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					                                                                    MEASURED ENTERPRISE

                             Company Name                                                The Soma Initiative (Pty) Ltd

                             Trade Name                                                  The Soma Initiative (Pty) Ltd

                             Location                                                    Kenilworth, Cape Town

                             Registration Number                                         2000/025255/07

                             Vat number                                                  4790196556

                             Certificate Number                                          SOI 00252 - REV 2

                                                                  BEE SCORE PER ELEMENT

                             Equity Ownership                                            27.00

                             Management & Control                                        N/A

                             Employment Equity                                           24.96

                             Skills Development                                          N/A

                             Preferential Procurement                                    10.64

                             Enterprise Development                                      N/A

                             Socio Economic Development                                  25.00

                                                                             BEE STATUS

                             BEE Procurement Recognition Level                           125%

                             BEE Status                                                  Level Two Contributor

                             Black Ownership                                             25.4%

                             Black Female Ownership                                      15.2%

                             Value- Adding Supplier                                      Yes

                             Enterprise Development Beneficiary                          Yes

                             Beneficiary Category                                        Category B

                             Applicable Scorecard                                        Qualifying Small Enterprise

                             Applicable BEE Code                                         Gazetted Codes 29617

                             Verification Date                                           22 October 2008

                             Expiry Date                                                 21 October 2009

                                Turchian Davie                                                            ABVA Full Members
                             Verification Manager                                                             AM 00065

NERA has assessed and verified the relevant BEE Elements of the above mentioned enterprise, to provide an independent and
impartial opinion on the BEE status of the enterprise, based on the Broad-Based BEE Codes of Good Practice (Codes 000-800),as well
as any relevant gazetted industry charter scorecard.

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