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					    An attempt to simplify design hints for presenters preparing computer aided presentations.

   *Don’t be afraid to fill the screen with 1 big image. Zooming one image to full frame
   during your presentation can deliver impact. Try doing it once per presentation.

   *No more than three sentences per paragraph.
   *Maximum of three consecutive paragraphs. Break with PIC, Graphic or interaction.
   *Three clicks away from a presentation onto the web will loose the audience.
   *To have listeners identify concepts or topics by listing, group them in three.
   *Break screen visually and horizontally into thirds. Intersection points are most
    appealing visually.

No more than five bar graphs or charts should be used in a presentation. Limit charts
to five comparisons or five fractions of the whole.

    Ideally only six objects per presentation.
    Ideally there should be no more than six bullets per slide.
    Limit six words to a bullet.
    Most adults do not internalize what they hear until it is heard six times.
    Let the audience know the structure of your presentation as one of these six
             1- Chronological 2- Spatial 3- Problem solving 4- Cause – effect 5- Question and answer
                                   6- Topical (anything other than the first five)

   Limit the number of main points in any presentation to seven or fewer.

The attention span of an adult is estimated to be about twenty minutes. Switch
between media sources, pacing, movement, location of delivery, method of delivery to
maintain interest.

Any valid design by numbers should provide a color key for the emotional impact that designers
                                    convey with color.

              RED                       Brutal, Dangerous, Hot, Stop!
              DARK BLUE                 Stable. Trustworthy, Calm
              LIGHT BLUE                Cool Refreshing
              GREY                      Integrity, neutral, mature
              PURPLE                    Regal, Mysterious
              GREEN                     Organic, Healthy, New life, Money
              ORANGE /YELLOW
                       YELLOW           Sunny, Bright, Warm
                                        Pure, Hopeful, Clean
              BLACK                     Serious, Heavy, Profitable, Death

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