Custom Blinds and Shades Measurement Form

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					Custom Shades & Blinds Measurement Form                                                                                    Solar Control, LLC

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 please scan and email completed form to: | you may also fax it to: 888-267-3488
Important Notes for Measurement Form                              Solar Control, LLC

    1) Measure both the width and the length of every window.

    2) Measure with a steel tape measure.

    3) Ensure that your measurements are made to the nearest 1/8”.

    4) Both dimensions should be given in total inches. i.e. 5’4” equals 64”

    5) Measure the window exactly, do not take deductions for inside mount

    6) Inside Mount means that the shade/blind will be mounted inside the
       window casing.

    7) An Outside Mount blind/shade is mounted outside the window casing.
       Include in the notes if there is any trim/molding/framing and its dimensions.

    8) Please note if there is a preference for the side of the stack and the
       controls. This only applies to vertical blinds.

    9) Take into consideration the depth of the window if an inside mount
       installation is planned.

    10) On outside mount installations, is there any reason we cannot add
        to the width and/or length of your blind/shade?

    11) If there are any doubts, feel free to include a drawing with the
        measurement form.

                             Any questions remain?

      email us at or call 888-550-4836