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									Powerful Technology Solutions to Empower
          Your Growing Business

Amitronix Corporation serves a diverse clientele by providing affordable IT services that can be
INSOURCED, OUTSOURCED, or RESOURCED based upon client requirements. Our focus
on in-house and on-site project management, staffing, software application development, web
integrated services, and offshore development, has made us a global leader among consulting
companies servicing these sectors. By supplying our clients with top-notch IT professionals, we
form long-term partnerships that deliver results so that your company can focus on what it does
best, without outrageous IT expenses.

                                           We support products and services for our customers
                                  in diversified industry segments. We complement our support
                                  services with comprehensive consulting, enterprise support
                                  and fulfillment services - delivering total IT solutions that are
                                  customized for each business’ unique requirements.
                                  Personalized customer care, successful integration of today’s
                                  leading technologies, and an expert approach to technology-
                                  driven business solutions enable Amitronix to deliver the right
                                  answers for today, and the right solutions for tomorrow. Our
                                  use of structured approach and methodologies and consistent
                                  use of evaluation of best practices, leads to high quality work,
completed on time, and within budget. Our approach has resulted in satisfied customers and client
satisfaction drives our business.

         We make it our business to know your business. As the first major offshore company to
establish vertical industry practices, we have the experts who know the competitive challenges
that your company faces - and the solutions that your company needs to leap ahead of your rivals.
Our commitment to offering vertical industry practices has paid off. Our ranking as one of the top
offshore providers in the healthcare field is just one example of the high recognition that we have
earned in sectors ranging from financial services and telecommunications to pharmaceuticals.

Vertical industry practices:
• Financial Services
• Healthcare
• Insurance
• Manufacturing & Logistics
• Media & Publishing
• Pharmaceuticals
• Retail
• Telecommunications

What We Are
Amitronix is a different kind of offshore outsourcing company. We bring you the best of both
worlds: the savings and superior quality of offshore development, and the immediacy and trust of
a local company. We offer Industry Practices in eight key verticals, Enterprise Consulting
services featuring state-of-the-art architectural and program management expertise, and Strategic
Sourcing solutions that are more flexible than conventional outsourcing.

        We deliver the full range of application outsourcing, business process, and enterprise
consulting services that you expect. And, because of our background, we are experts at managing
the highly complex, long-term engagements that our clients require. Unlike our rivals, we work,
not from contract to contract, but form long-term partnerships with our customers.

         We deliver the best of both worlds: the transparency
of an American company, backed by an offshore organization
ranked one of the best IT outsourcing facilities in the world.
As the first offshore provider to organize its practices by
vertical industry, Amitronix knows your business.

         We are a U.S.-based company located in New York.
We offer the financial transparency and good corporate
governance practices that are expected. We eliminate
potential legal issues because we pay locally prevailing
salaries in every region where we operate, while observing all
local tax, social security, and immigration laws. Unlike most
offshore providers, our business is based on client
relationships that are driven by value and shared goals, not
rigid, lock-in contracts. We act as your partner in
transforming IT to align with your business. We accomplish with a unique approach based on:

• Commitment to client partnerships
• High offshore ratios
• U.S.-based client managers, domain, and technology experts
• Portfolio Analysis and Change Management core competencies
• CMM Level 5 and ISO 9001-certified software engineering processes

         We know that security is important to you. With well over half of our business coming
from financial services and healthcare, we know how to manage privacy and data security issues.
We are audited and certified to BS 7799, the set of international regulations governing physical
and network security, and are well-experienced in working with clients that implement their own
U.S. standards. We are routinely audited for security by our own clients, and routinely enforce
their U.S.-level standards wherever the work is performed.

Taking Offshore Outsourcing to the next level
We can help you gain the benefits of a world-class staff, whose quality and process discipline
have achieved ISO 9001 and SEI CMM Level 5 certifications. However, we go much further than
achieving the certifications that are expected of offshore service providers.

          We have proven methodologies that deliver the benefits of high offshore staffing ratios in
as little as 6 to 8 weeks. Our approaches consistently deliver savings of 30 to 60%, and that is
only the start. Our Transforming While Performing service lets your company reinvest some of
the proceeds to additional savings of 40% or more by consolidating and optimizing your software
portfolio, while transforming and outsourcing selected business processes.

        We can execute because of our unique, client-focused culture. Unlike our competitors,
we work with you over the long term. And while most of our rivals depend on local contractors,
we invest heavily in recruiting key executives, and project heads, and practice leaders who are
located close to our customers in North America and Europe. And we have strong management
and technology depth in India, where we have been consistently
ranked as the top business school recruiter.

         We have the continuity and management depth to make
sure that your technology supports your business, not the other
way around. We back it up with the resources to deliver the cost,
speed, and world-class process advantages of high offshore ratios. Our ability to form tight
partnerships with our customers has helped us pioneer the 4th Generation Offshore Outsourcing
model, a new kind of outsourcing that keeps local managers close, transforming our world-class
offshore teams into virtual extensions of your IT organization. When your company is investing
for the long-term, it won’t be satisfied with anything less.

Powerful Partnerships
Amitronix partners with a variety of organizations whose products and services complement our
own service offerings. Our strategic alliances with best-of-breed partners give us the ability to
provide you with complete solutions to your IT challenges. These alliances also help us to
strengthen our capabilities and extend our industry influence.

Ascential, BEA, CSC, CyberSource, Documentum, FileNet, Getronics, IBM, Informatica,
Interwoven, Macromedia, Mercury Interactive, Microsoft, Netegrity, NTT/Verio, Oblix, Oracle,
PegaSystems, Siebel eBusiness, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, TriZetto, Versant, Vignette, Vitria

Amitronix possesses significant expertise and experience in the design, development and
implementation of eBusiness and traditional software applications under a variety of
environments (Operating Systems and Data Base Management Systems). We do both Onsite and
In-house Project Management. We can provide your company with highly skilled professionals,
for Application Development, Web Development Projects, Systems Management and
Maintenance, Migration, and Administration.

Our primary service offerings include:
• Staff Augmentation
• IT Outsourcing
• Software Application Development
• Web Based Applications for eBusiness
• Web Integration Services
• Offshore Development
• Legacy Data Conversion
• Enterprise Consulting
• Strategic Sourcing
• Web Hosting

Staff Augmentation
We have been providing outstanding Staff Augmentation Services to companies for more than
five years. By matching the requirements of our clients with their expectations, we have been able
to provide outstanding IT professionals to fill their staffing requirements. Many companies and IT
departments find it challenging to respond to constantly changing technology needs and
initiatives using only internal staff. To acquire strategic skills in a timely and cost-effective
manner, many CIO's, MIS directors, and technical managers turn to Amitronix for quality ITRM
solutions. Amitronix affords companies the ability to quickly respond to technology initiatives by
strategically acquiring skills and cost-effectively managing available resources.

                               IT Outsourcing
                               As IT Outsourcing becomes ever more ubiquitous across the globe,
                               corporations are taking a closer look at the scope, quality, and
                               nature of their outsourcing agreements. With prices coming down,
and customer service expectations rising, enterprises are no longer satisfied with vague service
level definitions. Today's savvy CIO’s are demanding in-depth, detailed service level agreements
that are tailored to their business needs, IT resources and future development plans. Amitronix
has the resources and staff to handle your most complex project.

Software Application Development
Amitronix develops software intended for the following operating systems:
* MS-DOS/Windows3.x, Windows9x (i.e. 95, 98, ME), WindowsNT (NT3.51, NT4, 2000, XP),
Unix/Linux/FreeBSD, Apple OS X, RT11, CP/Ì

We provide the following software development services:
* Management/accounting software systems
* Information Applications
* Customer Software Components
* Secure Solutions for Large-Sized Companies
* Smart-card-based systems
* Data Warehouses, Data Mining, Archiving solutions
* Database designing
* Device Drivers, Embedded software and low-level coding
* Software Customization, Updating and Supporting
* Ecommerce Solutions

We perform solution aimed at the following industries:
* Oil & Gas
* Leisure and sport
* Municipality
* Taxation
* Health-care
* Ecommerce

         We use original components and techniques in the development process. In general
calculation algorithms, screen layout and data are stored separately. It allows a remote system
modification and fine-tuning without onshore presence of the programmer.

Web Based Applications for eBusiness
We work in a number of standard development languages such as Cold Fusion, ASP, JSP, php,
PERL, and java, and build database-driven sites utilizing MS-SQL, mySQL, Oracle, Informix,
and DB2. And of course our years of experience building publishing, e-commerce,
personalization, finance, and content and project management systems have given us a set of
standards and in-house code for creating the most up-to-date user experiences. Our web
development services take advantage of the latest internet protocols in order to open up
previously closed systems: legacy applications are exposed across multiple platforms and
information is shared between businesses. Our team has been doing this for years utilizing older
protocols such as EDI - now we can use XML and SOAP protocols and the .NET development
toolkit, making interoperability and information exchange easier than ever.

Web Integration Services
The shift from traditional IT services to eBusiness based
solutions requires a professional staff capable of making that
transition. Amitronix provides continued education and training
opportunities for our professionals to enhance their skill sets and meet these transitions. With the
arrival of eBusiness on the ever-growing Internet and the paradigm shift, business survival,
growth and profits depend on having robust, secure, scalable and efficient systems for effectively
managing crucial business segments. Amitronix can seamlessly integrate Supply Chain
Management, Customer Relations Management, Deliveries and Payment Management, Data
Warehousing, and more, with speed, security and efficiency.

Offshore Development
Over the past decade, companies expanded their software portfolios dramatically. Today, they are
facing the bill. And it is not clear that all that IT investment is paying off like it used to. Not
surprisingly, in most organizations, 80% of the IT budget is devoted to maintaining existing
systems, leaving little room for growth or innovation. Amitronix can help your company create
new opportunities for improvement by reducing the costs of managing applications by over half.
We offer a wide range of solutions that can help transform your business and technology
operations to world-class excellence. Unlike other offshore companies, we don’t simply move
applications offshore; we help you optimize your portfolio to maximize the benefits of offshore

Legacy Data Conversion
With the highest-quality technology, top of the line engineering talent, proven methods of
conversion, global facilities and secure data environments, Amitronix has the ability to offer the
best legacy data conversion services available. After converting your data to a Pro/Engineer
database, you will realize time and monetary savings, while leveraging a competitive advantage
in your market. Our competitive prices and quality work make Amitronix an obvious choice for
your data conversion needs.

Enterprise Consulting
Working closely with our Industry Practices, our Enterprise Consulting Group offers state-of-the-
art expertise in a wide range of technologies including e-business and Enterprise Portals, Data
Warehousing, CRM, ERP, EAI, Wireless, e-learning and more. We back up our technology
disciplines with core competencies in Architecture and Strategy, Program Management and User-
Centered Design.

                       Strategic Sourcing
                       Does your company want to gain the benefits of outsourcing without losing
                       control over your data center or software? Our Strategic Sourcing practice
                       offers a new, flexible alternative for customers who want to dramatically
                       cut costs and improve effectiveness of application management and
                       development. Your company retains control over your IT resources, while
                       gaining access to our wide range of competencies. You can rapidly ramp up
                       or ramp down our services as needed.

Web Hosting
Amitronix is a Web Hosting Internet Service Provider. We help creative agencies, web design
studios, Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, independent artists, non-profits and
business of all sorts internationally to establish and keep their online web presence. Our core
services include:
(ss) Shared-Server Web Hosting
The most popular style of hosting on the Internet today - Shared Server hosting gives beginning
and advanced customers an inexpensive, reliable method of hosting a company website, email,
communication tools, and other custom applications. Shared Servers are a perfect starting point
for companies of all sizes who need adequate performance with room to grow.

(as) Appliance-Server Web Hosting
A unique hosting service matching the security, performance, control, and reliability of a
dedicated server. Appliance Servers are cost-effective, easy-to-use and can be ordered, installed,
and upgraded within minutes. Appliance owners have full root access to install their own
applications, change any server configuration, or even reboot their own server.

(ds) Dedicated-Server Web Hosting
At the top of the list for security, performance, reliability, and control - Dedicated Server hosting
includes a high quality physical rack-mounted server connected to Extreme™ ethernet switching
equipment. Dedicated Server customers can choose their own operating system (RedHat Linux,
or Microsoft Windows), and have complete administration control of the server with no

Assessment and Planning
• Project Proposal Development
• Project Management Plans
• Quality Plans
• Test Plans
• Configuration Management Plans

Architecture and Design
• General System Architecture
• Detailed Systems Design
• Process Design
• Object Models
• Data Models
• Development and Integration
• Components

• Components Integration
• User Documentation
• Function Testing
• Integration Testing
• Performance Testing
• System Testing

Deployment and Training
• Capacity Evaluation
• System Setup
• Deployment
• Acceptance Testing
• User Training
• Sign Off
Operational Support
• Performance Monitoring
• System Administration

Post Implementation
• Support

Help Us Help You
At Amitronix, we go the extra mile to get the job done. That’s why our client’s turn to us again
and again for assistance with a growing range of complex IT problems. From the beginning of
every project, we add value to our offerings by assessing your complete IT environment and
entire range of software applications. Our goal is to become your partner-a partner that truly
understands your business and technology needs.

Recent Clients Include:
Bankers Trust, Bell Atlantic, Citibank, Con Edison, CT Corporation, Deutsche Bank, EB World,
Emerge Interactive, Hypovereins Bank, Interworld, ITAC, J.P. Morgan, J P Morgan Chase,
Merrill Lynch, Oxygen Media, Prudential Securities, Seagram, The Cram Group

We believe that our strength lies in our people. We believe that people are our assets and it is
people who will ensure our success. Our business environment is dynamic, typified by a high
degree of competition and rapid technological advances. Success in such a situation demands that
                                             we continuously challenge ourselves to higher levels
                                             of individual and collective performance. Toward
                                             this, we aim to provide an enabling and positive
                                             environment that will motivate our associates and
                                             facilitate achievement and maintenance of superior
                                             levels of performance. We believe in continuous
                                             education of our associates and strive to provide the
                                             best training facilities that will keep us on a par with
                                             the best professionals in our field. We believe in
                                             furthering the development of the person as a whole.
                                             A person’s professional skills and knowledge are
emphasized by his personal and emotional well-being. We strive to provide a climate that
nurtures the holistic development of our associates.

        We know that for Amitronix to succeed, we must nurture the careers of our people.
Towards that end, we give them challenging opportunities and reward them for their efforts.
Understanding change in all its characteristic uncertainties has added a new dimension to our
thinking. We offer our employees an opportunity to surpass the world’s best in technological
competence, to set a new pace in service standards and to see our business associates grow.

         Successful applicants must be able work, not only to today’s standards, but to new
standards as well. They will have to excel and adapt as new technologies arise to meet our clients’
needs. Our employees will have to do this in an environment that is alive with a rich mix of
languages, cultures, religions, and the electric atmosphere of technical and business competition.
Our candidates must also have the drive to satisfy our clients, because without satisfying our
clients, we will not have a company.
Training & Development
Knowledge, coupled with experience, is the currency of service. Amitronix consultants are
encouraged to participate in programs designed to enhance their existing skills and to integrate
new emerging technologies into their skill sets in order to keep pace within their rapidly changing
environment. Our training solutions cover:

Networks and Operating Systems
- Administering Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0
- Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Series-Design and Implementation
- Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Series-Concepts and Administration
- Updating Support Skills from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000
- Designing a Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure
- Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Networking Services Infrastructure
- Implementing and Managing Exchange Server 2000
- Designing Microsoft Exchange 2000 for the Enterprise
- Gathering and Analyzing Business Requirements
- Designing Business Solutions
- Basic Administration of Windows 2000
- Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server
- Designing a Secure Windows 2000 Network
- Managing a Windows 2000 Network Environment
- Microsoft Windows 2000 Network and Operating System Essentials
- Implementing a Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure
- Designing a Windows .NET Directory Services Infrastructure (Beta)
- Implementing and Supporting Windows XP Professional
- Implementing and Administering Windows 2000 Directory Services
- Deploying Microsoft Office XP
- Deploying Microsoft Windows XP Professional
- Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming with Microsoft .NET
- Deploying and Supporting Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0
- Developing Microsoft.NET Applications for Windows (Visual C#.NET)

Systems Programming and Development
- Mastering Visual Basic 6 Development
- Mastering Enterprise Development using Visual Basic 6
- Mastering Web Application Development
- Mastering Visual Basic 6 Fundamentals
- Building XML-Based Web Applications
- Programming with C#
- Programming with Visual Basic .NET
- Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework (Microsoft Visual C# .NET)
- Developing XML Web Services Using Microsoft® ASP.NET
- Programming with XML in the Microsoft .NET Framework
- Developing and Deploying Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 Solutions
- Visual Basic Scripting Edition and Windows Script Host Essentials
- Programming the .NET Framework with Visual Basic .NET
- Programming with Managed Extensions for Microsoft Visual C++ .NET
- Introduction to Visual Basic .NET Programming with Microsoft .NET
- Programming with ADO.NET
- Developing Microsoft .NET Applications for Windows (Visual Basic .NET)
- Introduction to Microsoft .NET Development
Databases and Collaboration Tools
- System Administration for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
- Implementing a Database on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
- Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Series-Design and Implementation
- Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 Series-Concepts and Administration
- Designing and Implementing a Data Warehouse Using Microsoft SQL Server 7.0
- Implementing and Managing Exchange Server 2000
- Designing Microsoft Exchange 2000 for the Enterprise
- Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with Transact-SQL
- Administering a SQL Server 2000 Database
- Programming a Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database
- Building XML-Enabled Applications using SQL Server 2000
- Designing and Populating Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2000

Web Design and Internet
- Secure Web Access Using Microsoft Proxy Server 2.0
- Implementing SharePoint Portal Server 2001
- Deploying and Managing Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000
- Developing and Deploying Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 Solutions
- Introduction to XML and the .NET Technologies
- Building XML-Based Web Applications

Ongoing Certification:
A continuous process of formal training and project assignments ensures that our consultants
have leading edge expertise to utilize and apply new emerging technologies where appropriate.

Employment Opportunities
If you are an IT professional interested in joining Amitronix please submit your qualifications to:

Amitronix offers a variety of positions in the U.S. as well as at customer locations in India and
Europe. To be considered for employment, simply send us your resume.

Employee Benefits
The company believes that employees are its assets and providing attractive employee benefits is
an investment to drive company growth. The benefits program is designed to fit into the
Organization’s overall strategy to:

• Provide cost-effective benefits to employee
• Have a highly motivated and productive group ofemployees and
• Use our benefits as an indirect compensation tool to attract and retain goodtalent

        Amitronix strives to provide benefits package, which is highly competitive in the
software industry for each country. The benefits package and specific details of our program vary
based on the country of employment. Employee benefits typically include:

• Paid vacation time
• Health, Vision, Prescription and Dental Insurance
• Disability and Workman Compensation
• Retirement and Financial Plans (e.g. 401K in the UnitedStates or India)
• Life and AD&D Insurance
• Educational and self-development programs
• Employee assistance programs
• Recreation programs and Help Line

246 5th Avenue, Suite 602, New York, NY 10001
Toll Free: (866)-377-0099
Voice: (212)-679-6001
Facsimile: (212)-679-6101


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