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									                                                                            Deserts Menu

Movenpick of Switzerland                                Farmhouse Indulgence                 £3.99
Carefully selected ingredients from the world’s         A decadent combination of vanilla swiss chocolate
 nest possible sources.                                 and strawberry ice creams with cream sauce and
Fresh cream from Switzerland                            wafer.
Fruit puree and fruit pieces
No arti cial additives                                  Devilishly Decadent Deli Board       £7.99
100% Natural                                            We challenge you to resist our naughty combina-
100% Pleasure                                           tion of chocolate brownies, mini doughnuts, mini
                                                        waf es and marshmallows. Served with cream,
Ice Cream Flavours:                                     caramel pecan and warm chocolate dips.

Vanilla                 Swiss Chocolate                 Eton Mess                             £3.50
Strawberry              White Chocolate
                                                        Mouscoco                              £3.15
A traditional rich and creamy avour, combined           Mint Parfait                          £3.50
with delightfully crunchy pieces of pistachio.
                                                        Caramel Parfait                       £3.50
Cocoa & Orange
Cocoa ice cream with orange sauce and roasted           Cool Clown                          £2.50
cocoa powder.                                           With chocolate & vanilla ice creams

Rhubarb                                                 Choo Choo Train                       £2.50
Handpicked contrasting pink rhubarb creates this        With chocolate, vanilla & strawberry ice creams
marbled rhubarb dairy ice cream with rhubarb
sauce and rhubarb pieces.                               Banofee Pie                            £3.95
                                                        A classic Banoffee Pie on a crunchy digestive biscuit
Passion Fruit & Mango Sorbet                            base, layered with sliced banana in a caramelised
With this duet of passion fruit and mango, you’ll       condesened milk toffee fudge, piled with fresh
feel like you’ve been carried off to a Paci c island,   whipped cream, garnished with digestive biscuit
exotic and delightful summery.                          crumbs and caramel drizzle.

Lemon Sorbet                                            Chocolate Fudge Cake                   £3.25
This sunny and refreshing lemon sorbet with real        Classic two layers of moist chocolate sponge
lemon zest evokes memories of summer any time of        layered & covered with chocolate fudge. Served
the year.                                               with cream or ice cream.

Blackcurrant Sorbet                                     Tiramisu Gateau                       £4.35
The intense violet colour of our blackcurrant sorbet    A delicious combination of Kenyan coffee, Belgian
comes from the sun-kissed berries that make our         chocolate and fresh cream, inspired by a traditional
sorbet so exquisite.                                    Italian recipe.
Caramel Cheesecake                   £3.40
Delicious double cream cheese rippled with creamy
caramel on a typical American pastry base made of
crumbled short crust pastry.

Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake             £3.40
A delicious double cream cheese laced with rasp-
berry fruit lling on a typically American style short
crust pastry.

Chocolate Tarte                         £3.40
Delicious chocolate crème on a crispy butter short
crust pastry. Entirely covered with bitter sweet
chocolate sprinkles.

Raspberry Cream Cheese                 £3.40
Light sponge layers, separated by a light lling of
cream cheese, lying on a short crust pastry base. It
is then piled high with aromatic raspberries and
fruity an glaze.

Chocolate Brownies & Ice Cream         £3.40
Four rich chocolate brownies served warm with two
spoons of vanilla ice cream and drizzled chocolate

Bramley Apple Pie                      £3.35
Delicious Bramley apples gently baked in rich
golden pastry. Served with your choice of cream,
Cornish vanilla ice cream or rich creamy custard.

1 Scoop                                £1.50
2 Scoops                               £2.75
3 Scoops                               £3.75

                        215 Beechwood Avenue, Coventry, CV5 6HB

                                           Tel: 02476 714 332

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