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									DUI Tricks

DUI tricks and tips can help reduce your risks of getting a DUI. Let's face it. A DUI is
serious business. You should never drive drunk. But even if you aren't drunk and have
had only a small amount to drink, you are still in danger of getting a DUI. There are some
DUI tricks that you should know which can help reduce the chance of getting arrested
and convicted of a DUI.

Search Your Car

We've all seen those cop shows on TV where the cops stop some guy and begin to
question him. The guy clearly doesn't know anything about his rights. He seems to be
convinced that if he just helps the cops find evidence to convict him, then they will let
him go. I know it makes no sense. The cops finally ask the guy if they can look in his car.
The guy agrees. This is always the puzzling part, since the guy knows he has something
in his car that he doesn't want them to find. Sure enough, the open up the trunk and
there's a dead body in it. Imagine that.

Therefore one DUI trick is to search your car thoroughly, before you ever leave your
house. After all, if you get into some trouble, that's what the cops are going to do. You
don't want to get pulled over and have the cops find something in your car which
incriminated you. For example, if they pull you over for a red light violation, you don't
want them to notice something in your backseat or the back of your truck which will get
him starting an investigation for a DUI, for example. Start with obvious. Look at what's
in plain view. If a cop shine shines his flashlight in your car, what will he see?

You probably need to get rid of those empty beer cans in the back of your truck, leftover
from that fishing trip. Or how about that stuff in your ash tray? What about that flask in
your golf bag? Look in your glove box, all compartments, under your seats, under the
floor mats, and in your trunk. Make sure that anything that could in anyway incriminate
you is taken out of the vehicle. Sometimes DUI tricks can be the difference between
going to jail, and going home to sleep in your own bed.

Would you know what to do if you got pulled over?

A businessman took some clients wine tasting, hoping to land a big account. While wine
tasting, he spit the wine out. He got pulled over. The cop smelled booze, arrested him,
and handcuffed him in front of his clients. When they tested him later, he blew.01 - almost
stone sober! The guy lost the account and had to fight the DUI.

Happens all of the time. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself, you’re toast.

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