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									 Issue 6                                                                                                                                                    October 2008

                                                                                                        Meeting of the Giants                                                 Page 3

                                                                                                        WALDRICH COBURG Gantry-Type-Milling Machines are
                                                                                                        used to machine the large components of the world’s
                                                                                                        most powerful diesel engines.

                                                                                                        PowerTec HB in Operation                                              Page 4
                                                                                                        During an in-house exhibition at company G.M.W. Prä-
                                                                                                        zisions GmbH & Co. KG, the new horizontal boring ma-
                                                                                                        chine system PowerTec HB was presented to a large and
by WALDRICH COBURG                                                                                      expert public.

                                       Successful family enterprise entrusts WALDRICH COBURG

                  Leipert Maschinenbau is investing
L   eipert Maschinenbau GmbH is in-
    vesting in another WALDRICH
COBURG machine. This is a good
                                       Why did you decide on a WALD-
                                       RICH COBURG machine in 1994,
                                       although you were maintaining
occasion to ask them for the reasons   business relationships with other
and the experiences they have had.     suppliers?

Mrs. Scheidel: In 2006, your com-      In 1991, when we purchased the
pany celebrated its 50th anniver-      first gantry milling machine, we
sary. Can you tell us something        made our first experiences. Being
about the beginnings?                  satisfied with the results, we or-
                                       dered a sister machine.
In 1956, my father, Albert Leipert,
founded a turning shop in some         The former supplier, who went
empty rooms on a farm. His first       bankrupt, was not able to com-
employees were my mother and I,        plete the machine, so I contacted
who was only 11 years old at that      WALDRICH COBURG again. By
time. In 1962, my husband, Ro-         chance, they had a gantry milling
land Scheidel, joined the company      machine PowerTec 5000 for sale -         Third manager generation of Leipert Maschinenbau: Mr. & Mrs. van de Ven
where we both have been manag-         all components ready, packed and
ing directors since 1973.              stored. It was great fortune that the
                                       machine fitted closely on the exist-    the first PowerTec 5000 AG Gan-      our customers’ new requirements         Mr. van de Ven, in 2006 there
Mr. Scheidel, how did it continue?     ing foundation and that the first       try we reached new dimensions.       - we did not ignore them, but we        was one of the biggest investment
                                       WALDRICH COBURG gantry                  For the first time, roughing of      met them.                               projects at Leipert. The PowerTec
With the first CNC boring ma-          could start up production after 5       large and heavy workpieces with                                              7000 AG with floorplate and in-
chine (in 1975) a new era started.     months only.                            big stock allowances and then fin-   Consequently, a bigger WALD-            tegrated turntable of diameter
Further CNC machines followed as                                               ishing with the highest geometri-    RICH COBURG machine had                 6000 mm, prepared for adding
well as larger workshops. We slowly    With the PowerTec 5000, also            cal accuracies was possible on the   to be purchased. The PowerTec           a second portal to the bedways
closed down our turning and mill-      your customer profile has sub-          same machine. This was an abso-      6500 having an X-axis travel 20         later. What was the reason to de-
ing shop as we did good business       stantially changed.                     lutely new experience.               m, equipped with an S2 boring           cide on this configuration?
with the machining of large and                                                                                     and milling head (drive power 105
complex workpieces. I guess, our       Yes, that’s right. Before that time,    We very soon identified the market   kW, Z-axis travel 2500 mm). Fur-        The ongoing boom in the energy
first contact with WALDRICH            our customers were companies lo-        trend towards more complex work-     ther WALDRICH COBURG ma-                sector, in the machine tool indus-
COBURG was in 1990 and since           cated close to us, coming from          pieces like press columns, press     chines followed: in 2000, another       try, as well as in the plant engi-
that time ‘complete machining          the general machine-tool indus-         head ends, machine beds for re-      gantry milling machine PowerTec         neering industry is driving us to
with portal milling machines’ has      try, printing industry and equip-       volving transfer machines or gear-   5000 AG, and in 2003 a turning          new investments. Leipert has to
been our only business.                ment-engineering industry. With         box housings. We were open to        machine PowerTurn AS. Revert-           keep pace with the dynamics of
                                                                                                                    ing to your question regarding our      the global markets. An increas-
                                                                                                                    customer profile: these investments     ing customer demand can only
                                                                                                                    have changed it indeed, from re-        be met by further investments.
                                                                                                                    gional companies to worldwide-          For the time being it is not pos-
                                                                                                                    operating companies. Larger orders      sible to extend the existing work-
                                                                                                                    require a change of internal proc-      shop, therefore we have planned
                                                                                                                    esses as well as an efficient project   to extend the capacities of the
                                                                                                                    management, along with produc-          machine which is presently be-
                                                                                                                    tion documentation.                     ing assembled by a second portal:
                                                                                                                                                            There will be one portal working
                                                                                                                    Mrs. van de Ven, you have been          in the area of the turntable while
                                                                                                                    a member of the board since             the other portal is working in the
                                                                                                                    2003. With you and your hus-            area of the floorplate. This opti-
                                                                                                                    band, Jeroen van de Ven, a gen-         mum configuration permits dou-
                                                                                                                    eration change has taken place          ble use of the ocupied area. Fur-
                                                                                                                    at Leipert.                             ther considerable savings can be
                                                                                                                                                            achieved by the common use of
                                                                                                                    In fact, one can say that I grew up     the chip conveyors, coolant sys-
                                                                                                                    in the company, so it was obvious       tem, tool changer and spindle-
                                                                                                                    to chose a profession in the field of   unit serving system.
                                                                                                                    economics, always with the ambi-
                                                                                                                    tion to work in the family business.    By the way, we have already re-
                                                                                                                    The change of generations - planned     ceived the first order for our new
                                                                                                                    by my parents - went smoothly. We       gantry. The workpiece to be ma-
                                                                                                                    have managed the transition period      chined has a weight of 200 tons and
                                                                                                                    very well and have made some re-        a length of 38 m. It is apparent that
                                                                                                                    organizations. We are continuously      we made the right decision.
 The new WALDRICH COBURG machine will start up production in October.                                               improving our processes and are op-
                                                                                                                    timistic about our future.              continued on page 2>>>
NEWS by                                                                                                                                                                                               Page 2

                             EDITORIAL                                                                                                     Investments
                                       WALDRICH COBURG
                                       keeps on growing                                                   New Shop Building
                              At nearly 180 million EUROS our
                              2006 target order income was ex-
                              ceeded by 2.5 times - We achieved
                                                                                         W       ALDRICH COBURG extend
                                                                                                 their assembly and storage ca-
                              a further increase in 2007 to 250
                              million Euros and, this year to-                           On August 14, after 3 ½ months con-
                              date, has already exceeded the                             struction time, a new shop building
                              record high of 2007. There is no                           was officially inaugurated in the pres-
 change in sight and the energy sectors in Europe, Asia and                              ence of representatives of the local pol-
 America show high investment requirements. This sensa-                                  itics, the construction companies as
 tional order inf low will generate an order backlog, ensuring                           well as the management and staff of
 full employment for more than 3 years.                                                  WALDRICH COBURG. The high
                                                                                         order volume and consequently the
 In order to deal with the increasing delivery times, we will                            need for more capacity made this ex-
 realize a turnover of twice the figures of 2006. Three se-                              tension necessary.                            WALDRICH COBURG management, representatives of Coburg and
 quential years with growth rates of more than 30% are a big                                                                           construction companies, Otto Waldrich (former owner, 2nd from right)
 challenge and we are proud to have people achieving these                               The new shop building has the fol-
 high goals.                                                                             lowing dimensions:
                                                                                         • Area               1550 m²
 The number of employees has increased by 65 to 688 and                                  • Length                50 m
 we are glad to welcome 20 new apprentices who have started                              • Width                 31 m
 their career at WALDR ICH COBURG in different fields of                                 • Height       approx. 15.5 m
                                                                                         This building project, representing
 We took advantage of the good business situation and have                               an investment of 1.75 Mio. Euros,
 significantly increased our investment volume in 2008. The                              was exclusively carried out by local
 extension of our assembly area by 1550 m² has been com-                                 companies. Further substantial in-
 pleted and the procurement of a jig boring machine as well                              vestments will follow and show that
 as further machine tools will help to increase our produc-                              WALDRICH COBURG is strength-
 tion capacity. Additional new projects are running in the in-                           ening their Coburg facility.
 frastructure area.                                                                                                                    The new building was inaugurated on August 14.
                                                                                         by Sven Grosch
 We have a strong market position and are a competent part-
 ner developing new technologies for all kinds of applications.
 The orders for retrofits and modernizations on a high-qual-
 ity level has increased, despite the high order volume of new
                                                                                                                                     Professional Training

                                                                                                     20 New Apprentices
 machines. The next project on our list will be the strategic
 development of our service activities.

 The future of WALDR ICH COBURG is optimistic and we
 are looking forward to continued successful cooperation with
 our customers.                                                                          O    n September 1, 2008, twenty
                                                                                              young people started their
                                                                                         apprenticeship at WALDRICH
                                                                                                                                      10 industrial mechanics, 3 elec-
                                                                                                                                      tronic technicians, 3 cutting
                                                                                                                                      mechanics, 2 draughtsmen as
                                                                                                                                                                           tices have started their career at
                                                                                                                                                                           WALDRICH COBURG.

 Enjoy reading this newsletter!                                                          COBURG.                                      well as 2 administrative appren-     by Klaus Damaschke

 Hubert Becker

                HUMAN RESOURCES
Since the last issue, we expanded our personnel by 65 employees to                        Trainers and management welcome the new apprentices.
688 people.

At present, we have a total of 54 apprentices. This corresponds to rate
of 8 % of the whole staff and exceeds the average rate in Germany.
                                                                                                                      Leipert Maschinenbau is investing
                                                                                         >>> continued from page 1                    At the time of order, we take care   as a 24-hour service guarantee.
                           IMPRESSUM                                                     This investment in our Kraich-
                                                                                                                                      that the new machine is designed
                                                                                                                                      with identical motors and drives
                                                                                                                                                                           Regular maintenance reduces
                                                                                                                                                                           the stress in production and
                                                                                         tal location will secure the jobs of         - or even better - having milling    avoids conf licts with the cus-
News by WALDRICH COBURG                                                                  our longstanding employees and               and boring units with identical      tomer. Annual geometrical in-
                                                                                         shows that Leipert is well positi-           interfaces.                          spections reduce the rework, re-
Issue:        No. 06, 10/2008                                                            oned for the future.                                                              sulting in higher efficiency. Due
Publisher:    Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik WALDRICH COBURG GmbH                                                                            The fast error analysis through      to our highly qualified personnel
              Telephone +49 9561 65-0 · Fax +49 9561 60500 ·      Mr. Ott (production manager),                INDIS (INteractive DIagnos-          and sufficient spare parts avail-
Editor:       Hubert Becker (                           you have played an important                 tics System) enables an exact er-    ability of important electrical
Coordination: Sven Grosch (                               role in this story of success.               ror detection by the operator.       components and drive motors,
Production: WALDRICH COBURG                                                              Quality and availability are                 WALDRICH COBURG‘s tel-               our machines have an average
Print run:    3500 german and 2000 english copies                                        the pre-condition for a smooth               eservice provides immediate          availability of approx. 98%.
Info:         The current issue of „News“ can also be downloaded from the internet at:   production. How do you man-                  access to the control system.
                                                         age to achieve a constantly high             WALDRICH COBURG offers               Interview dated 21.08.08
                                                                                         availability?                                excellent stand-by times as well     by Willi Grolmus
NEWS by                                                                                                                                      Page 3

                                     Gantry-Type Milling Machines in the Diesel Engine Industry

                                             Meeting of the Giants
H   uge WALDRICH COBURG gantry-type milling machines are
    used to machine the large components of the world’s most
powerful diesel engines driving the giants of the oceans.

Globalisation sets new stand-       Equipment And Machine Re-
ards in the design of super-con-    quirements
tainer ships and super-tankers
(length 415 m, width 65 m,          The machine is designed for
draught 15.5 m to 35 m - pic-       the complete machining of the
ture 1). These giant ships are      workpieces.
being equipped with new pow-
erful main engines (80.000 kW       The milling power is 105 kW,
= 110.000 hp) in order to ensure    with a torque of 10.000 Nm.
the transport of enormous car-      For machining a wide range of
gos in a faster, more economical    engine types, the machine is
and more environment-friendly       equipped with 10 to 12 attach-        Picture 1: Super-Container-Ship of class A1                Photo: Hero Lang/ddp
way over the oceans. Even big-      ments which can be automati-
ger tankers and engines are al-     cally changed and can have an
ready being designed.               automatic tool changer hav-          Currently 25 gantry-type mill-
                                    ing a capacity of 200 to 400         ing machine of the PowerTec
In general, a slower-running        tools with max. weight up to         series are on order. 11 of them
two-cylinder engine consists of     150 kg.                              will be used for the two-cylin-
three main components: base                                              der heavy engine production.
plate (picture 2), column (pic-     The high level of automation
ture 3) and cylinder block (pic-    ensures that one operator can        When         purchasing         a
ture 4), which are machined         operate the machine alone in         WALDR ICH COBURG ma-
seperately.                         automatic mode. Observation          chine, our customers trust in
                                    cameras, controlled via moni-        our innovative products, tech-
The biggest component is            tor in the operating panel, show     nological competence and long-
the column; for a 14-cylinder       the machining area.                  term reliability of their invest-
block, it is 24 m long, 5.5 m                                            ment.
wide and 5 m high. The com-         All linear guideways are hydro-                                          Picture 2: Base plate   Picture 3: Column
pletely assembled engine weighs     static, which guarantees high-       by Peter Schneyer
approximately 2300 tons, has        est cutting performance and ul-
the height of a five-story apart-   tra-smooth surfaces (Ra < 0.4,
ment house (15 m) and a quar-       roughness 3 microns) during
ter of the length of a soccer       finish machining.
field (25 m).
The machining of such large
workpieces requires huge ma-        Base plate and column of the
chines having the following ca-     motor block are welded parts.
pacities.                           High rigidity of machine, ram
                                    and attachments is required to
Machine Specification               machine the guiding surfaces
                                    of the cross head. These guid-
Overall dimensions 42 m x 20        ing surfaces have a width of
m x 15 m (L x W x H - pic-          270 mm and are finish-milled
ture 5). The portal of a gantry-    in one cut by means of a mill-
type machine moves in longitu-      ing cutter of dia. 400 mm, the
dinal direction over the work-      stock allowance being 0.05
piece clamped on the f loorplate.   mm. The vertical stroke of the        Picture 4: Cylinder block                                  Photo: MAN Diesel SE
This longitudinal travel length     WALDRICH COBURG ram of
is variable and can be extended,    type S20 is 3500 m and the ad-
if necessary. The machining         ditional special attachment has
range is 30 m x 7.5 m x 8 m (L      a length of 1850 mm.
x W x H), the total weight of
the machine is 800 tons.            In order to ensure machin-
                                    ing over the entire height of
Foundation And Workpiece            5200mm, ram and crossrail
Weight                              move simultaneously in verti-
                                    cal direction (Z- and W-axis -
To ensure the accuracy of all       picture 5).
axes and the proper function of
the guideway systems, the foun-     On the crossrail - 14.5 m long,
dation has an essential impor-      weight 80 tons -, the milling
tance for the machine. The per-     head of type S20 (weight 30
missible def lection of the mov-    tons) travels in transverse direc-
ing load in longitudinal and        tion (Y-axis). The guideways on
cross direction must not exceed     the crossrail are provided with a
0,005 mm/m for a machine por-       compensation curve ensuring a
tal with 330 tons. The biggest      straightness of < 0.055 mm over
workpieces weigh 600 tons and       7 m milling head motion in re-
more. The foundation thick-         lation to the f loorplate.
ness ranges between 5 and 7
m, depending on the local soil      WALDRICH COBURG Gan-
conditions. As a general guide-     try-type milling machines are
line, the weight of reinforced      an outstanding product of the
concrete used for the founda-       German machine-tool industry
tion is 8 to 10 times the ma-       and are the result know-how           Picture 5: Gantry-Type Milling Machine with engine part.
chine weight.                       and experience over decades.
 NEWS by                                                                                                                                                                   Page 4

                 EMO, METAV & Co.                                                                    In-House Exhibition at G.M.W.

            Trade Fairs                                                  PowerTec HB in Operation
T    rade fairs at home and abroad
     are an important platform for
                                     Chicago and will participate in
                                     the BIMU in Milan.                  D     uring an in-house exhibition
                                                                               at company G.M.W. Präzi-
                                                                         sions GmbH & Co. KG, the new
                                                                                                               tion in the facilities of Burg. The
                                                                                                               machine system consists of two
                                                                                                               floor-boring machines and was
                                                                                                                                                     Nearly 250 visitors got the chance
                                                                                                                                                     to see this powerful machining sys-
                                                                                                                                                     tem. In the party pavilion the audi-
their innovative products to ex-     In 2009, we will exhibit at the     horizontal boring machine system      put into operation by Norbert and     ence was also informed of the next
pert public.                         CIMT in Beijing and at the          PowerTec HB was presented to a        Erich Brinkmann (Managing Di-         investment of company G.M.W. .
                                     EMO in Milan. For further in-       large and expert audience.(>> is-     rectors of G.M.W.) and Hubert         Peter Schneyer, Applications Man-
A lively year of trade fairs has     formation about our trade fair      sue 2/06).                            Becker (CEO of WALDRICH               ager of WALDRICH COBURG,
started in 2008 with the METAV       schedule, please refer to our in-                                         COBURG). The main character-          presented the portal milling ma-
in Düsseldorf, followed by the       ternet site:                        On June 11, 2008, WALDRICH            istics of the PowerTec HB are the     chine PowerTec 6500 AT-M2 re-
Metalloobrabotka in Moscow.              COBURG‘s latest development           hydrostatic bearings of the mill-     cently ordered by G.M.W.
In September resp. October we                                            was presented under production        ing and boring spindle and linear
were represented at the IMTS in      by Sven Grosch                      conditions at the in-house exhibi-    guideways.                            by Sven Grosch

 Exhibition booth at the METAV.
                                                                          Impressing machine system: 2 PowerTec 180 HB horizontal boring machines.

                     Dr. Kapp Award

 Award for Volun-
 tary Social Work
T   he Dr. Kapp Award supports voluntary social work, and two
    WALDRICH COBURG apprentices were among the honourees.

The Dr. Kapp Award honours the       Hubert Becker and their train-
social work of apprentices. The      ers, Mr. Damaschke and Mr.
award is endowed with 10.000 €       Henze, attended the ceremony
and is split among 41 honourees.     and showed by their presence
Wolfgang Reß and Tobias Siegel       that the social involvement of
were honoured for their work         WALDRICH COBURG appren-
with the Boy Scout Confedera-        tices is greatly appreciated.
tion ‘Weltenbummler’ and with
the volunteer fire brigade.          by Klaus Damaschke                   Almost 250 visitors attending the in-house exhibition at G.M.W.

                                                                                                           Change of Legal Status

                                                                                   New Company Name
                                                                         T   he change of the legal sta-
                                                                             tus facilitates the inter-
                                                                         nal processes of WALDRICH
                                                                                                               Coburg GmbH & Co. KG has been
                                                                                                               changed to Werkzeugmaschinen-
                                                                                                               fabrik WALDRICH COBURG
                                                                                                                                                     are no changes in the existing con-
                                                                                                                                                     tracts. Our VAT ID number will
                                                                                                                                                     remain the same. Regarding our
                                                                         COBURG.                               GmbH.                                 new tax and commercial-register
                                                                                                                                                     numbers, please refer to our web-
                                                                         With registration in the Commer-      The company with the new legal        site. Our customers are kindly re-
                                                                         cial Register of Coburg as per July   form assumes all rights and duties    quested to use the new company
 Congratulating the honourees (from left):                               2, 2008, the legal status of our      of the contractual relationships of   name from now on.
 H. Becker, K. Damaschke, T. Siegel, W. Reß, M. Henze                    former company name Werkzeug-         the company with the former le-
                                                                         maschinenfabrik Adolf Waldrich        gal form, which means that there      by Uwe Herold

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