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Psytech’s Personality and Ability Tests
Psytech SA is the sole distributor for Psytech International’s assessment instruments in South Africa.
Their tests and questionnaires are psychological instruments. All tests are classified by the Health
Professions Council of South Africa. TSM utilises these tests in order to empower organisations in making
effective human resource decisions.

15FQ+ Personality Questionnaire

The 15 Factor Questionnaire Plus provides an in-depth assessment of the full sphere of personality. This
instrument provides insight into how people typically think, feel and interact in ways that may be
productive or counter-productive for an organisation. Furthermore, it assesses a person’s strengths and
development needs and is a powerful tool enabling managers to select the most suitable person for key
positions in organisations.

What the 15FQ+ measures
Subordinate Style
  The range of styles a person is most likely to adopt. This may be of relevance to a variety of situations where a
  particular management style is already in place. E.g., tends to respond in a self-reliant manner.

  Leadership Style
  The range of styles a person is most likely to adopt. This may be of relevance to a variety of situations where there is
  a requirement to manage others. E.g. likely to act in a directive style.
                     Career Theme
                        Based on the work of Holland, these themes provide a match between a person’s personality
                        profile and those of the broad occupational groups listed: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social,
                        Enterprising and Conventional.
                                                                             Team Roles
                                        Coping Style
                                                                                The Team Roles describe how a person is
                                          Describes a person’s preferred
                                                                                likely to interact with colleagues in a team
                                          style and level of energies
                                                                                situation. E.g. likely to adopt a co-ordinator
                                          when coping with difficulties.
                                          E.g. becomes anxious or
                                          remains calm.                          Interpersonal Style
                                          Influencing Style                      Describes a person’s typical style when
                                          The range of styles a person is        interacting with other people. E.g.
                                          most likely to adopt. This may be      extraversion vs. introversion.
                                          relevant to a variety of situations     Thinking Style
                                          where there is a requirement to         Reveals the typical thinking style when
                                          influence others or sell a product,     managing certain situations and
                                          service or idea. E.g. likely to adopt   experiences. E.g. likely to see matters in a
                                          a rapport creator style.                traditional vs. unconventional way.
The General Reasoning Test is used to measure general reasoning. The test consists of three sections
namely Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning Ability. As mental ability has been consistently found
to be the best single predictor of job performance, the GRT2 is an essential tool for cost-effective
selection and assessment across a wide range of roles. The test is also useful for identifying individuals
who are likely to benefit from further training and development, as well as those who demonstrate
promotion potential.

TSM Consulting can help you measure personality and general reasoning ability in your organisation
with the above mentioned instruments.

                    Assessment                                                Price
 Administration cost for a test battery for up to                             R550
                   10 candidates
            15FQ with extended report                                  R780 per candidate
                       GRT2                                            R357 per candidate

Leadership Secrets
                            We revealed the first five of the seven secrets of
                            leadership by Michael Heath. This month we will share
                            the next two valuable secrets as practical aspects of
                            leadership in organisations.

• Get wise to the politics
• Influence: open an account today!
• Give to gain when you network
• Negotiate so everyone wins
• Listen to learn
• Prepare to present
• Write as you lead
    •   Build an empowered team

    •   Stretch that team!

    •   Upset your team’s thinking

    •   Mentor your leaders-in-waiting

    •   Trust the virtual team

    •   Inject life into your teleconference

Workshop dates for August
All our workshops are designed to combine the principles of behavioural change and practical learning
exercises. We also design customised workshops for clients that align with the strategic objectives and
competencies of their specific organisation.
DATE                          TOPIC                                PRICE PER PERSON

3-5 August                    Basic Supply Chain Management                    R4 200

                              Providing Feedback on Assessment                 R1 200
6 August

10 August                     Professional Telephone Etiquette                     R 750

11 August                     Business Writing Skills                              R 750

                              Legendary Client Service and
12 August                                                                      R1 000
                              Interpersonal Communication

17 August                     Basic Business Finance                           R1 400

18 August                     Time Management                                  R 750

19-20 August                  Coaching for Leaders and Managers                R2 400

24-26 August                  Emotional Intelligence                           R4 500

30-31 August                  Problem Solving Skills                           R2 400

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