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					AUTHOR_LIST                   TITLE                        JOURNAL_TITLE         PUB_DT                   JOURNAL
                              Amplex UltraRed               the sensitivity of fluorimetric
Zhu Aiping, Romero Roberto, Petty Howard R.enhancesAnalytical biochemistry. Aug. pyruvate detection.      403(1-2)
                              R1507, a Wendong, Lin Juan, Hingorani Pooja, 2010 Laurence, Houghton55(1) Gorlick Richard.
                                                           Pediatric blood&cancer. IGF-1R,
                                                                                  Baker                    Peter,
Kolb E Anders, Kamara Davida, Zhang fully human monoclonal antibody targetingJul 15. is effective alone and in combinatio
                              Molecular mechanisms of pituitary organogenesis: In search of novel regulatory genes. Mortense
                                                           Molecular and H, Brinkmeier M L, Raetzman L323(1)
                                                                                 2010 Jul 8.
Davis S W, Castinetti F, Carvalho L R, Ellsworth B S, Potok M A, Lyons Rcellular endocrinology.            T, Carninci P,
                              Evaluating and Marc, Worden Francis, Chepehaof radiationEisbruch Avraham. physics.
                                                           International journal Douglas B, oncology, biology,
                                                                                 2010 Jul 1.              77(3)
Gluck Iris, Feng Felix Y, Lyden Teresa, Haxerreporting dysphagia in trials of chemoirradiation for head-and-neck cancer.
                              Direct transcriptional induction Davidand cellular byJul. C, Murphy Geoffrey G, Uhler Michael
                                                           Molecular L, Thompson Robert during
                                                                                 2010 Ascl1               44(3)
Huang Holly S, Kubish Ginger M, Redmond Tanya M, Turner of Gadd45gammaneurosciences. neuronal differentiation.
                              Follicular Kee Hwan.         Yonsei the tonsil. 2010
Eun Young Gyu, Kim Sung Wan, Kwon dendritic cell sarcoma ofmedical journal. Jul.                          51(4)
                               Eun Young Gyu, Kwon carcinoma associated with Jul.
                                                            Hwan.                2010                     first 2
Kim Sung Wan, Shim Ju Sup, Tonsillar squamous cellKeeYonsei medical journal. dermatomyositis: the 51(4) cases in Korea.
                              Airway management success and hypoxemia rates in air and ground critical care transport: Shear
                                                           Prehospital Madden John, Pickett Kimberly, of14(3)
                                                                                 2010 Jul-Sep.             the National Associatio
Thomas Stephen, Judge Tom, Lowell Mark J, MacDonald Russell D, emergency care : official journal Werman Howard A, a pros
                              Transport of Bacillus anthracis from the lungs to the draining
                                                           Microbial pathogenesis.
                                                                                 2010                     49(1-2)
Shetron-Rama Lynne M, Herring-Palmer Amy C, Huffnagle Gary B, Hanna Philip. Jul-Aug. lymph nodes is a rapid process facil
                              Pain L, Walton Maureen, Cole in driver intervention programs for driving under the influence C.
                                                           Substance A, Dabrowski Jul.
                                                                                 2010                     45(9)
Ilgen Mark Andrew, Barry Kristeninterference in individuals Phyllisuse&misuse. Michael P, Booth Brenda M, Blow Frederic of
                              Tailoring J.                 Journal of biomedical materials research. Part 94(1)
                                                                                 2010 Jul.                A.
Kemppainen Jessica M, Hollister Scottthe mechanical properties of 3D-designed poly(glycerol sebacate) scaffolds for cartilage
                              Sex dimorphic S, Brosius rosiglitazone in R M. 2010 peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-
                                                           C, Mortensen
Duan S Z, Usher M G, Foley E L, Milstone D actions of F Diabetologia. generalisedJul.                     53(7)
                              Clinical photography McNamara James A.
                                                           The Angle orthodontist. Jul.
                                                                                 2010                     80(4)
Schabel Brian J, Baccetti Tiziano, Franchi Lorenzo,vs digital video clips for the assessment of smile esthetics.
Jacobson Jon A.               Musculoskeletal MRI.                               2010 Jul.
                                                           Seminars in roentgenology.                     45(3)
                              Ao Xiaoping, Davis Mary, Fu Xiao-Long, new markers for radiation-induced lung toxicity
                                                            may identify journal of radiation S, Lubman David M, Kong Feng-Ming
                                                                                 2010 Jul 1.              77(3)
Cai Xu-Wei, Shedden Kerby, Plasma proteomic analysis InternationalLawrence Theodore oncology, biology, physics. in patien
                              Expression of Chen Stephanie, Journal of comparative 1. splice
                                                           The Liu Li Qian, Duncan channel
                                                                                 2010 Keith.              518(13)
Kim Jung-Min, Beyer Ryan, Morales Marti,BK-type calcium-activated potassium RJulneurology. variants during chick cochlear d
                              A novel angiogenesis model for screening anti-angiogenic compounds: the chorioallantoic memb
                                                           International journal Ariana,
                                                                                   of oncology.           Wang
Chen Haiming, Wang Cathy S, Li Mingjie, Sanchez Eric, Li Jennifer, Berenson2010 Jul.Wirtschafter Eric, 37(1) James, Shen Jing,
                              Teen driving exposure in Michigan: demographic prevention.
Ehsani J P, Bingham C R, Shope J T, Sunbury T M, Kweon B.                        2010 Jul.                42(4)
                                                           Accident; analysis and and behavioral characteristics.
                              Androgen ablation augments human Brent K, Escara-Wilke responses to Karen R, Defeo-Jones D
                                                           The Prostate.         2010 Jun cell              PSA
Arredouani Mohamed S, Tseng-Rogenski Stephanie S, Hollenbeck HLA2.1-restricted T15. June, Leander70(9) self-antigen in tran
                              Factors associated Kontoyiannis in transplant 2010 Jun with invasive aspergillosis. Infectious Dis
                                                           Clinical infectious Alexander Barbara publication Carol
                                                                                  patients 15.            50(12)
Baddley John W, Andes David R, Marr Kieren A,with mortalityDimitrios P,diseases : an officialD, Kauffmanof the A, Oster Robe
                              Massive quantities of asymmetric dimethylarginine (ADMA) are incorporated in red blood cell pro
D'Alecy Louis G, Billecke Scott S.                                               2010 Jun 15.
                                                           Blood cells, molecules&diseases.               45(1)
                              Ultra-low Tarnowski chromatography Connie, Liyanage Samadhi, detection Terrence, Tazi Karim, S
                                                           Journal of assay with ultraviolet (UV) Strawder for piperine quantitat
                                                                                 2010 Jun 9.
Kakarala Madhuri, Dubey Shiv Kumar, flow liquid Malloree, Chengagricultural and food chemistry.           58(11)
                              Ventricular arrhythmias originating from theAman, Pelosi in of the Heart 7(6)
                                                           Heart Krit, Chugh officialJun.
                                                                                 2010 journal the Ebinger Matthew, Oral Hakan, M
Crawford Thomas, Mueller Giesela, Good Eric, Jongnarangsinrhythm :papillary muscles Frank, right ventricle. Society.
                              Duplication Jyotsna, Silverstein Faye, Ackley Todd, Iyergenetics. Part K, Christian Susan L, Martin
                                                           American journal of 2010 Jun.Ramaswamy A. 152A(6)
Bedoyan Jirair K, Kumar Ravinesh A, Sudi16p11.2 in a child with infantile seizure disorder.
                              Radiological reasoning: multiple mesenteric masses.roentgenology.
Elsayes Khaled M, Broski Stephen M, Makramalla Abouelmagd.                       2010
                                                           AJR. American journal of Jun.                  194(6 Suppl)
                              The zebrafish galectin Drgal1-l2 R, Hyde David2010 Jun.
                                                           Investigative ophthalmology&visual science. 51(6)
                                                                                   proliferating Müller
Craig Sonya E L, Thummel Ryan, Ahmed Hafiz, Vasta Gerardois expressed by R, Hitchcock Peter F.glia and photoreceptor proge
                              Effect Fagerlin risk/benefit trade-offs on
                                                           Pediatrics.           2010 Jun.                125(6)
Tait Alan R, Zikmund-Fisher Brian J,of variousAngela, Voepel-Lewis Terri.parents' understanding of a pediatric research study.
                              Decreased phospho-Akt signaling in a mouseof 2010 Jun. Gastrointestinal and liver physiology.
Feng Yongjia, McDunn Jonathan E, Teitelbaum Daniel H.                             physiology.             298(6)
                                                           American journal model of total parenteral nutrition: a potential mec
                              AJR teaching file: diabetic patient presenting with right flank pain and 194(6
                                                           AJR.                  2010 Jun.
Akhtar Amana L, Elsayes Khaled M, Woodward Suzanne. American journal of roentgenology. fever. Suppl)
                              Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 deficiency protects against visceral30(6)
                                                           J, Luo Wei, Russo Hana M, Eitzman Daniel T. fat-induced atheroscler
                                                                                 2010 Jun.
Ohman Miina K, Wright Andrew P, Wickenheiser Kevin Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology.
                              Risperidone versus olanzapine for the Kyung-Yeol, delirium.
                                                           Human psychopharmacology.
                                                                                 2010 Jun.                25(4)
Kim Sung-Wan, Yoo Joon-An, Lee Sam-Yeon, Kim Seon-Young, Bae treatment ofYang Su-Jin, Kim Jae-Min, Shin Il-Seon, Yoon Jin
                              High-normal serum uric Monika A, Maselli Nicholas J, Weinberg Janice M, Aschengrau Ann, Eckfe
                                                           Diabetes care.        2010 Jun.                33(6)
Ficociello Linda H, Rosolowsky Elizabeth T, Niewczas acid increases risk of early progressive renal function loss in type 1 diabe
                              Patterns of John M, Hollenbeck Brent K.
Strope Seth A, Ye Zaojun, Hollingsworth care for early stage bladder cancer.2010 Jun 1.                   116(11)
                              Pulmonary artery smooth muscle hypertrophy:physiology. Lung synthase kinase-3beta and p70
                                                           American journal of 2010 Jun.Kelley.
                                                                                   roles of               298(6)
Deng Huan, Hershenson Marc B, Lei Jing, Anyanwu Anuli C, Pinsky David J, Bentley J glycogencellular and molecular physiology
                              Management Oscar D, CobPituitary. Espinosa-de-los-Monteros Ana Laura, Gadelha Monica R, G
                                                            Alejandro,           2010 Jun.
Barkan Ariel, Bronstein Marcello D, Bruno of acromegaly in Latin America: expert panel recommendations.   13(2)
                              From personalized medicine to personalized justice: the
                                                            Susan, Jentzen Jeffrey M, Donald Hon of translational Howard, Jorta
Wong Steven H Y, Happy Christopher, Blinka Dan, GockPharmacogenomics.2010 Jun. promisesJoseph,11(6) pharmacogeno
                              Predictors of poor sleep qualityLaryngoscope.and neck cancer patients. 120(6)
                                                           The among head 2010 Jun.
Shuman Andrew G, Duffy Sonia A, Ronis David L, Garetz Susan L, McLean Scott A, Fowler Karen E, Terrell Jeffrey E.
                              Retrievability of optional J,Journal of vascular and interventional radiology : caval
                                                            Cho Kyung J, Cwikiel Wojciech B.
                                                                                 2010 Jun.                21(6)
Arabi Mohammad, Willatt Jonathan M, Shields James inferior vena cava filters with caudal migration andJVIR. penetration: re
                              Vandana, fatness, insulin, Fertility and sterility. on Jun.
                                                                                 2                        94(1)
Kasa-Vubu Josephine Z, Jain Impact of Welch Kathy. and gynecological age010 luteinizing hormone secretory dynamics in ad
                              M, Deiana B, Usala G, Busonero F, five major Scally Jun.Patriciu N, Chen 15(6)
                                                           Molecular psychiatry. 2010 M,
Terracciano A, Sanna S, Uda Genome-wide association scan for Maschio A,dimensions of personality. W-M, Distel M A, Slagbo
                              Investigating the effect Vlahov changes on age-specific gun-related homicide rates in New York
                                                           American journal of 2010 Jun.
                                                                                  public health.          100(6)
Cerdá Magdalena, Messner Steven F, Tracy Melissa,of socialDavid, Goldmann Emily, Tardiff Kenneth J, Galea Sandro.
                              C. elegans phototransduction requires a G protein-dependent Yong, pathway Tao, taste recepto
                                                            Nana, neuroscience.  2010 Jun.                13(6)
Liu Jie, Ward Alex, Gao Jingwei, Dong Yongming, NishioNature Inada Hitoshi, Kang Lijun, Yu cGMP Ma Di, Xuand a Mori Ikue, Xie
                              American Society of Clinical Oncology/College Of American L, journal ofguideline recommendati
                                                           Journal of clinical HagertyJun 1. Pathologists the American Society of
                                                                                 2010 Karen               28(16)
Hammond M Elizabeth H, Hayes Daniel F, Dowsett Mitch, Allred D Craig, oncology : officialBadve Sunil, Fitzgibbons Patrick L, F
Annesley Thomas M.                                         Clinical chemistry. 2010 Jun.
                              Who, what, when, where, how, and why: the ingredients in the recipe for56(6) a successful Methods s
                              Somatosensory-motor bodily representation corticalJun. Rouleauthe nervous Paul, Frey Kirk,
                                                           Cortex; journal devoted thinning in of Guy,46(6) of tic and beha
                                                                                 2010 Rozie,                effects
Fahim Cherine, Yoon Uicheul, Das Samir, Lyttelton Oliver, ChenaJohn, Arnaoutelisto the studyTourette:Sandorsystemseverity, a
                               Khaled of Akhtar Amana L. American journal of roentgenology.
                                                           AJR.                  2010 Jun.
Woodward Suzanne, ElsayesImaging M, emphysematous pyelonephritis: self-assessment module.                 194(6 Suppl)
                              Thermal J, Baghdoyan decreased by hypocretin-1 and journal of the A1 receptor agonist microin
                                                           The Lydic Ralph. official an                     11(6)
Watson Sarah L, Watson Christopher nociception is Helen A,journal of pain :2010 Jun. adenosine American Pain Society.
                              Hydroperitoneum-facilitated Joseph A, Piraka Cyrus entry
                                                           Surgical innovation. 2010 R, Schomisch Steve alternate access sites fo
Elmunzer B Joseph, Chak Amitabh, Taylor Jason R, Trunzo EUS-guided peritoneal Jun. and closure ofJ, Rising Gail M, Elta Grac
                              National survey R, McKay Annals of emergency medicine. Mark, Shandro Jamie R, Walton Ma
                                                           Mary Pat, Mello Michael J, Sochor
                                                                                 2010 Jun.                  55(6)
Cunningham Rebecca M, Harrison Stephanieof emergency department alcohol screening and intervention practices.
                               B.                          European journal of2010 Jun.
                                                                                 physical and rehabilitation46(2)
Persad C C, Cook S, GiordaniAssessing falls in the elderly: should we use simple screening tests or a comprehensive fall risk ev
                              Proteomics of microparticles K, Myers Daniel D, Strahler John
                                                           Thrombosis research.  2010 Jun.                   Philip
Ramacciotti Eduardo, Hawley Angela E, Wrobleski Shirley after deep venous thrombosis. R, Andrews125(6) C, Guire Kenneth
                              p120-catenin Burnett Patrick E, Short Sarah P, 2010 Jun 1. and intestinal homeostasis in mice.
                                                           The Journal of of barrier function A,
                                                                                 Davis Michael              Deborah
Smalley-Freed Whitney G, Efimov Andrey, is essential for maintenanceclinical investigation. Gumucio120(6) L, Washington
                               Scott H, Okunishi Katsuhide, Vannella Kevin M, investigation.
                                                           The Journal activation occur via prostaglandin120(6)
                                                                                 2010 Jun 1.                E2 synthesis in humans
Bauman Kristy A, WettlauferThe antifibrotic effects of plasminogenof clinicalStoolman Joshua S, Huang Steven K, Courey Anth
                              Steen, Rankinen Tuomo, Koch Laurenapplied physiology (Bethesda, Md. : 1985).
                                                           Journal of G, Sarzynski Mark, aerobic capacityKeller
                                                                                 2010 Jun.                    following endurance e
Timmons James A, Knudsen Using molecular classification to predict gains in maximalJensen Thomas, 108(6) Pernille, Scheele
Heisler Michele.                                           Family support        2010 Jun.                  27 Suppl 1()
                              Different models to mobilize peerpractice. to improve diabetes self-management and clinical out
                              When                         Annals of surgical oncology.
Diehl Kathleen, Newman Lisa A. is age more than just a number?                   2010 Jun.                  17(6)
                              Proton                       Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology : the 8(6) clinical practice j
                                                                                 2010 Jun.                  official
Chey William D, Spiegel Brennan. pump inhibitors, irritable bowel syndrome, and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth: coin
                              The Novince Chad M, Marlow FASEB journal official publicationPTHrP regulate skeletal developS
                                                           The Brandlyn, Hernon Krista,
                                                                                 2010 terminus of of G, Federation of American
Toribio Ramiro E, Brown Holly A,midregion, nuclear localization sequence,: and C Jun.Lanigan Lisa theHildreth Blake E, Werbeck
                              Clinical and correlative Philip of SWOG S0354:Van: an official of CNTO328 (siltuximab), a monocl
                                                           Clinical cancer research Jun II trial Peter J, Quinn David I, Vogelzang
                                                                                  a phase 1.                16(11)
Dorff Tanya B, Goldman Bryan, Pinski Jacek K, Mackresults C, Lara Primo N, 2010Veldhuizenjournal of the American AssociatioN
                              Weight status Danielle P, Kaciroti Niko, Corwyn Robert
                                                           Pediatrics.           third through sixth grades.H.
Lumeng Julie C, Forrest Patrick, Appuglieseas a predictor of being bullied in2010 Jun.F, Bradley Robert125(6)
Choi S, Reddy P.              Graft-versus-host disease. Panminerva medica.2010 Jun.                        52(2)
                              p70 Lei Jing, Bitar Khalil is Fingar Diane C, Solway Julian, cell and molecular biology. not incre
                                                            required journal of respiratory
                                                                                  smooth muscle cell size enlargement but
Deng Huan, Hershenson Marc B, Ribosomal S6 kinaseN,American for airway2010 Jun. Bentley J Kelley.42(6)
                              Hyperglycemic consequences of James H.
                                                           AJR. American journal of Jun.
                                                                                 premedication in an        194(6)
Davenport Matthew S, Cohan Richard H, Caoili Elaine M, Elliscorticosteroid2010 roentgenology. outpatient population.
                              Intermediate-term results of the Eric of thoracic in neonates and infants.89(6)
                                                           The Annals procedure surgery.
                                                                                 2010 Jun.
Shinkawa Takeshi, Bove Edward L, Hirsch Jennifer C, Devaney Ross J, Ohye Richard G.
                              Humoral autoimmunity against Susan, Zhang Ying-Jian, Satin Leslie S, Nelson Patrick, Omenn Gilb
                                                           Endocrinology.        2010 Jun.                  151(6)
Morran Michael P, Casu Anna, Arena Vincent C, Pietropaolo the extracellular domain of the neuroendocrine autoantigen IA-2
                              A systematic review of applying patient satisfaction Jun.
                                                                                 2010 surgery.
Clapham Philip J, Pushman Allison G, Chung Kevin C. Plastic and reconstructiveoutcomes in plastic surgery.  125(6)
                              Satayathum Sudtida, Disney Alex, international. features and B, Kerr Peter G, Young Eric W, Rob
                                                           Kidney Akiba Takashi, Jun.
                                                                                 2010                       77(12)
Wizemann Volker, Tong Lin, Atrial fibrillation in hemodialysis patients: clinicalFissell Rachel associations with anticoagulant th
                              Olfactory dysfunction, central cholinergic A, Kilbourn cognitive Albin Roger L, Frey Kirk A.
                                                            Koeppe journal of neurology.
                                                                                 2010 Jun.                  133(Pt 6)
Bohnen Nicolaas I, Müller Martijn L T M, Kotagal Vikas, Brain : a Robertintegrity andMichael A,impairment in Parkinson's disea
                              Association of obesity and European journal Ahmed Jun.
                                                           survival in systolic heart Ali.
                                                                                 heart failure : journal myocardial infarction: pote
Wu Audrey H, Pitt Bertram, Anker Stefan D, Vincent John, Mujib Marjan, of2010failure after acuteof the Working Group on He
                              Prevalence and risk factors for vitamin D insufficiency among children with epilepsy.
Shellhaas Renée A, Barks Amanda K, Joshi Sucheta M. Pediatric neurology.2010 Jun.                           42(6)
                              Prevalence and Zackary E, Journal of neurosurgery. Pediatrics.
                                                           Garton Hugh J L, cysts in Jun.
                                                                                 2010 children.
Al-Holou Wajd N, Yew Andrew Y, Boomsaad natural history of arachnoidMuraszko Karin M, Maher Cormac O.       5(6)
                              Insulin resistance MacKrell James of applied physiology (Bethesda,V, soleus, but not D.
                                                           Journal G, Bhat Abhijit D, Jun. Robert Md. : 108(6)
                                                                                 2010 Farese                1985).
Sharma Naveen, Arias Edward B, Sajan Mini P,for glucose uptake and Akt2 phosphorylation in the Cartee Gregory epitrochlea
                              Connectivity                 Academic medicine : journal of
Parikh Sujal M, Liu Erqi, White Casey B. need not come at the expense of 2010 Jun. the Association85(6)      of American Medical C
                              Patient Henneman Elizabeth A, common in a Campbell Megan
                                                           Annals of emergency medicine.
                                                                                 2010 Jun.                  55(6)
Henneman Philip L, Fisher Donald L, identification errors are Pham Tuan A,simulated setting. M, Nathanson Brian H.
                              A description of intraoperative ventilator management 1.
                                                           Anesthesia and Rosenberg Andrew L.
                                                                                 2010                       110(6)
Blum James M, Fetterman Douglas M, Park Pauline K, Morris Michelle, analgesia.Junand ventilation strategies in hypoxic patie
                              A comparative phosphoproteomicLubman of a2010 tumor metastasis 31(11) using a label-free
                                                            Steve, analysis       human
Xie Xiaolei, Feng Shun, Vuong Huy, Liu Yashu, GoodisonElectrophoresis. David M. Jun.                        model
                              Sodium Sharkey Lisa M. The Journal of physiology.Jun 1.
                                                                                 2010                       588(Pt effects.
Meisler Miriam H, O'Brien Janelle E, channel gene family: epilepsy mutations, gene interactions and modifier11)
                              Co-occurrence of Joubert syndrome journal of medical genetics. Partdystrophy.
                                                           American Y H, Langlois S, Yong thoracic B, Hildebrandt F, Trnka P.
Lehman A M, Eydoux P, Doherty D, Glass I A, Chitayat D, Chung Band Jeune2010 Jun. S L, Lowry RA. 152A(6)
                              Post-operative heparin may not be required for transitioning patients with Keith D, Sundareswar
                                                           The Journal of heart2010 Jun. transplantation :29(6)
                                                                                   Russell                   the official publication
Slaughter Mark S, Naka Yoshifumi, John Ranjit, Boyle Andrew, Conte John V,and lungStuart D, Aaronson a HeartMate II left ven
                              Autocrine production M, Linn Marisajournal of 2010 Jun.J Kelley, cellular and Marc B.
                                                           American J, Lei Jing,physiology. Lung Hershenson of neonatal lung me
                                                                                   Bentley                  298(6)
Popova Antonia P, Bozyk Paul D, Goldsmith Adam of TGF-beta1 promotes myofibroblastic differentiationmolecular physiology
                              ppGpp conjures bacterial virulence. Michele S.2010 Jun.
Dalebroux Zachary D, Svensson Sarah L, Gaynor Erin C, Microbiology and molecular biology reviews : MMBR.    74(2)
                               Martha M.                   Patient misconceptions. Jun.
Anderson Robert M, FunnellPatient empowerment: myths andeducation and counseling.2010                       79(3)
                              Pseudo-outbreak of Clostridium sordellii infection following probable cross-contamination of a ho
                                                           Infection control and hospital
                                                                                 Julia, Grossman Sylvia, : the James, Newton the
Aronoff David M, Thelen Tennille, Walk Seth T, Petersen Kathleen, Jackson 2010 Jun. epidemiologyRudrikofficial journal in Dua
                              Arvind P, Sullivan Shane Z, Biochimica et biophysica Jun.
                                                            Yun of cytochrome 2010 Paul
                                                                                 P450 reductase serves as 1804(6) site for redox p
Jang Hyun-Hee, Jamakhandi Beta sheet 2-alpha helix C loop Chul-Ho, Hollenberg acta. F, Miller GroveraP.       docking
                              National trends in venous disease. Gilbert surgery :Peter, Froehlich James B.
Barnes Geoffrey D, Gafoor Sameer, Wakefield Thomas,Journal of vascularR,2010 Jun.                           51(6)
                                                                                  Henke official publication, the Society for Vascula
                              Leukocyte Yung Raymond.Journal of leukocyte2010
Desai Anjali, Grolleau-Julius Annabelle, function in the aging immune system. Jun.biology.                  87(6)
                              Cytotoxic potential of lung Journal T cells increases(Baltimore, Md. 1950). W, Polak Timothy J, S
                                                            CD8(+) of immunology with chronic obstructive
                                                                                 2010 Jun 1.                184(11)
Freeman Christine M, Han MeiLan K, Martinez Fernando J, Murray Susan, Liu Lyrica X, Chensue:Stephen pulmonary disease se
                              Zinc decreases C-reactive protein,T, Snell Diane, of clinical nutrition. Tapinder, Cardozo Lavoisier
                                                           James lipid peroxidation,Ginny W, Singh
                                                                                 2010 and                   91(6)
Bao Bin, Prasad Ananda S, Beck Frances W J, Fitzgerald The American journal Bao Jun. inflammatory cytokines in elderly subje
                              A role N, Thomas Peedikayil E, Wilke Carol A, Standiford Theodore 1950).
                                                           Journal kinase-M in2010 Jun 1.
                                                                                  Prostaglandin Md. : J, Kobayashi Koichi S, Flavell R
Hubbard Leah L N, Ballinger Meganfor IL-1 Receptor-associatedof immunology (Baltimore, E(2)-induced immunosuppression p
                              J, Wood Ruth I, Hudson James I,and alcohol dependence.
                                                           Drug Pope Harrison2010 Jun 1.
                                                                                  G.                        109(1-3)
Kanayama Gen, Brower Kirk Treatment of anabolic-androgenic steroid dependence: Emerging evidence and its implications.
                                                           Family to improve chronic disease self-management and clinical outco
Funnell Martha Mitchell. Peer-based behavioural strategiespractice.              2010 Jun.                  27 Suppl 1()
                               Wong Chih-An, RanganathOrbit (Amsterdam, Netherlands).
                                                            Kittane, Douglas case report.
                                                                                 2010 Jun.
Jáñez Lucía, Taban Mehryar,Localized Intraorbital Castleman's disease: a Raymond S, Goldberg Robert29(3)     A.
                              Reproductive hormones and Bill, Sowers MaryFran, Jun 1. from the Study Rachel, Matthews A
                                                           American 9 years ofepidemiology.
                                                                                   observation              171(11)
Sutton-Tyrrell Kim, Zhao Xinhua, Santoro Nanette, Lasley obesity:journal of 2010 Johnston Janet, Mackeyof Women's HealthKa
                               Improved Chuang Wei-Lien, Hutto Elizabeth, Siegel Jun. S, Shayman James A, of type 1 Greg A
                                                           lysosomal glucosylceramide levels in a
                                                                                 metabolic                    33(3)
Marshall John, McEachern Kerry Anne,management of Journal of inherited 2010 Craig disease. mouse modelGrabowskiGauche
                               Membrane-type               Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. of rheumatoid arthritis synovio
                                                                                 2010 Jun 1.
Sabeh Farideh, Fox David, Weiss Stephen J. I matrix metalloproteinase-dependent regulation : 1950).           184(11)
                               X-linked                    Trends in genetics : TIG. a unique therapeutic26(6)
Liu Yang, Wang Lizhong, Zheng Pan. tumor suppressors: perplexing inheritance, Jun.                             opportunity.
                                Aaron M, versus nonoperative treatment A. orthopedics.
                                                             Farley of pediatric 2010 Jun.                    30(4)
Vander Have Kelly L, Perdue Operative Caird Michelle S,Journal Frances of midshaft clavicle fractures in adolescents.
Campbell Darrell A.                                        Annals of surgery. 2010 Jun.
                               Physician wellness and patient safety.                                         251(6)
                               Endocytosis of murine norovirus 1 of virology. 2010 Jun.
Perry Jeffrey W, Wobus Christiane E.                                                                          84(12)
                                                           Journal into murine macrophages is dependent on dynamin II and cho
                               Vitamin                      among children with epilepsy.
Shellhaas Renée A, Joshi Sucheta M. d and bone healthPediatric neurology.2010 Jun.                            42(6)
                               Effective colorectal Yu-Ying, Chen of cancer education : the official journal of the
                                                            education for Asian 2010 Jun. a Michigan 25(2)
Wu Tsu-Yin, Kao John Y, Hsieh Hsing-Fang, Tang cancer Journal Judy, Lee Janilla, Oakley Deborah. program. American Assoc
                               The transcription factor PU.1 is required for the developmentL, Jabeen Rukhsana,cells and allergi
                                                            Weiguo, Yu Qing, Stritesky Gretta of IL-9-producing T McKinley Carl,
Chang Hua-Chen, Sehra Sarita, Goswami Ritobrata, YaoNature immunology. 010 Jun.  2                            11(6)
                                Bochar Daniel A.           Molecular endocrinology Jun.
                                                                                 2010 (Baltimore, Md.). 24(6)
Menon Tushar, Yates Joel A,Regulation of androgen-responsive transcription by the chromatin remodeling factor CHD8.
                               Causality assessment in drug-induced (Baltimore, Md.).
                                                            James, Chalasani Naga, Bonacini Maurizio, Fontana Robert J, Hayashi P
                                                                                 2010 Jun.                    51(6)
Rockey Don C, Seeff Leonard B, Rochon James, FrestonHepatologyliver injury using a structured expert opinion process: comp
                               Research training Robert M. Journal of cancer education : the official lessons learned from cancer
                                                                                 2010 Jun.                    25(2)
Soliman Amr S, Mullan Patricia B, Chamberlainof students in minority and international settings:journal of the American Assoc
                               Local therapy in A, Buys Saundra,cancer research and treatment. S, Haffty Bruce comparison M
                                                           Breast mutation carriersJun. Meena
                                                                                 2010 with                    121(2)
Pierce Lori J, Phillips Kelly-Anne, Griffith KentBRCA1 and BRCA2Gaffney David K, Moranoperable breast cancer:G, Ben-Davidof
                                Matthew after heart transplantation in cardiovascularand without pretransplant renal dysfunctio
                                                           Scandinavian patients with journal Furukawa 44(3) Macha Mahend
                                                                                 2010 Jun.
Molina Ezequiel J, Sandusky OutcomesF, Gupta Dipin, Gaughan John P, McClurken James B, : SCJ.                  Satoshi,
                               Targeting Grolleau-Julius Annabelle, Pilon-Thomas Shari, Mulé James
                                                            to enhanced dendritic cell motility and anti-melanoma activity.
                                                                                 2010 Jun.
Matsushita Norimasa, Komine Hiroshi,MARCO can leadCancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII. J. 59(6)
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Pannucci Christopher J, Oppenheimer Adam J,in venous thromboembolism 2010 Jun. a survey of 606 reconstructive breast
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                                                           Journal of clinical oncology : official journal JeffreyAmerican Mark E, Ca
                                                                                 2010 Jun Mary, Moyer of the S, with Society of
Feng Felix Y, Kim Hyungjin M, Lyden Teresa H, Haxer Marc J, Worden Francis P, Feng 1. dysphagia in patientsPrinceoropharyng
Tesmer John J G.                                           Nature structural&molecular biology.
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                               The quest to understand heterotrimeric G protein signaling.                    17(6)
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                                                              of the medial meniscus as a function Maher Suzanne A.
                                                                                  Warren                      92(6)
Bedi Asheesh, Kelly Natalie H, Baad Michael, Fox Alice JThe Journal of bone 2010jointRussell F,Americantear, repair, and partia
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                                                           Environmental health Letizia, Park
                                                                                 2010 Jun.
Wright Robert O, Schwartz Joel, Wright RosalindExposure Valentina, Tarantiniperspectives. Sung Kyun,118(6)     Hu
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                                                                                 2010                         78(6)
Edwards Rachel L, Jules Matthieu, Sahr Tobias, Buchrieser Carmen, two-component system exhibits rheostat-like behavior.
                               Mitogen-activated protein kinase phosphatase 2 regulates
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Pinelli Nicole R, Jaber Linda A, Brown Morton B, Herman Williamcare.             2010 Jun.                     and glucose intolerance
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Cober M Petrea, TeitelbaumPrevention of parenteral nutrition-associatedorgandisease: lipid minimization.      15(3)
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Schilling Peter L, Dimick Justin B, Birkmeyer John D. Surgical innovation. 2010 Jun.                          17(2)
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                                                           The Gregory A, Kaufman May the Hebert Daniel an obligate substrate
                                                                                 2010 Randal J,
Pearse Bradley R, Tamura Taku, Sunryd UDP-Glc:glycoprotein glucosyltransferase 1 in 31. maturation 189(5)      of N.
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                                                                                 2010 May 28.
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Cavusoglu Erdal, Chopra Vineet, Gupta Amit, Battala Venkatadistribution widthcardiology. all-cause mortality atD. years in
                               Male mice not L, Brayton Cory, Cardiff Robert 2010 Linda
                                                           Science               D, Cork                      328(5982)
Bolon Brad, Barthold Stephen W, Boyd Kellialone in research. (New York, N.Y.). May 28. C, Eaton Kathryn A, Schoeb Trenton
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                                                            tips the balance to apoptosis during
                                                                                 2010 May Wang                285(22)
Bevilacqua Elena, Wang Xinglong, Majumder Mithu, Gaccioli Francesca, Yuan Celvie L,28. osmotic stress. Xiongwei, Jordan
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Ohye Richard G, Sleeper Lynn A, Mahonyof shunt typesThe New Englandprocedure for27.                             lesions.
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Wang Ying, Clark Travis B, Goodson Theodore.                                     2010 May 27.                 114(20)
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Ono Akira.                                                 Vaccine.
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Kim Connie E, Perez Alex, Perkins Guy, Ellisman Markunderlying the of the National defect in torsinA mutantthe United States
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                                                                                 fibrillation of
Wokhlu Anita, Monahan Kristi H, Hodge David O, life after ablation ofAmerican Collegethe Cardiology. 55(21) Bradley Davidrel
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Breitkreutz Ashton, Choi Hyungwon, protein kinase andBoucher(New York, N.Y.). May 21. in yeast. Lin Zhen-Yuan, Breitkreut
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Franchi Luigi, Nuñez Gabriel.AIM2 joins the gang of microbial sensors.                                        7(5)
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Schulz Oliver, Pichlmair Andreas, Rehwinkel Jan, Rogers Neilimmunity against specific 20.                     7(5)
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Pandit Sandeep V, Warren Mark, Mironov Sergey, Tolkacheva Elena G, Kalifa Jérôme, 19.                         98(10)
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                                                                                 2010 with posttraumatic stress the United
Uddin Monica, Aiello Allison Epigenetic and immune function profiles associated May 18. Los Santos107(20) Goldmann Emil
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                                                           The Powell Isaac, Bailey-Wilson Joan E, from the International Consort
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Christensen G Bryce, Baffoe-Bonnie Agnes B, George Asha, of 1,233 prostate cancer pedigrees Carpten John D, Giles Graham
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                                                            regeneration clinical investigation.
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Iskandar Bermans J, Rizk Elias, Meier Brenton,of axonalThe Journal of in the2010 MayFinnell Richardsystem through DNA meth
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                                                                                  during the                  a pediatric echocardiog
Lopez Leo, Colan Steven D, Frommelt Peter C, Ensing Gregory J, Kendall Kathleen, Younoszai Adel K,of23(5) : official publicat
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Tuttle R Michael, Ball Douglas W, Byrd David, Daniels Gilbert H,of the NationalA, Doherty Gerard M, Duh Quan-Yang, Ehya Ho
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Schwarzer Michael, Britton Steven L, Koch Laurenexercise capacityDoenst Torsten. 2010 insulin                 not associated with cha
Doherty Gerard M.                                          Surgery.              2010 May.                  147(5)
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                               AP-2alpha knockout mice exhibit optic cup patterning defects and failure 19(9) stalk morphoge
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Clark Noreen M, Lachance Laurie, Doctor Lindachange and communityCindy, Krieger James, Lara Marielena, Meurer John, Frie
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                                                                                  Raymond S.
Naik Vibhavari M, Naik Milind N, Goldberg Robert A, Smith Terry ophthalmology.May-Jun.                      55(3)
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Kilbourne Amy M, Goodrich Characteristics ofDavid J, Austinbipolar disorder managed in VA primary care or specialty mental
                               Genetic variation in 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl CoAMay. Mila, Dizon the
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                                                                                 2010 reductase             3(5)
Lipkin Steven M, Chao Elizabeth C, Moreno Victor, Rozek Laura S, Rennert research (Philadelphia, Pa.). chemopreventive ac
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Squitieri Lee, Chung Kevin C.Discussion: occupational injury in and reconstructiveMay.                      125(5)
                               [A meta-analysis of the safety of simultaneous 2010 kestaged = Chinese for synchronous liver met
Chen Guo-Qing, Li Jun, Ding Ke-Feng.                                               wai May.                 13(5)
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                               Traumatic aortic David computerized tomographic May-Jun.
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Aladham Farid, Sundaram Baskaran, Williamsinjury: M, Journal of computer2010 findings at presentation and after conservativ
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                                                                                    on May.                 202(5)
Heilbrun Marta E, Nygaard Ingrid E, Lockhart Mark E, Richter muscle injuries Morton B, Kenton Kimberley S, Rahn fecal inconti
                               Don't children Burt out of Clinical pediatrics. 2010 May. in early childhood.
                                                            their obesity? Weight transitions
Lee Joyce M, Lim Sungwoo, Zoellner Jamie,grow Brian A, Sandretto Anita M, Sohn Woosung, Ismail Amid I.      49(5)
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                                                            required             2010 Apr 29.               464(7293)
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Kim Erik D, Truex Katherine, Fast spin rotationsBo, optically controlled geometric Apr 23. in aLcharge-tunable InAs quantum do
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Peterson Eric D, Delong Elizabeth R, MasoudiPosition Statement on Composite Measures forN, Rumsfeld Performance Assessm
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Cheng Xiping, Jin Jie, Hu Lily,TRP channel regulates EGFR signaling in MohammadAprKnoffand skin barrier Brian, Liu Mei-Ling, H
                               Prospective Park Benjamin invasive fungal infections :in 15.
                                                           Clinical infectious diseases an official J, Walsh50(8) transplant recip
                                                                                 2010 Apr hematopoietic stem cell
                                                                                                              Thomas Ito James, An
Kontoyiannis Dimitrios P, Marr Kieren A, surveillance forJ, Alexander Barbara D, Anaissie Elias publication of theJ,Infectious Dis
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                                                           Clinical infectious diseases : an Freifeld Alison, Anaissie Infectious Dis
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Pappas Peter G, Alexander Barbara D, Andes David R, Hadley Susan, transplant Carol A,official publication of theElias J, Brumb
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Liu Ming, Wong-Foy Antek G, Vallery Richard S, Frieze William E, Schnobrich Jennifer 12.Gidley David W, Matzgerchemical exp
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Stein Paul D, Chenevert Thomas L, Fowler Sarah E, Goodmanresonance R,medicine. 6. pulmonary embolism: A,multicenter p
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Bakris George L, Sarafidis Pantelis A, Weir Matthew R, Dahlöf Björn, Pitt Bertram, Jamerson Kenneth, 375(9721) Eric J, Staikos
                               Microdamage repair and remodeling requires 2010 Apr.
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Waldorff Erik I, Christenson Katya B, Cooney Laura A, Goldsteinof bone andmechanical loading.the official journal of the Ameri
                               Prospective multicenter study of the clinical oncology : official journal of theGaynoron Society on
                                                           Journal of impact of2010 Apr 1. Chew Helen28(10)
                                                                                   Kash Joseph,              K, assay Ellen R, Haye
Lo Shelly S, Mumby Patricia B, Norton John, Rychlik Karen, Smerage Jeffrey,the 21-gene recurrence scoreAmericanmedical of
                               Changes in quality SterlingAlimentary pharmacology&therapeutics.
                                                             R K, Di Bisceglie A M, Morgan with low-dose peginterferon
                                                                                  associated                31(7)
Snow K K, Bonkovsky H L, Fontana R J, Kim H-Y,of life and sexual health are 2010 Apr. T R, Dienstag J L, Ghany M G. therapy a
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Carvalho Luciani R, Brinkmeier Michelle L, TLE1 and TLE3 interact with HESX1 and(Baltimore, Md.). 24(4)
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                                                           Gastrointestinal endoscopy.
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Banerjee Subhas, Cash Brooks D,role of endoscopy in the management of patients with peptic ulcer disease.   71(4)
                               Results of Akin Elvan, Salili Ali Reza, Oral Hakan, Morady Fred. paroxysmal atrial fibrillation usi
                                                           Journal of cardiovascular Apr.
                                                                                 2010 isolation for
Wieczorek Marcus, Hoeltgen Reinhard,short-term and long-term pulmonary veinelectrophysiology. 21(4)
                               Consequences of receipt of a psychiatric diagnosis for completion of college.
Hunt Justin, Eisenberg Daniel, Kilbourne Amy M.                                  2010 Apr.
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                                Savabieasfahani M, Steckler T of reproductive and Apr.
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Padmanabhan V, Sarma H N,Developmental reprogrammingL, Veiga-Lopez A.of andrology. dysfunction in sheep: native stero
                                                          Plastic and reconstructiveApr.
                                                                                2010 surgery.                125(4)
Aliu Oluseyi, Chung Kevin C. Readability of ASPS and ASAPS educational web sites: an analysis of consumer impact.
                              Getting the steak without the sizzle: is MR enterography as good as CT enterography?
Adler Jeremy, Higgins Peter D R.                                                  diseases.
                                                          Inflammatory bowel2010 Apr.                        16(4)
                              ON012380, a putative W G, Quintás-Cardama A,with a unique mechanism24(4) L F, Donato N J.
                                                          Leukemia : inhibitor Roulston Leukemia Societyaction in imatinib-re
                                                                                2010 of the                   of of
Wu J, Meng F, Ying Y, Peng Z, Daniels L, Bornmann BCR-ABL kinaseofficial journalApr. D, Talpaz M, PetersonAmerica, Leukem
                              E.                           model for radiation-induced effects on oral keratinocytes.
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Tobita T, Izumi K, Feinberg SDevelopment of an in vitroInternational journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery.
                              Gender dimorphic formation of mouse Paul F, 2010 Apr. Bishr.
                                                          Gastroenterology. Omary M
Hanada Shinichiro, Snider Natasha T, Brunt Elizabeth M, Hollenberg Mallory-Denk bodies and the role 138(4)   of xenobiotic metabolis
                              A framework for measuring quality
                                                          Quality&safety in health care.
                                                                                2010 Apr.                    19(2)
Kilbourne A M, Fullerton C, Dausey D, Pincus H A, Hermann R C. and promoting accountability across silos: the case of mental
                              Core clerkship directors: their Hammoud Maya, andApr. rewards of the role. American Medical C
                                                          Academic medicine 2010 the the Association85(4)
                                                                                : Brodkey                     of
Ephgrave Kimberly, Margo Katherine L, White Christopher,current resourcesjournal of Amy, Painter Thomas, Juel Vern C, Shaw
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                              Can Goldstein Irwin.        The journal of sexual medicine.
Goldstein Andrew, Burrows Lara,oral contraceptives cause vestibulodynia? 2010 Apr.                           7(4 Pt 1)
Goldstein Irwin.                                          The journal of sexual medicine.
                                                                                2010 on
                              Standard of care from the international consultationApr.sexual medicine. 7(4 Pt 2)
                              The Dyke of transplant center Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. a multicenter stud
Shuhaiber Jeffrey H, Moore Jeff, effectDavid B.                                 2010 Apr.
                                                          The volume on survival after heart transplantation:139(4)
                              Activation of the Jack G, Jeon Jongeun, during 2010 Apr.E, sports Bruce light activities.
                                                          The Journal Hughes Richard Miller physical Carpenter James E.
Long Joy L, Ruberte Thiele Ramon A, Skendzelshoulder musculatureof orthopaedic andexercises and S,40(4)       therapy.
                              The role of endoscopy in the management of patients with known and suspected colonic obstruc
                                                          Gastrointestinal endoscopy.
                                                                                2010 Apr.                    71(4)
Harrison M Edwyn, Anderson Michelle A, Appalaneni Vasu, Banerjee Subhas, Ben-Menachem Tamir, Cash Brooks D, Fanelli Ro
                              Treatment with recombinant growth hormone2010 retroviruses.modest26(4) Gross Barry, Franc
                                                           Napolitano Laura, Saag Michael, Connick Elizabeth,
Smith Kimberly, Zheng Lu, Bosch Ronald, Tenorio Allan,AIDS research and associated with          improvement in CD4 lym
                              E, Cindro V, Clinthorne theRadiation protection dosimetry. Lacasta C, Linhart V, Mikuz M, Stanko
                                                            Cochran E, Grosicar B, Kagan H,
Studen A, Burdette D, Chesi Timing performance of N H,silicon PET insert probe. Apr-May.                     139(1-3)
                              Predictors of smoking reduction among Kolawole S, Collins
                                                          Nicotine&tobacco research : official journal of 12(4)
                                                                                                             the Society for
Berg Carla J, Thomas Janet L, Guo Hongfei, An Lawrence C, Okuyemi Blacks.2010 Apr. Tracie C, Ahluwalia Jasjit S. Research
                              Double-stranded RNA-activated protein kinase regulates early innate Kaufman responsesImaniInte
                                                          Journal of interferon&cytokine research : immune journal the Fa
                                                                                  Andrews                    30(4)
Minor Radiah A Corn, Limmon Gino V, Miller-DeGraff Laura, Dixon Darlene,2010 Apr. Danica M K,the officialRandal J,ofduring r
                              Surgical                    Otolaryngologic clinics of Apr. America.
                                                                                2010 North
Fritze Danielle, Doherty Gerard M. management of cervical lymph nodes in differentiated thyroid cancer.      43(2)
                              Decreased selenium-binding proteinThomas Dafydd an Lin
                                                          Zhuwen, 1 in research : G, official journal of the American Associatio
                                                                                2010 adenocarcinoma results from posttranscript
Silvers Amy L, Lin Lin, Bass Adam J, Chen Guoan, Wang Clinical cancer esophagealApr 1. Jules, Giordano Thomas J, Orringer Ma
Goldstein Irwin.              My pet peeve.                                     2010 Apr.
                                                          The journal of sexual medicine.                    7(4 Pt 1)
                              Preclinical studies of apogossypolone, a novel pan inhibitor of bcl-2 and mcl-1, synergistically Faz
                                                          Pancreas.             2010 Apr.                    39(3)
Banerjee Sanjeev, Choi Minsig, Aboukameel Amro, Wang Zhiwei, Mohammad Mussop, Chen Jianyong, Yang Dajun, Sarkar pot
                              Neo-liberal economic practices and
                                                          Health economics, policy, and law.
                                                                                 health: a                   5(2)
Tracy Melissa, Kruk Margaret E, Harper Christine, Galea Sandro. population2010 Apr. cross-national analysis, 1980-2004.
                              Statins in                   of patients with aneurysmal                       12(2)
Kramer Andreas H, Fletcher Jeffrey J. the managementNeurocritical care. 2010 Apr.subarachnoid hemorrhage: a systematic
                              Gap junction protein Cx37 interacts with Foglia2010 Apr. Coombssynthase Roth Isabelle, cells.
                                                           Lin Xianming, endothelial nitric oxide Wanda,30(4)
                                                                                 Bernard,                     in
Pfenniger Anna, Derouette Jean-Paul, Verma Vandana, Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, and vascular biology.endothelialSatta Nat
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                                                                                2010 Apr.
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                                                          Alzheimer disease and mild cognitive impairment and Staffend disea
                                                                                 Heidebrink Judith L, Barbas Nancy,
Ryan Kelly A, Weldon Annie,Caregiver support service needs for patients with associated disorders. 24(2) Alzheimer Nanc
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