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					                                                                                                                March 2000


Keppel wins State’s                Into the machine
annual Outstanding Faculty
                                   Polarized targets a complicated
                                   but rewarding business
                                   by James Schultz
                                       erformers who set plates spinning      says Chris Keith, a staff scientist in JLab’s
In their own words
goes on the record with
                                   P   on top of long poles enraptured
                                   watchers of old-style television variety
                                                                              Cryogenic Polarized Target Group. “The
                                                                              trick is getting all the individual parts to
Purchasing Manager                 shows. Plate after precariously bal-       work together, and at the same time. If
                                   anced plate was set in motion, until a     any one component doesn’t work, you
Danny Lloyd                        dozen or more were wobbling, turning       don’t have a viable experiment.”
                                   in the same direction many feet above          The majority of physics experiments at
                                   the studio floor. The audience held its    JLab involve unpolarized targets, usually
                                   collective breath. When would gravity      liquid hydrogen or liquid deuterium, a
Salute to JLab’s                   take its revenge? Usually, practice and    hydrogen isotope. Unpolarized targets tol-
                                   perseverance paid off, with nary a         erate high beam current and, while they
15-year employees                  piece of porcelain perishing.              require effort and care to arrange, they
                                       For Jefferson Laboratory scientists    don’t present the same array of logistical
                                   and technicians, polarizing a target       challenges as do their polarized kin.
                                   material by aligning the spin properties   Nevertheless, despite the difficulty of ini-
Get ready for                      of its protons and neutrons offers some    tiating and sustaining target polarization,
                                   of the same challenges. “These targets     these targets have unique advantages. A
Spring Arts Festival March 31
                                   operate in extreme environments —          polarized target’s spin alignment permits
                                   very high magnetic fields, very low        physicists to arrange the quarks inside
                                   temperatures, and ionizing radiation,”     neutrons and protons in the rough equiva-
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   Chris Keith and Mikell Seely, JLab Cryogenic Polarized
   Target Group, stand next to the Hall B polarized tar-
   get’s 1 degree Kelvin refrigerator following perfor-
   mance tests on the component. The refrigerator fits
   into the polarized target (located behind Seely).
Polarized targets a complicated but rewarding business. . .
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lent of the same physical direction. In       will record the quark interplay. Later,      When these targets are up and running,
so doing, researchers are able to probe       experimenters will begin the two-part        you have to keep them running at all
otherwise indiscernible quark-to-quark        process of spin alignment, first with a      costs — whether it’s weekends or two
interactions, creating a unique magni-        strong magnetic field and then with          o’ clock in the morning. If something
fying window into the subatomic               microwaves, to prepare the target for        goes wrong, you come in and fix it.”
realm.                                        impact with the beam from the Lab’s              Currently, Seely, Keith, Crabb and
    Experimentalist Don Crabb, a              accelerator, which in turn will generate     co-workers from Genoa, Italy, are
research professor of physics at the          the subatomic events that will be            preparing a polarized target for a Hall
University of Virginia, says that, with       weighed and analyzed.                        B study slated to begin in September.
spin alignment, chances increase that             If polarized target preparation          It will be the third such polarized-tar-
subatomic particles will interact in          seems a complex process, it is. The          get experiment conducted at JLab. The
specific ways and that the results of         Lab’s Polarized Target Group can take        target array is being assembled in the
those interactions will be more readily       up to a year to fabricate and put into       Experimental Equipment Laboratory
apparent. “Say you have a bale of hay         place the many pieces that, when fitted      and is scheduled for a fully integrated
with something buried at its center,”         together, experimenters use over weeks       test in April and May. The system will
he posits. “Shoot a bullet at it, and if it   and months to conduct physics                be literally wheeled over to Hall B in
has a hard interior, the shot will rico-      research.                                    August to be wedded to the hall’s
chet off that interior in a certain way.          “Ideally the target system comes in      CLAS detector, prior to the start of the
If you can scatter off individual             completely configured, with refrigera-       experiment’s five-month run.
quarks, you can better understand how         tion and magnets,” says Mikell Seely,            “These are complicated systems,”
a proton or neutron is put together,          Polarized Target Group manager. “But         Keith says. “Even though they usually
and how the quarks are interacting to         we usually have to outfit it with polar-     require some kind of care and feeding,
give an individual proton or neutron          ization detectors, a microwave system,       we try to make them as robust as we
its properties.”                              controls and a helium gas supply. We         can. Experimenters can’t run their
Easier Said Than Done                         then have to install and maintain it.        experiments if the target is always
    Not all materials are suitable for                                                     being repaired.”
polarization. Although experimenters
at other facilities have sometimes used
frozen alcohols, alignment can be
quickly lost through repeated interac-
tions with the Lab’s electron beam.
JLab’s material of choice is ammonia.
Once polarized, it tends to remain so,
even at high beam current. Target
preparation begins with the freezing of
gaseous ammonia into a solid block.
The block remains immersed in liquid
nitrogen and is then crushed into
miniature, rock-salt-like granules,
which are meticulously spooned into
half-inch-deep, dime-size containers.
These small receptacles, affixed to a
target “stick” and festooned with elec-
tronics, are made of a hydrogen-free
type of plastic, specifically designed
not to interfere with the experi-
menter’s measurement of the target
polarization using a technique known
as nuclear magnetic resonance, or sim-
ply NMR.
    The target stick will eventually be       Don Crabb, research professor of physics at the University of Virginia, sits in front
inserted into a canister cooled by liq-       of the Hall B polarized target (module and tube above eye level) and a test appa-
uid helium to just one degree above           ratus used to check the polarized target’s refrigerator (tube at shoulder level).
absolute zero. In turn, the entire array      Chris Keith, JLab staff scientist, and Marco Anghinolfi, a user from the University
must nestle close to the detectors that       of Genoa, Italy, (background, left & right) discuss results from a refrigeration test.

2   ON TARGET • March 2000
Keppel wins award
HU professor, Lab scientist earns outstanding faculty award

     ynthia Keppel, JLab staff scientist
C    and assistant professor of physics at
Hampton University, received the
Commonwealth of Virginia’s
Outstanding Faculty Award (OFA) for
2000. Keppel was one of 11 college fac-
ulty members — selected from 72 nomi-
nees — recognized during a ceremony
at the State Capitol in Richmond on
March 2.
    The award recognizes the finest
among Virginia’s college faculty for
their demonstrated excellence in teach-
ing, research and public service. Since
the program’s inception in 1986, 162
Virginia faculty members have received
this honor. The State Council of Higher
Education for Virginia (SCHEV) admin-
isters the Outstanding Faculty Award
    At 37, Keppel is the youngest recipi-
ent in the history of the award, and is      After the award ceremony, Cynthia Keppel poses for a photo with Governor Jim
only the second assistant professor ever     Gilmore (left) and Virginia’s Secretary of Education Will Bryant.
to receive the honor. She is the second
professor from Hampton University to
earn the award where her work includes
Directorship of the Nuclear and Higher
                                             ed that he ran up to hold the plaque for     Centennial conference in Atlanta, Ga.,
Energy Physics Research Center. Keppel
                                             me after the presentation.”                  last year. Her passion for teaching
has been with HU and JLab since 1995.
                                                 While Keppel doesn’t plan on resting     physics ranges from supervising Ph.D.
    During the formal award presenta-                                                     candidates to working with elementary
                                             on her laurels, she and her family had
tion on the South Portico of the State                                                    and high school students.
                                             planned a vacation at Disney World for
Capitol, the 11 faculty members were
                                             early March, “But,” Keppel explained,            Keppel is known among her students
honored by Governor James Gilmore
                                             “that was planned long before I found        and peers for her boundless energy and
and members of the General Assembly,
                                             out about the award.”                        strong sense of focus. She is often
the Governor’s Cabinet, and the State
                                                 “I am taking my friends out to dinner    described as a very imaginative and pro-
Council of Higher Education for
                                             to celebrate,” Keppel responded when         lific researcher — advancing nuclear
Virginia; as well as local education,
                                             asked how she was going to spend her         physics in both pure and applied
business, and community leaders. The
                                             award money. “This award is as much          research. A university colleague praised
Outstanding Faculty Award recipients
                                             my research group’s as it is mine. I’m       her for being “one of those unique indi-
also were recognized on the floors of
                                             taking them out for dinner and wine, so      viduals who is capable of pursuing
the Senate of Virginia and the Virginia
                                             we can celebrate together. I would like to   world-class research without losing the
House of Delegates. Afterward, the
                                             buy a hot tub,” she added with a smile,      passion for teaching students.”
Governor and First Lady hosted an
informal luncheon reception for the          “and hang my plaque so I can see it from         During the formal presentation cere-
OFA recipients and invited guests at the     the tub.”                                    mony, Governor Gilmore said, “Each of
Executive Mansion just east of the State         Keppel has received numerous grants      these exceptional men and women are
Capitol building. Each OFA recipient         from the National Science Foundation,        remarkable teachers, productive scholars
was presented a $5,000 check at the          and currently has two patents pending.       and active contributors to our
reception.                                   She has developed an interactive physics     Commonwealth’s educational and civic
                                             demonstration program that has been          vitality. This award recognizes the finest
    Keppel said she and her family were
                                             used at many schools and museums             among Virginia’s college faculty for
very excited about winning the award.
                                             around the country and was featured at       demonstrated excellence in teaching,
“It is quite a compliment,” she com-
                                             the American Physical Society’s National     research and public service.”
mented. “My youngest son was so excit-

                                                                                                 March 2000 • ON TARGET           3
      JLab salutes its
         15-year                                   Dave Buckle
        employees!                                 Sr. Programmer/Analyst
                                                       “I really like the people here and I
                                                   enjoy my job. I do some physics, some
                                                   programming — a lot of different things.
       At the November 1999 Service
                                                   I enjoy the variety in my job. I grew up on
   Awards ceremony, the Lab recognized its
                                                   this spot; I was here before the Lab was
   first group of employees to reach 15 years
                                                   built — doing experiments with simple
   of service. This small group’s dedication
                                                   accelerators. I’ve been writing [computer]
   and loyalty were instrumental to the Lab’s
                                                   code quite a while now, and every so
   growth and development. Their efforts
                                                   often someone asks me for help with the
   and accomplishments have helped make
                                                   old stuff like Fortran. There are lots of
   this Lab the success it is today. Here they
                                                   things going on here. I’ve always enjoyed
   share what they’ve enjoyed most over the
                                                   BEAMS — talking to the kids — encour-
                                                   aging them to take some math and
                                                   science so they can work at a place like
                                                   this someday.”

        Franz Gross
        Physics, Staff Scientist;
        Dean of Research and Graduate Studies
        College of William and Mary
            “I began working on the development and planning for JLab in 1980,
        long before it was approved, funded, or even named! I have felt like a proud
        parent as the laboratory was constructed, began operation, and finally
        matured. I love the science we do, and have enjoyed playing a small role in
        building this laboratory to do this science. The quality of the data we pro-
        duce exceeds all expectations, and the excellence of our scientific program
        is recognized around the world. This would not be possible without the dedi-
        cation of so many, and being a part of this wonderful team is very satisfying.
        I look forward to resuming full-time theoretical work at the lab this summer,
        and to being a part of this adventure for several years to come.”

Henry Whitehead,                                                   Sylvia Smith
Accelerator                                                        Administration
Senior Electronics Technician                                      Financial Services Specialist
    “It’s been a privilege working here. I                             “The best part of my job is the interac-
worked on the development of the original                          tion with different people. I’m not stuck
quartercryo and cryomodule design. I take                          behind the computer all the time. My job
pride in the tunnel; I helped build every cry-                     has so many good points. There was a
omodule in the accelerator. Now we’re                              time when everyone fit in this building (the
developing and testing the horizontal test                         VARC) and I knew everyone here. Boy, has
bed (the quartercryo) for the new 7-cell                           it changed! Now I go to CEBAF Center for
cavities. It’s been a great experience —                           an event and I wonder, ‘who are all of
cryomodule development is at the heart of                          these people.’ I know many people who
the machine. I’ve seen a lot of changes in                         worked here years ago and have gone on
cryomodule development. I’ve worked with                           to other jobs. On occasion they’ll stop by
many nice people and really enjoyed the                            and ask if Sylvia is still here. It’s always so
job.”                                                              good to see them again!”

  4     ON TARGET • March 2000
                                                                   Joan Campbell
                                                                   Material Services Coordinator &
                                                                   Property Manager
                                                                       “The best part of my job is inter-
                                                                   acting with such a variety of people
                                                                   inside and outside of the Lab. I enjoy
                                                                   focusing on our customers’ needs
                                                                   and handling all the unique jobs that
                                                                   come through the door. No two days
                                                                   are the same. I’m in and out of the
                                                                   office a lot; it’s nice not being stuck
Don Seeley                                                         behind a desk. Jefferson Lab has
Administration                                                     given me the opportunity to advance
Plant Engineering Supervisor                                       in my job and I’m grateful for that.”
    “Every day is different; there’s
always something new going on. I
enjoy being around people.
Everyone who knows me knows I
enjoy joking around with people. But
when it comes to maintaining Lab
facilities, I like making people

        Roy Whitney
        Associate Director
            “The dynamic collaboration between our talented staff and
        Users to operate a world class facility is the fulfillment of the
        vision that brought me to the Peninsula. Every day we are pro-
        ducing world class science and technology development. I am
        proud to have been part of the tremendous accomplishments and
        growth of the Lab over the past fifteen years and I look forward to
        the continuing creativity and innovation that brings Jefferson Lab
        world-wide recognition and praise.”

                                                         Estelle Seeley
                                                         Business Services Buyer
                                                            “It’s been exciting seeing the Lab grow —
                                                         from groundbreaking to now. I feel good about
                                                         what I do and pleasing our customers. I
                                                         always try to get as much done in a day’s time
                                                         as possible. I work with many of the Lab’s
                                                         Users to make sure they get what they need,
                                                         and it makes me feel good at the end of the
                                                         day to know I’ve given my all.”

                                                                              March 2000 • ON TARGET     5
In their own words
On the record with Purchasing Manager Danny Lloyd
Interview by James Schultz

   started working at the Lab in             our goals every year except one, in
I  November 1987, while I was on ter-
minal leave from the Air Force. I was
                                             1997. Accomplishing those goals is a
                                             Lab-wide team effort. We achieved them
lucky enough to know several people at       because of everyone’s support, from the
the Lab who were former Air Force            planning stage to the actual ordering.
members and when they heard I was                We have a new program coming on-
going to retire, they made me an offer I     line this year, the Mentorship/Protégée
couldn’t refuse. I knew it was about         Program. We’ll sign agreements with
time to retire from the Air Force, but       minority and women-owned businesses
with six young kids, I needed a good job     to provide them with technical and mar-
lined up.                                    keting help, and references for financial
    With all those kids, I used to fill up   aid. The goal of the program is to pro-
the Lab’s annual children’s Christmas        mote economic and technological
party. At that time, JLab was small          growth, foster the establishment of long
enough — about 100 people — to fit           term business relationships and increase
everybody into one house. I remember         the number of small disadvantaged, 8(a),
going to Hermann [Grunder’s] house for       or women-owned businesses that receive
the children’s Easter egg party. Hermann     DOE, other federal and commercial con-
would dress up like a bunny for Easter       tracts. If you have a good vendor with a
egg hunts and give out eggs to the kids.     good reputation, you want to encourage
It was a lot of fun.                         that vendor. We want something that
    When I got here, we had VARC,            won’t fade away.
                                                                                           has been tremendous. There will always
Trailer City and the Test Lab. That was          We built the credit-card program up
                                                                                           be a need for a purchase [credit] card,
it. When you see all the progress over       from scratch. We got DOE approval in
                                                                                           but I really want to decrease its use.
the last 12 years, it’s pretty amazing.      June 1995 and purchases started in
For me, the hardest thing at first was       October 1995 with 23 cardholders and              My goal as a manager is to ensure
trying to figure out what to wear each       $200,000 in annual charges. Now it’s up       that my people treat everyone they deal
day. In the military, you’re programmed      to $3 million in charges per year and we      with, on the phone or in person, as the
to wear a uniform. I had to buy dress        have 140 cardholders on site. It is a tool    most important customer they have. Our
shirts, ties, that sort of thing.            we provide to better respond to our cus-      whole job is customer support. We ques-
                                             tomers’ needs as well as relieving us of      tion everything we do. We ask our-
    It hasn’t been too long ago that we                                                    selves: Why are we doing this task? Is
combined Procurement and Finance into        the nickel and dime stuff, which allows
                                             us to concentrate on the more complex         there a way to do it better? I coach Little
one department called Business                                                             League baseball and AAU girls’ basket-
Services. We are made up of three            procurements and administration.
                                                                                           ball. You lose as a team and you win as
groups: Accounting, Payroll/Travel, and           Our next big effort is to make credit-
                                                                                           a team. Just like you have a basketball
Procurement. We have three sections          card shopping mostly obsolete by
                                                                                           or baseball team, you have a Business
within Procurement. In my section, I         enabling employees to order directly
                                                                                           Services team. Each individual is differ-
have several key responsibilities. I’m in    online, on our web site. We currently
                                                                                           ent and needs and wants different things.
charge of all supply buying up to            have seven catalogs online, offering a
                                                                                           You have to understand what motivates
$100,000, and I supervise four people.       million items, such as small tools, shop
I’m also the JLab credit card coordina-      supplies, software and hardware, elec-
tor, and the Lab’s Small Business            tronics and office supplies. In a few             We’re a lot bigger now, but I still
Manager.                                     months we’re planning to offer an addi-       think of us as family. If I have an issue
                                             tional 800,000 or more items, including       or problem, I know I could go to
    Small business is the nation’s eco-                                                    Hermann Grunder. There’s an open-door
nomic backbone. The majority of jobs         clean-room supplies, valves and fittings,
                                             scientific and lab supplies, vacuum com-      policy throughout the Lab. At other
come from small business. My most                                                          places that would be unheard of. This is
important responsibility as the Lab’s        ponents, metals and optics. Eventually
                                             we should also make available electrical      a well-run laboratory. We have an atti-
Small Business Manager is to ensure                                                        tude that nothing is impossible. We have
that small business, minority-owned and      and plumbing items. The advantage for
                                             us is that we’re getting volume discounts     a reputation that we can get it done. And
woman-owned businesses get a fair                                                          we do get it done.
opportunity to work with us. We have         and we don’t have to go out and shop
small business participation goals that      multiple places. You look up a part,              I enjoy my work and I really like the
we negotiate every year with DOE. In         check the price, press a few buttons, and     people. The Lab is one of the best places
the last 10 years, we met or exceeded all    it’s ordered. Electronic commerce is          I’ve ever worked. Otherwise I wouldn’t
                                             really taking off. The employee response      have stayed as long as I have.
 6    ON TARGET • March 2000
                                                 Get in on fun; take part                        The deadline for donations is Friday,
Milestones                                       in Art Fest auction
                                                                                              March 24. Individuals may donate via
                                                                                              the online donation form linked to the
for February 2000                                     Everyone may participate in the         JAG web page. Contact Joyce Miller
                                                 Silent Auction at the JLab Spring Arts       (ext. 7163 or e-mail or
Hello                                            Festival. There will be a bidder registra-   Susan Esp (ext. 7520 or e-mail
                                                 tion table in front of CEBAF Center for more information.
Ronald Angello, Controls Technician,             rooms L102/104 at the March 31 event.        by Joyce Miller, Physics
Accelerator Division                             The auction will last from 3:30 – 4:30 pm    Event Chairperson
Vicki Barnett, Medical Services                  so bidding will be fast and furious. All
Secretary, Administration Division               proceeds from the auction will be donat-     Location changes for
                                                 ed to the Peninsula Fine Arts Center.
Michael Bevins, Design Engineer,                     Several Lab artists who are exhibit-     Children’s Day
Accelerator Division                             ing at the festival will be donating some        The welcome location for the Lab’s
Timothy Cannella, Procurement                    of their works to the auction. However,      April 27 Take Our Children To Work
Administrator, Administration Division           if you’re not an artist but have other       Day has changed. Third through 8th
                                                 skills to offer — these can also be auc-     graders (8-13 year olds) are invited to
Karen Congiu, Procurement                        tioned! If you’re a good cook, you could     participate in this year’s half-day event.
Administrator, Administration Division           donate a dinner for two or a Sunday          Lab youth, parents and escorts will meet
Edward Daly, Mechanical Engineer,                brunch, homemade brownies or a birth-        in the VARC Lobby for juice and a
Accelerator Division                             day cake, and we can auction that.           breakfast snack (at 8 a.m.), before the
                                                 Maybe you make silk flower arrange-          day kicks off in the Education Program
Robert Diggs, Electronics Technician,
                                                 ments, candles or homemade soaps. We         classrooms at 8:30.
Accelerator Division
                                                 can auction these, too! Dance lessons,           This year’s event will revolve around
Lee Ann Sironen, Executive Secretary,            dog training — you get the idea — if         a series of role model or mentor visits.
Administration Division                          you do it and can provide it, we can auc-    (Lab staff discussing and demonstrating
Gregory Smith, Staff Scientist, Physics          tion it!                                     aspects of their jobs in their work areas.)
Division                                             If there is nothing you’d like to make   After the role model visits, youngsters
                                                 or donate for the auction, you can still     will return to the VARC for a group
Katherine Wilson, Design Engineer,               participate in the event and have a great    activity, then have lunch with their par-
Accelerator Division                             time. Bring your checkbook and put a         ents at noon. Registration forms and
                                                 bid on something special — made by           electronic registration will become
“Milestones” highlights the achievements of      one of your colleagues. Outbid the per-      available in late March. Anyone interest-
JLab staff and users, full-time and term new     son next to you and you’ll take home a       ed in helping with this year’s event may
hires, separations and retirements. To submit
staff or users’ promotions, special honors and   thing of beauty and support the              call Jan Tyler, Education Program
awards send information to      Peninsula Fine Arts Center at the same       Manager, ext. 7164.
or call ext. 5102.                               time.

                                                                                                      Safe & Secure
                                                                                              General Eugene Habiger (far left),
                                                                                          DOE’s director of the Office of Security and
                                                                                          Emergency Operations, visited JLab on
                                                                                          March 3. He was pleased and refreshed by
                                                                                          the openness and candor of Lab leadership
                                                                                          and staff in discussing the Lab’s security
                                                                                          issues and concerns, reported Bill Nay,
                                                                                          DOE Security Management team leader.
                                                                                          General Habiger was particularly
                                                                                          impressed by the pride and enthusiasm of
                                                                                          Lab staff, and called the “All Hands” meet-
                                                                                          ing a highlight of the visit and JLab staff
                                                                                          members would agree. Here he tours Hall
                                                                                          A with Hall A Leader Kees De Jager, Bill
                                                                                          Nay, Public Affairs Manager Linda Ware
                                                                                          and John Przysucha, DOE Office of
                                                                                          Special Projects.

                                                                                                     March 2000 • ON TARGET              7
Exhibition features science, technology in art
     o celebrate Women’s History Month,               The Fine Arts Center is located at                         Blvd., cross Warwick Blvd.) Call 596-
T    the Peninsula Fine Arts Center is
hosting Womentek — a multimedia art
                                                  101 Museum Dr., Newport News. (Turn
                                                  left onto Jefferson Ave. when leaving the
                                                                                                                 8175 for more information, or visit the
                                                                                                                 Fine Arts Center web page at www.pfac-
show featuring the works of 14 female             Lab, turn right onto J. Clyde Morris                 
    The exhibition runs from March 25 –
June 4 and includes such varied, high-
tech media as digital prints, mechanical
sculpture, raku sculpture with holo-
grams, computer-manipulated perfor-
mance video, Internet/CD-ROM work
                                                       bright sp t on the web
                                                       http://www... http://www... http://www... http://www... http://www... http://www... http://www... http://www...
and kinetic light art.
    The nationally traveling exhibit fea-           Editor’s note: If you have or know of a Web Site that could be informative or use-
tures women using science and technol-              ful to Jefferson Lab staff, call the public affairs office at ext. 7689 or e-mail Linda
ogy in their art. The opening reception,            Ware (
set for March 25, is open to the public
and includes free refreshments from                      This month web spot looks at Women’s History Month web sites. The National
5:30–7:30 p.m., according to Diana                  Women’s History Project Web site at includes a vari-
Blanchard Gross, PFAC curator.                      ety of information on current events and special activities honoring women’s
                                                    accomplishments from the last century. In addition, it offers a classroom activity
    The Fine Arts Center is open                    kit, background information, the president’s proclamation, extensive historical
Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.                 links, and a women’s history quiz. One of the questions is about physicist Chien-
(on Thursdays the center stays open                 Shiung Wu (1912–1997) who earned both the National Science Medal and the
until 9 p.m.), and Sundays from 1–5                 internationally respected Wolf prize for her scientific research. Her most famous
p.m. Admission is free; donations are               experiment showed that conservation of parity could be violated in nature.

                                                  Jefferson Lab/MS 12C
                                                  12000 Jefferson Avenue
                                                  Newport News, VA 23606

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8     ON TARGET • March 2000