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					                               Volley for the Cure
                            WV Teams vs. Breast Cancer

                               Game Announcer Agenda
Welcome to the 2009 VOLLEY FOR THE CURE (Insert Team Names Here) Girls
Volleyball teams vs. Breast Cancer Volleyball Match

We have the pleasure of participating in the second WV Volleyball for the Cure Event. The
volleyball teams from (Insert School Name) have worked hard together to bring you this
joint effort. We applaud these girls for “Making a Difference” through their sport.

Finally, we thank the WV Susan G. Komen Foundation for providing educational materials
to our players, students, fans, and community. Be sure to stop by the breast cancer
education table throughout the night.

Introduce the teams:
Could you please stay standing while we take a moment of silence to remember all those in
our lives who have been touched by breast cancer. Thank you.

Singing National Anthem by……

A couple of other announcements:
-the raffle table will be open throughout the day. We will close it prior to the last match.
Please be sure to get your tickets now and please put your name and phone number on the
half you put in the box if you will be unable to stay until the end. Basket Raffle winners
will be chosen at the end of the last game.
-Concessions with hot foods are available and will be open until the end of the night.

Let’s play ball!

Between games 2 and 3you may want to play games or throw “gifts” to the crowd.
Examples of Games are:
*SERVING CONTESTS- Fans serve balls into hula hoops, onto tarps or event t-shirts for
*5 MINUTE GAME- Fans from each school play each other in a 5 minute game

*FACULTY vs. FACULTY- Faculty members from each school compete against each
other in a serving contest or 5 minute game.

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