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									                                                       RAPID BUILDING SYSTEMS


   1- Date

   2- Name of Firm

   3- Address

   4- Country                                                                           5- Province

   6- Phone                                                                             7- Fax

   8- E-mail Address

   9- Web Address

   10- Bank References


   11- Trade References


   12- Annual Capital
       Turnover (USD)

   13- Territory Desired                        City                                             Country

   14- Population and Area                      City                                             Country

   1 5 - A n n u a l R B S C o n s t r u c t i o n P o t e n t i a l / P l a n n e d (Licensee’s Market)

         Type                       Annual Volume in m 2                           Unit Type / Area            Number of Floors




                                                            * Please attach schematic design(s) if available

RBS Licensee Questionnaire                                                                                               RBS054000
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RBS Licensee Questionnaire
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  16- Local Building Code Requirements (RBS Performance Parameters)

   Thermal Resistance**                                       KCal/Hr (m 2) °C   Climate Conditions                            ºC     Summer

   Fire Resistance**                                          (Hours)                                                          ºC     Winter

   Seismic / High Wind                     YES                    NO
                                                                                                       **Indicate N.A. if Not Applicable

  1 7 - L o c a l C o s t o f B u i l d i n g M a t e r i a l s (USD)            1 8 - L o c a l C o s t o f L a b o r (USD)

   Cement                         $                               / Tonne        Skilled Mason                $                           / day

   Sand                           $                                / M3          Carpenter                    $                           / day

   Gravel                         $                                / M3          Unskilled Laborer            $                           / day

   Reinforcing Steel & Wire $                                      / Tonne       19- Manufacturing Technology Preference***

   Wall Board                     $                                / M2
                                                                                 Highly Automated

   Clay Brick                     $                                / M2          Semi-automatic

   Concrete Block                 $                                / 20x20x40    Labor Intensive
                                                                     cm unit
                                                                                 *** If block plant is available, please describe Type,
                                                                                     Make & Model.

   20- Firm’s Activities

  21- Documentation
             Please include information pertaining to Company’s ability to promote innovative building systems within
             Franchise territory area.

  22- Name, Title and Phone Number of Officer Completing this Questionnaire



  Please return Questionnaire to:                         RAPID BUILDING SYSTEMS                      T 001.703.471.4082
                                                          P.O. Box 3335                               F 001.703.471.4083
                                                          Reston, VA 20195 USA              

RBS054000                                                                                           RBS International/Forms/Questionnaire Int’l 05

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