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North Florida Wrestling Club


									                   North Florida Wrestling Club

                     Registration Instructions

Wrestlers must go to and purchase an AAU insurance
card. This can be done online from the AAU homepage
( Under the tab labeled “AAU Membership Programs”
click “Athlete Membership”. Once the Athlete Membership Form appears,
complete the entire form with your personal information. When you
purchase your card you must enter our club code and official name to
identify with what group you are receiving insurance.

The club’s official AAU membership name is North Florida Wrestling
Club and the AAU club number is TF4F85. The cost for an adult athlete in
wrestling is $20.00 (adult program) and we strongly encourage wrestlers
to purchase the additional insurance (AB) for $7.00.

     All non University of North Florida students are
      required to have an active North Florida Wrestling
      Club AAU card to practice.

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