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               Malta, September 15-17, 2010

1st Day, September 15, 2010

Registration: 08:00-08:30

Keynote Lecture 1: 08:30-09:15, Room A’

                      Finding Communities in Web-like Complex Networks
                      Narsingh Deo
Keynote Lecture 2: 09:15-10:00, Room A’

                      New Generation HDMR Based Multiway Array Decomposers:
                      Enhanced Multivariance Products Representation (EMPR)
                      Metin Demiralp

Plenary Lecture 1: 10:00-10:30, Room A’

                     Knowledge management strategy for Small and Medium
                     Elissaveta Gourova

Plenary Lecture 2: 10:00-10:30, Room B’

                     State Space Energy Approach And Nonlinearly Coupled Systems
                     Milan Stork
Plenary Lecture 3: 10:30-11:00, Room B’

                              Aerobic Bioprocess: Modelling and Control
                              Mihai Caramihai

Plenary Lecture 4: 10:30-11:00, Room C’

                              Computational Study of Molecular Mechanisms of Caffeine Actions
                              Valery Poltev

Coffee-break: 11:00-11:30

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 11:30-14:00

CSS Session: Robotics and Automatic Control

Chair: Abdellatif Naceri, Dorian Cojocaru

A Fuzzy Learning Controller of FACTS to      A. Naceri, Y. Ramdani, S. V. Smolovik, H.          201-117
Improve Transient Stability of a Single –    Bounoua
Machine Infinite Bus System
Discrete-Time Adaptive Internal Model        Andrzej Krolikowski, Dariusz Horla                 201-149
Experiments of Rebound for Robotic           Dorian Cojocaru, Dan Bogdan Marghitu               201-490
Tritium-in-Air Monitoring System –           Eusebiu Ilarian Ionete, Nicolae Bidica, Bogdan     201-187
Detritiation Plant Power Consumption         Monea, Dumitru Benchea
A Note about Optimal and Suboptimal            Mauro Bisiacco                                  201-345
Disturbance Rejection
Modelling of an Omnidirectional Mobile         Mkhinini Maher, Knani Jilani                    201-348
Study Regarding the Establishing of            Paul Ciprian Patic, Mihaita Ardeleanu, Florin   201-435
Automatic Control Drilling on Micro-Robots     Popa, Lucia Pascale
The Use of the Hierarchical Structured         Romulus Lungu, Saurabh Kwatra, Mihai Lungu,     201-106
Dynamic Inversion to the Aircrafts             Lucian Grigorie
Longitudinal Movement
Modeling and Simulation of Power Plant         Stepan Ozana, Martin Pies                       201-188
Superheater in Simulink

Cooperative Carrying Task Control based on     Tohru Kawabe, Kou Nakamura                      201-175
RHC for Mobile Robots

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 11:30-14:00

ACS Special Session: Hilbert Space Tools in Array and Function

Chair: Metin Demiralp

Affine Transformational Enhanced               Berfin Kalay, Metin Demiralp                    201-352
Multivariance Product Representation
(ATEMPR) and its Relation to Rational
An Iterative Enhanced Multivariance Product    Burcu Tunga, Metin Demiralp                     201-332
Representation Scheme for Multivariate
Function Decomposition
Extended Fluctuationlessness Theorem and       Cosar Gozukirmizi, Metin Demiralp               201-326
its Application to Numerical Integration
Reductive Multilinear Array Decomposition      Emre Demiralp, Metin Demiralp                   201-396
Based Support Functions in Enhanced
Multivariance Product Representation
Extended Fluctuationlessness Theorem and       Ercan Gurvit, N. A. Baykara, Metin Demiralp     201-356
its Application to Numerical Integration via
Taylor Series
Combined Small Scale Enhanced                  Evrim Korkmaz Ozay, Metin Demiralp              201-354
Multivariance Product Representation
Fluctuation Free Matrix Representation         M. Alper Tunga, Metin Demiralp                  201-331
Based HDMR Method to Model Multivariate
Extended Fluctuationlessness Theorem and       N. A. Baykara, Ercan Gurvit, Metin Demiralp     201-349
its Application to Numerical Approximation
via Taylor Series
CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 11:30-14:00

ACS Session: Information Science

Chair: Corina Sararu, Dalia Baziukaite

A New Heuristic Classifier Design Based on    Corina Sararu, Luminita State, Maria Miroiu      201-141
Independent Component Analysis and
Wavelet Methods
The Modified Renyi-ClipX Conceptual           Dalia Baziukaite, Aleksas Narscius               201-372
Clustering Algorithm

Theoretical Analysis of an Active FBG         Dan Savastru, Sorin Miclos, Ion Lancranjan       201-437
Sensor Output Noise
Composite Materials Properties Approached     Diana L. Cotoros, Anca E. Stanciu, Mihaela I.    201-337
by Finite Element Method                      Baritz
BFS Tree and x-y Shortest Paths Tree          Eva Milkova                                      201-368

Automatic Detection of Bottleneck             Yuya Kosaka, Daisuke Kinoshita, Hiroki           201-359
Processes through Perturbation-based          Uchikawa, Seiichi Komiya
Repercussion Analysis

Lunch-break: 14:00-15:00

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 15:00-17:00

CSS Session: Image, Sound and Signal Processing

Chair: Dragana Krstic, Milan Stork

Performance Analysis of Multi-Hop System      Aleksandra D. Cvetkovic, Nikola M. Sekulovic,    201-388
in Nakagami-m Environment                     Dragana S. Krstic, Edis S. Mekic, Zoran J.
                                              Popovic, Mihajlo C. Stefanovic
Adaptive Weighted Meridian Nonlinear Filter   M. Stork                                         201-470
Used for Filtering of Signal with Impulsive
Adaptive Synchronization of Chaotic           M. Stork                                         201-144
Systems with Time Changing Parameters
On Discrete-Time State-Space Energy           M. Stork, J. Hrusak, D. Mayer                    201-148
Based System Representation
Probability Density Function of M-ary FSK     Petar B. Nikolic, Dragana S. Krstic, Ana         201-400
Signal in the Presence of Gaussian Noise,     Matovic, Ivana M. Petrovic, Ljupce P. Dordevic
Intersymbol Interference and G Fading
Optimal Matching of Local and Global          Sven Herzberg, Andrew Shaw, Karlheinz            201-403
Imaging Data                                  Spindler
CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 15:00-17:00

ACS Session: Applications in Communications

Chair: Milan Stork, Mehmet Unluturk

Fault Tolerance Mobile Agent System Using    Ahmad Rostami, Hassan Rashidi                   201-462
Witness Agent in Mesh Networks
Secure Communication based on Digital        M. Stork                                        201-398
Chaotic System Using Dual Receiver
Real Time Transaction Server                 Mehmet S. Unluturk, Coskun Atay                 201-105

Admission-Discharge-Transfer Gateway         Mehmet S. Unluturk, Coskun Atay                 201-104
Interface: A Health Level 7 Application
Creating an Oscilloscope Driver              Roland Szabo, Aurel Gontean, Ioan Lie, Mircea   201-320

Mobility Support in Integrated EPON-WiMAX    Ying Yan, Lars Dittmann                         201-386
Network Access Architecture

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 15:00-17:00

CSS Session: Linear and Non-Linear Systems

Chair: Josep Ferrer, Constantin Filote

Robust Formant Estimation: Increasing the    A. Kabir, J. Barker, M. Giurgiu                 201-463
Reliability by Comparison among Three
Geometric Structure of the Equivalence       Albert Compta, Josep Ferrer, Marta Pena         201-322
Classes of a Controllable Pair

Perturbations Preserving Conditioned         Albert Compta, Josep Ferrer, Marta Pena         201-321
Invariant Subspaces
New Method for Power Factor Correction       Constantin Filote, Calin Ciufudean, Florin      201-468
with RNSIC                                   Musteata, Ovidiu Chirila, Ana-Maria Cozgarea
Angular Stabilization Systems of the         Mihai Lungu, Romulus Lungu, Gheorghe            201-113
Rockets in Vertical Plane Using              Bacanu
Differentiator Gyroscope
Non-Linear Adaptive System For the Control   Mihai Lungu, Romulus Lungu, Lucian Sepcu        201-107
of the Aircrafts’ Roll Angle
Multimedia Adaptive Interactive Teaching-    Vahid Hasani Moghaddam, Ivan V. Kazachkov       201-125
Learning Environment for Energy
Coffee-break: 17:00-17:30

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 17:30-20:30

ACS Session: Internet Applications

Chair: Jitka Komarkova, Masanori Akiyoshi

Read Access to Relational Databases in a    Arne Koschel, Irina Astrova                        201-118
CORBA-based Architecture
Problems in Usability of Web-Based GIS      Jitka Komarkova, Pavel Sedlak, Martin Novak,       201-380
                                            Veronika Slavikova, Alena Musilova
Internet Social Networks in the             L. Stasova, G. Slaninova, M. Zumarova              201-339
Contemporary Adolescents Lives
Evaluation of BBS-based Information         Li Cai, Zuoqi Wang, Masanori Akiyoshi,             201-471
Management System in Chinese Offshore       Norihisa Komoda
Software Development Company
Dynamic TV-Content Augmentation by Web      Massimo Deriu, Alessandro Soro, Gavino             201-404
Pages                                       Paddeu
Young Generation and their Internet         Monika Zumarova, Miloslava Cerna, Vaclav           201-346
Communication                               Manena

Web 2.0 and its Impact on Information       Nikola Vlahovic                                    201-467
Extraction Practices
Web-Application User Identification         Oldrich Horak                                      201-379

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 17:30-20:30

USCUDAR Session: Green Development I

Chair: Liviu Costiuc, Octavia Zeleniuc

Methodical Assessment of Geotechnical       Chang-Guk Sun                                      201-128
Characteristics Related to Earthquake
Motion in a Small Urban Area Using a GIS-
based Tool
Investigation on Heat of Combustion of      L. Costiuc, V. Popa, A. Serban, A. Lunguleasa,     201-469
Waste Materials                             H. M. Tierean
Hydrogen Environmental-Friendly             Mihai Anghel, Violeta-Carolina Niculescu, Ioan     201-194
Production                                  Stefanescu, Radu Tamaian
Mechanical Properties of Wooden             O. Zeleniuc, A. M. Varodi, V. Petrovici, A-M. L.   201-451
Laminated Structures Glued with a Furan     Badescu
Resin Based Adhesive
The Importance of Water Efficiency in          Silva-Afonso A., Pimentel-Rodrigues C.          201-370
Buildings in Mediterranean Countries: The
Portuguese Experience
Energy Consumption, an Possible Factor in      Simona-Maria Barbu, Loredana Anne-Marie         201-145
the Assessment of Surface Drills Quality at    Badescu
Beech Wood
A Technology to Simultaneously Produce         Stefanoiu Horatiu George, Stanasila Octavian,   201-369
Clean Hydrogen and Iron Powder                 Stanasila Virgil Corneliu, Stefanoiu Dan
MicroCCHP System for a Detached Building       Viorel Popa, Alexandru Serban, Liviu Costiuc    201-442
with a Stirling Engine Like Prime Mover: The
Cooling Subsystem Analysis
Photovoltaic Systems Installed at the          P. Perez-Higueras, G. Almonacid, E.             201-473
University of Jaen                             Fernandez, E. Munoz, F. Almonacid, C. Rus

2nd Day, September 16, 2010

Plenary Lecture 5: 09:30-10:00, Room B’

                              Parametric control in continua based on the new numerical
                              Ivan Kazachkov

Plenary Lecture 6: 09:30-10:00, Room C’

                              Breadth First Search Tree and x-y Shortest Paths Tree
                              Eva Milkova
Plenary Lecture 7: 10:00-10:30, Room A’

                     The Overview of SC Macrodiversity System Second Order
                     Statistics Operating over Shadowed Fading Channels
                     Dragana Krstic

Plenary Lecture 8: 10:00-10:30, Room B’

                     Better living arrangement supported by communication
                     technique from the viewpoints of beneficiaries
                     Hidetoshi Wakamatsu

Plenary Lecture 9: 10:30-11:00, Room B’

                     Computer Aided Evaluation of Heat Exchangers
                     Gheorghe Bacanu

Plenary Lecture 10: 10:30-11:00, Room C’

                     Intelligent online learning systems
                     Dalia Baziukaite
Coffee-break: 11:00-11:30

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 11:30-14:00

ACS Special Session: Automatic Control and Quality Evaluation of
Industrial Processes

Chair: Emil Pop, Monica Leba

VLSI Embedded Solution for Multi-Drive          Adrian Avram, Emil Pop, Camelia Barbu            201-477
Conveyors Control
Exploring the Possibilities of Excellence       Andreea Ionica, Monica Leba                      201-481
Dedicated Controller Design for an Industrial   Bogdan Sochirca, Emil Pop, Monica Leba           201-479
Elevator with Local GUI
The Wear of Composite Metallic Materials        Carmen Florea, Marin S. Nan, Monica Leba         201-482
Analysis for Productivity Costs Improvement
Modeling, Simulation and VHDL Controller        Emil Pop, Monica Leba                            201-478
Design for an Underground Roof Support as
Two Robotic Arms
A New Robot Based Mathematical Model for        Emil Pop, Monica Leba, Maria Pop                 201-475
the Buckets Wheel Excavator

New Buckets Mounted on Rotor Excavators,        Iosif Kovacs, Marin S. Nan, Dumitru Jula,        201-483
as a Result of Dislocation Tested Process       Ovidiu B. Tomus
Software for Quality Evaluation Based on        Monica Leba, Andreea Ionica, Eduard              201-480
EFQM Excellence Model                           Edelhauser
Visual Environment for VLSI Dedicated           Monica Leba, Emil Pop, Alin Badea                201-476
Controller Design

Environment Risk Factors Management             Sorin M. Radu, Iosif Moldovan, Gheorghe Vajai,   201-484
Using Fuzzy Pathway                             Dan Jucan

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 11:30-14:00

ACS Session: Computer Science: Theory and Applications I

Chair: Elissaveta Gourova, Hatim Aboalsamh

Quantum Evolutionary Algorithm Applied to       Andressa dos Santos Nicolau, Roberto Schirru     201-376
Time Independent Transient Identification of
a Nuclear Power Plant
A Hybrid Multi-Criteria Method for              Constanta Zoie Radulescu, Adrian Turek           201-343
Performance Evaluation of Romanian South        Rahoveanu, Marius Radulescu
Muntenia Region in Context of Sustainable

Boundary Labeling with Octilinear Leaders     Michael A. Bekos, Antonios Symvonis               201-314
and Minimum Number of Leader-Bends?
Knowledge Management Strategy for Small       Elissaveta Gourova                                201-488
and Medium Enterprises
Vein and Fingerprint Identification Multi     Hatim A. Aboalsamh                                201-159
Biometric System: A Novel Approach
Information System of Railway                 Karel Greiner, Josef Volek                        201-334
Undertakings' Train Track Requirements
Advanced Manufacturing Technology:            Libuse Svobodova, Josef Hynek, Vaclav             201-440
Anticipated and Realized Benefits             Janecek
Evaluation of Breast Cancer Risk by Using     M. Caramihai, I. Severin, A. Blidaru, H. Balan,   201-350
Fuzzy Logic                                   C. Saptefrati
Home Emergency Call as a Prevention of        M. Zumarova, B. Balogova                          201-338
Maltreatment of Seniors
HC12 Implemented Using the CUDA               Radomil Matousek                                  201-496

Lunch-break: 14:00-15:00

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 15:00-17:00

USCUDAR Session: Sustainable Development

Chair: Cornelia Aida Bulucea, Bostjan Gomiscek

Building Awareness of Sustainable             Cornelia A. Bulucea, Doru A. Nicola, Liviu S.     201-454
Automobile Manufacturing within Industrial    Lazarescu, Aurel Stinga
Ecology Framework
A Framework for Incorporating Sustainable     M. Subic Kovac, M. Kovac                          201-387
Development in the Built Environment Into
Curriculum – The Case of Slovenia
Are Customers and Producers Sensitive to      Matjaz Maletic, Damjan Maletic, Bostjan           201-364
Green Product Development?                    Gomiscek
Design and Validation - A Design for a Zero   Ulrike Heine                                      201-324
Energy House for the Southern United
Global Impact of Hydrogen – The Future        Violeta-Carolina Niculescu, Mihai Anghel, Ioan    201-193
Energy Source                                 Stefanescu

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 15:00-17:00
ACS Session: Distance Learning & E-Learning Applications I

Chair: Diana Cotoros, Fernando Ribeiro

Applied Computer Science to Establish           Cotoros Diana, Baritz Mihaela, Serban Ionel      201-438
Active Correlation for Improving the
Handling Skills
Learning Styles Applied in the Process of e-    I. Simonova, M. Bilek, J. Lasek, P. Kriz         201-335
A Target Environment Programming                Jose Metrolho, Monica Costa, Fernando            201-447
Language to Improve Developer's                 Reinaldo Ribeiro, Eurico Lopes
Productivity – A Case Study
Higher Education Management Dashboards          M. Muntean, Gh. Sabau, A. R. Bologa, A.          201-340
Data Envelopment Analysis for the               Marilena Aura Din, Georgiana Camelia Cretan      201-392
Efficiency Analysis in a Cross-University
ICT and Audiovisual Technic in Nurseries in     Martina Manenova, Martin Skutil                  201-336
the Czech Republic
Learners/Experience in LMS in 2001 – 2010:      I. Simonova                                      201-399
Case Study

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 15:00-17:00

CSS Session: Industrial Applications

Chair: Davorin Kralj, Jose Antonio Siqueira Dias

Replacement of Gas Phase with Liquid, for       Anita Kovac Kralj, Davorin Kralj                 201-169
Hexamine Production
Sensor Network for Energy-Efficiency            Luis F. C. Duarte, Jose D. Zambianco, Douglas    201-383
Programs: Characterization and Breakdown        Airoldi, Elnatan C. Ferreira, Jose A. Siqueira
of the Electricity Bill Using Custom Wireless   Dias
Smart Meters
Development of a Low Cost Vibration             Mitra Djamal, Yulkifli, Agung Setiadi,           201-371
Sensor Based on Fluxgate Element                Rahmondia N. Setiadi
Evaluation and Monitoring of Effectiveness      Petr Vojcinak, Mojmir Vrtek, Radovan Hajovsky    201-366
of Heat Pumps via COP Parameter
A Single-phase to Three-phase Low-Power         Rosario Carbone, Rosario Morello                 201-377
PWM Adjustable Speed Drive with Low
Current Harmonics

Coffee-break: 17:00-17:30
CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 17:30-20:30

ACS Session: Modelling and Simulation I

Chair: Tasho Tashev, Ivan Kazachkov

New Approach for Information Security in e-   Roumen Trifonov, Tasho Tashev, Natalia               201-487
Government                                    Toteva
Peculiarities of the Local Abnormal Heat      Sergei V. Begun, Ivan V. Kazachkov                   201-180
Transfer due to Non-Linear Heat
Conductivity and their Influence on the
Steam (Gas) Non-Isothermal Filtration
through the Particles Layer
Modeling and Simulation of the High-          Sergei V. Begun, Ivan V. Kazachkov                   201-179
Temperature Jet's Penetration Behaviours in
a Pool of Volatile Coolant
Numerical Analysis of an Active FBG Sensor    Sorin Miclos, Dan Savastru, Ion Lancranjan           201-436

Nonlinear Multi Regression Model for High     Stanislava Labatova                                  201-397
Performance Liquid Chromatography

The Compensation of the Thermocouples         Teodor Lucian Grigorie, Mihai Lungu, Petre           201-120
Cold Junction Temperature Variation Errors    Negrea, Dalia Baziukaite
using a Neuro-Fuzzy Controller
Ways of Modeling of Mobile Processes          Tomas Kozel, Filip Maly, Antonin Slaby               201-195

Computational Study of Molecular              V. I. Poltev, E. Rodriguez, T. I. Grokhlina, A. V.   201-108
Mechanisms of Caffeine Actions                Teplukhin, A. Deriabina, E. Gonzalez
About Modeling of the Corium Jet              Vahid Hasani Moghaddam, Ivan V. Kazachkov            201-124
Penetrating the Pool of Volatile Coolant
under Reactor Vessel
Computer Simulation of Stock Exchange         Zuzana Chvatalova, Jiri Hrebicek, Martin             201-382
Behavior in Maple System                      Zigardy

Conference Banquet: September 16, 20:30
3rd Day, September 17, 2010

Plenary Lecture 11: 09:30-10:00, Room B’

                     4-dim duck solution in a trading economic model
                     Kiyoyuki Tchizawa

Plenary Lecture 12: 09:30-10:00, Room C’

                     Political machinery: sophisticated software to assist
                     Saurabh Kwatra

Plenary Lecture 13: 10:00-10:30, Room B’
                     Admission-Discharge-Transfer Gateway Interface: A Health
                     Level 7 Application for Hospital Information Systems
                     Coskun Atay

Plenary Lecture 14: 10:00-10:30, Room C’

                     Periodic And Aperiodic Dynamics From A Resistively
                     Coupled Nonidentical Superconducting Junction Under Dc
                     Erol Kurt

Plenary Lecture 15: 10:30-11:00, Room B’

                     The Role of Environmental Indicators in Environmental
                     Davorin Kralj

Plenary Lecture 16: 10:30-11:00, Room C’
                             Managerial Methods to Control the Downside Risk of
                             Patrick L. Leoni

Coffee-break: 11:00-11:30

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 11:30-14:00

USCUDAR Session: Green Development II

Chair: Aurora Alexandrescu, Adam Czarnecki

The Performance’s Improvement of the         A. Alexandrescu                                  201-183
Collecting Systems from Wells
The Compensator’s Calculation for the Pipe   A. Alexandrescu                                  201-184
in Complex Systems
Water Sports as a Key Factor for Vitalize    Adam J. Czarnecki, Anna Lewandowska-             201-177
Area Within the Inland and the Sea Waters    Czarnecka
Routes in North Eastern Poland
Effect of Moisture Transfer on Thermal       C. Maalouf, A. D. Tran Le, M. Lachi, E. Wurtz,   201-325
Inertia in Simple Layer Walls                T. H. Mai
Movements for Clarinet and String Trio       Goldbach Felix Constantin                        201-465
Opus 34 (1974) by Dan Constantinescu
Standardisation of Key Performance           Jiri Hrebicek, Jana Soukopova, Eva Kutova        201-192
Indicators for Environmental Management
and Reporting in the Czech Republic
Comfortable and Uncomfortable Tourist        Radita Alexe                                     201-458
Seasons in the Subcarpathians of Ialomita

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 11:30-14:00
CSS Session: Advances on Circuits and Systems I

Chair: Davorin Kralj, Constantin Patrascoiu

TQ(E)M Supports Continuous Improvement           Boris Bukovec, Davorin Kralj                     201-185

A Generalization of the Lie Derivative           Constantin Patrascoiu, Ilare Bordeasu, Dan       201-378
The Role of Environmental Indicators in          Davorin Kralj                                    201-165
Environmental Management
Opencores Based Embedded System on               F. Abid, N. Izeboudjen, L. Sahli, D. Lazib, S.   201-316
Chip for Network Applications                    Titri, F. Louiz, M. Bakiri
Acquisition and Analysis of Radial Artery        J. Jilek, M. Stork                               201-137
Waveforms from a Wrist Cuff
Learning of Open-Loop Neural Networks            J. Pihler                                        201-168
with Improved Error Backpropagation
EFQM Excellence Model 2010 Solid                 Jasminka Samardzija, Davorin Kralj               201-166
Framework for Introducing Environmental
Diversity SSC Reception in Correlated            Jelena A. Anastasov, Dragana S. Krstic, Srdjan   201-389
Generalized-K (KG) Fading Environment            M. Jovkovic, Dusan M. Stefanovic, Stefan R.
                                                 Panic, Mihajlo C. Stefanovic
On a Local Model for Finding 4-Dim Duck          Kiyoyuki Tchizawa                                201-445
The Impact of Mismatch Threshold Voltage         Qamil Kabashi, Myzafere Limani, Nebi Caka,       201-439
MOSFETs in Parallel Connection of Push-          Milaim Zabeli
Pull Power Inverter
A Comparative Study of Integrated CMOS           Ryszard Golanski, Juliusz Godek, Jacek           201-466
Filters for Non-Uniform Sampling Delta           Kolodziej, Witold Machowski, Stanislaw Kuta

Lunch-break: 14:00-15:00

CONFERENCE ROOM A’: 15:00-17:00

ACS Session: Distance Learning & E-Learning Applications II

Chair: Petra Poulova, Robert Pucher

Digital Library of University of Maribor (More   Janez Brezovnik, Milan Ojstersek                 201-405
than Just a Bunch of Documents)

Comparative Study of the Moodle and              Martina Manenova, Vera Tauchmanova               201-344
WebCT Management Systems
E-Learning 2.0: Using Mashups in University   Nikola Vlahovic, Zeljka Pozgaj, Vesna Bosilj   201-353
Courses – a Croatian Experience               Vuksic
The Use of a Software Application             Petra Poulova, Ivana Simonova, Pavel Janecka   201-355
Supporting Individual Learning Styles in
GEMIS and QUADRO – Two Projects to            R. Pucher, M. Tesar, T. Mandl, G. Holweg, F.   201-461
Improve Didactics in Computer Science         Schmollebeck
Case Study Tools in the Multimedia            Roman Tomyak, Ivan V. Kazachkov, Torsten H.    201-173
Interactive Teaching-Learning Platform for    Fransson
Energy Technology

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 15:00-17:00

ACS Session: Computer Science: Theory and Applications II

Chair: Mihai Caramihai, Miloslav Hub

Face Recognition in Video Based on One        Marijan Zivic                                  201-460
Frontal View

Fuzzy Application in Bioprocess Control. A    Mihai Caramihai, Cristina Tanase, Camelia      201-351
Case Study                                    Ungureanu, Gheorghe Sarbu, Ana Aurelia
                                              Chirvase, Adrian Onu
Heuristic Evaluation of Usability of Public   Miloslav Hub, Vera Capkova                     201-330
Administration Portal
Multi-Criteria Adaptation Mechanism of        Petr Tucnik, Peter Mikulecky                   201-374
Agent Environment Behavior in Ambient
Intelligence Services
A Tool for the Tag Management for the         Pilar Castro Garrido, Guillermo Matas Miraz,   201-444
Building of Smart Environments                Irene Luque Ruiz, Miguel Angel Gomez-Nieto
Applicability of Six Sigma Methodology for    Stanislava Simonova, Hana Skopeckova           201-342
Services Output Evaluation

Quality of Web-Based Intranet GIS             Jitka Komarkova, Miloslav Hub, Jana            201-453
Application                                   Neumannova, Ondrej Visek
The Computer - Aided Investigation of the     Virgil B. Ungureanu, Daniela Sova, Wilhelm     201-191
Humid Air Processes                           Laurenzi, Gheorghe Bacanu
Informational Inefficiency of Forex Markets   B. Dima, I. Talpos, M. G. Pirtea               201-367
and the Technical Analysis Rules as a
Premise of Automatic Trade: The USD /
CAD Case

CONFERENCE ROOM C’: 15:00-17:00

CSS Session: Advances on Circuits and Systems II

Chair: Miguel Angel Lagunas, Dragana Krstic
Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio in       Miguel Angel Lagunas, Ana I. Perez-Neira,          201-127
Filter-Bank Multi-Carrier Communications      Miguel Angel Rojas
Systems: The Candidate Estimate
SSC Diversity Receiver over Correlated        Mihajo C. Stefanovic, Dragana S. Krstic, Stefan    201-385
Nakagami-M Fading Channels in the             R. Panic, Marija Matovic, Jelena A. Anastasov
Presence of Co-Channel Interference
Relative Gain Array Interaction Analysis of   N. Magaji, M. W. Mustafa                           201-156
UPFC Device for Damping Oscillations
Outage Probability of Macrodiversity System   Nikola M. Sekulovic, Edis S. Mekic, Dragana S.     201-384
in Nakagami-m Fading Channels with            Krstic, Ilija M. Temelkovski, Danijela Manic,
Correlated Gamma Shadowing                    Mihajlo C. Stefanovic
Synthesis and Photoluminescence               Ning Zhanglei, Chang Zhidong, Li Wenjun,           201-333
Performance of Sr-doped Hydroxyapatite        Zhang Jinghua, Liu Yang
Intelligent System for Impaired Speech        Ovidiu Grigore, Corina Grigore, Valentin Velican   201-474
New Methods for the Simulation with Finite    R. Lungu, E. Borgazi, M. Lungu, D. Popa, D.        201-109
Element of the Human Elbow                    Tutunea, M. X. Calbureanu
Application for Boreholes Polygon             Radovan Hajovsky, Petr Vojcinak, Jiri Koziorek     201-365
Temperature Data Analysis

Enhanced Lightweight Medium Access (eL-       Rozeha A. Rashid, L. A. Latiff, W. M. A. Wan       201-402
MAC) Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network     Embong, N. Fisal, S. H. S. Ariffin, S. K. S.
                                              Yusof, Anthony Lo
Proposal of Independent Quantization          Shunsuke Kobayakawa, Hirokazu Yokoi                201-459
Predictive Coding as Learning

Teaching for Sustainable Development          Song Zhu, Davorin Kralj                            201-319

Coffee-break: 17:00-17:30

CONFERENCE ROOM B’: 17:30-20:30

ACS Session: Modelling and Simulation II

Chair: Andrej Kovacic, Calin Ciufudean

Using Petri Net Classes for System            A. Spiteri Staines                                 201-318
Requirements Engineering
Use of Simulation in the Public Sector        Andrej Kovacic, Bojan Pecek                        201-170

Reversible Discrete Event Controllers for     C. Ciufudean, C. Filote                            201-310
Flexible Manufacturing Systems
Determining Geometrical Parameters at         G. Kulvietis, I. Tumasoniene, R. Bansevicius, A.   201-360
Laser Shutter                                 Grigoravicius, V. Jurenas, S. Navickaite
Models and Patterns for Achieving Semantic    Gheorghe Sabau, Alexandra Florea, Mihaela         201-361
Interoperability                              Muntean, Razvan Bologa, Roxana Irimia
Two Degrees-of-Freedom Controller Design      Igor Skrjanc                                      201-455
for Electrical Cart System based on Inverse
Fuzzy Model
About Some Properties of Some Elementary      M. De la Sen, S. Alonso-Quesada                   201-186
Epidemic Models
A Mean-Variance Approach to Fisheries         Marius Radulescu, Constanta Zoie Radulescu,       201-341
Management                                    Magdalena Turek Rahoveanu

Intelligent Sensor Web Management Using       Mehdi Mekni                                       201-450
Multi-Agent Geo-Simulation Techniques

Modelling of Spatial Analyses Processes for   Pavel Sedlak, Jitka Komarkova, Martin Jedlicka,   201-381
Purpose of Detection of Weak Points in        Radek Hlasny, Ivana Cernovska
Barrier-Free Environment
Parallel Metaheuristics for Resource          Plamenka Borovska, Ognian Nakov, Georgi           201-446
Scheduling of Virtualized Multicore           Yanchev