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Located in Madison, WI and Minneapolis, MN, CDW’s three Enterprise                   Firewall and LAN
Hosting Centers are built on redundant, Cisco-powered infrastructure.
                                                                                     Some CDW customers choose to deploy dedicated firewall and
Our Enterprise Hosting Centers have extensive physical and network
                                                                                     LAN infrastructure based on performance, capacity and
security, dedicated connectivity, and world-class monitoring and support.
                                                                                     customization requirements.
CDW provides multiple data networking services to help you connect into
                                                                                     However, many of our customers are now using CDW firewall and
and out of the CDW Enterprise Hosting Centers.
                                                                                     LAN services.
From Internet to WAN, firewalls to VPN access, CDW provides extensive
                                                                                     CDW firewall and LAN services include:
connectivity options.
                                                                                     • Dedicated virtual firewalls

Internet                                                                             • Multiple firewall interfaces, facilitating proper design from a security
                                                                                       best practices standpoint
CDW provides Internet connectivity through 100Mbps or 1Gbps
connection to our core data network. Multiple Tier 1 Internet                        • Improved performance and reduced complexity: all your VLANs are
providers terminate in a BGP-enabled routing network. We provide our                   separated by the same virtual firewall — traffic doesn’t need to cross
customers fault-tolerant, performanced-balanced, vendor-independent                    the core to go between VLANs
Internet connectivity.                                                               • Resource limitation on a per security context basis, ensuring that no
There is no need for our customers to load balance separately purchased                one security context can consume all system resources and protecting
and managed Internet connections. There is no concern about bursting                   you from other customers’ DOS attacks
past capacity or maintaining Internet capacity for rare bursts. We measure           • The ability to use your own private IP addressing scheme, which will
our customer’s Internet usage and determine a 95% of monthly usage.                    prevent you from having to re-address your private IP addresses
Use more, pay more. Use less, pay less.

                                                                                     Data Storage
                                                                                     CDW’s hosted storage solutions offer on-demand storage capacity and
For WAN-type connectivity, CDW maintains telecommunication ring                      management services designed to quickly enable new applications or
infrastructure in Madison and Minneapolis, allowing cross-connects with              manage and accommodate storage growth for existing applications and
major telecommunications vendors at our ring points of presence. Charter             data. These solutions help you meet your data availability objectives while
and Time Warner Business networks have direct connectivity into the                  scaling to your business needs.
Enterprise Hosting Centers.
                                                                                     Our storage solutions are delivered via a fully redundant Cisco storage
CDW can configure, troubleshoot and optimize direct WAN-type                         area network (SAN), an IBM Storage Volume Controller (SVC) and
network connections, private ethernet, VPNs and other WAN                            IBM disk.
connectivity options. We offer managed services for WAN endpoints
and carrier troubleshooting.

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Data Backup                                                                            Virtualized Hot Server
In today’s business world, 24x7 availability of mission-critical data and              Another solution involves virtualized “hot” servers. In this scenario, we
applications is a business necessity. CDW recognizes this need and offers              host a server of yours in our data center, and using VMware, we divide
an enterprise-class data backup service based on IBM’s Tivoli Storage                  the server into partitions. Partitioning your server means that you can use
Manager (TSM). The fully automated solution provides backups and                       your server for more than one purpose, such as disaster recovery in one
restorations without the intervention of an engineer, allowing you to save             partition, development in another and production in a third.
time and money.                                                                        You can elect to use NSI Double-Take to replicate your data between
TSM is IBM’s premier data backup, storage management and data                          servers in near real-time or perform periodic updates on your own
recovery solution. It provides secure, efficient data backup and storage               schedule. As in the first option, when you use NSI Double-Take, you can
management for most of the servers collocated at CDW, including CDW’s                  enjoy a recovery time of less than four hours.
own mission-critical systems. At a basic level, TSM combines storage                   This solution not only provides you with business continuity — you are
hardware with an efficient database of information about the location of               also able to save money by using the target server for both disaster
particular files.                                                                      recovery, development and production.

Disaster Recovery                                                                      Hosted Enterprise Infrastructure
At CDW, we don’t believe in prepackaging our disaster recovery solutions.              CDW’s Hosted Enterprise Infrastructure (HEI) services provide
Instead, we want to work with you to develop a comprehensive solution                  high-performance, fault-tolerant network and systems infrastructure for
that takes into account your business objectives and the timeframes                    your critical systems and applications. HEI services are true, on-demand
within which these business objectives must be operational — a disaster                solutions providing you with scalable economics for operating your IT
recovery solution is only useful if it can be implemented efficiently and              infrastructure and relieving you of the worry about wasted capital and
within your required timeframe.                                                        underutilized hardware and software.

Hot-site Recovery
A popular solution is “hot-site” recovery. This option offers recovery times
of less than four hours when you use NSI Double-Take to replicate the
data from your “source” server (located at your location) to your “target”
server (a server you own that’s hosted in one of CDW’s data centers).
In hot-site recovery, your source server works as your production server,
while your target server is your disaster recovery server. CDW will perform
the necessary steps to “switch” it to your source server in case of a
disaster situation.

                                    Contact your CDW account manager for more information.

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