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					                                               The Doctor’s newspaper

2010 Rates and data
                                                                                aBC Certified Circulation
                                                                Price                                                           15 072
                                                                                Oct-dec 2009
size                                                      (Excl VAT)
                                                                         Circulation breakdown:*
A4 Advert                                                  R14 700
                                                                              GPs                                                 5735
A3 Page                                                    R18 500            specialists (as follows)                            5329
A3/A4/A5 Advert DPS                                       R27 500                 - Anaesthetist                          628
A5 Advert                                                  R11 500                - Cardiac & Thoracic Surgeon             75
                                                                                  - Cardiologist & Pulmonologist          209
Super 100 (150mm high x 62mm wide)                          R4 500
                                                                                  - Dermatologist                         143
Single column cm (columns 42mm wide)                            R200              - ENT                                   267
                                                                                  - Gastroenterologist                     60
special Positions - Upfront and back cover                                        - Maxillo-facial                         87
                                                                                  - Neurologist                            96
A5 Advert on page 2                                        R15 000
                                                                                  - Neurosurgeon                          110
Loading for remainder of News section                            15%              - Obs/Gyn                               641
Ears on front cover (each)                                  R6 500                - Oncologist/Radiotherapist             117
                                                                                  - Ophthalmologists                      242
Ears on back cover (each)                                   R4 500                - Orthopaedic Surgeons                  561
                                                                                  - Pathologist                           174
special Positions - Cardiac Medicine section                                      - Plastic Surgeon                       115
A5 Advert on Cardiac Medicine intro page                   R13 000                - Psychiatrist                          371
                                                                                  - Radiologist                           332
Ears on Cardiac Medicine intro page (each)                  R3 500                - Specialist Physician, etc             523
                                                                                  - Surgeon                               408
Other                                                                             - Urologist                             170
Loose inserts (up to 4 sides A4)                           R12 500
                                                                              Key Hospital staff                                  1109
Run-ons (per 1000)                                          R2 500            (includes managers, matrons, theatre matrons,
                                                                              charge sisters, ICU sisters, maternity sisters,
                                                                              pharmacy managers, infection control sisters)
                                                                              Pharmacies                                          2206
Material specs (mm height x width)
                                                                              Medical Industry VIPs                               1534
                    A5                A4              A3                 * Each issue’s circulation is customised from this breakdown
Trim:            200 x 141         293 x 207       420 x 280               depending on editorial content
Type area:       180 x 121         273 x 187       390 x 250
Bleed:           210 x 151         303 x 217       426 x 286               editorial Policy: Keep it Light and Bright
note: digital material only ie, Hi-res PC tIFFs or JPGs - CMYK or          Medical Chronicle is a bright, newsy A3 format
print-ready PdFs.                                                          paper. It is edited to appeal to GPs and specialists
                                                                           in private practice as well as to key personnel in
                                                                           private hospitals.
  DEaDlinEs                                                                Known as the doctors’ newspaper, Chronicle
  advertising material: 20th of month preceding publication.               has been a favourite with doctors for 45 years.
  Editorial: 5th of month preceding publication.                           Articles are informative, lively and varied.

Your Contacts at Wilbury & Claymore
Tel: 011-787- 4969        Fax: 011-787-1819         Email: chronicle@wilbur za              ads to: peter@wilbur za

Dick White        Cell: 082-896-1813       Peter van Dyk    Cell: 082-555-9611 
Cindy Riederer    Cell: 082-492-0229      Merinda de Kocks Cell: 084-611-5632 
Chantal adlard    Cell: 082-717-9051    Bonney Cinnamond Cell: 082-338-2258 
                                                     The Doctor’s newspaper

some Compelling Reasons to advertise in Medical Chronicle
no 1: sa’s Best loved Medical Publication                                                             of medicine and doesn’t fit easily into
Medical Chronicle is far and away the               no 4: The Doctor’s Favourite                      the editorial format of other medical
favourite read of sa’s medical practitioners        Chronicle is the favourite read of sa’s private   publications.
according to a 2009 survey conducted                practice GPs and specialists.
by Parnters in Research, an independent             These are some of the reasons they give for       no 8: Top Editorial Team
research company.                                   liking it:                                        Many medical publications in south
This newspaper was rated ‘publication most          “as a specialist i need to know of                africa reprint articles from their parent
enjoyed’ by an overwhelming majority of             developments in areas of medicine beyond          magazines overseas. Chronicle is different.
doctors polled (see table below). Eight titles      my own. i get that from Medical Chronicle.”       We have a team of medical writers, some
were surveyed.                                      “Your news section is relevant, current and       on staff and some freelancers, whose
                                                    well written; it keeps me up-to-date.”            under standing of local south african
                                                    “i always find something interesting              medical matters and the health industry is
Publication Enjoyed Most                            in Chronicle. it is indeed a top class            second to none.
                             no of Respondents      publication.”                                     They understand that healthcare is a
 Medical Chronicle                  103             “The back page is my favourite. Especially        business and that money is close to the
                                                    the Doctor’s Voice column, it reflects my own     hearts of almost all doctors. Our editors
 CME                                  26            views.”                                           move around the sa private health
 Update                               26            “it contains a mass of very useful                industry, looking for news and controversy,
 Modern Medicine                      24            information, i don’t want to miss a single        and write up stories. You’ll have found
 saMJ                                 23            issue!”                                           that the news pages of Chronicle are
 specialist Forum                     10                                                              a goldmine of information about the
                                                    no 5: sa’s Foremost source of Health              industry.
 saFP                                  7
                                                    industry news                                     We also understand the clinical side of the
 What’s new Doc                        3            Each issue of Chronicle starts with an            industry. some examples: we can effectively
 The research was conducted among a sample          extensive and comprehensive news section          write up a clinical trial; we can research and
 of 270 respondents (100 GPs, 100 specialists       crammed with clinical developments,               source material that presents your product
 and 70 key hospital staff).                        industry news, health politics and the latest     in a favourable light; we don’t miss the
                                                    trends from sa and overseas.                      point with clinical articles or use the wrong
                                                    The news we carry sets the agenda for             terminology; and we write clearly and
                                                    discussion in our industry, making Chronicle      simply, so the doctors enjoy reading the
no 2: Tell your story … Your Way                    unique among sa’s medical publications and        articles. all this muscle is available to you
When you buy space in Chronicle you can             enduringly popular with readers.                  when you choose Chronicle.
use it for advertising or editorial in any
combination you desire.                             no 6: Constantly Researched Circulation           no 9: Circulation
This gives you the opportunity to present           Wilbury & Claymore, the publishers of             Wide reach: Well over 15 000 distributed
your own story in the format, and using             Medical Chronicle, continually phones             to private practice GPs (5700), specialists
the wording, you choose. Of course our              practitioners and hospitals to compile and        (5300), pharmacists (2200), key hospital
professional writers are available to help          update its commercially available databases.      personnel (1100) and ViPs (1500).
prepare or polish articles.                         Every record in these databases has been          a common misconception is that Chronicle
Popular and successful approaches include:          updated within the last year and over 60%         is a GP only journal. it is, in fact, the only
•   ommission an opinion leader to write            have been updated within the last six             journal that goes to GPs and specialists in
  about clinical developments that involve          months.                                           private practice on a monthly basis.
  your goods                                        The circulation list for Chronicle is drawn       With Chronicle you can reach your whole
•   aunch a new product, giving features and        from these same databases.                        market with one publication.
•   et maximum exposure for your parties,           no 7: specialised Forums                          no 10: Twice as large an audience - Certified
  workshops, conferences or other events by         Chronicle runs a number of regular ‘Forums’.      Figures certified by aBC, the audit Bureau
  publishing a photo-spread of the event and        These are sections of the newspaper where         of Circulations reveal that Chronicle reaches
  visitors                                          a panel of top specialists focuses on a           about twice as many readers as most other
•   isseminate the results of recent drug trials    particular topic.                                 leading medical publications.
                                                    We encourage the writers to pitch their
no 3: Reader Friendly Editorial                     articles so that they explain their subject to    Here are the aBC figures for the period
Chronicle is a bright, newsy paper. it is edited    GPs and those less well informed. so they are     Oct-Dec 2009:
to appeal to GPs and specialists in private         writing specialist to GP rather than specialist    Medical Chronicle            15 072
practice and to key personnel in private            to specialist.
                                                                                                       SAMJ                         14 388
hospitals.                                          Chronicle already runs monthly
Known as the doctor’s newspaper, Chronicle          forums for cardiac medicine, oncology,             CME                          10 849
has been a favourite with doctors for over          gastroenterology, HiV, women’s health and          Modern Medicine               5 936
40 years. articles are informative, lively and      pain.                                              Update                        5 892
varied. The paper does not carry CPD articles,      We can initiate other forums to suit your
                                                                                                       SA Family Practice            4 593
but gives preference to short items that            requirements - particularly useful if your
                                                    product serves a very specialised field            What’s New Doc and Specialist Forum’s
doctors enjoy because they are reader-friendly.
                                                                                                       circulation figures are unaudited.
                                             The Doctor’s newspaper

10 Reasons to advertise
1. advertising establishes contact:                              7. advertising helps close the sale:
   Consumers prefer to learn more about products and                  advertising builds traffic, provides incentives for acting
   services through advertising. advertising is a preferred           now, provides links to websites, coupons and toll free
   method of introducing people to products and services              numbers all of which can close the sale directly. advertising
   and converting wants into needs. advertising cultivates            keeps them sold. advertising reinforces good decisions and
   new prospects. advertising builds awareness. Before                creates the best prospects for future sales. it costs less
   exposure to advertising only one in five buyers is aware of        to keep a customer than to find a new one.
   a company and/or its products. as awareness increases,        8. advertising saves time for both you and your
   buyers are more likely to consider purchasing that specific      customers:
   product.                                                           Customers believe advertising saves them time and money
2. advertising builds preference:                                     in comparison to shopping. Therefore the customer who
   Consumers believe that buying a familiar brand                     has been exposed to advertising is closer to making an
   usually guarantees approval (81% according to                      informed decision, saving you time and money.
   simmons Research) while buying unfamiliar brands is           9. advertising keeps you top of mind:
   risky (82% according to simmons). Brand preference                 For most product categories, fewer than 4% buy a
   is directly impacted by the advertising investment.                particular general merchandise product in a given week.
   advertising is a proven means of raising a brand’s                 about half of this 4% buy an item within a week of deciding
   reputation and preference level.                                   to make the purchase. seventeen percent tend to make
3. advertising educates and develops                                  impulse purchases, while twice that many (35%) like to shop
   prospects:                                                         around before making a decision. Once the decision to
   Consumers prefer to learn more about products through              buy is made, the consumer relies heavily on advertising
   advertising. advertising becomes the knowledgeable                 to help him/her decide where to buy.
   salesperson missing from many stores today. advertising       10. advertising works!
   turns wants into needs. advertising helps educate and              Millions of manufacturers, retailers, service businesses,
   it differentiates benefits from features.                          and individuals advertise every day. Over and over
4. advertising reduces cost of sales:                                 again. Because it works.
   in a world with fewer knowledgeable salespersons,             Finally...
   advertising reduces direct selling costs.                     While an advertisement in consumer magazines reaches
   Knowledgeable customers often know exactly what               potential purchasers individually, a pharmaceutical
   they want to buy, reducing the time needed to sell to         advertisement viewed by one doctor could result in
   them. it costs about one-fifth as much to retain and          dozens or hundreds of drug purchases, especially if the
   sell to an existing customer as it does sell to a new one.    drug is used over the long term. although doctors believe that
   advertising is a tool for selling to existing customers       they prescribe based on impartial evidence, advertising has
   more and reducing costs of sales.                             been shown to increase prescriptions for targeted drugs in a
5. advertising helps sell existing customers                     dose-related manner even when other promotional efforts are
   more products and services:                                   held constant.
   nine out of 10 buyers continue to look at the vendor’s        sources:
   ads after making the purchase. advertising reassures          How america shops and spends. Wsl shopping.
                                                                 Retail. Penton Media, industry inquiry Trends #329.
   buyers that they have made a good decision.                   laboratory of advertising Performance Report 5012. 1 and McGraw Hill.
6. advertising is an effective sales tool:                       The Changing Dynamic of Buyer Response to advertising, Chitton
                                                                 Manufacturing Group.
   seven out of 10 salespeople surveyed said they use ad         newspaper association of america, 1921 Gallows Road, suite 600, Vienna, Va
   reprints as a selling tool.                                   22182 703.902.1600.

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