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					Protein Supplement Powder FAQs

 1. Vegetarians sometimes have trouble            5. For sportspeople, should this product          food and drinks when added. (Note: vanilla
 getting enough Protein and the right type        be used every day, or just on those days          flavour is added in a small quantity).
 of protein, how much Protein Powder              when they are doing their sport?
 should a Vegetarian include in his/her           A: The sports person needs the same about         13. Why doesn’t Protein Supplement
 daily diet?                                      of protein as the healthy body person.            Powder have a flavour?
 A: The average healthy person is                 However on days of training and competition,      A: So that it is optimally versatile... meaning it
 encouraged to ingest about one gram of           they are encouraged to attempt to ingest          can be added into most foods and not
 protein per kg body weight. At about 5 grams     around 1.25 to 1.5 grams per kilo of body         change their flavour.
 of protein per serving, the Protein Powder       weight.
 provides an easy way to assist a vegetarian                                                        14. I’m lactose intolerant, can I use this
 in obtaining the required amount of daily        6. Can I add Protein Supplement Powder            product?
 protein.                                         to hot drinks made with boiling water,            A: Lactose is the sugar from milk. Protein
                                                  such as a soup mix?                               Powder is protein and therefore contains no
 2. Can this product be used by Vegans?           A: Both the Soup mix and Protein Powder           lactose.
 A: No, this product contains Whey protein,       can be added to hot water. Avoid boiling
 which is from a dairy source.                    water, it is not only harmful to the mouth but    15. Is this product Kosher?
                                                  could possibly decrease nutrient density in       A: It is the same formula as the U.S., which is
 3. I’m already using a protein-based shake       the products.                                     certified as Kosher by Rabbi Tesler.
 drink, why should I add more protein?
 A: For health maintenance, the body needs        7. Can I add Protein Supplement Powder            16. Can I continue to use all of the other
 one gram of protein for each kilo of body        to hot or cold food?                              Herbalife products whilst using the
 weight. Protein is essential for every cell in   A: Yes, it mixes easily, and does not add         Protein Supplement Powder?
 the body. People trying to lose excess fat       flavour.                                          A: Yes
 often cut back on protein in their attempt to
 reduce caloric intake. When there is not         8. If I’m in a hurry, can I add Protein           17. Does the powder have any GMO
 enough protein available to the body for         Supplement Powder to water?                       content?
 important repair and maintenance, it is taken    A: Yes you can mix it with any beverage.          A: No.
 from the muscles, which in effect slows the      Bear in mind that when this product is added
 progress of a diet because our muscles are       to a shake or food, it can help to satisfy the    18. Does this product have any
 our 'fat furnaces'.                              desire to snack, which is great for people        contraindication?
 To demonstrate protein needs, if you weight      who are trying to lose weight.                    A: Only if you have a medical condition
 80 kilos, you need 80 grams each day:                                                              where you must limit protein intake. Then you
 Two shakes a day provide 35 grams of             9. What is the maximum amount of                  would have to adjust all protein intake
 protein.                                         Protein Supplement Powder a dieter can            throughout the day.
 If one adds in a scoop of Protein Powder to      take in one day?
 their NPDM Shakes, then they would obtain        A: We recommend 18 grams (three servings          19. Who can consume Protein
 about 45 grams of protein and then can           providing 15 grams of protein) a day, but your    Supplement Powder? (Children, adults,
 supplement their daily intake by eating          overall daily intake depends on your body         disabled people).
 protein foods, such as chicken breast, lean      weight; your body needs one gram of protein       A: Any one seeking to increase their protein
 meat, fish, etc. during their main meal.         for each kilogram of bodyweight.                  intake with pure protein.
 As the body loses weight, the objective is to
 maintain muscle mass. It is essential to make    10. Is Protein Supplement Powder suitable         20. What are the nutritional benefits
 sure that adequate daily protein it eaten to     for vegetarians?                                  associated with using the product?
 assist the body in maintaining the muscle it     A: Yes it is suitable; it contains soy and whey   A: High quality protein... essential for most
 has.                                             protein.                                          bodily functions and to assist in maintaining
                                                                                                    muscle mass.
 4. I’m a body builder, how much should I         11. How many servings are there in a
 use daily if I want to improve my muscle         canister?                                         #0242
 bulk?                                            A: 40 x 6 gram servings                           Protein Supplement Powder
 A: For a body builder to add muscle mass,                                                          R148.00* VP17.95
 combined with careful over-load training,        12. Does Protein Supplement Powder                Excludes packaging/handling/freight/vat
 extra protein is needed. The protein             have a flavour?
 recommendation is between 1.5 to 2.0 grams       A: No, this product has no appreciable            South Africa/ Botswana/Lesotho/
                                                                                                    Namibia/Swaziland               050203mb
 per kilo of body weight.                         flavour, neither does it add flavour to other