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									Web Design & Web Services

We specialize in Professional Web Design and Website Development, Web Templates,
Web Hosting, Domain Name Registrations and Search Engine Submission.

GigaWEBS Professional Web Design eagerly helps businesses and individual clients all
over the New Zealand to establish and maintain a professional Internet presence. Hoover
Web Design strives to create professional web site designs that will effectively promote
our clients products and services to their target audience. Our eye-catching and
professional web site designs will make your website stand out to your site visitors and
accomplish the website goals you have created! GigaWEBS Web Design offers the
following professional web site design services:

   •   Professional Web Design - custom website site development
   •   Ecommerce Websites (Selling your products and services online)
   •   Website Maintenance (Maintaining your existing website)
   •   Website Redesigns (Give your old website a new professional web design)
   •   Macromedia Flash (Flash Animations, Flash Intros, Flash Photo Galleries, Flash
       Music Players, Flash Scripting)
   •   (for DIY professional web design)
   •   Domain Name Registrations
   •   Web Hosting for business and personal customers.
   •   (Meta Tag Insertion, Search Engine Optimization)
   •   (PHP, Perl, CGI, Mysql Databases, Javascript)
   •   Graphics Design (Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop)

We also provide professional web design solutions including the following:

          Advanced HTML                       Java & Javascript
          PHP MySql & CGI                     Graphic design
          Perl scripts                        Keyword research
          Web Design & page layout            User & password systems
          Ecommerce and online shopping       Message boards
          Password protected pages/sites      E-commerce
          Audio (.wav, .mid) files            Streaming Multimedia
          Animated images & banner
                                              Logo design
          Consulting                          Content development
          Concept design & strategy           Web site renovation
          Shopping cart & Maintenance         Domain name research
          Database design                     Photo editing
          PDF files                           Content Management.
Please visit our Recent Projects today for some of our projects!

About Website design (What is the WebDesign?)

A website is a collection of information about a particular topic or subject. Designing a
website is defined as the arrangement and creation of web pages that in turn make up a
website. A web page consists of information for which the website is developed. On a
different perspective, a webpage can be compared to a page in a book and a website is to
a book. So, these are the main aspects involved in web design.Moving to the each in
detail, the web page consists of text and images.. It can also be said as that a web page is
similar to a file which has all the data. To support the data or information the images are
added to the web page. To be more technical the first page of a website is known as
Home Page. Each and every page in a website is a HTML file which has its own web
address. Web design involves some aspects or points to be remembered which will take
the website to the people.First step is to optimize the site. To brief this, increase the
visibility of the site to the browsers. The site should, if possible, be listed within the first
page of the search engine’s search results, which will increase the number of visitors to
the site. Content should be organized, informative and easy to understand for the people
to visit the site again and again.Last but not least, the website should display clearly and
neatly the purpose for which it has been created. For a professional or business website
the visitor or a client should not be distracted or disturbed by any aspect in the web
design and should be able to navigate easily within the site. For educational websites the
appearance and organization must provide a pleasant environment for learning new

Web Services:


Looking To Hire PHPProgrammers for PHP/MYSQLProgrammingDevelopment?

We are many PHPProgrammers/ PHPMYSQL Programmers to cater our Offshore clients
who needs to hire phpprogrammers from us on monthly contract hiring basis and project
basis .We are a web development team with the strength of 10 professionals and we do
cater clients Globally. We provide custom solutions in web application development,
software development, ecommerce solutions, offshore staffing (clients Hire
PHPProgrammers, hire .Net programmers, hire web developers on monthly contract
hiring basis from us). We HAVE VAST EXPERIENCE IN PHP, ASP, ASP.NET,
VB.NET, C#, C++, COLDFUSION, JAVA/J2EE, HTML, CSS, DHTML . we can do all
your type of web programming from hosting to dedicated hosting &etc.

Web site ranking

Built on 10 years experience marketing many NZ and international web sites on many
search engines, We have created a unique way for ranking methodology along with
supporting software that allows us to implement highly successful ranking for your
website. Prices vary depending on application and keywords.

Want to be a part of

If your interested in becoming a Distributor/Dealer and want to be a part of our
webmaster team you most welcome to contact us via the contact page.

In general we cover ALL areas of Web, Internet, PC, Wireless, network, MAX, Unix,
Linux languages and systems. Here is as complete of a list as we could think of:

* WebSite Hosting & Maintenance
* WebSite Design
* Complete E-Commerce Solution
* Search Engine Optimization
* Domain Name Registration
* Custom Programming
* Web Site Hosting
* Web Site Maintenance
* Remote Server Administration
* Remote Backup Services
Premade web sites packages

Can't Wait! we already have some pre- made web site kits. just send us your contact
details and some basic info then you are ready to go in a day! Our basic package starts
from $450 +GST that include 4 pages (ie. Home, About us, contact, Products). below is
sample templates mostly designed by us using Photoshop.

Photoshop Sample Website Templates

    Web design sample 1        Web design sample 2        Web design sample 3

    Web design sample 4        Web design sample 5        Web design sample 6

    Web design sample 7        Web design sample 8        Web design sample 9
    Web design sample 10     Web design sample 11      Web design sample 12

If you wish to download sample web sites and preview them, we are happy to make a
bigger preview and send it to you as well.

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