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									DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoints seem to be everywhere now days. You're sure to see them advertised
on every major holiday. But you'll also see them on any night of the week in any city. If
you're unfortunate enough to get trapped in a DUI checkpoint, and you've been drinking,
chances are you're going to be arrested. It may not matter if you're below the legal limit.
They have a way of building DUI cases on very flimsy evidence. Once you're arrested,
it's a very difficult thing to fight. The trick is to think about a DUI checkpoint before you
are drinking. Have a strategy in place that assumes you'll run in to a checkpoint. Here are
some suggestions.

Don't Stay Out After Dark

Statistics show that most drunk driving arrests occur after 11pm at night. Cops know this.
That's why most DUI checkpoints will be set up a night. Don't wait until 11pm, get home
before dark. You'll have a much better chance of avoiding a DUI checkpoint altogether.

Stay Away From Known Drinking Areas

Cops know where people go to drink and where they travel through after drinking. There
may be certain areas in your town where a couple of bars are in close proximity to one
another. You might also have a sports or concert arena. Or it may be a group of
restaurants which serve alcohol. These areas are the most logical places for a DUI
checkpoint. The cops are going fishing, and you are the fish. They want to catch their
limit. They aren't going to go to some remote country road where they're not likely to see
a car. They are going to go for a main road where they have the best chance of catching
the most fish who have been drinking.

The point is that you should avoid those areas. Also avoid the main roads where people
travel when leaving those known drinking areas.

Always figure out your plan before you go out drinking. You want to make sure you're
safe, and those around you are safe. You do this by avoiding drinking and driving
altogether. But if you find yourself out after drinking, get home early and stay away from
known drinking areas. If you do that you'll have a much higher chance of avoiding a DUI
checkpoint altogether.

Would you know what to do if you got pulled over?

A businessman took some clients wine tasting, hoping to land a big account. While wine
tasting, he spit the wine out. He got pulled over. The cop smelled booze, arrested him,
and handcuffed him in front of his clients. When they tested him later, he blew.01 - almost
stone sober! The guy lost the account and had to fight the DUI.
Happens all of the time. If you don’t take steps to protect yourself, you’re toast.

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