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Top of the page: explanation of the story and scenes.

End of the page: The narrator and other important key factors.

 Storyboard for Microsoft’s Imagine
             Cup 2006
This years topic: Technology enables
   better education for everyone.
                           Team: Cavemen
                                   M.Deniz OKTAR                         Ersin Daut
                                   Director & Scriptwriter
Director&Editor                                                          Director of photography
                                   Deniz is an interesting guy. We
                                   hope you’ll all meet him someday.
Firat was always interested on                                           He is the only one in our team
filming. His has taken his first   He has practiced his writing skills
                                                                         that can draw something more
serios step when he took filming   in several magazines & web sites.     complex then a stick man.
course while he was exchange in
                                   He worked in many different
UPENN.                             business fields including creating    After growing up in Macedonia
                                   and producing TV programs,            he moved to Turkey. He is
                                   acting in some short movies(for
He has worked as photo             Coca Cola), and working as            interested in Arts, cultures and
journalist in “The Daily           project developer in some             travelling.
                                   advertising companies.
                                 He is still working in the post         He speaks 7 languages,
                                 production stage of his comedy          hopefully he will start learning
He after won Apple’s ICAN 2006 short-film which he had shot in
in the “mobile video” cathegory. Singapore.                              Korean by this summer :)

         All Cavemen are studying comp. Engineering in Koc University, Turkey.
   The movie starts with a quote from Socrates

“Employ your time in improving yourself by other people’s
writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have
labored hard for.”
  Our story starts with a worldmap. The time is 1.500.000 BC. Years start to
            pass by really fast. We can see the years passing by.

                                                     1.500.000 BC

Narrator: Ahem !. Oh, yes, the world ! It was a long time
ago, and our story starts with the man kind’s first
           When the time comes around 1.000.000 BC

                                            1.000.000 BC

Narrator: The man learned to control the fire (sound
tone: Powerful and excited)
As years pass by, new flames appear and the narrator tones gets less excited as the
number of flames increase.

                                                          980.431 BC

  Narrator: And the man learned to controle the fire... and the man
  learned to controle the fire... and the man learned to control the
  fire...(sound tone: getting less powerfull and less excited)
The fire is invented over and over again so many times, in different places. Flames
cover the world, and fluent scene transation occours, now we are about to see the
discovery of fire.
                                                          955.177 BC
Narrator: Ah yes, this is the mighty man I was talking about.. He is the
father of all inventors, HE IS THE MAN ! (cheers the man, he is happy
and proud because of the words of narrator)
Happily and proudly, our man takes his invention and looks for other men, so that he can
                            show and talk about his discovery.

   Narrator: Our man, the teacher of all, will now share his wisdom with
   the others.. Ow.. Hold a sec. Whats that? Aaa. The others are cooking?
   But, amm.. Then, sorry man! You’re just a little late.
The camera turns to stars, and the schene changes back to worldmap. Starting
   from the date it left. The time stars to move again, faster.

  [As time passes by (and the narrator speaks) several symbols of inventions
                               appear on the map]

   Narrator: After the man’s finding, a new era of discovery has started.
   As the time passed by, many other man spent their life on discoveries
   and inventions. Unfortunately, some spent their life on the
   achievements that others found before.
The time is about 200 BC. In the world map, we see several symbols representing
the places where there is a discovery very smiliar or perhaps the very same of
Archimedes’ principle. These symbols appear at different years and the time always
grows. The same story as the invention of fire happens again.

                                                         204 BC

Narrator: Ah, now we came to the era where things started to go
crazy. With the passion of men for discovery, something strange
started to happen when people discovered some facts. The ecstasy of
discovery made the desire to share the wisdom irresistable.
Have you ever heared about the word “Eureka”, or the story of some
men running naked in the streets? Not my kind if you ask me !
Now we are going to see 3 different scenes, each tells the story of the discovery of
Archimedes’ principle. Each of these guys discover this principle, perhaps unaware of
each other. They all shout someway and naked. But, we all only know the history of
Archimedes and his “Eureka”.

               170 BC

      1.123 BC

                                                     120 BC

Narrator describes these discoverys in the order of dates. His tone differs
as he starts to repeat himself.
The scene is back to the world map and time came to the 1400’s. We are about to
learn the explorers of America. There will be Turks, Vikings and the famous
Christopher Columbus. The trick is that: we only know Christopher Columbus .

                                                              1430 AD

Narrator: Man kind has discovered a lot, as the time passes by, men has
reallised that the world is bigger then they thought so, and its shape is
We are going to see the animation of 3 different ships approaching to America in
different times. Each ship approaches with its own music. The point is that, Turks and
Vikings will turn back after they discovered this land, and will not be really interested
about it. [there is surely fiction]

                                                          1430 AD

Narrator: In late 900’s, far earlier then Europeans, Vikings discovered America.
In 1120 AD, a Turkish ship lost her way, and landed on America. However, they
were not interested and turned back soon after.
In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the America, though he was
believing that this was India.
After the discovery of America, we are back in the world map, and the time starts to
fast-forward again. It slows down about 1800’s, where the first steps of
Communication Technology has taken. Our starting point is the telegraph lines. Which
will enable information exchange.

Narrator: Finally, we came to the era where everything is much more faster and
easier. The world starts to get connected ! In 1800’s, first telegraph line is
establish, allowing people to transfer information on digital form, much more
faster then walking all the way...
These telegraph lines (and also other communication lines like telephone, data ,
internet etc.. ) increases at a tremendous speeds, connecting everywhere in the
world, allowing inventions to travel everywhere.

Narrator: Mankind loved this new technology which enables information
exchange instantenously. The number of lines increased tremendously,
connecting everywhere in the world.
The symbols of newly inventions will first appear at one location, then with the help of
communication lines, it will be transferred to the whole world. These lines will be
passages, and as the time passes by, there will be tremendous amount of discovery
symbols on the map, letting us to pass to the next scene.

Narrator: This is the achievement we were waiting now. Now, the amount of
knowladge and the quality of education increases faster then ever before
because every new achievement is distributed to the world. So, one won’t be
discovering over and over again, instead improving what has been found
From this point on, there will be no narration. This scene is based on transitions. We
first see a scientist finding something new in the test tube, then the camera zooms to
the tube, and when the angle changes, we see that a professor is holding the same
test tube in the class. Showing it to the students. Then the camera focuses on a
student, and with a transition, we see that the student is making more research about
the test tube. Like this, there will be several examples of how achievements are now
distributed all over the world very rapidly.
There will be a black screen, about 5 seconds, in which after 2 seconds we will
start to hear sound of water falling down… We do not know where this sound
comes from.

     Background: We hear water falling down starting after
     2 seconds of black screen.
After the black screen, user starts to see a blurry, wet computer monitor. It is
clear that something has been searched recently. But there is something
different. There is water on the screen and the keyboard.

 Background: We still hear sound of the water falling down.
This scene is the one of the most important scene. The user realizes that this is a
room, and the surroundings of the computer are all wet, including the floor. The
audience wonders where this water comes from.

 Background: While we still hear the sound of water falling down,
 after waiting about 4 secs, we hear the sound of a door opening.
This is the scene where we understand why there is water on the computer.
Because the guy finds an idea in the bath, runs to the computer, shouting out
“Eureka”, searches the idea that he has recently come up with, but then finds out
that someone has already discovered it, becomes sad, gets back to the bath.
Probably he did this many times before, this is why everywhere is wet.

 Background: After the door sound, we hear a man running and
 shouting “Eureka ! Eureka “, Then after he searhes the computer,
 he makes unhappy sounds and turns back to bath.
 This is the last scene of the movie. It ends with a

  To repeat what others have said, requires education; to
  challenge it, requires brains.

                               Marry Pettibone Poole

Background: We still hear water falling down and
somebody is taking bath.

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