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                                             The Breed
                                         MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre, Suite 276, Private Bag X16, Constantia, 7848

 Issue 2006/10                                                                                                        OCTOBER 2006 a
             Club Officials 2006/2007
                                                                                         .GOOD      OLD DAYS
                      Frank Peché                              A few members of the Jaguar Club have decided to get a few
       Ph: 028 423-3018 ; Email: fankp@mweb.co.za
                                                             legends of the “Good Old Days” to come and address them, and
                                                             afford them an opportunity to meet the man behind the legend. We
                       Susan Tuck
                     Charles Batham
                                                             felt that this would provide an occasion where motoring enthusiasts
                                                             can get together and get to know each other over a few beers, and
                                                             celebrate our motoring history. South Africa has an exceptionally rich
              Ralph Clarke and Brian Hogg
                                                             motorsport history, and the idea is to remember and re-live this
                       Chairman                              wonderful era.
                       Roger Lewis
                    Ph: 021-712-4806                         We have approached several drivers from days gone by, and we had
                 Honorary Secretary                          an enthusiastic response. Future speakers include Sarel van der
                    Margaret von Zeil                        Merwe, Dave Charlton, Arnold Chatz and Coenraad Spamer among
      Ph: 021-531-9370; Email:mvonzeil@pgwc.gov.za
                 Honorary Treasurer
                  Mervyn Corbishley                          We would like to take this opportunity to invite you and members of
   Ph: 082 824-5440; Email: mgcorbishley@iafrica.com         your club to join us, and look forward to meeting the MG boys at these
                  Social Secretariy                          occasions. It would also be good to have our parking lot graced by a
                     Rosalie Plows                           few of your lovely cars.
                   Ph 021 762 4748
       Email: rose@admin.sunlands.wcape.school.za            Should you have any questions, please contact me (George van der
               Competition Secretary                         Merwe 072 907 7047 or georgevdm@telkomsa.net)
                    James Reinhardt
Ph: 082 821-9157; Email: james.reinhardt@worldonline.co.za
                                                                     FROM THE CHAIR
                 Register Secretary                          Those of you traveling to the Cape Cen-              IN THIS ISSUE
                     Peter Napier                            tre’s gathering in Knysna I wish you a
     Ph: 021-712-1552; Email: panman@absamail.co.za          safe journey and pleasant experiences
          Editor / Publications Secretary                    en route.
                                                             Those of you that took part in the recent      Classifieds          Page 15
                      Rosalie Plows
                Ph: 021-762-4748; Email:
                                                             Brian Porter rally will agree that it was a
           rose@admin.sunlands.wcape.school.za               lot of fun, a little taxing at times but a     Club Calendar             2
                                                             great event which hopefully was enjoyed
                 Veterans’ Secretary
                                                             by all.                                        General Meeting           11
                      Jo Hitchcock                           Prior to the start Lucille ten Oever was in
             Ph: 021-939-3803; 082-4461092
                                                             quite a flap trying to get her stop watch to   Past Events
                      Ex Officio                             work, by the end however, with or without
                                                                                                            Brian Porter Rally        12
                                                             the watch she managed to keep Bill on
                         Club PRO
                                                             track to the winning post with only an
                                                                                                            Hexpas Express            5
            Robin Rich - Ph/fax: 021 903-3426
                                                             incredible error of a few seconds, quite       Killarney Track day       11
                Membership Secretary                                                                        MG/Sunbeam Run 7
        Hildegarde Rich – Ph/fax: 021 903-3426;              an achievement.
               Email: hfrich@hotmail.com                     Well done to you both. I am usually            Whales & Wheels           4
                  Clubhouse Manager                          happy if I am within 10 seconds of the
          George Dommisse - Ph: 021 685-3489                 controls, now the ani has been upped.          Minutes                   13
                         Spares                              James, thanks from us all for a great
             Mike Plows - Ph: 021 762-4748;                  event.                                         Potential Wheelnut        3
       Email: rose@admin.sunlands.wcape.school.za
                                                             Thanks to all those who put their cars             problem               3
                       Regalia                               forward for the Hout Bay event.
            June Stoddart—Ph 021 791 3343                     will not be at the next meeting so please
                                                                                                            R Type returns to UK      6
                                                             give our vice Chair a good run                 MGC’s Engine              8
                  Register Captains:
                                                                                                            Indoor Karting            3
  MMM and T-Types: Joan Parker Ph: 021 671-8379              See you soon
  MGA: George Davey 021 797 7954                                                                            Regalia Lists             14
                                                                                   Roger                    Secretaries Corner        3
  MGB and Moderns: Peter James Ph: 083 448-2679
The Breed October 2006

This Month —October                 …...
                Sunday       CLASSICS IN THE BAY will be held on Sunday 10 October 2006 between 10am and
     1                       5pm, at the Kronendal Primary School, Andrews Road (across from Hout Bay Museum
                             and Information Centre.) This Event is organized by the Rotary Club of Hout Bay. All
                             proceeds go to upgrading the Kronendal School facilities and children’s welfare project.
                             Free entrance, breakfast and beer for classic car owners and their families. For more
                             information contact Roger Lewis 021 7124806 or 082 8877 409
  5-8           Thur—Sun     .“Last Fling” Cape Centres Gathering at Lake Brenton Resort - see August
                             Breed page 7 for more details and Registration form

  11            Wednesday    General Meeting at the Club House

                             Rotary Car Show in Ceres—MG members are invited to show their cars contact
  23            Saturday
                             Jo Hitchcock if interested 939 3803 or 082 4461092

                             Veterans—Breakfast run to Franschhoek . Depart Engen-One-Stop on N1 by
  26            Thursday     9:00 to arrive for breakfast at approximately 10:00 After breakfast we shall pay a
                             visit to the Information Centre at the New Berg River Dam which promises to be
                             very interesting This will be followed by a scenic drive home over Helshoogte
                             Contact person Jo Hitchcock 939 3803 or 082 446 1092

next month – November …...

          8    Wednesday    General Meeting at the Club House

          12    Sunday      Economy Run - Details in the next Breed

          30 Thursday       Veterans Lunch at Simonsvlei. Meet at Engen—One Stop on N1 at 10.00. De
                            part 10.30 on scenic drive to Simonsvlei. Visit Wine Sales and then have lunch
                            at approximately 12.00. Contact Jo Hitchcock 021 939 3803 or 082446 1092

Dec       l    Friday       Veterans together with Overberg. Cherry picking. Stay over at Prince Alfred
                            Hamlet Hotel. This outing depends on number of people interested. Contact Jo
on                          021 9393803 or 082 446 1092 or Frank Peche at 028 423 3018 or email

and the next month—December…….
     6         Wednesday    General Meeting at the Clubhouse—NOTE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH

     10        Sunday       Christmas family bring and braai or picnic in Somerset west— more details next month.
                            Contact persons John Lock or Dieter & Lorraine Reck.

Page 2
                                                                                            The Breed October 2006


Wedding—Lionel Baird and Mattie—1st September

Deaths: Freda van Zyl, ex member and sister of Philip Hitchcock and Hilda Clarke—24th August 2006
        Robin Rich’s Mother passed away after a stroke, almost 94 years old—Deepest sympathy to
        Robin and his family

Willie Engledoe passed away see Obituary on page 10

#1171 Graham & Linda Hibban, 4 Avenue Beaumont, Constantia, FM, MGA


Birthdays—October                                               21      Johann Marais
1      Mary Buxton Forman, Dick Kruisinga                       22      Stephan Levetan
2      Joyce Roy, David Wesson,                                 23      Patric Coyne, Hildegard Rich
3      Ian Jay                                                  26      Douglas Peiser, Marilyn Poole
4      Tony Frew                                                28      Leon Johnson
7      Philip Hitchcock                                         29     Tpys zjromxr
10     Barry Henning                                       28   Rota Heinze
11     Bill Ten Over, David Gough, Eric Lothaller          29   Dot Jack
13     Mark Roux                                           November
14     Grenville Wilkinson                                 2    Penny Blackburn
15     Dieter Reck, William Stafford, Christiaan Operman   3    Judy Ziervogel, Charmaine Ferreira
17     Jennifer Lock                                       5    Justin Hewitt
18     Neil Beck, Ray Heinze                               7    Arauna Wesson
                                                           8    Mervyn Corbishley

                          POTENTIAL WHEEL NUT PROBLEM – MG MODERNS
                                               By Tony Greenwood

My new(ish) MGTF came fitted with locking wheel nuts as standard. I imagine the same goes for all recent
 In discussion with Michael (the former workshop manager at MG) I was advised that there had been a
number of locking wheel nut failures whereby the plastic pin in the special socket breaks off making it im-
possible to remove the locking nut and wheel. As if this isn’t potentially disastrous enough there seems to
be doubt as to whether a coded replacement can currently be obtained from the UK.
 His advice was to change the locking wheel nuts before an emergency arises.
I was referred to Ahmed at Tyger Wheel & Tyre, Century City where the item was in stock for under
R400.00. I have not verified the information I was given but it hardly seems worth the risk not to change

                                             INDOOR KARTING
The MG Car Club has been approached by the Triumph Sports Car Club to take part in their indoor karting
event next year. This time its hired karts at the Kenilworth indoor kart track, and not your car on a kart
track! We don’t want to go in cold though, so I think we ought to have some practice beforehand. If I can
get enough interest, I will organize an indoor GP in October or November. Cost would be R125, we need a
minimum of 18 people and everybody is guaranteed at least 2 races (more if you make it through the
heats).   If you would like to take part, please contact me on 082 821 9157 or email at

                                                                                                            Page 3
The Breed October 2006

                                     WHALES & WHEELS—Hermanus
                                                                                              By Frank Peche

With the traffic madness of getting into Hermanus during the Whale Festival, and especially so on the Sat-
urday the Club decided that members living in the Overberg should represent the Club at the Car Show
together with those that wanted to make a weekend of the event.
Members from the far end of the Overberg, Swellendam, Greyton and Napier met at van Brakel’s Store and
then motored through to Hermanus via Stanford. The short MG convoy plus a DS21 Citroen and a “plastic”
was led by Larry Collins in his beautiful recently restored TC, (it was the first longish trip that the car was
doing) and we traversed one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the region over the Akkedisberg
On the outskirts of Hermanus we were held up by competitors in a fun-run, which caused traffic to be
backed up for kilometres. Once through the bottleneck other MGs waiting along the route to the Show
Ground joined us. The organization at the venue was slick and members of the club who live in Hermanus
marshalled us into place.
The Wheels Show was in its fifth year, and had grown from about fifty cars in the first year (Viv James won
Car of the Day then) to well over two hundred during the current show. Most of the classic car clubs were
represented and the fourteen MGs received plenty of attention from visitors. The coverage of the marque
was good, with, TC,TD,TF, YA, MGA, MG1100,MGB, MGBGT and modern TF being on show.
Live musical entertainment was provided, foodstalls and liquid refreshment tents were within walking dis-
tance and spare parts suppliers and model classic car sellers did a thriving business. For participants at
the show, time was spent meeting up with old friends, making new ones and generally having a good day
with people with like interests.
The 2007 Show should be even bigger and better!!

This Breed is full of reports on runs and events and lots of photographs—it has been a real pleasure to do
this Breed as the contributions this months have been so great. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have had-
putting it together. So please put pen to paper or pull out that article which you think might be of interest to
other club members - remember this is your magazine. Have a good month Rosalie

Page 4
                                                                                       The Breed October 2006

                                                     By June Stoddart

Everything started fine at the Engen One Stop garage until Liz and Tony arrived topless in their TF—I knew
I was doomed for the day. Because of the freezing weather and I was trying to get rid of a cold. George
agreed to keep on the top on. However when John and Jenny Locke arrived also in their TF and pro-
ceeded to also go topless I was horrified. Two against one! I had no option but to stand my ground. Our
next stop was Ultra City Stop, Worcester where we were to meet Eileen and Brian who stay in Riebeeck
Kasteel. Unfortunately en route one of our new members, Graham Hiddan in his MGA and on his first out-
ing blew a head gasket but was very kindly towed by Geoff Husk in his plastic on this outing. The Trip to
our place of departure for our trolley train trip was very pleasant as the Worcester area is beautiful and we
saw quite a lot of snow on the peaks of the Matroosberg mountains. We eventually reached our meeting
point “Veldskoon Padstal” and 14 MGs and 2 plastics assembled to enjoy the day. We were enthusiasti-
cally greeted by our tour guide, Stephaan Jordaan and shown to our transport which was an OLD Bedford
truck converted with the seats running the full length of the back. When we were told to make a loo stop
before we left because our next stop was an hour away my heart dropped. I thought one hour in this vehi-
cle—you must be joking! However to our delight a kilometer away we were presented with our transport for
the day which was the trolley train. To give members who were not present an idea what this vehicle—it is
a tractor modified with track wheels that pulls open carriages of which there were three accommodating all
28 of us. The railway line we were on was the original line from Cape Town to Kimberley later extended to
Johannesburg. Our trip was compiled of many stops detailing flora common to the area such as the botter-
boom and kriemsiektebos which when grazed by animals is deadly. There were too many plants to men-
tion but a few there was an abundance of Sosatiebos Malva, and Melktoubos. We were also treated half
way up the track to a short refreshment stop with stunning views and a glass of cold KWV Muscadel. It
really hit the spot after the cold wind as we progressed higher the wind subsided and it turned out very

What was of great interest while traveling through this territory was the British troops during the Boer War
passed through this area and there were many inscriptions carved onto the stone in an open tunnel, sol-
diers who had added history with inscribing names and places of birth from the UK. There were two tun-
nels—one built by hand in 1876 and completed in 1889 which is now obsolete because it became too nar-
row to accommodate the modern train. From this historic place we arrived at our lunch venue which was a
delightful spot all set with tables and chairs at the old railway station called Tunnel Station. Complete with
springbok, ostrich, ducks, tortoise and even a swimming pool in that remote area. Not to mention the resi-
dent dog who climbed on the trolley just before we arrived for lunch looking for a nibble. We all provided
our own padkos and after a few glasses of wine plus some sustenance we were on our way again. Our trip
down the mountain was very enjoyable sighting a few baboons and buck. We were cordially invited to join
Marylin and Keith to celebrate the 70th birthday of their 1936 MG SA and toasted the old lady with cham-
pagne. True to form when we arrived back to collect our cars our lady luck Eileen who normally loses her
glasses lost one of her shoes on the trip—so Stephaan has his week cut out trying to find it. Well done Jo
for organizing such a delightful day . We really enjoyed it.

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The Breed October 2006

                                   With thanks to MG Enthusiast for permission to print this article

 In 1963 the R-type was acquired by MG Car Club member Ralph Clark, then a director of Leyland SA, who
repatriated it from a Bulawayo scrapyard to his Cape Town home. Over the next 24 years he spent pains-
taking hours gathering information on the car’s background and collecting vital information for total restora-
tion, including re-uniting the chassis with its original engine, which had remained with a previous owner in
Durban. The immaculate and highly detailed restoration was completed in time for an international meeting
held in South Africa in 1988 to mark the centenary of the birth of founder Cecil Kimber and for the next 12
years Ralph cherished an important part of MG history he had almost singlehandedly recreated.

With limited opportunity to show or use the car, Ralph decided somewhat reluctantly to let it pass on to a
new keeper, but shortly after it changed hands, the ex-Doreen Evans R-type had been crated and shipped
back to the UK where it was sold by H&H Auctions in July 2000 for 126,000 pounds to Graham Galliers.
He recommisioned the car ready for racing although it never returned to the track. After five years of own-
ership the ex-Doreen Evans car was on the move again and re-appeared at an H&H action in February
2006, this time the car sold for a slight premium at a reported 130 000 pounds

The new owner, Mark Piercy, a well known racer of pre-war MGs including the Tuned K3 Special, acquired
the car specifically for racing. His goal was to have the R-type race ready for this year’s International NG
Meeting at Silverstone and during the spring of 2006 the car was stripped back to the chassis and compo-
nents prepared for racing by Tom Dark in just six weeks. The first return to a circuit though did not bode
well when, at the VSCC Spring Meeting held at Silverstone, the R-type suffered teething problems on its
very first lap when the gearbox stuck in fourth. Within a couple of weeks it re-appeared and spectators were
treated to the rare sight of one of MG’s most illustrious racing cars being driven as its designers intended.

 Throughout its short, chequered production and racing life the MG R Type earned the reputation as one of
those ‘if only’ models, Thankfully, due to the foresight and painstaking efforts of enthusiasts, these rare ex-
amples are once again being returned to the track where others can appreciate the significant efforts of Ab-
ingdon’s highly talented workforce. Of all the ten R-types produced, the ex-Doreen Evans example remains
one of the most original and successful and it is encouraging to see that, despite the car’s great monetary
value, owners are willing to share their tenure with the wider MG audience.

Newsflash—The R type came 2nd in a 12 lap race at Goodwood Revival, a Classic Car Meeting in the UK,
on the 3rd of September—the driver/owner, is Mark Piercy

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                                                                                                 The Breed October 2006

     2006 Joint Fun Run of the MG / Sunbeam / Morris / Jaguar Drivers
                 Clubs on Sunday 10 September to Ceres
                                                                                    Submitted by Margie von Zeil

It would be nice to start off by saying “the day dawned bright and clear” but truth was it was cold and blustery with a
fierce wind, but thankfully no rain, when we started gathering at the Multi Car Club in Parow for the Joint Fun Run of the
four car clubs, namely MG CC CTC, Sunbeam Club, Morris Minor Club and Jaguar Drivers Club before the start.
The 2006 event was hosted by the Jaguar Drivers Club and cars were lined up expertly in an organized
manner as they arrived. All in all roughly 30 cars took part, consisting of 10 MG’s, 2 Sunbeams, 10 Morris
Minors and the rest Jaguars, with a fabulous assortment of shapes (MG’s), sizes (Jaguars) and col-
ours(Morris) from all clubs.
 Our Club was represented by Chris & Karin Champion (MGA Twin Cam), Andre Groenewald (MGB); Bugs
Crighton (MGA), John & Jennifer Lock ( MG RV8); George & Sandy Dommisse( MGB); Dereck Smith (TC);
George & June Stoddart (TF); Eric Plant & Maureen (MGB); Margie von Zeil & George Davey (MGB) and
an MGB owned by Pat Coyne.
 On arrival each car was given a “Jaguar goodie bag” generously filled with useful items, namely Meguiars
car polish sample (fabulous stuff !); A Michelin Man airfreshner; Peartisers ( the new Appletiser drink ); A
Harvard Chemical Industry FLIGHT hand cleaner ( which works well – already tried it); Kettle Chips and, of
course the Jaguar bag itself, replete with leaping cat. Thanks to the sponsors – the “padkos” was of great
value, especially for some of the competitors, who took some unintentional extensions to the trip.
 My MGB was the first car off, ably driven by George Davey – and less ably navigated by me, with the in-
struction sheet in kilometers, the odometer in miles and not a calculator to be seen ! There was much fren-
zied scribbling, estimating and calculating for the first few miles ( kms ?) until it seemed easier to go for ES-
TIMATES rather than accuracy ! We were closely followed by Bugs Crighton, right up to the point of over-
shooting a turning, which admittedly was an error on the rally sheet rather than driver or navigator error !
 There followed another interesting detour, by taking the Paardeberg turn before the correct one (don’t say
you weren’t warned…. !) and it was heartening to see that after we turned back and retraced our extra
miles, that there were many other cars which we waved merrily at as we sped back to the main road !
 One of my highlights was the gorgeous red E-type which kept speeding by, taking an “optional extra” route
and speeding by again. I just love that roar of a V12 in a hurry !
 The regularity section was done in time to enjoy the beauty of the Bainskloof and Mitchells Passes, and
there followed a tour of Basil Wesson’s car collection, which was much enjoyed by all, and a delicious lunch
at the Ceres Golf Club, which had no electricity for the day.
 Many of the competitors had left by the time an exhausted looking Rudy Schats emerged with the results,
but on his announcing the provisional results, I was delighted beyond reason ( as well as amazed ) that the
little red MGB which started the rally at the front was also the winner of the event ! So with a quick victory
photo to prove it, and grasping 6 bottles of winners red wine, we headed back to Cape Town.
                                                                                 Confirmed results will follow, but
                                                                                they won’t get the wine back, even if
                                                                                we don’t get the trophy !

                                                                                Photo of Margie von Zeil and
                                                                                George Davey with the Multi Club
                                                                                Trophy—unfortunately the calcula-
                                                                                tions were incorrect and they did-
                                                                                n’t win the run. O well, Margie
                                                                                has the wine and the photo!!! See
                                                                                the results on page 10

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The Breed October 2006

                               THE MGC’s ENGINE. A short History
                                                                                       By The African Kid
This project at B.M.C. was coded ADO 52 for the MG & ADO51 for the other cars that were to get this 6-
cylinder, 3 litre engine.
Those “Groot Koppe” at B.M.C. in those days, late 50’s & early 60’s considered various six cylinder en-
gines for their new cars. The big six-cylinder engine of the Big Healeys not ideal, too agricultural! An-
other engine basically an extra two cylinders added to a B-series engine to make it a six & developed by
the ozzies, was not considered due to economical & practical difficulties. At the time a 4 litre Austin & a
Rolls Royce engine of the same capacity were considered but eventually turned down due to age & bulk
& not suitable for a sports car. Economics was mentioned at all their meetings.
Obviously, they concluded, a revised six-cylinder 3-litre was needed which B.M.C. eventually approved.
This “new” unit was more a modification & redesign of the C-series engine & done by the same designers
& engineers at Morris engines. The main objective in design was it had to be physically smaller & the
lighter the better. The boffins also had to take into consideration more stringent rules regarding exhaust
pollution. It also had to be more refined, it was going into an MG after all, so the agri. 4 bearing crank be-
came a seven bearing crank.
Those in the know didn’t seem to know much about aluminum to reduce weight & never considered using
it for this new engine as Buick had done for their V8 which was eventually to find it’s way into the MGB GT
The usual cast iron block & head was used to the economics of the whole project. In the end the new 3
litre engine which retained the same bore, stroke & 2912cc capacity of the engine it replaced, turned out
to be 20lbs lighter at 567lbs & 3/4” shorter The comparative figures were as follows:
               Engine                          Max Power                 Max Torque
         Austin Healy 3000              150bhp (net) at 5250 rpm         173lb ft at 3000rpm
         New MGC 3-litre                145bhp (net) at 5250 rpm         170lb ft at 3400rpm
Talk about reinventing the wheel.
The engine bay, remember they were using the MGB as the body, had to be redesigned to take this huge
mass with a sturdy suspension mounting cross member with MacPherson struts. The gearbox from the
MGB could not be used so an entirely new box was created.
The production of these cars was short & ran from October 1967 until early 1969. A very short run by MG
standards mainly due to bad publicity, cheaper & dare I say it, better cars on the sports car front. A total
of 8999 Roadsters & GTs came off Abingdon’s production line in the guise of MGC’s
I am privileged to own Roadster no 2445 & include some photos of the engine with gearbox attached, en-
gine in place & some canine admirers who were drooling over the rebuild as I know some of you will, es-
pecially the new MGTF owners……..
Watch this Space

                                                                     This is how you put the engine in
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The Breed October 2006

                Page 9
The Breed October 2006

                           RESULTS 2006 MG/SUNBEAM/MM/JAGUAR FUNRUN
          PARTICIPANTS               CLUB     TIME     I-PNTS   TOTAL                              BONUS

1     JohannJooste/Arthur Bell             SSC           344            60         404                  140
2     Japie de Vos/André Gr’wald           MGC           375           120         495                   50
3     Chris & Karin Champion               MGC           345           180         525                   60
4     John & Caroline Ryall                CJC           540            60         600                  130
5     Paul & Mary Fanner                   MMC           567           180         747                  110
6     G. Davey/Margaret von Zeil           MGC           765              0        765                   40
7     Eric Plant/Maureen Kilcullen         MGC           602           300         902                    0
8     Barrie & Venetia Hollis              CJC           700           240         940                    0
9     Shirley & Peter Furlong              SSC           966            60         1026                  90
10    Roger Haupt/Marina Browne            CJC           1068          120         1188                   0
11    Owen & Sandy Gush                    MMC           1099          120         1219                    0
12    Ross & Paola West                    CJC           1186           60         1246                   30
13    Bugs Crighton/Andrew Riggs           MGC           1228           60         1288                   10
14    George & Sandy Domisse               MGC           1067          240         1307                     0
15    Derrick Smith/Sandi de Bruin         MGC           1161          180         1341                   70
16    Richard Laubscher & Norman           MMC           1164          240         1404                   10
17    Pat Coyne & Helen                    CJC           1148          300         1448                     0
18    Tracy & Steve Leibbrandt             MMC           1370          120         1490                   30
19    Wally & Joan Parkes                  CJC           1673          120         1793                   40
20    Tony Harrison & Mike Farella         MMC           1800             0        1800                   40
21    Giel & Bettie Viljoen                MMC           1211          600         1811                     0
22    Albert & Mackintosh                  MMC           1591          240         1831                   60
23    AlbertvRensburg/Coenie Kotze         MMC           1577          300         1877                   30
24    Tony & Warren Kings                  CJC           1484          420         1904                  140
25    George & June Stoddart               MGC           1800          120         1920                     0
26    Robert Best/JP du Plessis            MMC           1800          180         1980                     0
27    Frikkie & Gerda Muller               MMC           1800          300         2100                     0
28    David Lyons & Sons                   CJC           1800          360         2160                  130
29    John & Dylan Birkett                 MMC           1800          420         2220                   20
 TIME = Time penalties incurred; each second late or early incurring one penalty
I-PNTS = Penalties for incorrectly identifying or a “no answer” of the 17
         Identification Points. Each incorrect answer incurred 60 penalty
 BONUS = The 20 Questions! Each correct answer awarded by 10 points

OBITUARY :       WILLIAM JOHN ENGLEDOW ( 1. 3. 1942 - 1. 9. 2006).

Willie is sadly missed by his wife Carole, son Peter, and daughter Shevaun and of course his friends from
the MG Car club – Cape Town Centre.
The memorial service was held on Tuesday, 5 September in the N.G. Church Agter Paarl and proof of the
role MG played in Willie’s life was the presence of his two MG’s. Also the MG members in their MG’s were
requested to lead the convoy from the church to the venue for refreshments.
One of the outstanding aspects about Willie’s memorial service was that if you want people to remember
you with kind thoughts, lavish praise or whatever good then that is the kind of life you want to live every day
when you are alive.
Willie, introduced by the late Jimmy Stevenson, joined the club 10 March 2000. At the time Willie had only
his 1974 MGB GT. Willie and Carole soon settled in the rhythm of the club and were not only active in the
regular club activities but also very active with the Veterans group.
As convener of the Veterans group when Frank Pechè was Chairman, Willie enjoyed trying to take the
Mickey out of Frank. Many a time to the amusement of all present at the monthly meeting.
As testimony to his club activities Willie was awarded the Clubman Trophy in 2001.
During 2003 Willie bought the MG TF (new). Willie enjoyed his TF to the extent that when shortly before he
passed away, he was fetched from the hospital he insisted on driving.
When Willie and Carole attended the October 2005 Cape Centres (Goose Valley, Plettenberg Bay) it had to
be the TF. Willie not only enjoyed the club and his cars but also set an excellent example of how to serve
his club and fellow members. All this he sometimes did under severe pressure from his treatments.
Willie, you lived a good life, set wonderful examples and we know you are at peace. We will all miss you.
Thank you for the past and in the future the club will look after Carole.

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                                                                                          The Breed October 2006

                  SPRINT DAY—KILLARNEY KART TRACK—27th August
                                             By James Reinhardt

 Judging by the small and select group that took part in the club sprints held at Killarney kart track, there are
not very many people who realise just how at home an MG is on a race track. There is something very
pleasing, something just plain right, in seeing sports cars being driven like their designers and makers in-
tended: with a heavy right foot and a complete disregard for high fuel prices. Somebody once told me that
‘sports cars start at 250km/h’. The sight of a TD barrelling around a track, leaning with cornering would
knock such ridiculous snobbery into a cocked hat.
 Perhaps it was the thought of the kart track that put people off, which would be a pity. Driving on the kart
track is a happy half-way house between gymkhana driving and driving on the main circuit, and is certainly
wide enough to make for a satisfying driving experience. The track is long enough for everybody to get into
fourth gear, and the two modern cars were both able to get up to around 140km/h down the main straight.
Judging by the bug-threatening grins that were much in evidence, and the occasional chirrup, squeal or
shriek of tyres, a great deal of enjoyment was being had.
 Mind you, there was no need to look for clues, there were enough clear statements of delight from partici-
pants. Motorsport seems to be a bit like chocolate. Not something that you necessarily think about, but if
you get the chance, you want some*. Especially if you know that other people are enjoying it. That seems
to be what happened with Vic White. He arrived in his appropriately white 1950 TD. It’s a very neat car,
clearly as loved as it is polished. So there was no surprise when Vic told Garth Green that there was no
way he was going to be taking his car onto the track. (Vic White, Garth Green…is this a Breed article or a
game of Cluedo? It’ll be a lead pipe in the library next! Ed.) But that was before he got wind of the fact
that Margie was lending people her crash helmet. Which was also how Leanne and Justin Hewitt found
themselves taking their very newly rebuilt Mk I Midget out onto the track. Not a text book method for break-
ing in an engine, but satisfying all the same.
 Those who took part were not as disappointed as I was that there were not more participants. It meant that
everybody got plenty of track time, and all with only one car on the track at a time. The day started with
practice sessions of a nominal 5 laps on the longest laid out circuit. A nominal 5 laps means that every-
body agrees that they will stay out for 5 laps, and some of the people even do. Most people stay out until
their driving starts to get raggedy, which may look spectacular, but smoothest is always fastest and there’s
nothing to be gained by racking up more track time wrestling with the car. That took about, oh, 5 laps. We
then applied the same logic to driving timed laps. That took us up to lunch time, after which we revised the
circuit to include an extremely twisty section in the centre of the track.
 By having one car out at a time the track driving was probably the safest part of the day. The dangerous
bit was the drive to and from Killarney. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The track is the perfect
place to learn your car’s performance and handling characteristics, especially when you have it all to your-
self. Learning where your limits are, and where your car’s limits are truly does make you a safer drive on
the public road. Possibly a faster one, but a safer one too. And damn, it’s a hoot!
 During the course of the day, Margie began to feel that she was not getting as much out of her car as she
could, and enlisted Roger’s help as a driving instructor. Out onto the track they went, with Roger showing
Margie the racing line, the braking points and all manner of cunning high speed trickery. Margie was clearly
paying attention, because the individual tutelage made a difference of 2 full seconds per lap. Doubtless
she would have been much happier if she had been 2 full seconds a lap faster.
Just in case anybody cares, the timing results are as follows:

Driver                      Car              Morning     Afternoon       Overall           As the real goal of the
James Reinhardt             TF 160            0:45.45         1:02.0          1:47.45      day was to have fun,
                                                                                           the winner is the per-
                            Maestro                                                        son who had the
Roger Lewis                 Turbo             0:46.00          1:03.2           1:49.16    most fun. Thus, in
Margie von Zeil             B                 0:51.98          1:06.8           1:58.78    my official position as
Chris Champion              A Twin Cam        0:51.17          1:08.9           2:00.07    Competition Secre-
                                                                                           tary, by the powers in
Garth Green                 TD                0:57.50          1:18.4           2:15.90    my vest, etc., etc., I
Vic White                   TD                0:59.95          1:19.7           2:19.65    declare the day a 10-
Chris Champion              TD               N/A               1:10.0    N/A               way tie!
Leanne Hewitt               Midget            1:05.50    N/A             N/A
Justin Hewitt               Midget            0:56.87    N/A             N/A
Richard Champion            A Twin Cam       N/A         1:07:00         N/A
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The Breed October 2006

                                                                                             By Lucille ten Oever
 The start of the rally was at the Durbanville Municipality parking lot.
Both of us were feeling very apprehensive. The “odds” just seemed against us – Bill had a bad dose of flu and a very
unsettled tummy (hence we were armed with Panado’s, Imodium tabs and a long roll of toilet paper!). Add to this, my
stopwatch was playing up. But I was sure Roger Lewis could work some of his magic with the faulty instrument. After
checking the clock, his advice to me was to put the clock under the B’s front wheel and tell Bill to drive over it. Very
encouraging news! But I knew my cell phone had a facility for a stopwatch. So Presto! This was going to be our time
piece for the event.
Philip and Jo were the first entrants to depart at 10 am. Therafter the rest of the cars left at approximately 3 minute
intervals. We were the last car to depart at 10.30.

The round trip was 132.9 km. Starting in Durbanville, taking the back road through Phisantekraal and Kalabaskraal to
nearly in Malmesbury and back towards Durbanville then taking a loop through Perdeberg and Agter Paarl to the R44
and right to Durbanville with a few more turns in between.
Bill described the run as follows: “Using dead reckoning and driving by the seat of my pants, as there were so many
speed changes, keeping my mouth closed, eyes open and obeying all my navigator’s instructions, we successfully
completed the route!”
The drive through the country was enjoyable but I doubt if the navigators saw much of the scenery.
The rally ended at a delightful Restaurant called “Avocado” where we all enjoyed a well presented meal of our choice.
At the completion of lunch the results were announced by James. The rally was well presented and the layout was
excellent! No devious clues for the novices!
Our thanks to James for organising a very successful and most enjoyable outing. “Well done, James!”
There was a good variety of MG’s participating: 1- TD, 1- Maestro, 1- MG Roadster, 4- MGB GT’s, 1- MGA, 1- MGA
Twin Cam, 1- Midget, 2- TF’s
12 cars entered the competitive event of which one was a “social entry”.

FINAL RESULTS FOR THE BRIAN PORTER RALLY WERE AS FOLLOWS:                                        The photo below was
                                                                                                 sent by Henry Water-
Team                                               Time                          Place           meyer The owner, John
Bill & Lucille ten Oever                           00.00.09                      1st             Shaw. The photo is
                                                                                                 some 26 years old—this
Roger Lewis & Andrea Schrieber                     00.00.22                      2nd             is not posed, merely
Joan Parker & John Mullen                          00.00.22                      2nd             how they used to do
John & Jennifer Lock                               00.00.28                      4th             things in those days.
Cris & Karin Champion                              00.00.45                      5th             Apparently he had to
Zane & Diane Erasmus                               00.00.50                      6th             have another car with
Geoge & June Stoddart                              00.03.22                      7th             him to handle stop
Lynette Dunn & Stewart Woodcock                    00.03.59                      8th             streets and other inter-
Robin & Hildegarde Rich                            00.04.04                      9th             sections. Apart from that
Philip & Jo Hitchcock                              00.19.56                      10th            it was an easy load
Mike & Rosalie Plows                               00.21.01                      11th
Derek & Esme Hitchcock                             Social Entrants N/A

In July 1961 John Shaw, a student at Wits University, used his 1950 MG TD to carry this 4 seater rowing boat from
Wemmer Pan, south of Johannesburg, to the Riviera Hotel on the Vaal River for the annual intervarsity rowing regatta

Page 12
                                                                                               The Breed October 2006


Welcome (Robin Rich):
Welcome to prospective new members Gerald & Helen Wright.
Philip Hitchcock’s older sister, Freda van Zyl and Willie Engledow passed away recently. Our thoughts are with
            their families.
Congratulations to Lionel Baird & Mattie White who were married on 1 September
Apologies: V White; M & P James; R & H Clarke; G Stevenson; S Leach; B Markus; C & K Champion; C Grove;
R Heinz; Viv James
The attendance list was circulated
Minutes of the General Meeting held on 9 August 2006:
Matters arising - Nil Proposed by John Mullen         Seconded by John Lock
Chairman’s Report (Roger Lewis):
The video machine was not located in any of the storage areas used.
Sunday 1 October will be the Classic Cars in the Bay Show. Request that at least 1 of
each of all models attend for “centrepiece” to be supported by balance of cars.
NA or P type – R Clarke                                    TC – D Reck
TD – J Parker                                              TF – M Corbishley
MGA – M Corbishley ( S Woodcock to drive ?)                MGA Twin Cam
MGA Coupe – L Braun                                         ZA / ZB –
MGB early – M von Zeil                                     MGB GT early – S Woodcock
MGB rubber bumper – P Napier                               MGB GT rubber bumper -
ZR – R Rich                                                 Maestro – R Lewis
Midget – Zane Erasmus or Leanne & Justin                   MG 1100 – R Plows / M Plows
Modern TF 135– G Stoddart                                   RV8 – morning only – J & J Lock
MGC - ?? Roger Martin
Club Charity – St Georges Orphanage for Girls ( Gerry Stevenson):
Tin was circulated.
Andre Groenewald has donated 3 printers for St Georges for their use.
Veteran’s (Jo Hitchcock):
August Outing: Trip to De Doorns was very interesting. Train trip was pleasant & the guide gave lots of information. See
write up in the October Breed.
September – cable restorer & Roaring Forties Floating Seafood Restaurant. Board was circulated and responses must
be received by 24 September.
Cherry Picking Weekend in late November / early December, over a Friday Night. Prince Alfred Hamlet will be the over-
night venue. Frank Peche reported that cherries can cure gout !
Plaque of the month : J & G Stoddart for the report back on the De Doorns trip.
 Competitions (James Reinhardt):
27 August track day feed back & future sprint events
Less well attended than was hoped, but those who did attend enjoyed it immensely.
A video will be shown of those who took part. It is planned to set up an intra- and inter-
club event during 2007 with the other British Sports Car Clubs.
Future sprints events would be set up to ‘level the racetrack’ between the various cars.
Up to 30 cars would be welcomed to make such an event successful. Contact James to
indicate your interest.
17 September - B Porter Rally: all very welcome to take part.
This will not be an unduly challenging rally
A – C Groups for entry. Meet at 9h00.
John Lock encouraged all to take part, and assured members that it was not
difficult to do !
 Indoor Karting session
Our club has been invited to join the Triumph Club to take part in an inter club
event next year.
In the interim, a club event will be organised for either 3 or 31 October.
Ceres MG/Sunbeam/Morris/Jaguar Run:
George Dommisse reported back on what was a very good outing to see Basil Wesson’s car collection.
The rally was won by George Davey & Margie von Zeil
Social (Rosalie Plows):
Nil to report.
Register (Peter Napier):
Show Day will be on 10 December in Somerset West at Dieter & Lorraine Reck’s home, provided that parking
can be arranged on the municipal ground adjacent to their home.

                                                                                                                 Page 13
The Breed October 2006

 1 October 2006: Classics in the Bay show: members to prepare information boards on cars eg A1 size ( 2 x
 A3) with relevant information.
 Next Garage Meet: date to be finalised but probably mid November for a meeting at Derek Hitchcock’s
 Treasurer (Mervyn Corbishley):
 Report was tabled.
 Letter was received from KZN Indaba organisers informing that a refund from 2006 Indaba attendance would be
 actioned. Persons who attended but did not yet receive a refund should contact Chris Brown
 Publications (Rosalie Plows):
 Breed : Articles required
 Closing date for October Breed - 25 September 2006
 Secretarial (Margie von Zeil):
 Ratifications: G & L Hibban
 Flowers to S Tuck
 Card to Engledow family
 Letter to Council Somerset West
 Thank you to Jaguar Drivers Club
 Spares (Mike Plows):
 Spares Inventory list recommended to be published in a forthcoming publication of The Breed.
 MGB GT ( BRG) 1969 for sale – R35 000
 MG ZR 1.8l 2005 model. Approx 48 000 km in excellent condition
 MGB roadster 1968. Total rebuild in 2000 asking price R110 000
 MGB GT BRG for sale in Tokai – asking approx R37 000
 Early 1960’s MGB for sale – contact Mervyn Corbishley for details.
 Regalia (G & J Stoddart):
 Long sleeved shirts available.
 Please provide feedback on what is wanted as regalia
 Request to have a list of regalia printed in The Breed.
  Cup of the Month:       Not awarded
 Cape Centres Gathering 2006
 Concerns were expressed about the roads in the area, specifically the road between
 George & The Wilderness.
 Flyer for 2007 CCG will be available to take to the 2006 CCG.
 Cape Centres Gathering 2007
 Venue confirmed with tentative booking at Kleinplaas, Oudtshoorn from 11-14 October 2007. The venue has 54 self
 catering accommodation places available.
 The venue will do all the administration, has venues available for functions & a restaurant. A draft itinerary has been
 drawn up.
 23 September: Whales & Wheels Show in Hermanus:
 Meet at 8h30 at junction of 319 & 316 (Caledon to Stanford Roads) Contact Frank Peche
 Tim Carew is looking for a set of gauges for an MGA in working condition if possible. Specifically a temperature
 guage is needed.
 Bill ten Oever asked if anyone has had experience in fitting a battery isolator switch to their MGB.
 Declare meeting closed .
 Meeting attended by 45 members and prospective members in 9 MG’s

                                                 MG REGALIA LIST
Checked shirts                R90.00                               Golf Shirt            R75.00
Caps                          R40.00                               Scarves               R80.00
Lapel/cap badges              R25.00                               SA fob keyrings       R50.00
Bar Badges                    R90.00                               MGSA cloth badges     R25.00
Cooler bags                   R60.00                               History books         R30.00
Tool Rolls                    R60.00                               Greeting Cards        R 5.00
Licence disc holders          R 1.50                               MGCC Windscreen Stickers R1.00
R-type posters                R15.00                               MG Posters            Free

 The General Meeting of the MG Car Club, Cape Town Centre is held on the second Wednesday of every month at 20h00 at
 the M.G.C.C. Clubhouse in Cedar Avenue (off Howard Drive), Pinelands - exceptions in December & January.

 Club outings are usually held on the Sunday immediately after the General Meeting.

Page 14
                                                                                       The Breed October 2006

MG ZR 1.8 3 door 2005 model, pearl black, sunroof, tinted windows approx 48500 kms. My Settlement
is R193 000 what offers. Annette van Heerden 082 413 5289 or corporatecraft@afribiz.co.za
MGB GT British Racing Green, Sunroof, Wire Wheels, Overdrive, All round condition Good. Wanting
R35 000.00 netotiable Phone Keven 788 3018
MGB Roadster 1968, Mk2, Red, Wire Wheels, Total rebuild 2000, non overdrive, Momo Steering wheel
(+original) Black Leather (red piping) seats Just had major service (MJP) +complete exhaust system. Out-
standing car/condition Aksing R110 000.00 Ph 021 794 5532 or 083 7757 609 G Slade.
1953 CZ (Czechoslovakia) 150cc two stroke motorcycle. Beautifully restored. R10 000.00 neg. Phone
Dennis Wolff 021 7153471 or 072 1592 114
1995 MGRV8 Red 34,000 miles—R190 000 Phone John Locke at 021 851 5787
1968 MG 1100’S’ Car no 281 two Tone Grey/White 150,000 miles 4 synchromesh Gearbox, daily runner
requires some attention asking R8,000 neg. Contact Mike Plows H/W 021 762 4748
Two elderly women were out driving in a large car. Both could barely see over the dashboard.
As they were cruising along, they came to an intersection. As they did the stoplight was red but they just
went on through.
The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself, “I must be losing it, I could have sworn we just went
through red light.” After a few more minutes they came to another intersection, the light was red, and again
they went right through.
This time, the passenger was almost sure that the light had been red, but was also concerned that she
might be seeing things. She was getting nervous and decided to pay very close attention.
At the next intersection, sure enough, the light was definitely red and they blew right through it.
She turned to the other woman and said, “Mildred! Did you know that you ran through three red lights in a
row? You could have killed us!” Mildred turned to her and said, “Oh sh… ! Am is driving?”

                                                   car and              carburettor specialist

                                                                Peter Jack
                                                    (021) 531-0719(W); (021) 531-0353(H)
                                                      083-2271005; (021) 531-0318 (Fax)

              Visiting Knysna?
    Stay with us, George and Liesel Winter,
        Cape Explorers Lodge B&B
         Situated in peaceful surroundings
       halfway between the Heads and town.

    Arrive in a MG to qualify for a 10% discount.

                Phone: (044) 3841061
                 Fax: (044) 3841973
         e-mail: info@capeexplorerslodge.co.za
     website: www.capeexplorerslodge.co.za
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The Breed October 2006

                                   Classically British
                                               Parts: Importers of Classic and Modern Car

                              MG, Triumph, Austin Healey, Jaguar, Mini and many more.

                                      We are based in Cape Town but distribute nationally

                              Please contact us for further details, Great prices guaranteed.

  Glenda Mobile: 083 285 2806                                                                        Jason Mobile: 082 318 9706
 Tel/Fax: 021 5543557 or 021 5541894 Email: info@classically-british.com                    Web:www.classically-british.com


                                                                                   TraX Interconnect (Pty) Ltd
                                                                                               SABS ISO 9002

            Fine Furniture and Bedding                                     Contact us for your through hole plated printed circuit
           Appliances. Videos and Hi-Fi.                                                           boards

          And service with pace and style.                                Cape Town           Johannesburg              Durban
                                                                       Factory and Sales     Monica Darmanovic       Shirley Jones
                                                                         Frank Ellis         Tel: 011 646-9341      Tel: 031 52-5939
             138 Main Road, Fish Hoek                                  Tel: 021 712-5011     Fax: 011 646-5504      Fax: 031 562-8988
                                                                       Fax: 021 712-5798

 Montagu Country Hotel
 Special Offer to MG Car Club
 25% discount on normal rates.
 Beautiful drives, wine route,
 tractor trips, undercover parking,
 Wellness Centre, hair studio,
 traditional SA cuisine and pub

 Tel:023 6143125;
 Fax: 023-6141905; montinn@iafrica.com,

                                                                      JEWELLERS ~ WATCHMAKERS
                                                                                                 since 1961
               For a wholesome meal
            with fast and friendly service
                    Visit our restaurants at                                        REPAIR SPECIALISTS
Rosmead Avenue, Claremont            Main Road, Claremont                        Watches ~ Clocks ~ Jewellery
         6710622                          6832669
Voortrekker Road, Goodwood          Voortrekker Road, Parow                                 Stewart Woodcock
          5917561                          9395935                      Parkade Mall (Pick 'n Pay)
                                                                        56 Strand Street                  Tel/Fax: 021-4191977
      FINGER LICKIN' GOOD                                               Cape Town 8001                    Mobile: 084-7027785

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