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                              I M M U N O T E C ’ S                  A C T I V E         L I F E S T Y L E             N E W S L E T T E R

               VOLUME 3 NUMBER 5                                                                                                   MAY 2006

                             HOLLIS HOLLOWAY - Immunotec Distributor Profile
                             Hollis Holloway is a man who takes pride in         After being involved with other marketing companies, he says, “I have
                             his accomplishments. His rise to Gold level         never seen a better training system than the one designed by Immunotec.
                             since he began in June 2003, and the upbeat         If you follow everything the company provides, and if you do it on a regular
                             tone in his voice when he talks about his           basis, you are bound to succeed.”
                             downline, attests to this.
                                                                                 AND SUCCEED HE HAS…
                               It all started when he heard his brother talk     Hollis has retired from a job he held for 30 years and now focuses on
about the glutathione boosting product he was taking. Soon after trying his      building his Immunotec distributorship full-time. He notes the excellence
brother's Immunocal/HMS 90 and noticing the tremendous difference it             of the products and comments that they are simple to understand and
made in the way he felt, he attended a presentation by Jim Britt. Hollis knew    easy to explain. According to him, “Immunotec is the best network marketing
he was onto something and ordered his own products from Immunotec.               business of its time.”
It didn’t take long for Hollis to realize that he was witnessing fine results,    Building his downline is crucial, and Hollis notes, “My downline is great -
at which time he decided to learn more about the business side of things.        they keep me going!” Currently, with distributors in at least eight states,
                                                                                                                                      See HOLLOWAY / Page 3

                                        Weight-Loss Testimonial: Grass Valley
                                        Eugénelle Trudeau of     Convenient Goodness!
                                        Montreal                 Grass Valley Fruit Complex
                                                                 and Vegetable Complex -
Eugénelle Trudeau was the second person to sign up as a participant in the perfect addition to healthy eating.
Kathryn Stephens’ Race for Weight Loss Challenge in February. Her positive
attitude and winning approach to life is truly motivating to all who hear her story.
My name is Eugénelle Trudeau. I am a single parent of three children.
Since my introduction to Immunotec, I have been a very happy person!
Last September, I began to seriously use Immunotec products; namely
Immunocal/HMS 90 with Immunotec’s Co-Factor Multi-Vitamin and
Mineral Supplement which have greatly helped improve my overall health.
Today, though, I’m here to talk to you about two new products I have
tried; the PRYCENA shake and PRYCENA THERMAL ACTION. I cannot
believe it! In February, I received the email about Kathryn’s Challenge
where the winner would win a Land Package to Immunotec’s                                BEFORE
10th Anniversary Extravaganza in Miami, Florida. Immediately I said                                         We know the facts, but many of us just can’t
to myself, “Eugénelle, you can do this!” I couldn’t believe that                                            seem to live up to the recommendations. We try,
Immunotec was organizing a contest and offering a chance to participate                                     vowing that tomorrow will be better, but
in this exciting event - just by losing weight! I was so motivated by this                                  human nature, being what it is, somehow finds
news that I decided to participate right away.                                                              that these vows are rarely realized.
During my first week, my weight was 214.5 pounds. Today, I weigh
                                                                                                            SOUND FAMILIAR?
201 pounds and have lost 6'' from my chest, 5 1/2'' from my waist and
                                                                                                            The truth is that many of us have a ‘love/hate’
6'' from my hips; dropping 2 pant sizes! Very impressive, n’est-ce-pas?
                                                                                                            relationship with fruits and vegetables. Despite
I read the PRYCENA Weight Management Booklet carefully, which made                     AFTER                the fact that we are well aware of how important
me realize what the appropriate portions are for all types of meals. A couple of weeks after I started, I   it is to eat as many servings as we can in a day,
received a second email from Immunotec to motivate me again. I was so happy, because I must admit           our attempts to reach the recommended number
that I was eating chips the night before and beginning to feel discouraged. I secretly thought that I       often falls short. Let’s face it. Who has the time
wouldn’t be able to attain my goal, but when this email came in, it indeed changed my overall vision.       to eat up to 10 servings in a day?
                                                                                    See TRUDEAU / Page 2                             See GRASS VALLEY / Page 4
The Doctor is In – Why You Should Supplement With
GRASS VALLEY? Here’s Why I Do!                                                              By William E. Code,
                                                                                            M.D., FRCPC

                            Dr. William E. Code, is a medical consultant with Immunotec Research Ltd.,
                            and the author of, Who’s in Control of Your MS?
                            Are you getting enough fruits and vegetables for    ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’
                            optimal health? Nutritional experts, including      This statement has much merit. An apple has antioxidants equivalent to
                            Health Canada, USDA and Harvard nutritionists       2,200 mgs of Vitamin C. The extra antioxidants in these micronutrients
                            (in Scientific American) all state the importance    work much better synergistically than just 2,200 mgs of Vitamin C.
                            of 8 to 10 vegetable and fruit servings per
                                                                                We all want to either recover or maintain the health of our tissues - especially
                            day. Why does this seem so high? Because it
                                                                                the brain, eyes, kidneys and heart. In North America, the average daily
                            dramatically improves your health, and we know
                                                                                intake of fruits and vegetables is 2.3 servings - a long way from the
that consuming both may reduce the risk of some types of cancer. In addition,
                                                                                recommended 8 to 10. So when you can't quite reach the recommended
including healthy fruits and vegetables in your diet may may contribute to
                                                                                number, be sure to top up with Grass Valley dietary supplements. I do!
an overall feeling of well-being.
Dr. Bruce Ames, winner of the National Medal of Science is quoted as saying,
“You might as well stand unprotected in front of an x-ray machine as to
not eat enough fruits and vegetables.”
The 8 to 10 servings of whole foods each day takes considerable focus and
effort. To bring it into perspective, this number is equivalent to 21/2 cups
of vegetables and 2 cups of fruit. In addition, the fresher, closer to home
(average food travels 2,000 miles) and the more natural (with the best
being organic), the better.
The push for fruits and vegetables is based on their huge number of
phytonutrients, also called micronutrients, which I call ‘mini-vitamins’.
These micronutrients are very important, and may reduce the risk of some
types of cancer and contribute to improved health. A fresh veggie or fruit
shake every day makes great sense on this model. However, when I am
rushed, traveling, or simply ‘lazy’, I use both of the Grass Valley products;
Grass Valley Fruit Complex and Grass Valley Vegetable Complex.
Each of us is unique when it comes to our need for micronutrients. Hence
we must eat multiple fruits and vegetables to have the optimal carotenoids
(about 600!), anthocyanins and other potent plant nutrients.

TRUDEAU / From the front cover

My family and friends began to notice that I was losing weight and everyone started to ask how I was doing it. Of course,
that’s when I told them about PRYCENA.
As unbelievable as it might seem, this great contest brought me the courage to lose weight plus it provided me with an
opportunity to develop new clientele. But most of all, as a single parent, I realized that I am capable of doing something for
myself that is very worthwhile.
                                    In the next day or so, I will meet with two new customers only because I have talked to
                                    them about Immunotec. It’s true to say that we can move forward when our overall
                                    vision changes; my current vision is to progress and look toward building my business
                                    with Immunotec.
                                    I have a dream! I visualize this dream almost every night before going to bed and I am
                                    convinced that I will fulfill this dream. I am surprising myself, as before I became part
                                    of this challenge, I was so sick, depressed, and hopeless! Immunotec has given me back my
                                            hope; I don’t have any more physical pain and I am beginning to appreciate how good it feels
                                            to be in better shape. My family can see my progress and they all decided to start eating my recipes, and even
                                            my daughters are enjoying the meals I prepare and say that they feel much better as well.
                                            I should mention that I’ve tried many diets before, but my daughters didn’t like the food and I felt very
                                            alone in each of those journeys. It never occurred to me that I would become a woman going to the gym
                                            again. I will be turning 40 on May 23, and honestly feel that the expression ‘Life begins at 40!’ is true, at least
                                            as far as I’m concerned!

2                                                                 f•o•c•u•s
HOLLOWAY / From the front cover
Hollis has plans to increase that number going                                                            aptly points out, “If you aren’t at the event, then
forward. “I’m excited about helping people - it’s                                                         why be in the business?” Good thinking Hollis!
a no-brainer!”
                                                                                                          Hollis Holloway has come to appreciate what
Getting back to Hollis’ accomplishments, he has                                                           good health means and how it transcribes into
been married for 32 years to Gale and has a                                                               leading a good life. “People have the right to be
22 year old daughter, Hollista. Every member                                                              educated as to how they can improve their
of his family, especially his wife, has tried                                                             health. Be honest. Be sincere. It’s not how much
Immunocal/HMS 90 and the consensus is that                                                                you know, its how much you care, and if you
                                                    clearly evident. As a resident of Sunrise, Florida,
they are all feeling top-notch as a result.                                                               care for people, you will have fulfilled your
                                                    he lives in very close proximity to the May event
                                                                                                          responsibility and obligation as an Immunotec
BEING A PART OF IMMUNOTEC’S                         venue, and wouldn’t miss the opportunity to be
10TH ANNIVERSARY EXTRAVAGANZA…                      among the celebrants for anything. He sees the
Hollis’ enthusiasm for the company and the          occasion as a wonderful opportunity to become         Well said, Hollis - we couldn’t agree with
support he feels behind everything he does is       familiar with all his distributors. As Hollis so      you more!

                                       From now on, you have
                                   two     great ways to enjoy

         ...the traditional canister and the new foil pouches.
                                   Rushing out the door to catch a bus, plane or train?
                                  No time to fumble with pre-measuring your scoops...
                          Just grab a handful of single-serving pouches and you're on your way!

                                                CONVENIENCE PARTNERS WITH SUCCESS!
                                            *EACH NEW PRYCENA BOX CONTAINS 30 FOIL TRAVEL POUCHES

                                                                 f•o•c•u•s                                                                                 3
GRASS VALLEY / From the front cover

Even if time isn’t an issue, we don’t
always have access to the quality and
                                                                                                                   Market Leaders
variety of produce that is so essential
to our diet. If you think that you’re on                                                                           MOST RECENT GOLD PROMOTIONS
                                                                                                                   MARJOLAINE ALAIN
track by eating iceberg lettuce and
                                                                                                                   JOCELYNE BIEN-AIMÉ
apples every day, think again. Variety is                                                                          CHARLES BOUCHARD
one of the most important factors of                                                                               DEBRA COULTON
                                                                                                                   GILLES GODIN
fruit and vegetable consumption. Studies
                                                                                                                   MARIE-ROSE GRÉGOIRE
have shown that risks for certain health challenges                                                                ROCK LA FORGE
are substantially lower in countries where diets include many different                                            JEAN-PAUL MASSE                              JACOB N’GUESSAN     JEAN-PAUL MASSE
                                                                                                                   JACOB N’GUESSAN
fruits and vegetables.
                                                                                                                   ÉLIESE ROMAIN
According to an article published by The American Institute for Cancer                                             PHIL ROSS
Research, “A diet with a rich variety and diversity of plant foods provides                                        MOST RECENT SILVER PROMOTIONS
over 25,000 phytochemicals - unique plant substances with health-protective                                       DERAR AL-SHEIKHLY                 DANNY GAGNÉ              MONIQUE PESTA
                                                                                                                  MARIE ARCHER                      MARIE-CAROLE GOUIN       MARC-KENCY PHANOR
benefits.” Every fruit and vegetable has its own profile of nutrients and                                         STEVE ARSENAULT                   MICHEL GRAVELINE         JEAN MARLEY PIERRE
phytochemicals, making it absolutely crucial to broaden our choices as                                            LUCIE BEAULIEU                    LEIGH-ANNE GRAY          KETSIA PIERRE
                                                                                                                  LILI BELLEAU                      VALMOND GUERETTE         AARON ROSS
much as possible.                                                                                                 BERNITHE BIEN-AIMÉ                NICOLE GUSTAVE           DAN ROSS
                                                                                                                  JEANNOT BIEN-AIMÉ                 PIERRE JEAN ISME         SARAH ROSSY
EASIER SAID THAN DONE…                                                                                            DAVE R BINNENDYK                  BEVERLY J. JONES         SHONNY SAINT-PHARD
Making smart choices from as many different fruits and vegetables as                                              MARIE BLOT                        JULES KONAN              STÉPHANIE SAINT-PHARD
                                                                                                                  JEAN-PIERRE BOURDEAU              CLAUDE LABÉ              YVES SAINT-PHARD
possible sounds easy to do, but the reality is such that this isn’t usually the                                   RASTISLAV CEPELA                  NANCY LAFERRIÈRE-        ANDRÉ SAUVÉ
case. Weather conditions, seasonal fluctuations, and high prices sometimes                                         JO-LYANE T. CHARETTE                 GUIMONT               ALLAN SEDGWICK
                                                                                                                  CHANTALE CHARLES                  MARIO LALIBERTÉ          RENATA SEDLAKOVA
affect produce availability. In different parts of North America, there are                                       JOCELYNE CHARLES                  CLAUDINE &               BRIAN SORG
times during the year when the only ‘decent’ items you can find are                                               MARISE CHARLES                       JEAN MARC LANDRY      SIMONE ST-LOUIS
                                                                                                                  JEAN CHOUINARD                    SUZANNE LEMIEUX          MICHAEL ABEL TESSIER
oranges and carrots.                                                                                              LILLIAN CHUA GO                   KURT ALLEN LEWIS         MARTINE THIBODEAU
                                                                                                                  CHARLOTTE CYPHERS                 TERESA DILLON-LUNDGREN   FRED M. THOMPSON
So, if we can’t meet the recommended number of servings per day or don’t                                          GISELINE ROSE DE BELLE            PIERRE MC DOWELL         PIERRE-PAUL TREMBLAY
have access to as many fruits and vegetables as we’d like, what are we to do?                                     GABRIEL A DELVA                   MARIA MONICA MEIKLE      KEVIN VAUTOUR
                                                                                                                  GISÈLE DEMERS                     LUCIE MILOT              JULIE ANN WALKER
                                                                                                                  MARCELLE DERILUS                  EDWARD L. MURRAY         SANDY WALLACE
Immunotec’s Grass Valley Fruit Complex and Vegetable Complex are                                                                                    TIM OGILVIE
                                                                                                                  JOCELYNE DESGRANGES                                        MELLANIE WEST
great additions to anyone’s diet. The capsules in each of these complexes                                         CATHERINE DOUVILLE                LOUIS OTIS               GERALDINE WESTFIELD
                                                                                                                  NORMAND DUBOIS                    MARIE LOUISIANE PAUL
contain the goodness of twelve fruits and twelve vegetables respectively,
and are convenient, safe, and easy to use. Only the freshest, high quality
                                                     produce is chosen for Grass Valley dietary
                                                     supplements. The powder contained in each                                                        GRASS VALLEY                GRASS VALLEY
                                                     Grass Valley capsule is obtained from whole                                                         FRUIT                     VEGETABLE
                                                     fruits and vegetables, ensuring their nutritional
                                                                                                                                                        COMPLEX                     COMPLEX
                                                     essence. By treating the complexes under most                                                                                   ASPARAGUS
                                                     stringent conditions, the integrity of the nutrient                                                  BILBERRIES                   BEETS
                                                     values are retained, and phytochemicals are not                                                    BLACKBERRIES                 BROCCOLI
                                                     disturbed.                                                                                          BLUEBERRIES              BRUSSEL SPROUTS
                                                                                                                                                          CHERRIES                    CABBAGE
                                                                         Grass Valley dietary supplements just make
                                                                                                                                                         CRANBERRIES                  CARROTS
                                                                         sense. The benefit of healthy fruits and
                                                                                                                                                           GRAPES                   CAULIFLOWER
                                                                         vegetables, the advantage of variety, and the
                                                                                                                                                           ORANGES                     GARLIC
                                                                         convenience of having them available wherever
                                                                                                                                                           PAPAYAS                     KALE
                                                                         and whenever you need.                                                                                       PARSLEY
                                                                         Grass Valley Fruit Complex and Vegetable                                           PLUMS                     SPINACH
                                                                         Complex… a safe and commonsense approach                                       STRAWBERRIES                WHEAT GRASS
                                                                         to a more complete, balanced diet.

FOCUS                                FOCUS welcomes your                 The statements made throughout        IMMUNOTEC BY THE NUMBERS
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