How To Avoid Getting A DUI

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					How to Avoid Getting a DUI

If you have never before been arrested for drunk driving, here are a few ideas which
could help to lower your risks of getting a DUI. If you've previously been given a drunk
driving and want to avoid yet another one, you need to know these strategies to avoid
getting a DUI again. Nevertheless now you're going to be better prepared to stay clear of
another drunk driving arrest. It is easy to read about these approaches, though, you'll find
it much harder to put them in to operation. Make sure that you take the time to totally put
the strategies presented into motion.

Getting a DUI is a serious business. These drunk driving concepts are certainly not
intended to urge you to drive drunk. As Always, never drive a car while you are
intoxicated. It is risky to all those around you. In any event even if you are beneath the
actual legal limit, you will be vulnerable to getting a DUI. It happens all of the time. For
your protection, I have furnished a number of ways to circumvent getting a DUI.

Be Sure To Have A Driver's Rights card in your automobile

A driver's rights card is a card which lays out your rights to a cop when an investigation
starts. When you are sure a DUI investigation is underway, simply hand the card over to
the cop and remain quiet. The card will talk for you. The cop will keep trying to get you
to talk. Politely refuse. This is the most effective way to avoid getting a DUI.

Police officers Are not On your Side

Yep, and there ain't no Santa either. Don't make the mistake of thinking that cops are
your friend. They are in the business or gathering evidence and making arrests. The don't
care about you personally. They get awarded and promoted based on making arrests, not
making friends. You are not going to talk your way out of a DUI, not matter how smooth
of a tongue you think you have. After you get pulled over and the DUI investigation
starts, the cop isn't thinking about letting you go, he's thinking about how he's going to
gather enough evidence from which to convict you. He is not trying to gather evidence to
help you avoid getting a DUI. So keep quiet, and treat him with respect, but not like a

Be sure to seek out advice from a lawyer when it comes to the laws in your state, as laws
vary. Never the less, these particular techniques to help you avoid getting a DUI, just
could possibly be the primary difference between going home and going to jail.

Would you know what to do if you got pulled over?

A businessman took some clients wine tasting, hoping to land a big account. While wine
tasting, he spit the wine out. He got pulled over. The cop smelled booze, arrested him,
and handcuffed him in front of his clients. When they tested him later, he blew.01 - almost
stone sober! The guy lost the account and had to fight the DUI.
Happens all of the time. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself, you’re toast.

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