdasco, were injured and missed the             their second win in four matches. Both
       victory over their bitter rivals. Michael   create a superb contest at Old Trafford            4-1 win over Israel where David Ferrer            of those have been narrow successes
                                                   which showed that City are worthy of               and veteran Juan Carlos Ferrero stepped           against minnow opposition with this win
                                                   being considered serious contenders for            in to lead the defending champions into           added to their 2-1 victory at Siena on the
                                                   silverware after their close-season of             a seventh Davis Cup final.—Internet               opening day of the season.
                                                   extraordinary spending.                                                                                 Between those two matches, though,
                                                      But United had the final word thanks to                                                           came a pair of disappointments: a 4-0
                                                   substitute Owen’s stoppage time                                                                      defeat to Inter and 0-0 draw at Livorno
                                                   strike.“Sometimes you’ve got a noisy                                                                 so Leonardo believes that these three
                                                   neighbour and you have to live with it,”                                                             points have helped put the club on the
                                                   Ferguson said. “You can’t do anything                                                                right track.“I’m not using triumphant
          Manchester United’s Brazilian            about them and they keep on making noise.”                                                           tones for this victory, there’s still many
         midfielder Anderson (R) vies with         But what you can do, and what we’ve                                                                  things to do,” he said. “My triumph was
        Manchester City’s Irish midfielder         shown is that you can get on with your life,                                                         the commitment the team showed
        Stephen Ireland during the English         put your television on, turn it up a bit            AC Milan’s forward Pato (left) fights            against Bologna. The players did a lot,
          Premier League football match            louder and as the players showed their                 for the ball against Bologna’s                they showed their pride from the
           at Old Trafford, Manchester,            playing power and that’s the best answer            midfielder Nicola Mingazzini on 20               beginning to the end.
          north-west England.—INTERNET             of all. They’ll always be noisy!”—Internet                 September.—INTERNET                                                         Internet

22-9-09 NL                      14                                                                                     8/18/18, 1:32 PM
                                                                                                      THE NEW LIGHT OF MYANMAR .Tuesday, 22 September, 2009                                               15

                                                                                         Programme Schedule
                                                                                          (22-9-2009) (Tuesday)

                                                                           Transmissions                            Times
                                                                           Local                      - (09:00am ~ 10:00am) MST
                                                                           Europe                     - (15:30pm ~ 23:30pm) MST
                                                                           North America              - (23:30pm ~ 07:30am) MST

       The space shuttle Discovery, mounted atop a modified            Local Transmission
       Boeing 747 shuttle carrier, lifts off from Edwards Air          *    Signature Tune
       Force Base, Calif., on 20 Sept, 2009. The space                 *    Song of Myanma Beauty & Scenic Sights
       shuttle Discovery is on a cross-country flight to               *    The Hilly Town (Namhsan)
       Florida after landing from space earlier this month             *    “Variety Dances of Myanma Marionettes” Dance
               in Southern California.—INTERNET                             of the Monkeys
                                                                       *    Utomst help of MRCS.....Committed to quench
       FAO says poor harvest to increase                                    all distress
                                                                       *    Songs On Screen
          food insecurity in Africa                                    *    The Heritage of Kyin (or) Wrestling
                                                                       *    Song of Myanma Beauty & Scenic Sights
           L AGOS , 21 Sept—The Food Agricultural
       Organization (FAO) has said poor harvest in 2009                Europe/ North America Transmission
       will increase food insecurity in Africa, following              *    Signature Tune
       the below average rains on the continent, theNews               *    Song of Myanma Beauty & Scenic Sights
       Agency of Nigeria reported on Monday.                           *    The Hilly Town (Namhsan)
           A statement issued on Monday by FAO said                    *    “Variety Dances of Myanma Marionettes” Dance
                                                                            of the Monkeys
       food insecurity situation and lack of adequate                  *    Utmost help of MRCS.....Committed to quench
       pasture have worsened livestock conditions and                                                                                                     Monday, 21st September, 2009
                                                                            all distress
       reduced market prospects, impacting their incomes                                                                                               Summary of observations recorded at 09:30 hr MST:
                                                                       *    Songs On Screen
       and ability to access staple foods.                                                                                                        During the past 24 hours, weather has been partly cloudy
                                                                       *    The Heritage of Kyin (or) Wrestling
                                                                                                                                                  in Kayah State, rain or thundershowers have been isolated
           According to the statement, reproduction of                 *    Myanmar Modern Song
                                                                                                                                                  in Kayin State, lower Sagaing, Ayeyawady and Taninthayi
       livestock had suffered from successive poor                     *    Mee Hsu Khan Folk Songs
                                                                                                                                                  Divisions, scattered in Shan and Rakhine States, Mandalay,
       seasonal rains since 2007, making the recovery of               *    Gibbon Survey (Part-I)
                                                                                                                                                  Magway, Bago and Yangon Divisions and fairly widespread
       the pastoral livelihood systems more difficult and              *    Producing of Quality Medicine
                                                                                                                                                  in the remaining areas. The noteworthy amounts of rainfall
                                                                       *    Culture Stage “Pearl”
       worsening long-term food insecurity.                                                                                                       recorded were Nay Pyi Taw (Yesin) (0.31) inch, Naungcho
                                                                       *    A Village of Pa-O
           The statement said the prices of maize, a major             *    Myanmar Modern Song                                                   (2.01) inches, Taungoo (Aviation) (1.81) inches,
       staple, had shown a declining trend since the                                                                                              Thantaunggyi (1.69) inches, Moekok (1.66) inches, Hkamti
                                                                       *    An Umbrella For Style
       beginning of the year, but remained higher than                                                                                            and Kawkareik (1.61) inches each, Hakha (1.38) inches,
                                                                       *    Myanmar Natural Spirulina (Part-II)
       they were two years ago.                                                                                                                   Putao (1.11) inches, Bago (1.02) inches and Magway (0.36)
                                                                       *    Song of Myanma Beauty & Scenic Sights
                                                   Xinhua                                   Website: www.mrtv3.net.mm
                                                                                                                                                       Maximum temperature on 20-9-2009 was 86°F.
                                                                                                                                                  Minimum temperature on 21-9-2009 was 70°F. Relative
                                  7:40 am                                 (2009) abmvHk;NyKdifyGJ             jrefrmh½;dk &m,Ofaus;rI tqk?d       humidity at (09:30) hours MST on 21-9-2009 was 79 %.
                                   5. Nice & Sweet Song                   xkwfvTifhrItpDtpOf                                                      Total sun shine hours on 20-9-2009 was (2.8) hours approx.
                                                                                                              tu? ta&;? twD;NydKifyGJ?
                                                                                                                                                       Rainfall on 21-9-2009 was (0.55) inch at Mingaladon,
                                  7:50 am                                 (Oóm,l E d k u f w uf t oif ;             f JG            d
                                                                                                              NyKd iy0ifrsm;avhvmEkiMf u&ef       (0.08) inch at Kaba-Aye and (0.11) inch at Central Yangon.
                                   6. tuNyKdifyGJ                         FC toif ; ES i f h &wemyH k         (acwftBuKduaw;)(0goem&Sif
                                                                                                                             f                    Total rainfall since 1-1-2009 was (96.22) inches at
                                  8:00 am                                 FC toif;)                           ('kwd,wef;) tqifh)                  Mingaladon, (105.75) inches at Kaba-Aye and (112.16)
                                   7. Songs of Yester                 4:50 pm                                 (trsdK;orD;)                        inches at Central Yangon. Maximum wind speed at Yangon
                                                                                                                                                  (Kaba-Aye) was (4) mph from South at (17:40) hours MST
                                      Years                            2. ta0;oifwuúovynma&;kd f          6:00 pm                                 on 20-9-2009.
                                  8:10 am                                 ½kyfjrifoHMum;oifcef;pm          8. Evening News                             Bay inference: Monsoon is weak in the Andaman Sea
            Tuesday, 22
                                   8. EdkifiHhpD;yGm;tav;xm;              'kwd,ESpf (t*Fvdyfpm            6:15 pm                                 and Bay of Bengal.
                                      aus;vufxkwfukefrsm;                 txl;jyK) (t*Fvdyfpm)             9. Weather Report                           Forecast valid until evening of 22nd September 2009:
           View on today                                                                                                                          Rain or thundershowers will be fairly widespread in Kachin,
                                  8:25 am                             5:05 pm                             6:20 pm                                 Chin and Rakhine States, Upper Sagaing, Bago Divisions,
                                   9. 2009ckEp?f (17)Burajrmuf
                                                   S       d f         3. Songs for uphold                10. Mu,fyGifhrsm;&JU&ifckefoH           scattered in Shan and Mon States, lower Sagaing, Mandalay
       7:00 am
                                      jrefrmh½;dk &m,Ofaus;rI tqk?d       National Spirit                 6:40 pm                                 Yangon, Ayeyawady and Taninthayi Divisions and isolated
        1. awmifwef;omoemNyK                                                                                                                      in the remaining States and Divisions, Degree of certainty
                                      tu? ta&;? twD;NydKifyGJ?        5:15 pm                             11. qdkvdkufMupdkU
           q&mawmfbk&m;BuD;\                                                                                                                      is (80%).
                                            f JG
                                      NyKd iy0ifrsm;avhvmEkifMu&ef
                                                             d         4. The Mirror Images               7:00 pm                                      State of the sea: Seas will be slight to moderate in
                                      (acwftBuKduaw;) (0goem&Sif          of the Musical                  12. EdkifiHjcm;Zmwfvrf;wGJ              Myanmar waters.
       7:15 am                                                                                                                                         Outlook for subsequent two days: Likelihood of
                                      ('kwd,wef;) tqifh)                  Oldies                              ]]wpfa&;Edk;zl;pm}}
        2. t*¾HZ,r*FvH                                                                                                                            Southwest monsoon withdrawal from the Central Myanmar
                                      (trsdK;orD;)                    5:25 pm                                 (tydkif;-18)
           (,Ofa0,HxGef;? aw;a&;- 8:40 am                                                                                                         areas.
                                                                       5. Dance of National               8:00 pm                                      Forecast for Nay Pyi Taw and neighbouring area for
           *DwpmqdkrsKd;EG,faqG)  10. International News                  Races                           13. News                                22-9-2009: Isolated rain or thundershowers. Degree of
       7:25 am                    8:45 am                             5:35 pm                             14. International News                  certainty is (80%).
        3. To be Healthy 11. ]]uRrf;wdkif;rMurf;eJU}}                                                     15. Weather Report                           Forecast for Yangon and neighbouring area for
                                                                       6. &ifrSmpGJxifaw;tvSoHpOf
                                                                                                                                                  22-9-2009: Isolated rain or thundershowers. Degree of
           Exercise               4:00 pm                                 (cifbkPf;)                      16. EkdifiHjcm;Zmwfvrf;wGJ              certainty is (80%).
       7:30 am                     1. Myanmar National                5:45 pm                                 ]]arharwÅm}}                             Forecast for Mandalay and neighbouring area for
        4. Morning News               League                 MNL       7. 2009ckEp?f (17)Burajrmuf
                                                                                   S             d f          (tydkif;-31 )                       22-9-2009: Likelihood of isolated rain or thundershowers.
                                                                                                                                                  Degree of certainty is (60%).

        R 489      Published by the News and Periodicals Enterprise, Ministry of Information, Union of Myanmar. Edited and printed at The New Light of Myanmar Press,
        No 22/30 Strand Road at 43rd Street, Yangon. Cable Newlight, PO Box No. 43, Telephones: Editors 392308, Manager 392226, Circulation 392304, Advertisement 392223,
        Accounts 392224, Administration 392225, Production/Press 392369

22-9-2009.pmd                    15                                                                                          9/22/2009, 1:45 AM
       4th Waxing of Thadingyut 1371 ME                                                                                                                Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

             ★ Only with stability and peace will the nation develop
             ★ Only with stability and peace will democratization process be successful

              ★ Anarchy begets anarchy, not democracy
              ★ Riots beget riots, not democracy
              ★ Democracy can be introduced only through constitution

                               People’s Desire                                                       ■ VOA, BBC - sowing hatred among the
             ■      We favour peace and stability
                                                                                                     ■ RFA, DVB - generating public outrage
             ■      We favour development
             ■      We oppose unrest and violence                                                    ■ Do not allow ourselves to be swayed
             ■      Wipe out those inciting unrest                                                   ■ By broadcasts designed to cause
                    and violence                                                                       troubles

                    Today’s vehicles and motorways in Myanmar (3)
                                                                                     Article: Kayan Soe Myint; Photos: Ministry of Construction
              While today’s road         home are running on
         network is bigger than          roads. For road safety,
         that of the past, the           Directorate of Road
         number of vehicles has          Transport under the Min-
         increased in the country.       istry of Rail Transporta-
              The number of vehi-        tion enacted the stand-
         cles which are registered       ards of vehicles and traf-
         in the country has              fic rules, and general
         reached 2,015,531 in            standards of vehicles are
         August, 2009. Out of            as follow.
         them, 79,246 are trucks         (a) Truck (Drop Side
         and light trucks.                     Body)
              The following table             (with fixed floor, front
         shows the detailed                   bumper, drop side
         number of vehicles.                  body, open roof)
                                                   Yangon Division                                                                        A vehicle overloaded with sawn timber
             No.     Vehicle                                                           states/divisions        Total
                                    Municipal area Outside                total                                                                      seen on the road.
                                                                                                                                        body, crane)                 side and back
             1. Van                     140988            4312           145300              92652             237952
                                                                                                                                  (d)   Van                          covers, locking de-
             2. Light Truck              13352             753            14105              11100              25205                   (with fixed or drop side     vice, timber flooring
             3. Truck                     9005             855            9860               24446              34306                   body or roof, with           with 6”x1.5” timbers
             4. Bus                       9537            1164           10701                9034              19735                   doors)                       or iron sheet with
                                                                                                                                  (e)   Bowser                       3.175 mm thickness
             5. Others                    9964             267            10231               4031              14262
                                                                                                                                        (with tank to carry pet-     on beams)
                (Total from 1-5)        182846            7351           190197             141263             331460                   rol, diesel, acid, alco- (h) Transporter
             6. Two-wheel                  884           41457           42341            1581380             1623721                   hol, oil, water, with        (with lifter to bring
             7. Three-wheel                  0             102             102               7777                7879                   value at an emergency        machinery, ladder,
                                                                                                                                        room of a bowser)            strong body with
             8. Trailer                    489            1055            1544              50927               52471
                                                                                                                                  (f)   Logging Truck                beams, with hooks
                (Total from 6-8)          1373           42614           43987            1640084             1684071                   (with beams on floor,        to be used for fas-
                   Total                184219           49965           234184           1781347             2015531                   with side pillars, front     tening machinery)
                                                                                                                                        bumper)                  (i) Tractor Head and
            Not only vehicles (b) Dump Truck                               body, open rood, a (c) Truck with Crane                (g)   Container Carrier            Semi-Trailer
        imported but also vehi-   (with fixed floor, front                 hydraulic system to    (with fixed floor, front              (to carry container,         (A vehicle which is
        cles manufactured at      bumper, drop side                        unload goods)          bumper, drop side                     with body without              (See page 9)

22-9-09 NL                         16                                                                          8/18/18, 1:25 PM