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									Careers in Health Promotion
Demand for Health Promotion employees is increasing rapidly, due largely
to the expanding field being incorporated into a wide range of professional
services. Health Promotion Officers land work in a variety of
employments, whether that be specialised agencies such as the Heart
Foundation or community heath agencies such as Dianella.

Graduates of Health Promotion find employment in a wide range of public
and private health services, health foundations, non-government
organisations,  industry,  and    Commonwealth,    State   and    Local
governments, often as Health Promotion officers.

Health Promotion Officers will work with various groups to improve the
health of individuals and the community. Such tasks may include:
    planning and coordinating Health Promotion programs for
      community groups
    informing and involving other health professionals in community
      health issues
    designing and developing public information campaigns using radio,
      television, newspapers, pamphlets, posters and websites
    designing school curriculum material

Health Promotion Officers will often take part in campaigns and small
community programs covering issues such as family, the environment,
social change, nutrition, exercise, drugs and sexuality.

With experience, Health Promotion officers can progress into supervisory
positions such as Health Promotion Coordinator roles, and managerial
positions as well as international roles.

Skills Needed
    Good oral and written communication skills and the ability to
       develop a build a rapport quickly.
    Be organised and able to be resourceful with a commitment to
       social justice
    Able to work independently as well as part of a team

Health Promotion Information Links:
For further information on Health Promotion see the following links

If you require further information on pathways for a career in Health
Promotion and Health Promotion resources, please read the following
Career Pathway Options
To become a health promotion officer you usually have to study health
promotion at university. Degree course are offered at many of Victorias
leading Universities. The following universities offer bachelor degrees with
majors in health promotion, 3 to 4 years full time or equivalent.
    Australian Catholic University National - Melbourne Campus
    Deakin University - Melbourne Campus
    La Trobe University - Bundoora Campus
    Monash University - Peninsula Campus
    RMIT University - City and Bundoora Campuses
    Swinburne University of Technology - Hawthorn Campus
    University of Ballarat - Mount Helen Campus
    Victoria University - St Albans Campus

For further information on available courses see:
New South Wales / ACT
Northern Territory
South Australia
Western Australia

Contact your University of interest for more information on application
processes and prerequisite requirements.

Health Promotion Resource Links:
Planning and coordinate is a fundamental process within any agency.
Health Promotion programs will often involve a series of phases which
require thorough strategic planning. This often is found to be a complex
process, and for this reason various government and non-government
agencies have developed frameworks or toolkits to assist in best planning
and coordination for programs. These include:

   Victorian
     The Integrated Health Promotion Resource Kit

      ACT
       ACT Online Support for Health Promotion

   Quality Improvement Program Planning System

      Central Sydney Area Health Service
       Program Management for Health Promotion
International Resources
    Canada

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