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					32” Glass Information Kiosk
 Delta Kiosk

 Dicoll have created the Delta Kiosk for a market that requires a
 more rugged and secure kiosk whilst being able to host a
 multitude of peripherals including printers, coin mechs, barcode
 readers and biometric solutions.

 The Delta kiosk is built in the UK at Dicoll’s factory in Reading
 ensuring our high quality engineering and quality standards are

 The Delta Kiosk comes as standard with a 12mm toughened glass
 touch screen and its deep body size allows for the inclusion of
 many additional peripherals creating a truly versatile and rugged
 kiosk solution.

 With a relatively small foot print, the Delta kiosk is ideal in
 situations where floor space is limited and provides a unique Kiosk
 solution which can be adapted to suit many different environments
 and requirements.


     -     Adaptable kiosk solution
     -     Low cost
     -     Many peripheral options
     -     Customisable branding options
     -     Small footprint
     -     12mm Toughened Touch Screen
     -     Secure locking


     -     Multi-media presentations
     -     Product/service information
     -     e-learning

 Should you require something completely bespoke, Dicoll also offer a full
 solution design service.

 Display                 17” LCD
 Touch Screen            12mm Toughened SAW Touch Screen
 Dimensions              475mm wide x 1234mm High x 402mm Deep
 Finish                  Brushed Aluminium Extrusion, painted to customer choice

 Computer                Intel Celeron 430 1.8 Ghz 800 Mhz, 512KB Cache, 1GB DDR2 RAM, 80Gb Hard Disk,
 Specifications          CD ROM, Serial Parallel and USB2 ports, Windows XP, 10/100 Network port.

                         Thermal Printers, Barcode Reader, Coin Mech, Note Reader, Biometric Finger Print
                         Reader, Upgradable PC, Internal Shelf Option.