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					2010-2011 Enrollment Services Report, September 2010
James H. Lynch, Jr., September 2010

This report provides an overview of the 2009-2010 Enrollment Services activities and
results and targets/strategy for the current (2010-11) recruitment cycle. It contains an
important management summary, styled ‚SCORECARD‛ in consideration of the

The report is organized in three parts:
   A. The Fall 2010 class
   B. Raising Visibility/Attracting Applicants
   C. Study Abroad


    Working with global student                      LUMSA partnership
      recruiting agents                               Yellow Ribbon Program
    Commitment to a ‚English for                     Memberships and related
      University Studies‛ program                      recruiting activities
    ‚Doctor on Campus‛- Student                      New SUNY Study Abroad
      Life initiative                                  Partner
    Member: The Common                               Internship program in North
      Application                                      America
    Campus visit tuition credit                      Christian studies programming
      initiated                                       Using MSCHE( confidential-oral
    Regional USA study abroad                         report appropriate)
      sales force established                         Efficiency with applicants
    First ‚AUR OPEN DAY‛-                            First web marketing campaign
      Columbus weekend                                 implemented
    Timely production of
      enrollment material

    Website                                          Key SA Affiliate loss
    General and specific increased                   Limited overall resources
     competition and pricing

2 THREE & OUT (substantial effort expended w/ no gain)
    Direct loan transition, successfully completed
    Change of web hosting provider, successfully completed

A. THE FALL 2010 INCOMING CLASS- relevant information

Approximately half of the incoming class of fall 2010 originates from USA (comparable
to prior year). The class is notably more Italian. The balance is highly diversified and
not conducive to much analysis. Outside of USA and Italy only one nationality is
represented with more than one enrollee (Montenegro).

There are more Archaeology majors than business majors- a degree program clearly in
decline. International Relations is the most enrolled degree program, with a third of all
new students.

58% FTIC, 42% transfer. This is less FTIC than the 78% of fall 2009 (an all time high).

Not surprising the class is majority female (75%).

44% were awarded scholarship support.

                     How did you hear of AUR?
50.0%   47.4%

25.0%                                                                                     21.1%
                                                 10.5%          10.5%
                      5.3%                                                      5.3%
        Internet Through a family Literature High School /      Friend       Fiumicino Study Abroad
                     member (magazine/study College                            Airport
                               abroad book) counselor

                             How did you hear of AUR?





10.0%                                                    7.1%               7.1%

        Internet    Through a family Literature     High School /        College Fair    Friend
                        member      (magazine/study    College
                                      abroad book)   counselor

2010 Degree Seeking Students: Critical Observations:

Achieved significant Degree Student Growth, 59 new students an increase of 18% year
to year.

AUR Yield (% of Admits who enrolled) increased from 28% to 43%. This significant
increase is even more impressive because it was produced by fewer Prospects, fewer
Applicants and Admits. Two conclusions can be drawn. The first and not speculative in
any way is that the application process was effective for applicants. A high level of
communication and personal contact was established and maintained. The second
conclusion that can be rationalized is that the nature of the prospects and applicants
were of a better ‚quality‛ for recruitment purposes.

An in depth analysis of the class of 2010 and our prospect files reveals that that 22
students entered our prospect database because they made application or scheduled a
site visit. 6 made initial enquires to after visiting our website.
(Totaling 50% of enrollees)

25% were a result of a referral of friend, family, staff, alum etc (8) or a referral from a
study abroad experience, program or professional in the USA (7).

The balance, 25%, are traceable back to a specific recruitment activity, search or
reaching out from Enrollment Services Recruiting efforts. (Some of this is itself web based)

28 of 35 applicants who visited the AUR campus enrolled.

The above is fully consistent with the relevant new student survey question
administered upon arrival at AUR, shown in bar graph form, above.


This has been and will continue to be the focus of the ES effort for the 2011 year. AUR
has three broad efforts underway. A general visibility and profile campaign, a targeted
publicity and profile campaign in the international education field and AUR has
scheduled a demanding calendar of student recruitment efforts that is global in scope
and reach.

GENERAL IMAGE/VISIBILITY advertisements (non exhaustive)
   United airlines in flight              24 ORE
   Ryan Air in flight                     Expat Guide to Rome
   Air Tran in-flight                     Wanted in Rome

‚INDUSTRY” IMAGE/VISIBILITY advertisements (non exhaustive)
    NAFSA (website for professional       Private colleges and Universities
     and annual conference materials)     
    IIE                                   ZINCH
    Petersen’s

RECRUITMENT ACTIONS (non exhaustive):
The Enrollment Services Department is committed to a very active year in terms of
AUR’s presence at recruitment fairs, conferences and other events. This will be by far
the most far reaching recruitment activity AUR has yet undertaken and we are very
optimistic we can really start to see results. Many of the key events (e.g. CIS fairs and
events) were effectively closed to us previously because of our former accreditation
status. Other initiatives (such as working with agents) have been long anticipated by
our Recruitment Plan.

AUR will be present in the following locations in pursuit of students. Faculty has come
forward to support this effort in a substantial way.
    PARIS (2x)                       Berlin                      Syria
    Zurich                           ‚CAMPUS‛ fair –             Riyadh, Saudi
    Geneva                             Rome , the high               Arabia
    Locarno                            school fair                Lima , Peru
    Istanbul                         Morocco                     Sao Paulo
    Sofia                            Monaco                      Beijing
    Prague                           Rome                        Moscow
    Bucharest                          private/internatio         Vancouver (2x)
    Belgrade                           nal schools

2011 Degree Seeking Students- Recruitment targets:

Targeting a 15% to 45% increase in AUR-degree-seeking enrollment (68 – 80 New
Students) depending on behavior of the Prospect & Applicant pools. Significantly we
have commenced 8 months earlier than previous recruitment years. We’ve built a solid
base of Prospects. Communication Flow is in place, functional and has been a full 18
month cycle.

As of September 1 AUR has 2144 prospects. This figure is substantially ahead of the
number it was last year at this time. Our new memberships also allow us access to
prospects pools previous closed to us and of seemingly very high value.

              15% Increase in      35% increase       in   45% Increase in
              Enrollment           Enrollment              Enrollment
              Decrease in Apps                             6 % Application
              vs. 2010             2010 behavior           Increase

              "Certain"            "Likely"                "Realistic"

              PROJECT FA LL        PROJECT FALL            PROJECT FA LL
              2011                 2011                    2011

                          %                   %                      %

PROSP ECTS    2,670                2,670                   2,670

APPLICANTS    214         8.00%    251        9.41%        267       10.00%

ACCEPTED      158         73.77%   185        73.77%       197       73.77%

ENROLLED      68          42.96%   80         42.96%       85        42.96%

The COMMUNCATION FLOW Messages at all the Stages (Suspect, Prospect,
Applicant, Admit, Deposit, Pre-Departure) is working well. Modifications were made
as we went along this past year.


The majority of our new class of freshman and transfer students ‚heard of AUR" via the
web. This is not unique to the class of 2010. Our website, web presence and positioning
is hugely important to AUR's future.

AUR has identified for some time the redesign and marketing of our website as a
priority. Through this last academic year, resources allowed only a part time position
dedicated a few hours a week to this process. This spring, a compelled change of web
hosting services further drained the limited resources devoted to this project. Since the summer
departure of this part time web support staff, AUR has been looking for a solution that
will allow us to move forward with this undertaking on a sustained and supported

Effective September 1, 2010 AUR has contracted with Hypergolica, Inc to design and
develop a new website and manage and market our website. Simply put, Hypergolica is
a skilled team of web professionals engaged to spearhead a new era of recruitment
branding and growth via the internet.

They have established a "war-room" on campus.

The new website will be implemented before year end and contains contractual
assurances for delivery. The new website will:

      present an organization of content and information that is easy to navigate, easy to
       update and effortlessly searchable;
      enable a fluid design and multi-media presentation;
      allow secure and moderated content updates from a variety of contributors, which could
       include: administration & faculty ;
      be built with code and architecture that seamlessly evolves with the ever-changing web
       standards and improvements in technology;
      facilitate search engine indexing of content via custom meta data;

Further ,with primary goals of affirming the AUR brand as an innovative and forward
thinking American institution , Hypergolica has been contractually charged with the
maintenance and ongoing development and integration of content and sustaining a
web marketing campaign. For example website performance, visibility and utilization
will be monitored and a Google Ad Words campaign- - will be fully integrated. AUR's
working relationship with Hypergolica was first established this summer on a small web

marketing campaign project basis for the express purpose of trying to attract last minute
applications from selected markets.

Given the nature of this work, Hypergolica has agreed contractually to certain
confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations. A summary of the summer 2010 web
marketing project analysis is attached.


Below is a four-year summary of the SA partnerships and enrolments.

                               Fall    Fall     Fall     Fall
PROGRAM                        2010    2009     2008     2007
Amer ican University           8       5        5        25
Boston College                 11      5        n/a      n/a
Cabr ini                       0       1        5        2
CCIS                           12      25       51       56
Desales                        0       9        10       10
Duquesne                       1       0        0        2
Emory                          3       1        5        3
GW U                           0       4        8        17
Kalamazoo                      12      9        11       12
ISA                            72      79       80       83
La Salle                       8       8        11       9
University of Maryland         20      15       n/a      n/a
Mary mount                     0       0        0        5
MSU- EBSOB                     2       1        3        2
Northeastern University        18      15       n/a      n/a
Philadelphia                   1       36       41       47
PCHE                           7       5        12       5
Sacred Heart University        3       5        5        4
Salve Regina                   4       5        17       9
Scranton                       2       1        n/a      n/a
St. John Fisher                0       0        2        1
St. Joseph's University        12      7        13       22
Towson                         5       7        12       23
University    of   Wisconsin
System                         6       n/a      n/a      n/a
Central Michigan University    2       n/a      n/a      n/a
Drexel University              5       n/a      n/a      n/a
OTHER                          3       1        3        1
Total Study Abroad             217     244      294      338

Market trends:
Universities continue to preach ‘internalization‛ – a strong positive. Meanwhile CFO’s
reinforce trends favoring shorter, lower cost abroad options and limited 1-1 exchanges.
This way they can internationalize, but on a budget. Western Kentucky University is
illustrative. The WKU president and Provost visited AUR this summer and signed, with
some fanfare on both sides, an agreement to cooperate. The new branding of WKU
REACH‛. So off to a good start. The first agreed point of collaboration was a study

abroad opportunity for WKU students. The Director of the Office of International
Programs sent the following (excerpted) upon receipt of the spring 2011 semesters
materials early September 2010,

‛ You list the AUR semester program fee as $7525. WKU in-state tuition comes out to $3,780.
It appears there is a bit of a gap between these costs and my concern is that AUR might place
itself beyond the reach of many of our students. You list the cost of student housing at: $4800.
This is also significantly higher than what WKU students pay to live on or off campus. “
Disconnect between Mission and Reality??

   Insufficient resources dedicated to SA recruitment. Now, a USA ‚junior‛ sales
     force is engaged and deployed (New England, Midwest, California). Specifically
     young enthusiastic alum’s have been engaged on a project basis to reach out for
     AUR. Their contractual charge:‛ represent AUR at various US universities &
       colleges to promote the study programs offered by AUR. It is anticipated the project
       to last about 90-120 days and include research and support activities with respect to
       same. Campus visits are anticipated in addition to other appropriate activities. ”
       Additionally, about a dozen campus SA fairs in USA will be staffed the month of
       September 2010. Mark Sargent is also currently engaged in recruiting new S-A
      Semester enrollment materials, inclusive of US Dollar pricing, where
       appropriate, not sufficiently timely- RESOLVED, spring 2011 materials published
       August 25 2010 and sent to all affiliate programs.
      Perception by some that AUR is too American. LUMSA exchange of great value
       here; special mention in cover letters to affiliate programs and viewbook.

    Drexel (fall only)                                     Florida Atlantic
    LIM                                                    University of North Florida
    Vesalius ( Brussels)                                   Merrimack
    George Mason                                           Molloy
    Central Michigan                                       Clemson
    Western Kentucky                                       Faith based program

CCIS crisis
The numbers speak for themselves here. CSI is dysfunctional at best and the majority of
students are currently being enrolled by Broome Community College (SUNY). BCC was
a viable partner under the direction of Dick and Ellen Romano who were the
international study historical figures in the SUNY system and widely respected. Since

their retirement their numbers have dwindled and represent the last gasp of CCIS. AUR
has reached an agreement with a well regarded 4 year SUNY University (who will also
recruit their own students). At this point this is kept from CSI/BCC until after the spring
recruitment season to allow a smooth transition.

Study Abroad Students- Recruitment targets

For spring 2011 a study abroad enrollment of 355 is projected. Allowing a 5% attrition
rate, assures the budgeted figure of 337 students. A reasonable expectation has been
placed on new affiliations.

PROGRAM                   (target)     SP10   SP09   SP08
Maryland System             65          62     62     79
ISA                         85          53     66     74
Boston College              25          26      8
Philadelphia                 0          24     19     18
CCIS                        40          40     74     99
Northeastern University     16          16      2
American University         10          10      8      9
St. Joseph's University     15           9     17     26
La Salle                     8           9     12     12
Michigan State Business      5           9      9      6
Sacred Heart University      3           8      3      9
Emory                        3           4      4      5
Pittsburgh Consortium        6           3      5      8
Salve Regina                 5           2      4      5
Scranton University          2           1      2
St.John Fisher               2           1      1
Duquesne University          1           1            1
Independent                  1           1            1
Norfolk                      0           1
GWU                          0           0     23     33
Cabrini                      1                  1      3
Marymount                    1                         5
 Wisconsin-Plattville       20           9
Towson                      18          12
Central Michigan             8
New Affiliates              15

Study Abroad Total               355   301     320    393


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