MF3 Series on-line infrared radiation thermometers

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					                                        MF3 Series
The New Low Cost On-line Infrared Radiation Thermometers
The LAND MF3 series are easy to use, miniature, on-                           Features
line infrared radiation thermometers for non contact                          • 10mV/°C or 5, 10, 20mV/°F, or Type J and K T/C output
temperature measurement in the range 0 to 500°C/30 to
940°F.                                                                        • Stainless steel housing with PG-11-thread
MF3 thermometers are available with several ranges/                           • Simple connections and mounting arrangement
outputs, each comprising a rugged stainless steel body                        • Ambient operating temperature up to 70°C/158°F
with a dedicated range of mountings and accessories.                          • Miniature - 18.6mm/0.73in dia. x 118mm/4.65in long
The miniature size of the MF3 makes it ideal for light                        • Robust construction
industrial or non-hostile applications where space is at a                    • Range of mountings and optional accessories
premium. A 1m/3ft long, pre-wired cable allows simple wiring
into OEM equipment or end user processes.                                     Applications
Linear output configurations include 10mV/°C and 20, 10
                                                                              The MF3 is the ideal low cost solution for surface
or 5mV/°F. Additional models offer simulated Type J and K
                                                                              temperature measurement of a wide range of products
thermocouple outputs. These thermometers can be directly
substituted for existing thermocouples of the same output
type as their outputs are scaled to reproduce the voltage/                    • plastics         • textiles           • rubber        • wood               • food
temperatures published in the relevant thermocouple tables.                   • ceramics • paint                      • paper         • liquids

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Mountings and Accessories
A 2-axis adjustable mounting bracket permits alignment of
the MF3 thermometer from ±30° in both horizontal and
vertical axes. A fixed, 1-axis mounting bracket is also
The MF3 thermometer has a built-in air purge, recommended
for applications in which some airbor ne par ticles/
contaminants are expected.
A clean filtered air supply is required, capable of delivering
up to 10 litres/0.35cu.ft per minute.
A 90° viewing mirror can be attached to the front of the
MF3 Series thermometer body for applications where
access is limited.
A water cooled jacket is available for use in ambient                    Photo above shows the MF3 thermometer complete with
environments up to 80°C/176°F and in applications where                  water cooled protection jacket, 90° angle adapter, air purge
the thermometer is subject to significant radiated energy.               and adjustable mounting bracket.
MF3 thermometers require a ±24Vd.c. <50mVp-p ripple
power supply. A suitable Power Supply/Indicator is available
from Land as an optional extra. A programming kit is also                  junction for plastic pipe pp or pu                                 in/mm
available to scale the Indicator's input range to match the                with inside diameter 2mm /0.08in

particular thermometer.
Each power supply/indicator has two alarm relays fitted as                  7.2 / 0.28

standard. Alarms can be configured using the programing                     Ø16.6 /                                          Ø16 /
kit or via the front panel keypad.                                          0.65                                             0.63

                                                                                         10 /
Ordering Information                                  Part No.                           0.39             67 / 2.64          27 / 1.07

115V a.c. Power Supply/Indicator                      205.233                                                   118 / 4.65
230V a.c. Power Supply/Indicator                      205.234
Power Supply/Indicator Programing Kit                 299.072

 Temperature range:    MF30 0 to 120°C/30 to 250°F                       Storage temperature: -20 to 85°C/-5 to 185°F
                       MF31 0 to 300°C/30 to 570°F                       Output:              Linear 10mV/°C or 5, 10, 20mV/°F;
                       MF32 100 to 500°C/200 to 940°F                                         and Type J, Type K thermocouple
 Detector:             Thermopile (SI)                                   Dimensions:          18.6mm/0.73in dia. x
 Spectral response:    8 to 14µm                                                              118mm/4.65in long
 Emissivity:           0.95 fixed                                        Connecting cable:    1m/3ft long (factory fitted, longer cable
 Response time:        300ms (to 90%)                                                         lengths are available to special order),
 Accuracy:             ±1.5% of range, minimum 2K                                             4-core, screened, PVC
                       (23°C/73°F)                                       Power requirement: 24V d.c. ± 25%, 6.3mA, ripple on d.c.
 Repeatability:        ±1% of range                                                           supply voltage must be less than 50mV
 Temperature drift:    0.05%/K (23°C/73°F)                               Sealing:             IP 65 (DIN 40050)
 Target size:          60mm/2.36in dia at 300mm/11.81in                  Safety class:        I (VDE 0411)
 Field of view:        5:1                                               Weight:              0.125kg/4.4oz
 Ambient operating                                                       EMC:                 CE labelled in accordance with EU
   temperature range: 0 to 70°C/32 to 158°F                                                   rules on electromagnetic immunity

Ordering Information
 Thermometer Type                         Measurement Range                                        Output                         Part No.
 MF30C                                    0 to 120°C                                               10mV/°C                        092.614
 MF31C                                    0 to 300°C                                               10mV/°C                        092.615
 MF32C                                    100 to 500°C                                             10mV/°C                        092.616
 MF30F                                    30 to 250°F                                              20mV/°F                        092.632
 MF31F                                    30 to 570°F                                              10mV/°F                        092.633
 MF32F                                    200 to 940°F                                             5mV/°F                         092.634
 MF30J (T/C Equivalent)                   0 to 120°C/30 to 250°F                                   Type J                         092.690
 MF31J (T/C Equivalent)                   0 to 300°C/30 to 570°F                                   Type J                         092.691
 MF32J (T/C Equivalent)                   100 to 500°C/200 to 940°F                                Type J                         092.692
 MF30K (T/C Equivalent)                   0 to 120°C/30 to 250°F                                   Type K                         092.693
 MF31K (T/C Equivalent)                   0 to 300°C/30 to 570°F                                   Type K                         092.694
 MF32K (T/C Equivalent)                   100 to 500°C/200 to 940°F                                Type K                         092.695

                          Continuous product development may make it necessary to change these details without notice                    PDS009_MF3/0903