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£ 1999


									Sell your products online today!
•	 Customisable	design	to	reflect	your		
   company	profile	and	specifications
•	 Professional	interface
•	 Cross-browser	support	(can	be	viewed	
   on	various	platforms)
•	 Secure	payment	options	from	a	range	
   of	processing	agents	such	as	PayPal,	
   SecPay,	ChronoPay,	NOCHEX,	RBS	
   WorldPay	...	plus	many	more
•	 Integrated	Shopping	Cart
•	 Customer	information	database
                                                                                                                              Package	price
                                                                                                                                           £   1999
Optional	modules	include:                                                                                                     		Our	team	will	add	20	of	your	own	
                                                           Sample store front                                                 products	to	the	store	as	part	of	the	
•	 Abiility	to	bulk-send	newsletters	and	emails
•	 Social	Bookmarks:	allow	your	customers	to			      			If	you	have	an	existing	web	hosting	package,	our	team	will	install	                                        	
                                                                                                                              	 	 We	 also	 provide	 the	 following	
   advertise	products	through	social	networks        your	customised	eCommerce	site	for	you	(temporary	access	will	be	
                                                     needed	for	this).	The	only	requirements	are	that	you	have	enough	
•	 Customer	reviews	section                          space	and	a	MySQL	database;	we	can	advise	on	setting	this	up	if	
                                                                                                                              		2	hour	training	session	
•	 Additional	currencies	(GBP	Sterling	is	default)   you	do	not	have	one.
•	 Additional	languages	(UK	English	is	default)
•	 Notify	customers	about	changes	to	products
                                                     	 	 You	 may	 also	 like	 to	 consider	 our	 eCommerce	 Web	
                                                                                                                              on	 how	 to	 maintain	 and	
                                                                                                                              update	your	store.          £   50
                                                     Hosting	package:                                                           Let us maintain your
•	 Specials	and	new	products	sections                                                                                         store:	we	will	add	or	edit	
                                                                       eCommerce Hosting
•	 Cross-sell	support:	advertise	related	products                                                                             products	on	your	behalf.	 	
                                                       	domain	name	(i.e.
                                                                                                                              Price	is	for	5	products.
                                                            l	up	to	20	email	addresses	(i.e.

                                                             l	150Mb	MySQL	database                                           	 	Additional	 design	 work	

                                                                                                      100                                                      30
                                                              l	Unlimited	bandwidth                                           (such	 as	 site	 alteration).	
                                                                   l	2Gb	web	space
                                                                                                 £                            Price	is	per	hour	of	work. £
                                                                                                 per	year

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