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                                                                                                  Before You Turn The Key
Driven To Distraction                            Modern Driving Hazards: Road Rage,
                                                                                                  Staying safe behind the wheel requires
Driving distractions cause crashes. This         Cell Phones & Other Dangers                      full-time attention - not only to what’s going
groundbreaking program will point out            This video opens with a driving scenario
                                                                                                  on on the road but also to all things in and
exactly how dangerous distractions in the        common on today’s roads and highways.
                                                                                                  around your vehicle. Coastal’s newest driver
car can be. The main character is the            A driver talking on a cellular phone loses
                                                                                                  safety training DVD, Before You Turn The
embodiment of distractions such as cell          concentration and nearly hits another
                                                                                                  Key, will remind you and your employees of
phones, food and drink, make-up, briefcases      vehicle. As we examine the causes of this
                                                                                                  the importance of adjusting things properly
and many more. He delights in distracting        unfortunate situation, viewers will learn
                                                                                                  in the car you drive each and every time you
drivers and causing accidents – from fender-     about the following:
                                                                                                  climb in. Side view mirrors, rear view mirror,
benders to fatal crashes. After watching this,   	Causes of road rage
                                                                                                  head rests, safety belts and seat position
you and your employees will be far more            How
                                                 	 to prevent and diffuse road rage and
                                                                                                  can mean the difference between remaining
focused behind the wheel.                          other situations
                                                                                                  safe in a crash and suffering severe injuries
 Cell phones vs. drinking and driving             The
                                                 	 hazards of driving while using cellular
                                                                                                  and even death. Do you and your workers
 Eating and drinking in the car                   phones, laptop computers, and other
                                                                                                  know the importance of a pre-trip walk
 Road rage                                        high-tech devices
                                                                                                  around inspection? You will after watching
 When eyes leave the road                       	Safety tips for using cell phones while
                                                                                                  this riveting safety training program.
(20 min) Coastal. #26-S412-DVD $595                driving
                                                                                                  Coastal. #26-S427-DVD $595
                                                 	Share the road/showing respect for other
Driven to Distraction—Adapted for                  drivers
SAFESTART                                        	Non-violent version available                  Defensive Driving
The best of both worlds—award-winning            (19 min) ERI. #48-9933-DVD $595                  (For Government Employees)
DVD content from Coastal and the injury-re-                                                       For government employees, motor vehicle
ducing principles of SAFESTART combined                                                           accidents are by far the leading cause of
to enhance and extend your training in one       Crash Course: Vehicle Incident
                                                                                                  death on the job. This new video program
complete and simple package.                     Reporting                                        looks at techniques to help prevent
Reviews and solidifies the SAFESTART            This “crash course” in vehicle incident
                                                                                                  accidents from happening, and in the case
  concepts and keeps these ideas fresh in        reporting is designed to provide your drivers
                                                                                                  of unavoidable accidents, help lessen their
  their minds                                    with an overview of the correct procedures
Facilitates group interaction and discussion    to follow in the event of a collision. Your
                                                                                                  	hat is defensive driving?
  with real-life stories                         employees will learn what type of information
                                                                                                  	Respect for the vehicle
Incorporates the “Look for Risk Patterns”       they need to gather from the accident scene
                                                                                                  	 responsibility as a driver
CERT Challenge Card to get them practicing       in order to document the accident and
                                                                                                  	Proper/safe driving techniques
this very important Critical Error Reduction     conduct a successful investigation.
                                                                                                  	 belts
Technique. #7-S412-SS $695                       (16 min) CLMI. #39-VIR-DVD $395
                                                                                                  	Driving in poor weather
                                                                                                  	Speeding, right-of-way, passing, tailgating
The Knock on the Door                            Safety On The Road: Defensive                    	Distractions and road rage
The Knock at the Door recounts the               Driving For Delivery Vans                        (19 min) Coastal.
tragic true story of 20 year-old Phil            This program will educate your employees         #26-S285-DVD $595
Cummings, who was killed by an alcohol           on proper driving techniques. Your
impaired driver. The story, as told by Phil’s    employees will learn everything they need
                                                                                                  Defensive Driving:
father, presents a powerful                      to know to prevent accidents on the road
                                                                                                  Prepared For The Worst
reminder about the dangers of drinking &         and safely complete deliveries - from pre-
driving. It also reinforces the                  trip inspections to unique van-handling          Defensive drivers anticipate how to deal
message that driving brings with it a great      characteristics, to practices for varying        with road hazards, poor weather conditions,
deal of responsibility. (6 min) Aurora .         weather conditions.                              vehicle collisions and crime. This important
#47-S31-DVD $299                                 (16 min) CLMI. #39-DVD $395                      program shows how to stay in control by
                                                                                                  being prepared for the worst!
Preventing Motor Vehicle Collisions              Defensive Driving Real, Real Life                	Nature’s forces
In this motivating program, EMT/firefighter      This video teaches your employees that           	Night driving
Martin Lesperance recalls the stories of         attitude is the key to safe driving. Zany host   	Breakdown basics
the collision scenes he has attended to          Tim Wright takes you through this fast-paced     	Accidents
illustrate the consequences of the six most      video that provides important safety tips        	Road construction
common driving errors. Stressed during the       on such issues as road rage, drinking and        	Personal security
presentation is the point that most of these     driving, proper vehicle maintenance and car      (18 min) Coastal.
incidents were not accidents - they were         jacking. 15 min) Coastal.                        #26-S165-DVD $595
actually predictable and preventable events      #26-S205-DVD $595                                Available in French.
that didn’t have to happen. (20 min) ERI.
#48-2441-DVD $595

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Driver Safety                                                                           DVD, E-learning, Streamed, Video On Demand,
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When You Least Expect It                                                                        Winter Driving
Shows exciting and dramatic crash scenes                                                        Snow, ice and freezing temperatures
that leave a lasting impression. This video                                                     create a nightmare for any driver - but for
illustrates the wrong way/right way to drive.                                                   employees who drive constantly as part of
McLean Stevenson hosts this excellent                                                           their jobs, the nightmare is compounded.
program designed to show people that                                                            This program examines the hazards of
problems arise when least expected.                                                             winter driving and how to avoid them.
Parents, teens, and professional drivers will                                                   (17 min) Coastal. #26-S71-DVD $595
benefit from watching. Guide available.
(25 min) Aurora Pictures.                                                                       Winter Driving:
#47-S3-DVD $399                                                                                 When The Rules Change
                                                                                                This attention grabbing video dramatically
Driver Awareness                                                                                illustrates the importance of adjusting our
This program puts viewers “in the driver’s                                                      driving techniques when winter rolls around.
seat” as they watch 35 different moving          The Blindfold Effect                           The video addresses:
traffic scenes played out in front of them       This dramatic 17 minute video trains with       Vehicle preparation for winter
through the windshield of “their” vehicle.       three scenarios depicting passenger             Adjusting schedules for winter
Following each scene, viewers must choose        vehicles, vans and light delivery trucks.          driving conditions
whether the action taken was correct or          Pedestrian safety, cellular phone use,          Maintaining good visibility
incorrect. At the end of the program, all the    following too close and backing are             Winter driving techniques, including inter-
traffic scenes are reviewed and the correct      discussed. Includes Presenter Guide and           sections, cornering, skid control, braking
response is explained. This program comes        reproducible participant guide and quiz.          and slowing down
with a reproducible copy of the test. (35 min)   (17 min) Aurora. #47-S15-DVD $399               Winter survival supplies and
VIDPRO. #90-4701-DVD. $200                                                                         techniques
                                                                                                (15 min) Aurora.
                                                 Emergency Response Driving
                                                                                                #47-S25-DVD $425.
A Matter Of Time                                 There are risks involved anytime you get
In this video, viewers watch through the         behind the wheel of a vehicle, but when
windshield of “their” vehicle as different       you’re driving an emergency vehicle -- with    Defensive Driving:
traffic sequences show how accidents             lights and sirens blaring -- those risks are   I Could See It Coming
happen. (10 min) VIDPRO.                         multiplied. This program covers what it        Defensive driving is about reducing
#90-4702-DVD $200                                means to drive in emergency response           inconvenient, expensive and sometimes
Available in French.                             situations and includes driving tips to make   deadly surprises on the road. It’s about
                                                 sure your trip is a safe one.                  taking steps to make sure drivers do see
Distracted Driving At What Cost?                 (22 min) Coastal.                              what’s coming. Because when a driver gets
A recent study shows that up to 50%               #26-S302-DVD $595                             behind the wheel of a vehicle, one issue
of crashes involve some sort of driver                                                          must take precedence over all others: safety.
distraction. This video helps us become          Distracted Driving                             If you have employees who use step vans,
aware of this increasingly dangerous             At What Cost? Transit Version                  autos or cargo vans, it is important for you
behavior. Several examples of driver             This program is designed to raise awareness    as an employer to teach them about the
distraction are illustrated. There are two       about the dangers of driving distractions,     unique handling skills needed to safely
versions of this video available. One takes a    while providing information and suggestions    operate these vehicles.
slightly more humourous approach than the        that will help bus operators control           (15min) CLMI. $395 each
other more serious version. (15 min) Aurora.     distractions and remain focused on their       #39-ICSABP2-DVD (Auto)
#47-S24-DVD $399                                 driving. (15 min) Aurora.                      #39-ICSSVBP2-DVD (Step Vans)
                                                 #47-S24-BUS-DVD $425                           #39-ICSCVBP2-DVD (Cargo Vans).

Vital Choices: Drinking, Driving &                                                              Defensive Driving: A Crash Course
Seatbelts                                                                                       Motor vehicle accidents are the number one
The viewer will hear the real life experiences                                                  cause of work-related injuries and deaths.
of State Trooper Bill Ethridge and a victim                                                     This video discusses how to be a defensive
of a drunk driver. These experiences will                                                       driver, recognizing hazards and staying alert.
force them to think about driving safely,                                                       (16 min) Coastal.
wearing safety belts and the consequences                                                       #26-S155-DVD $595
of drinking and driving.                                                                        Available in French.
(18 min) ERI. #48-9317-DVD. $595

Our professional and knowledgeable team can help you                                                                    Order Your
with all your industry-specific training requirements.
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Driver Safety                                                                                  DVD, E-learning, Streamed, Video On Demand,
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                                                                                                      It’s Good Business: A Supervisor’s
                                                Driver Training Programs from                         Guide To Defensive Driving
                                                the Leader & Originator of                            This program is designed to help you
                                                Defensive Driving                                     conduct a training session that will improve
                                                                                                      supervisors’ effectiveness in monitoring
 Parking Safely                                     Backing Safely                                    employees’ driving. Specifically, supervisors
 Parking can be just as hazardous as                Backing is the cause of a disproportionate        will learn skills for observing driving
 driving in traffic, since many drivers and         number of collisions. This 12 minute video        behaviors and correcting unsafe driving
 pedestrians disregard all normal traffic laws      offers practical safety information to help       practices. (13 min) CLMI.
 once they arrive in a parking area. This 14        eliminate backing collisions.                     #39-IGB-DVD $395
 minute video is designed to refresh even             Tips
                                                    	 to avoid backing
 experienced driver’s parking skills, including:    	Specific steps for a safe back                  Why Do We Drive The Way We Do?
 	Following basic rules of the road                	Backing with a helper                           It’s All About Choices
 	Scanning for hazards                             	Backing with a trailer                          Getting drivers to recognize the choices
 	Covering the brake                               (12 min) #198-5-DVD $175                          they’re making is the first step toward
 	Compensating for blind spots                                                                       changing those behaviors and improving
 	Staying within designated parking lanes                                                            safety. Safety does not have to be sacrificed
                                                    Snowplow Safety: Parking Lots
 	Backing the vehicle                                                                                for productivity. This program is designed
                                                    This video focuses on specific safety issues
 (14 min) #198-1-DVD $175                                                                             to help you conduct a training session to
                                                    regarding the plowing of parking lots.
                                                    	Pre-season site inspection                      ensure that employees recognize that they
 Reduce Your Risk                                   	Equipment inspection                            are professional drivers and need to operate
 This 15 minute video demonstrates Personal                                                           vehicles with professional attitudes and
                                                    	Scanning for hazards
 Safety Techniques employees can use                                                                  professional defensive-driving skills.
                                                    	Clearing entrances and exits
 anywhere. Crimes often occur while driving,                                                          (11 min) CLMI. #39-IAACBP2-DVD $395
                                                    	orking with other snow removal
 parking or walking to and from vehicles, and
 this video also covers protection against                                                            Safe Operation & Use of All Terrain
                                                    	Special considerations for plowing 24-
 mugging, car theft, car jacking and other                                                            Vehicles (ATV)
                                                      hour operations (convenience stores,
 vehicle related crimes.                                                                              Industrial use of all-terrain vehicles or ATVs
                                                      hospitals, etc.)
 	Safety precautions in parking garages                                                              has increased dramatically over the past
                                                    (16 min) #198-7-DVD $175
 	Rental car safety                                                                                  several years. While originally designed for
 	 actions in unfamiliar areas                     Modern Technology                                 recreation, ATV drivers must still know and
 (15 min) #198-2-DVD $175                                                                             understand the basic safe operating skills
                                                    And Driving
                                                    In just 15 minutes this video covers critical     needed to ride them safely.
 Road Rage: How To Protect Yourself                 safety issues involving:                          (14 min) ERI. #48-2489-DVD $595
 Aggressive driving is on the rise. Statistics        Air
                                                    	 bags
 show that the problem is not unique to a           	Automatic safety belts                          Defensive Driving:
 particular city, community or age group.           	Anti-lock braking systems                       15 Passenger Van Safety
 This new 10-minute video is packed with            	Four-wheel drive                                National Highway Traffic Safety
 information drivers need to know about             	Cruise control                                  Administration research found that
 maneuvering safely in today’s stressful and        	Adjustable steering wheels                      the rollover risk of 15-passenger vans
 often dangerous driving environments.              	 phones
                                                      Car                                             dramatically increases as the number of
 (10 min) #198-8-DVD $175.                          	High-tech audio systems                         passengers increases. Be sure operators of
 Also available in French.                          (15 min) #198-3-DVD $175                          your 15-passenger van know how to operate
                                                                                                      safely with this high-impact training program.
 Snowplow Safety                                    Low Visibility And Driving                        (11 min) Coastal. #26-S319-DVD $595
 This 23 minute video zeros in on the safety        This video addresses factors that can
 aspects of driving with a snowplow and                                                               Emotional Wreck
                                                    decrease a driver’s ability to see or be
 can be used in a classroom setting or as a                                                           Give your employees this eye-opening look
 self-study. It is ideal for training newly hired                                                     at what constitutes aggressive driving, what
                                                    	 snow, rain and bright sun
 snowplow operators and as a refresher for                                                            contributes to it and how one driver’s acts
                                                    	Night driving
 experienced operators.                                                                               can cause a “domino effect” of bad decisions
                                                    	versized vehicles
 	Equipment inspection                                                                               that may lead to tragedy. After watching
                                                    	bstacles within the vehicle
 	Positioning of the truck                                                                           this dramatic expose of the dangers of
                                                    	Blinding spray from passing vehicles
 	Scanning                                                                                           impatience, selfishness, obliviousness and
                                                    	Effects of shadows
 	irror use
   M                                                                                                  competiveness behind the wheel, your
                                                    	Safe-stopping areas
 	Defensive driving techniques                                                                       employees are sure to take a deep breath
                                                    (10 min) #198-4-DVD $175
 (23 min) #198-6-DVD $175                                                                             and drive as if their lives depend on it.
                                                                                                      (23 Minutes) Coastal. #26-S434-DVD $595

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Street Smarts
Bring your employees back to the basics
of safe driving with Street Smarts. The
newest and fourth addition to Coastal’s
award-winning driver safety training series,
this program will boost your workers’ safety
awareness and ensure their well-being by
reminding them how their lives depend on
following the “rules of the road” Freshen up
their driving know-how and help save their
lives with Street Smarts.
	 proper driving position for hands
	trucks”No Zone”
	 Secure vehicle break down procedures
	 Difference between rural and city driving
	 to avoid becoming a victim of crime
	 to react in order to avoid a crash
(18 min) Coastal. #26-S439-DVD $595

Our professional and knowledgeable team can help you                                               Order Your
with all your industry-specific training requirements.
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