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                                                                                            Whooping Cough
                                                                                            	 Whooping	 cough,	 formally	
                                                                                            known	as	pertussis,	is	on	the	rise	this	
                                                                                            year	with	wide	outbreaks	in	Califor-
                                                                                            nia	and	various	other	U.S.	locations.	
                                                                                            	 That’s	why	the	CDC	is	also	recom-
                                                                                            mending all	adults,	ages	19	through	
                                                                                            64 get	 a	 one-time	 dose	 of	 the	Tdap	

                                                                                            vaccine	 (it	 contains	 three	 vaccines	
                                                                                            for	 tetanus,	 diphtheria	 and	 acellular	
                                                                                            pertussis)	 in	 place	 of	 the	 Td	 (teta-
Dear Savvy Senior                             boost	your	immune	response	which              nus,	 diphtheria)	 booster shot.	 Even	
	 Outside	 of	 a	 seasonal	 flu	 shot,	
which	I	usually	get,	are	public	health	
                                              will	 give	 you	 extra	 protection	 from	
                                                                                            if	 you’ve	 had	 a	 Td	 booster	 within	
                                                                                            the	recommended	10-year	mark,	you	                                   APPRECIATION SALE
officials	 recommending	 any	 addi-           	 To	 locate	 vaccination	 sites	 near	       should	still	get	a	Tdap	shot	now	for	
tional	 vaccinations	 for	 seniors	 this	     you,	call	your	county	health	depart-          protection	against	whooping	cough.                                   MON OCT 4TH TUES OCT 5TH WED OCT 6TH THURS OCT 7TH
flu	season?	                                  ment or	 the	 CDC	 information	 line          	 The	Tdap	vaccine,	however,	is	not
                       Cautious Carol         at	 800-232-4636	 or	 visit	 If	    recommended	to	seniors	age	65	and	
                                                                                                                                                                  8:00-7:30         8:00-6:00             8:00-6:00                8:00-7:30
                                              you’re	 a	 Medicare	 beneficiary,	 Part	      older	 unless	 you’re	 around	 infant	
Dear Carol,                                   B	will	cover	your	flu	vaccination,	but	       children,	 or	 are	 living	 in	 a	 commu-                                  FRI OCT 8TH             SAT OCT 9TH          MON OCT 11TH
	 The	 Centers	 for	 Disease	 Control         if	 you’re	 not	 covered	 you	 can	 pur-      nity	 where	 a	 whooping	 cough	 out-
and	Prevention	(or	CDC)	is	actually	          chase	 one	 at	 many	 retail	 pharmacy	       break	 occurs.	 The	 best	 move	 is	 to	
                                                                                                                                                                        8:00-6:00               8:00-5:00              8:00-7:30
recommending	 several	 vaccinations	          chains	for	around	$25	to	$30.	(Note:	         talk to	your	doctor	about	what’s	best	
for	 seniors	 right	 now:	 One	 for	 sea-
sonal	 flu;	 one	 for	 pneumonia;	 and
depending	 on	 your	 age	 and	 living
                                              if	 you’re	 allergic	 to	 chicken	 eggs,	
                                              have	a	history	of	Guillain-Barré	syn-
                                              drome	or	have	had	a	severe	reaction	
                                                                                            for	 your	 specific	 situation.	 Medi-
                                                                                            care	Part	B	does	not	cover	the	Tdap	
                                                                                            vaccine	 but	 some	 private	 health
                                                                                                                                                                          Zero Down
circumstances,	 a	 Tdap	 booster	 shot	
for	 whooping	 cough.	 Here’s	 what
                                              to	a	flu	shot	in	the	past,	you	should	        plans	 and	 many	 Medicare	 Part	 D
                                                                                            prescription	 drug	 plans	 do.	 Be	 sure
                                                                                                                                                                       on All New and Used
                                              not	 get	 vaccinated	 without	 consult-
you should	know.	                             ing	your	doctor	first.	Or,	if	you’re	ill	     you check	yours.	If	it’s	not	covered,	                                      All New 2010’s and
Seasonal Flu
	 Just	 like	 every	 other	 year,	 a	 sea-
                                              with	 a	 fever	 you	 should	 wait	 until	
                                              your	symptoms	pass.)
                                                                                            a	 Tdap	 booster	 shot	 will	 cost	 you
                                                                                            around	$50	to	$75.	                                                           2011’s at Invoice
sonal	 flu	 shot	 is	 strongly	 urged	 by
the	CDC,	especially	for	seniors	age	
                                              	 The	second	vaccination	the	CDC	
                                                                                            	 Savvy Tips:	In	addition	to	getting
                                                                                            vaccinated,	the	CDC	reminds	every-
                                                                                                                                                                      or Below and You Keep
65 and	older,	because	they	have	the	
highest	 risks	 of	 developing	 danger-
                                              is	 recommending	 to	 seniors	 is	 for	
                                              pneumococcal	 pneumonia	 (the	 vac-
                                                                                            one	that	the	three	best	ways	to	stay	
                                                                                            healthy	during	flu	season	is	to	wash	
                                                                                                                                                                       All Factory Incentives
ous	complications.	The	flu	puts	more	
than	 200,000	 people	 in	 the	 hospital	
each	year	and	kills	around	24,000	–	
90 percent	of	whom	are	seniors.	
                                              cine	is	called	Pneumovax).	Pneumo-
                                              nia	 causes	 around	 40,000	 deaths	 in	
                                              the	 U.S.	 each	 year,	 many	 of	 which	
                                                                                            your	hands	frequently	with	soap	and
                                                                                            water,	 cover	 your	 mouth	 and	 nose	
                                                                                            when	you	cough	or	sneeze	and	stay	
                                                                                            home	if	you’re	sick.	For	more	infor-
                                                                                                                                                                       Big Selection!
	 You	 also	 need	 to	 know	 that	 this	
                                              could	be	prevented	by	this	vaccine.
                                              	 If	you’re	over	age	65	and	haven’t	          mation	 on	 the	 recommended	 vac-                                        Thank You for making Us
year’s	seasonal	flu	vaccine	will	pro-
tect	you	against	the	H1N1	swine	flu
                                              already	 gotten	 this	 shot	 you	 should	
                                              get	it	now before	flu	season	hits.		
                                                                                            cines	for	older	adults	see	www.cdc.
                                                                                                                                                                        North Iowa’s Premier
too,	all	in	one	shot.	Seniors	also	will	
have	 the	 option	 this	 year	 of	 getting	
                                              	 Also	covered	under	Medicare	Part	
                                              B,	a	shot	of	Pneumovax	will	provide	
                                                                                                Send your senior questions to:
                                                                                            Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Nor-
                                                                                                                                                                     Ford Lincoln Mercury Store
the	new	high-potency	flu	vaccine	in-
stead	of	a	regular	flu	shot.	This	new
                                              you protection	that	will	last	for	up	to	
                                              10 years,	 and	 you	 can	 get	 it	 on	 the	
                                                                                            man, OK 73070, or visit SavvySe-
                                                                                   Jim Miller is a contributor                                            # 1 SALES # 1 SERVICE
FDA-approved	 vaccine	 –	 known	 as	
the	 Fluzone	 High-Dose	 –	 will	 help	
                                              same	day	that	you	get	your	flu	shot.          to the NBC Today show and author
                                                                                            of “The Savvy Senior” book.                                               # 1 CUSTOMER SERVICE #1 ON PRICE
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