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									                                            OF BEES
                                            & HONEY
                                            NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2008

Moving beehives to the aloe fields, as      brood chamber is the hives’ bottom         the rare in flight mating with virgin      Berg. Once stirred, which is quite
we have seen in the July newsletter,        box and where the queen stays and          queens. I suppose that one could label     easily done, these horrors do not know
is only a small part of Highveld            lays eggs. It has ten frames, and          beekeepers as some sort of sexist          when to let go...
beekeepers’ winter duties.                  usually only the end ones get replaced.    fellows…
                                                                                                                                  The consequences for a beekeeper not
Some of these pursuits have to do           These end frames, as a rule, only have     The reason for such laborious winter       doing his job properly can be most
with hive repair and making new ones,       honey and on occasion some pollen,         activity is simply to make queens feel     hurtful not only to his professional
including catching boxes. It must be        but almost never any brood. The            happy and homely. Like any other           pride, but above all and like anyone
said that these are the same winter         new frames will be positioned in the       busy and fussy house manager they          else, where it hurts most, his pocket...
chores of beekeepers everywhere.            middle of the box.                         do not want any clutter around home
                                                                                                                                  These results become noticeable
                                                                                       when spring comes.
The catching boxes are half size of         To these replacement frames have                                                      when the first honey flow of spring
the broad chambers and have to be           been added full sheets of wax              Another reason for their fussiness is      arrives. Suddenly there are no more
in place by mid August, as the new          foundation, which have imprinted           that something is always left behind       strong hives around, as they have been
swarm season should be starting a           worker cells hexagonal shapes on           after each generation is born out of       reduced to just half of their normal
week or so after that.                      them.                                      the same cells. Eventually the bees        complement of between 50 and
                                                                                       become not only noticeably smaller,        60 000 bees.
The main winter endeavour actually          The male bees or drones are almost
                                                                                       but quite bad tempered. These
consists of replacing at least two          twice as big and aren’t welcome at                                                    Moral of the story? Lots of swarms
                                                                                       shorties are locally called “kranz bees”
frames out of the brood chamber of          all by beekeepers, as they contribute                                                 around and no honey in the hives...
                                                                                       and are the ones that on occasion
every hive a beekeeper may have. The        almost nothing to a hive, except in
                                                                                       seriously terrorise hikers along the

Almost all of the beekeepers make           off their creations...                     condition has been described by an         Any reasonably minded person would
their own hive boxes, which consist                                                    English beekeeper as “a form of mild       have to agree that staying in the
                                            Perhaps it should be said that virtually
of brood chambers, supers, which are                                                   insanity from which you never really       wife’s soft and warm bed would be a
                                            not a single one of these designs ever
smaller sized boxes for honey storage,                                                 recover”.                                  far more pleasant endeavour... Don’t
                                            gets sold.
lids and bases plus the internal frames.                                                                                          you?
                                                                                       Personally I put it in a not so clinical
The reason for such hard wood work          One may end up thinking that
                                                                                       way as on a poster in my stall:            Ha! But there are some positive sides
is not so much with cash savings in         beekeepers are a bit peculiar in their
                                                                                                                                  to such madness.
mind, but above all is a question of        ways...                                    “Every fool has his quirk (an Iberian
professional and personal pride in                                                     saying), Mine is beekeeping”               As long as beekeepers remain active
the way they house their bees. Or at        One of these oddities is perhaps not
                                                                                                                                  (more often than not there is no
least this is the way they like to see it   being all that keen in spending their      How otherwise could one explain the
                                                                                                                                  retirement for them), get stung
themselves.                                 precious time in socialising. It does      reason, or reasons, that willingly drive
                                                                                                                                  regularly without boozing with it and
                                            not matter from which country or           someone to spend night after night
                                                                                                                                  keep eating lots of bee pollen, they
Besides personal versions of standard       even Continent they may come. When         bending their back while working
                                                                                                                                  should live a longer, healthier and
hive designs, which must be seen as         invited to go somewhere, for instance      their hives and suffering excruciating
                                                                                                                                  more fruitful life than most.
not all that odd, some go through the       to dinner, the answer tends to always      pain with it? Either shivering in icy
large burden of time and expenses           be the same:                               winter, or sweating their hearts out in    Years ago one used to hear stories
by patenting their own creations of                                                    summer with all the double layers of       affirming that the reason for the
machinery used in large scale honey              “I am very sorry, but at that time
                                                                                       denim for protection, claustrophobic       extremely long lived people in some
extraction.                                 I need to go to see my bees...”
                                                                                       head covering, extra thick long            areas of the Caucasus were due to the
                                            Perhaps the expressions to define          rubber gloves and riding boots?            yogurt they ate. How come if all ate
Others build incredible elaborate
                                            them could be something like;              Not to mention being frequently            it, only the village beekeepers were
prototypes of trailers. Without doubt,
                                            sensitive and reserved types, of a         covered with extremely annoyed and         positively affected by it?
the crowning piece on them must be
                                            solitary disposition and who find their    aggressive bees trying all the time to
the hive loading mechanisms, which                                                                                                Things like arthritis, gout, high blood
                                            happiness among this most sociable         find the smallest chink in the armour?
without fail are both unique and                                                                                                  pressure, cholesterol, Parkinson’s
                                            of animals.                                It must be said that if an opening
ingenious.                                                                                                                        disease and other auto-immune
                                                                                       happens to be there, they definitely
                                            The amateur beekeepers often see                                                      problems, including cancer should not
You should see the long suffering                                                      will find it.
                                            their hobby as some sort of affliction                                                bother them.
spouse’s expressions when they show
                                            and suffering from “Bee Fever”. This
In the previous newsletter I             only there at that place, but above
mentioned the alleged healing            all in such a vocation... It took quite
properties of Aloe Honey.                a resolution not to walk away and to
                                         turn back to finish the job.
Some recent work done at my bees
in the aloe flowering areas makes        In the end the fault was all mine. I
me firmly vouch for the incredible       redesigned a previously very efficient
strengthening properties of its pollen   veil that had worked for many years
first hand.                              for a perceived better one.
Normally bee stings are regarded as      Basically the Velcro seal was not up
no more than an occupational hazard      to scratch, as the top layer of it kept
by beekeepers, who have built up an      curling up just a few millimetres,
immunity to its poison. It must be       which was enough to allowed a few
pointed out that normally all that       determined intruders’ through.
is required to obtain that immunity
                                         The next day the tailor added an
is eight stings. After the bees have
                                         extra Velcro flap, so as to double its
spent two months at the aloes this
                                         sealing efficiency.
can change, and I describe it here
with some personal experience.           I couldn’t see myself doing it again
                                         without added safety assurances...
Immediately as the first sting strikes
in and the acute and long lasting        Three days after this occurrence
burning starts its work, all the         the horrors were moved to later
previous opinions and resolutions        flowering aloes. Although both
about stings being just a small          myself and helper were stung a
nuisance will go overboard, even         few times while doing it, for some
by the most die-hard of beekeepers.      reason the sting had lost its sudden
Steve, the stoic and unflappable         explosive power, as the intensity was
helper was hit twice and in the same     no more than the usual irrelevant
place on the lower lip and suddenly      mosquito bite.
was emitting sounds that could
almost be describing as whimpering...    Luckily the new site is near some
                                         orange plantations and hopefully
By the forth on my face I was asking     from where the following honey crop
myself what on earth I was doing not     will come from.

Bees have lately been in the news        within four years if the bees were no     from very serious bacterial attacks of       Before the African bees arrived on
from diverse parts of the world as       longer around.                            “foul brood”, to the parasitic verroa        the scene in Brazil, where they were
they seem to mysteriously abscond                                                  mite, as far as I know no African            taken to and crossed with European
                                         Initially some quirky reasons were
from their hives as if into thin air.                                              beekeeper has to medicate his or her         ones, there was no large scale honey
                                         bandied about to explain their
While abandoning their hives,                                                      hives for any reason whatsoever.             production worth mentioning. Now
                                         disappearance, like radiation from
they also leave behind their young                                                                                              that country is one of the top four
                                         cell phone masts.                         The Americans with their propensity
brood and even their queens, which                                                                                              producers in the world.
                                                                                   for hyperbole have named the
normally they would never do.            Recently most bee experts believe
                                                                                   Africanized bees that escaped from           African bees are not only more
                                         that bees could be falling sick due to
If the importance of pollination by                                                Sao Paulo, Brazil and travelled all the      resistant to disease, they also are two
                                         a combination of factors, including
(beekeepers) bees into agricultural                                                way to their Southwest, “Killer Bees”.       to three times more productive than
                                         pesticide exposure, invasive parasitic
food production is taken into                                                                                                   their European cousins.
                                         mites, an inadequate food supply          It seems that they are now the
consideration, the stark facts are: No
                                         and a new virus that targets bees’        victims of their demonization of a           Perhaps another American propensity,
more bees means, no more fruit, no
                                         immune systems.                           bee that could be the answer to their        the “suing syndrome” that seems to
more nuts or vegetables.
                                                                                   existing problems.                           affect them, may be one of the main
                                         This virus seems to target the bees’
California’s almond production                                                                                                  reasons beekeepers there are afraid
                                         immune systems in the same way as         The first thing a new born queen
requires a staggering amount of                                                                                                 to farm with such demonized “pests”.
                                         the AIDS virus does with humans.          does is to kill her royal siblings, even
about a million and a half hives for
                                                                                   while they are still in their cells. If it   Ok, they are tough and defensive,
its pollination, some of them even       The solution to this potentially
                                                                                   is taken into consideration that the         but wouldn’t you be if you had two
coming all the way from Australia.       cataclysmic event could be the
                                                                                   European queens take 21 days to be           such incredibly implacable predators
                                         replacement of the more docile and
The contribution to American                                                       born and the African ones only 19, in        to content with, African man and the
                                         health fragile European bees for their
agriculture by bee pollination is                                                  no time the African genes should take        ratel? Perhaps pure Darwinism with
                                         much tougher African version.
estimated at about 15 billion dollars,                                             over. All it means is that the so-called     its survival of the fittest may be a
or about 80% of its total.               While beekeepers that keep European       Africanized bees should be almost            logical explanation for it.
                                         bees in various Continents treat them     pure African bees.
Einstein did mention that mankind
                                         for a number of complaints, ranging
as we know it would cease to exist
NEW PRODUCTS                                                                       BEE PRODUCTS
SUN & HEALING LOTION                                                               & DIABETES
Although it has been available for         It should be mentioned that the tests   • The body does not treat honey as a       rush blood and antibodies with it to
some time, I haven’t yet described it      done to come to such conclusions        sugar.                                     the affected (and blood circulation
properly.                                  were on the immediate results and                                                  starved) areas.
                                                                                   • Honey stimulates the pancreas to
                                           not on the long term effects.
The reasons for having spent such                                                  secrete insulin.                           • Daily intake of Bee Pollen will
an enormous amount of time as I            • Accepting the reality that there                                                 add most vitamins, minerals, trace
                                                                                   • Except if highly contra-indicated by
did in research trying to find the         is nothing out there that offers full                                              elements and amino acids that
                                                                                   a specialist, honey not only can, but
best possible natural ingredients          protection from the mid-day sun and                                                diabetics may lack to lead a healthier
                                                                                   should be given to diabetes sufferers.
from which an outstanding all-round        its three types of UV.                                                             life. It should be mentioned that
lotion could be made, were:                                                        • Honey and cinnamon will bring and        contrary to most supplements in
                                           • Eliminating the incredible list
                                                                                   keep sugar levels down.                    pill form, Bee Pollen constituents
• The double whammy of the                 of preservatives, emulsifiers,
                                                                                                                              are in absolute organic form, are
Highveld very high ultra-violet            carcinogenic chemicals and minerals,    • Honey on its own can actually cure       highly concentrated, mostly in the
radiation and air dryness.                 perfumes, petrol based creams,          diabetes.                                  right proportions and totally easy to
                                           animal fats and other undesirable
• New research pointing fingers at                                                 • Use of propolis can greatly reduce       assimilate.
                                           contents in the ingredients list.
Queensland were there has been a                                                   the daily intake of insulin by sufferers   Please see relevant information on
big increase in skin cancers due to        • To create a product that could be     who have to do it, but without ever        medicinal uses of honey, honey and
the use and abuse of the so called         used daily as a hand, body and face     being able to replace it.                  diabetes, bee pollen, propolis and
“Sun Blocks” and its carcinogenic          cream/lotion/ moisturizer.
                                                                                   • Honey together with propolis             bee venom on the section “Medicine
components, namely chemicals and
                                           Literally, from head to foot.           should be able to cure most diabetic’s     from the Bees” of my website, www.
                                                                                   ulcers. In extreme cases bee venom         thehoneybear.co.za
                                           • It had to offer some wide spectrum
It specifically mentioned that after                                               treatment may be recommended, by
                                           UV protection.                                                                     PS. When I mention honey, I mean
two hours of being applied, the                                                    stinging the area around and below         pure raw honey, not the “commercial”
UV radiation would break down              • Should help with allergies like       it, so to force the immune system to       equivalent.
both the UV protection chemicals           eczema, other skin infections, sun
and minerals used as reflectors,           burns, sun spots and insect bites.
namely zinc and titanium oxides.
                                           • The outstanding and time tested

                                                                                   AFRICAN TRAGEDY
When broken down they would be
transformed into new compounds,            bee products, Honey, Propolis and
which were then absorbed to the            Beeswax would be central to its
skin’s deeper layers. Perhaps “time        formula.
                                                                                   My assistant Steve recently spent          going through the bush trying to
bombs” would be a reasonable               So far comments and testimonials        some time around Matabeleland in           gather honey by burning wild hives at
description.                               from users have been exceptionally      Zimbabwe. Like any other beekeeper         night, so that the bees wouldn’t have
• FDA (American Federal Drug               positive.                               anywhere he wanted to see what             a chance to defend themselves. The
Agency) report that 65% of all                                                     might be in flower at that time of         direct consequence of these actions
“Sun Blocks” not only offered no                                                   year, and at least try to see any bees     was that virtually all bee population
protection whatsoever, but actually                                                around doing their daily chores.           had been eliminated from vast tracks
were quite damaging to the users                                                                                              of land.
                                                                                   Intrigued after a week of not being
health. Most of the others were not
                                                                                   able to see a single bee, he started       What was even more frightening
so bad, but didn’t help much either.
                                                                                   to ask around if the people knew the       was that people in those areas had
                                                                                   reason for their absence.                  no understanding whatsoever of the
                                                                                                                              importance of the bees to their well-
                                                                                   The explanation given to him was
                                                                                                                              being and ultimate survival.
                                                                                   that groups of wandering men were
OF THE DAY                                                                         FEEDBACK THANKS
                                                                                   Feedback on the contents of this           To all the questions, comments and
Contrary to sugar, honey not only
                                                                                   second newsletter would be most            feedback on my first newsletter.
stops teeth cavities by eliminating
                                                                                   appreciated.                               These ranged from being a bit too
the bacteria that causes it, it actually
                                                                                                                              long and “academic” from one
whitens them. This is naturally                                                    I would also like your opinion             quarter, which somehow I must
done and is due to its high acidity                                                on the desirability of the high            agree, to being so positive as to
content. In actual fact, some people                                               concentration of information in it.        be asked how soon I could send
use it instead of the not so healthy
                                                                                                                              the next one. I was even asked for
soapy commercial alternative. A
                                                                                                                              permission for it to be used in a
drop or two of propolis in it would
                                                                                                                              chef’s manual of instruction.
even further improve its efficiency.
When done, it can be swallowed, so
allowing it to start doing its next
jobs, like eliminating toxins from the                                                       CONTACT DETAILS
digestive tract.                                                                       KIM MORGADO 082 558 6666

What a pleasure…                                                                       KIM@THEHONEYBEAR.CO.ZA

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