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					One of the crucial issues facing employers today is the need to employ people with
skills, who can immediately begin to contribute to an organisation, and to the South
African economy. This is true for learners too, who on graduating, also need to ensure
that they find employment or are able to embark on their own new business.

INSETA has launched this programme to support internships or work-based experience
(WBE) through providing grants to enable unemployed graduates to achieve a maximum
of one year’s experience in the Insurance sector, which will give the graduate:

      practical, hands-on experience in the specialty/skills area that a graduate wants
       to work in, in the insurance sector, after graduation
      the opportunity of permanent employment in the workplace for graduates
      the opportunity to establish a new venture on completion of his/her studies.

For more information, please refer to the policy and other documents below.

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