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									Solving Marriage Problems

Need help solving a marriage problem? I think I can help. While I can't possibly know
your specific marriage problem, I can give your ideas to consider which can help get you
moving in the right direction as you begin solving your marriage problem.

Everyone thinks the other person is the problem.

First of all, you need to take a step back from the situation and realize that everyone
thinks that their partner is the problem and the reason there is no solving the marriage
problem. After all, if only your partner thought like you, acted like you, considered your
feelings, and so on, there wouldn't be any problems right?

Perhaps. But the reality is that your partner thinks the exact same thing about you. They
see you as the problem. They think you need to act like them, think like them, and
consider their feelings, and that if you did, there wouldn't be any marriage problems.

Sure your partner may have hang-ups. Perhaps they could be more thoughtful,
considerate, loving, giving, appreciative, or whatever. But the truth is so can you. Now I
know you think that you've done nothing wrong and it's all their fault. But the reality is
that's not true.

Let's take an example. Think about the last time you had a disagreement with your
partner. They likely said or did something that you didn't like. It may have been mean or
hurtful, or they may have simply been angry. How did you react? Did you carefully
consider all of your options before you responded? Did you think of a way to diffuse the
situation? Or did you react with anger or say something hurtful in response that escalated
the matter? Chances are that you didn't help matters by your response.

If you really want to improve your relationship you're going to have to start thinking and
acting in a different way. Until you do that, things aren't going to change. And continuing
to blame everything on your partner is neither productive or helpful or even accurate, as
much as you'd like to believe it. If you truly want help solving a marriage problem, try
looking at things from this perspective.

All I ask is that you try my method for 30 days. If it doesn't work, you can go back to
doing what you've always done. You will have lost nothing. However, I'd be amazed if
you didn't notice a huge improvement in your relationship.

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