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									                             Japan QUAKE
                             By : Rubiyatun
        An earthquake measuring 7.4 on the Rich ter Scale (SR) rocked the Bonin
Islands, Japan. With the epicenter at a depth of 14 kilometers, the population residing
in coastal areas were asked to evacuate to higher ground due to appear as high as 2
meters tsunami issue.

        According to data recorded o n U.S. Geological Survey, this magnitude 7.4
earthquake occurred at 03:19 local time. The quake's epicenter was 153 kilometers
east of Chichi-Shima region, located in a remote region in the Bonin Islands, Japan.

        Until now there has been no reports of dam age or casualties due to this
earthquake. Meanwhile, the tsunami early warning in Hawaii said the quake was not a
potential tsunami.

        However, there is an early warning of meteorological broadcast by local
television stations. The alert predicted that the Bonin Islands, or by ordinary Japanese
people called the Ogasawara islands, will be hit by the tsunami as high as 2 meters.

        So sound the warning: "The earthquake of this magnitude can cause a tsunami
that could damage the beach, located 100 km from the epicenter. The government in
the epicenter region, should be aware of this possibility and take appropriate steps. All
persons residing in the area near coast have to evacuate to higher ground.

        ”According to the USGS, the earthquake was followed by two aftershocks of
5.6 magnitude on 20 minutes later. Its depth is only about 10 kilometers. It is known
that about 20 percent of the most powerful earthquake in the world always struck
Japan. Japanese territory in the area called 'Ring of Fire' around the Pac ific Ocean.

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