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									e2v defense product overview

e2v has over 60 years heritage in the design, engineering and manufacture of specialized
high-reliability components and sub-systems supplied globally to industry leading OEMs for
aerospace and defense systems requirements.

e2v components and sub-systems are used by the US Army, US Navy, USAF, US Coast Guard,
Missile Defense Agency and National Security Agency on programs and platforms that include:
F-15, F-16, F-18, F-35 JSF, E-2C Hawkeye, MH-60R Seahawk, OH-58D Kiowa, Airborne Laser,
AN/ALE-55 Tow Decoy, MSTAR, AN/APG-79 AESA , Falcon II & CSEL Radios, SMART-T and
Patriot PAC-3.

e2v’s key technologies and solutions address:

Electronic warfare and radar
RF and microwave sources (TWTs, magnetrons, thyratrons),
high power microwave R&D capabilities, solid state               e2v Quick Facts Box
modulators, microwave power modules, and microwave
components including circulators, isolators, mixers,             > Founded: 1947
receiver protectors and low noise front ends. High-speed
analog to digital broadband data converters, hi-reliability
                                                                 > Employees: 1,700
microprocessors, and legacy end-of-life integrated circuits.     > Number of Engineers/Scientists: 700
Guided weapons                                                   > US corporate office in Tarrytown, NY.
Seeker technologies, hi-rel microprocessors and integrated        US manufacturing in Santa Clara, CA.
circuits for new design and obsolescence mitigation, microwave    with 6 global production facilities
components and sub-systems for missile guidance, electronic
safety and arming units and rocket motor ignition sub-systems
                                                                 > 4 divisions: Electron Devices &
to enable insensitive munitions (IM) compliance.
                                                                   Sub-Systems, Imaging, Specialist
                                                                   Semiconductors and Sensors
Aerospace (incl. UAVs)                                           > Industries served: Medical & science,
High-speed analog to digital broadband data converters, hi-rel    aerospace & defense and commercial
microprocessors and integrated circuits for new design and        & industrial markets
obsolescence mitigation, imaging devices and systems for
satellite and ground surveillance.                               > Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, ISO/TS
                                                                   16949:2002, AS9100, ISO 14001:2004,
Satellite communications                                           Mil-PRF-38535 custom microcircuit
Standard and custom range of light and compact satellite           certification, class Q and V
amplifier systems across major frequency bands and
broadband data converters.

Homeland security
Submillimeter wave sources for terahertz screening systems,
microwave sources (magnetrons) and modulators (thyratron
and solid state) for cargo screening, thermal imaging cameras,
EMCCD (L3Vision™) low light cameras and gas sensors for
environmental security.

Our major defense partners include BAE, Ball Aerospace, Boeing, General Dynamics, Honeywell,
ITT, L-3 Communications, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Rockwell Collins,
Teledyne and Telephonics.

For specialized components and
sub-systems, e2v is your partner
for a total solution

                                                                       High-rel integrated
                                       Microwave Power                 circuits for military and
                                       Modules (MPMs) for radar        aerospace
                                       and electronic warfare

                                                                                                             microwave generation
CCD & CMOS imaging devices,
including: EMCCD (L3Vision™)
for earth and space surveillance,
star tracking, target acquisition
and detection

                                                                                           Portable high-power
                                                                                           satcom amplifiers

Safety and arming units for missile                                                                              TWTs for radar
control and microwave devices                                                                                    and decoy systems
for radar systems

                    High-rel specialty semiconductors
                    including: microprocessors, magneto-
                    resistive RAMs (MRAMs), broadband
                    data converters, assembly and test                                                     Argus thermal
                    services and Excellence in Obsolescence                                                imaging for fire,
                    Mitigation™ program                                                                    rescue and security

Megan Sage                            Danielle McCarthy           e2v                                  T 914 592 6050 or
VP Business                           Director Strategic Sales    520 White Plains Road                T 800 342 5338
Development Defense                   danielle.mccarthy@e2v.com   Suite 450                            F 914 592 5148
megan.sage@e2v.com                    T 914 593 6811              Tarrytown NY 10591
T 914 356 3511                                                    USA

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