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November 23, 2007                                                 WWW.WHATSUPYUKON.COM

                                                                                                 The Growl of
                                                                               here is a new CD in
                                                                               Whitehorse and it has
                                                                               come for your chil-
                                                                              From the first notes of the
                                                                         new HammerHead self-titled
                                                                         album, the tone is set and
                                                                           it gets right up into your
                                                                            face. Crunchy harmonic
                                                                           guitar chords and slapping
                                                                          bass lines crawling around a
                                                                         heavy back beat. The sound is
                                                                         a bottom heavy brew: a sonic
                                                                         wall of hook-laden sound.
                                                                               Piercing this incredible
                                                                          barrage is the lone, pow-
                                                                          erfully raw vocals of Fiona
                                                                              To say Solon has vocal
                                                                         prowess is understating the
                                                                          fact. Ability to hit the right
                                                                         note at volume is difficult at
                                                                         the best of times. For those
                                                                          who have ever tried to sing
                                                                          Bohemian Rhapsody in the                  With Fiona Solon’s “powerfully raw vocals” and
                                                                         shower, this fact is self-evi-           Marc-André Hamelin’s guitar “played with an edge
                                                                         dent. Solon has pipes that              of psychedelic free form” and Ian March and Etienne
                                                                         would buff rusty iron to a
                                                                                                              Girard’s “polyrhythmic funk back beat”, HammerHead has
                                                                          high gloss.
                                                                               I especially like the vocal
                                                                                                               produced a debut CD that sounds like a first CD should.
                                                                          processing that brings out         manhandling his instrument. Lis-          expression.
                                                                          that edge in her voice. This       tening to a musician put his instru-         HammerHead is a straight
                                                                         balances the overall mix            ment through such contortions is a        ahead driving rock album at its
                                                                         and allows her voice to kick        pleasure.                                 core, recorded by individuals who
                                                                        through the guitars.                    Rather than hang back and let          allow a bit of growl and attitude
                                                                            The      track,    Moonwalk,     Hamelin steal the show, Ian March         into their music.
                                                                         sounds like an incredible           on drums and Etienne Girard on               These four musicians have great
                                                                             flashback to late 70’s arena     bass jump through hoops adding a          energy and a dynamic and innova-
                                                                              rock including showcase        polyrhythmic funk back beat that          tive twist on classic genres.
                                                                            breaks, solos, feedback          increases the forward momen-                 You need not go further than
                                                                             flourishes and false end-        tum.                                      this as an example of what a first
                                                                             ings. Very tasty.                  Now we come to the part of the         CD should sound like.
                                                                                                             review when I divert to the sub-             I hope it can maintain this level
                                                                                                                                                       of energy and musicianship. I see

                                                                                                                                                       great things from this group if it
                                                                                                                                                       continues to release albums like
           True Goldrush Atmosphere                                                                                                                    this one.
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                                                                                                                                                       eleven, hit play and begin to dance
                                                                     of the same, this time in a heavy           As my musical hero, Frank                Check      out    www.myspace.
            Phone: 867-667-2641 Fax: 867-668-7498                    funk blues vein. All the elements       Zappa once noted, “There is no            com/yukonhammerheads to hear
           110 Wood Street, Whitehorse Yukon Y1A 2E3                 are here: 12 bar blues, call and        such thing as a dirty word. Nor           some of their tunes and pick up
                                                                     response between the bass and           is there a word so powerful that          the CD at Triple Js and CD Plus.
                                                                     drums in the breaks all culminat-       it’s going to send the listener to
                                                                     ing in a classic blues ending as        the lake of fire upon hearing it.”           Bill Polonsky keeps on rockin’
                                                                     only a woman can sing it.               Thanks Frank, enough said.                   in the free world at www.
                                                                        Marc-André Hamelin plays gui-            I feel if you desire a safe listen-
                                                                     tar with an edge of psychedelic         ing environment, listen to Musak.
                                                                     free form that speaks of years          This band is about raw talent and