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					                MACRO Debtors
DEBTORS         The Debtor's system is comprehensive and very easy to use. The system
                provides a basic system and a number of optional features which can be used
                only if required.

Main Features      •   Fully integrated with the Stock, Customer Order Entry Systems and
                       Dispatch/Invoicing System.
                       The system includes full on-line help facilities and full on-line search
                   •   On-line enquiries are available on account details, transactions on file,
                       sales history etc.
                       The on-line inquiry provides for messages to be loaded eg. for
                       recording sundry information such as telephone calls etc. On-line
                       enquiries are fully integrated to other systems such as the Customer
                       Order System.
                   •   Both 'balance carried forward', 'open item' or mixed debtors systems
                       are available.
                   •   Various options are available for account number formats.
                   •   The system allows for multiple delivery addresses, group accounts,
                       corporate statement accounts, etc.
                   •   Outstanding balances can be aged up to 180 + days to allow for long
                       credit terms granted in some industries.
                   •   The system allows details of post-dated cheques or accepted bills to be
                       captured and stored on a post dated cheque file.
                       When the cheques are due for presentation a schedule of cheques due
                       is printed and the customer's account is automatically debited. Details
                       of post-dated cheques held may be printed on the monthly statement if
                   •   The system accounts in local currency, but records foreign currency
                       for invoiced sales etc.
                   •   The system is capable of raising interest charges on overdue accounts.
                   •   Statements may be produced to customer specified formats. One of
                       the formats allows a section detailing Post Dated Cheques or Bills held
                       for presentation on due date. Corporate statements are provided for.
                       Statements may be printed at any time.
                   •   Comprehensive sales analysis reporting is available.
                   •   A Customer Turnover and Profitability Statistics facility is provided.
                       This facility records summary sales totals by customer and optionally by
                       product range, customer branch or rep code. Statistics may be kept for
                       as many years as required.
                   •   The system will optionally control and report on inter-branch
                   •   Transaction history may be kept for as long as required.
                   •   The system provides an optional General Ledger/Cash Book Interface
                       to provide automatic posting of Debtor movements to the General
                   •   Electronic Data Interchange facilities are provided.
                   •   The system provides optional internet access to allow your customers
                       fully controlled access to their current balances, statements,
                       transactions inquiries etc

Inquiries          •   Customer Inquiry - both fixed and financial details, with access to all
                       related inquiries.

                      • Transaction Inquiry
                      • Post Dated Cheque Inquiry
                      • Sales and Profitability History Inquiry
                      • Customer Search Inquiry
                 All inquiries may optionally be accessed directly by customers via the internet.

Reports          Debtors Master File Reporting
                     • Age Analysis Report
                     • Master File Full Listing
                     • Master File Brief Listing
                     • Name and Address Cross Reference Listing
                     • Due/Overdue Payment - Aged by Debtor
                     • Debtors Cash Flow Forecast - Aged by Debtor
                 Debtor Master/Transaction File Reporting
                     • Statement Print
                     • Open Item Transaction Status Report (Various sequences available)
                     • Cash Flow Analysis Report
                     • Credit Note Listing
                     • Tax Free Invoice Listing
                     • -           Selected Record Type Listing
                 Debtors Master Delivery Address
                     • Delivery Address Master Listing
                     • Representative Call Listing
                     • Labels per delivery address
                 Debtors Turnover Statistics
                     • Sales Analysis Report - Current Month
                     • Customer Sales History Statistics
                               (Month and YTD-This year and last year)
                     • Customer Sales History Report
                               (Sales for Quarter-This year/Last year/Variance)
                     • Customer Sales History - Sales by Month
                               (Sales for each month-This year vs Last year)
                     • Turnover Statistics Report
                     • Customer Sales Analysis Report
                     (MTD/YTD Sales by Customer vs Budget)
                 Debtors Transaction File
                     • Daily Transaction File Listing
                     • Master Transaction File Listing
                          (By transaction type or account number sequence)
                 Post Dated Cheque Reporting
                     • Post Dated Cheque Listing
                          (All Records, Unrepresented cheques only or Overdue unrepresented
                          cheques only)
                     • P.D.C. Due Date/Expunged Print
Sales Analysis   Sales Analysis Reporting derives from information input to the Invoicing and
    and          Debtors System. It analyses only invoiced sales. Note that analysis of orders is
Profitability    available from the customer order system.
Reporting        • Two Year Sales and Profitability Report
                     This report summarises sales for the month and year to date by individual
                     product and by product category. It records total sales, budgeted sales and
                     variances. The report is available for sales by product and sales by
                     customer. Optionally it may be produced by any combination of customer,
                     delivery address, rep, area, product group.
                 • Sales Analysis by Customer
                     This provides sales-totals by customer for each month of the current year

                      with comparative figures from the previous year.
                  •   Sales Analysis by Representative
                      This report uses the same format as the Customer Analysis

Reports           •   Sales Report. It is arranged in sequence of product within agent within
                      area. Area, agent and products sub-totals are provided
                  •   Sales Analysis by Product - This report is produced by product. It details all
                      invoiced sales for the period by area and customer
                  •   Sales Profitability Report - This report analyses sales versus cost for the
                      period. It is available in either customer or product sequence. It details for
                      each invoice sales value, cost of production, gross profit contribution and
                      gross profit percentage.
                  •   Agents Monthly Commission Reports - This report is used both as a
                      commission report and the Agents statement of commission earned. It lists
                      all invoices by agent, calculates and totals commission payable per agent
                      and overall.
                  •   VAT Summary Report - This report lists all invoices on which VAT is
                      payable. It also produces a VAT summary and non-VAT sales in the format
                      required by the Receiver of Revenue
                  •   Royalty Analysis Report - This report details all sales on which royalties are
                      payable and calculates the royalty amount. It is sequenced by royalty
                      agreement number, product, customer

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