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									Hurricane Katrina Resources

In a joint statement, the Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama Bankers Associations called on the
nation's banks, bank employees and customers to aid in relief efforts along the Gulf Coast. On
behalf of the three associations, ABA provides their joint statement in its entirety:

"The magnitude of the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and in
New Orleans, south Louisiana and coastal Alabama is hard to comprehend. Although the
damage is limited to the Gulf Coast, its impact has national consequences. The images we've
seen on television are heart-breaking. The relief effort underway in the storm-affected areas is the
largest our nation has ever experienced, and is the largest ever undertaken by the Am erican Red
Cross. The Red Cross has mobilized in an historic fashion and is on the front line coordinating the
relief effort. The organization needs the support of banks, bankers and bank customers across
the country. To contribute to the American Red Cross, please call 1-800-HE LP-NOW, visit the
Red Cross online or call your local American Red Cross office. Thank you for your expressions
of prayer and support."


BATON ROUGE, La. - A national toll-free number is available for families whose loved ones may
have perished during Hurricane Katrina. Concerned relatives, who are unable to find a missing
loved one and fear the worst, should call the Find Family National Call Center at 1-866-326-9393.
This is the nationwide collection point and official coordination center for information on persons
missing from the storm. Family members can phone this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Disaster officials want to remind callers that this number is specifically for those concerned that a
loved one may be deceased.

Callers will be asked a series of questions that are solely for the purpose of identifying and
reuniting family members. The center r espects the privacy of individuals and will treat the
information with the utmost care and confidentiality.

The Find Family National Call Center is a joint effort between the State of Louisiana and the
Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The
center includes specialty staff members from the state, mental health professions, and FEMA's
National Disaster Medical System and Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team branches.

FEMA prepares the nation for all hazards and manages federal response and recovery efforts
following any national incident. FEMA also initiates mitigation activities, trains first responders,
works with state and local emergency managers, and manages the National Flood Insurance
Program and the U.S. Fire Administration. FEMA became part of the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security on March 1, 2003.

Alabama Emergency Management Agency
>> Filed A Flood Insurance Claim? Find Out What To Do Next

>> Agencies Publish BSA FAQs Re Katrina
The federal bank, thrift and credit union regulatory agencies and FinCE N have issued responses
to questions frequently asked by financial institutions regarding the application of Customer
Identification Program rule and other Bank Secrecy Act obligations in providing services to victims
of Hurricane Katrina. The guidance emphasizes that under the CIP rule banks have a reasonable
time to verify identity and what is reasonable will be interpreted taking into account the special
circumstances presented by the impact of Katrina on banks and prospective customers. Click

Here is the latest information regarding financial institutions located in the area affected by
Hurricane Katrina. Customers can find out which locations are open and any special offers for
customers affected by the storm. The information can also be found on the MS NBC web site.

Di saster Relief                                  Bank Donations

The following banks have released                 Bank of America Charity
information for branches and customers            Bank of America announced that it will begin
                                                  accepting public donations for the American
in the affected region.                           Red Cross through its network of more than
                                                  5,800 banking centers nationwide or at
AmSouth Bank                             Starting today,
Disaster Relief Plan for Customers                banking centers will collect cash and check
In response to the serious human need in          contributions and will forward them nightly to
areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, AmSouth      the American Red Cross.
Bank has announced a package of disaster
relief offers to assist consumer and small        Baylake Bank
business customers affected by the storm.
                                                  An account to benefit the victims of Hurricane
                                                  Katrina has been established at Baylake Bank.
Emergency Contact: 1-800-AMSOUTH
                                                  One hundred percent of the funds will be given
                                                  to the American Red Cross International Relief
Bank of America                                   Aid Fund, specifically for hurricane relief efforts.
Disaster Relief Plan for Customers                Donors wishing to contribute may do so at any
Under its disaster relief program, Bank of        Baylake Bank's 27 community financial cent ers.
America customers affected by Hurricane
Katrina within a federal disaster area, as        To donate: 1-800-267-3610
designated by the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA), may be able to          Citigroup
qualify for special product and service           Citigroup announced today that it would donate
programs.                                         up to $3 million to the American Red Cross in
                                                  support of its disaster relief efforts following
Emergency Contacts:                               Hurricane Katrina. In addition to a $1 million
Mortgage: 800-285-6000
Home Equity: 800-432-1000                         immediat e donation, the Citigroup Foundation
Automobile, Boat and RV Loans: 800-215-6195       will match any eligible donation made by a
                                                  Citigroup employ ee dollar for dollar to the
Reporters contact:                                American Red Cross to support its relief efforts
Alexandra Liftman                                 up to $1 million for a potential total of $3 million.

                                                  JP Morgan
Disaster Relief Statement
Citigroup is committed to working with affected
customers to alleviate the temporary financial    Magnolia State Bank
impact of this disaster through extension of      Magnolia State Bank announced the launch of
grace periods, waiver of fees and other           Magnolia State - Hope Fund, a tax-deductible
solutions as appropriate. Affected customers      fund to benefit victims of Hurric ane Kat rina in
are encouraged to cont act the customer service   Jasper, Jones, and Smith counties in
number on their statement.                        Mississippi.
Colonial Bank
All Colonial Bank offices in the hurricane          NBanC
affected areas of Alabama and South Florida         The employees of NB anC of Oklahoma are
are now open, with all keeping regular business     taking action to help those being affected by
hours.                                              the Hurricanes. Over $3,600 has been donated
                                                    to relief efforts.
Emergency Contact:
                                                    Red Cross
                                                    For more information on Red Cross efforts,
Compa ss Bank                                       click here.
At Compass, we believe in helping out our           Regions Bank
neighbors in times of need. To show our             Statement
support for the people in our community who         Regions Financial Corporation will be accepting
have been impacted by recent hurricanes, we'd       donations for American Red Cross Hurricane
like to extend a helping hand.                      Katrina relief efforts at Regions Bank branches
                                                    across the company's 16-state footprint in the
Emergency Contacts:                                 South, Midwest and Tex as beginning today,
Customer service: 1-800-COMPASS                     Wednesday, Aug. 31.
Consumer credit cards: 1-800-239-5175
Small business credit cards: 1-800-316-0207
                                                    Salvation Army
Hibernia National Bank                              For more information on Salvation Army efforts,
Branches in greater New Orleans, Bayou and          click here.
South-Central regions in Louisiana are closed.
Customers have the option of using the bank's       Trustmark National Bank &
online banking service.                             Missi ssippi Hurricane Recovery Fund
                                                    Sponsors of Mississippi Rising, a gala
Emergency Contact:                                  fundraising conc ert in support of the Mississippi
Customer Service: 1-800-562-9007
                                                    Hurricane Recovery Fund, announced that
                                                    award-winning music artist Faith Hill has joined
IberiaBank                                          the growing list of celebrities and entertainers
Disaster Relief Statement                           set to participate in the nationally televised
IberiaB ank announces special offers and            event on October 1, 2005. The event will be
services for clients in the New Orleans market      held live on the campus of the University of
for a limited time.                                 Mississippi in Oxford.
Contact Info:
1-800-968-0801                                      Wachovia
JP Morgan Cha se                                    The massive flooding, damage and loss of life
All Chase (formerly Bank One) branches in           from the devastating August 29th hurricane in
New Orleans, Metairie, Houma, Covington,            Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama requires
Slidell, and surrounding communities are            immediat e and massive relief efforts from
closed due to Hurricane Katrina. Many A TMs in      across America. Wachovia has responded with
these areas are not currently working due to        a $250,000 corporate contribution to the
power outages and flooding.                         American Red Cross to assist victims of the
Emergency Contact:
Consumers: 877-226-5663
Small Business: 800-404-4111

Morgan Keegan
Branches in New Orleans, Covington, La., and
Mobile, Ala., are closed. The toll-free phone
lines for these branc hes have been re -routed to
other Morgan Keegan branc hes outside the
immediat e area. For more detailed information,
click here.

Emergency Contacts:
New Orleans, La.: 800-723-1521
Covington/Mandeville, La.: 800-899-2026
Mobile, Ala.: 800-937-1565
Jackson, Miss.: 800-366-4904
Main customer service: 800-290-2358

Regions Bank
Disaster Relief Statement
The bank has waived A TM and check-cashing
fees for residents and customers in the affected
area, and Regions Bank customers in those
same impacted areas can defer some loan and
credit card payments, increase credit limits on
credit cards and get special discounts and
introductory rates on new equity loans and lines
of credit.

Emergency Contact:

Trustmark National Bank
Special rates are being offered on select loans
and deposit accounts. Flexible repayment
terms on mortgages, credit cards, consumer
and business loans, as well as the waiving of
early withdrawal penalties on CDs are only a
few of the options available.* Please visit your
nearest branch or call one of the following
numbers for assistance.
Emergency Contacts:
Mortgage Loans 1-800-844-2400
Consumer and Business Loans 1-888-876-5737
All Other Issue s 1-800-243-2524
Customer Contact/Call Center: 1-800-Check-24
Contact Center: 1-601-961-6000
Main Switchboard: 1-601-208-5111

For a list branches, click here.

Washington Mutual
Disaster Relief Statment
Washington Mutual announced it will provide
special assistance to help customers and
residents in the federally-declared disaster
areas as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

The relief program includes penalty-free CD
withdrawals, reduced int erest rates on Home
Equity Loans, quick approval on personal lines
of credit and alternate payment plans for loan

Emergency Contacts:

Whitney National Bank
Branches in greater New Orleans and other
areas of South Louisiana, Mississippi and
Florida may by closed. ATMs may work unless
conditions have worsened and power is lost.
Whitney Online Banking is currently

Emergency Contacts:
Customer service: 1-877-611-9448
Lost/Stolen Card Assistance: 1-800-326-3501
Online Banking & BillPay Assistance: 1-877-611-9448

Small Business Administration
Cont act information for SBA district offices is listed below. Additional information is available on
the Disaster Recovery Web Page.

New Orleans District Office                            Gulfport Branch Office
365 Canal St., Suite 2820                              Hanc ock Bank Plaza
New Orleans, LA 70130                                  2510 14 Street, Suite 101
Phone: 504-589-6685                                    Gulfport, MS 39501
http://www.sba. gov/la/                                PH: 228-863-4449
                                                       FA X: 228-864-0179
Mississippi District Office                            http://www.sba. gov/ ms/
AmSouth Bank Plaza
210 E. Capitol Street, Suite 900                       Alabama District Office
Jackson, Mississippi 39201                             801 Tom Martin Drive, Suite #201
PH: 601-965-4378                                       Birmingham, AL 35211
FA X: 601-965-5629                                     Phone: 205-290-7101
or 601-965-4294                                        Fax: 205-290-7404
http://www.sba. gov/ ms/                               http://www.sba. gov/ al/

Disaster Area 3 Office (LA)                            Disaster Area 2 Office (MS & AL)
14925 Kingsport Road                                   One Baltimore Place, Suite 300
Fort Worth , Texas 76155                               Atlanta, Georgia 30308
(Toll Free) 800-366-6303                               (Toll Free) 800-359-2227
(Phone) 817-868-2300                                   (Phone) 404-347-3771
(TTY) 817-267-4688                                     (TTY) 404-347-3751
(Fax) 817-684-5616                                     (Fax) 404-347-4183

Other Organizations

Digital Insight                                        IRS
Disaster rec overy for online banking trans action     People affected by Katrina who need help
questions                                              with tax matters can call 1-866-562-5227

Contact information: Customer Service 1-888-344-4674   The Internal Revenue Service established a
                                                       Web page with links to 27 news releases and
BISYS                                                  legal notices and announcements related to its
Disaster rec overy for core processing and             responses to Hurricane Katrina relief. Read it.
                                                       >> IRS Disa ster Relief Resource
Contact information:                                        >> Victim Relief: Readmore
Core Processing, Pat D'Aquanno
(Office) 239.592.5703                                       >> Employee Contributions: Read more
(Mobile) 239.272.0984
Imaging: Brenda McKenzie 800.266.6842 or 205.314.1128
                                                            Fannie Mae
                                                            Urging lenders to suspend mort gage payments
Sheshunoff Management Services                              or waive late payments.
Disaster rec overy and contingency planning       
Contact Information: Kristin Morgan 1-800-477-1772 x 577    Freddie Mac
                                                            Due to the devastation caused by Katrina, we
Progressive                                                 are working with servicers to take additional
D&O, Bond, Internet Banking Liability, Trust                steps in helping borrowers who are victims of
Department Liability, Employment Practices                  the recent disaster.
Liability and Safe Depository Liablity For claims
under the ABA-sponsored insurance program.                  Highlights:
                                                            - suspending mortgage payments for three
Contact Informatin:                                         months for borrowers whose property is located
Loss Control issues - Tom Hruby, Loss Control Manager
(800) 274-5222, ext. 7594 or (440) 603-7594
                                                            in the major disaster areas qualifying for
Claims Issues - Laura Simmons, Claims Manager (800) 274-    individual assistance as designated by FEMA.
5222, ext.                                                  >> additional information
7530 or (440) 603-7530                            

To report auto claims call 1-800-PROGRESSIVE
                                                            DaimlerChrysler and Ford Motor Company
                                                            Deferring aut o-loan payments.
CashS weeps, Trust or any SEI customer                      1-800-556-8172
Contact Information: Customer Service (610) 676-1000        1-800-723-4016

van Wagenen Financial Services Collateral                   GMAC
Protection Insurance
                                                            Working with customers on a case-by-case
Contact Information: Mike Hoover at 1-800-437-5171 or via
email at                   
Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Servic e

Promontory Interfinancial Network today
announced that it would waive its sign-up fees,
as well as transaction fees, until October 12,
2005, for banks in Louisiana, Alabama, and
Mississippi recovering from Hurricane Kat rina.
Press Release

Contact Information: Customer Service 1-866-776-6426

Disaster rec overy for core processing, imaging,
banking and payment technologies.

Contact Information:
Customer Service, 1.800.236.3282
Jack Henry, Distaster recovery for core processing and
Disater Recovery Services, 1-800-299-4411

RCS Consul ting
Property and casualty insuranc e and claims
advic e.
Contact information:
Ron Summerville 301-654-8071,

Special assistance in getting packages/mail in
and out of areas devastated by the hurricane.

Contact Information:
Customer Service 1-800-PICKUPS

Instant ID - Identity verification tool to prevent
Contact Information:
Customer Service: 1.800.227.9597


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