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The 1st Annual FCS Financial Marketing Summit by hlk45534


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									                                                            The 1st Annual FCS Financial Marketing Summit
                                                                                                                   New York City, New York
                                                                                                                      October 17-18, 2005
                                                                                                       A Penn State Executive Program in Partnership
                                                                                                          with The Financial Communications Society

 Branding in the New Century
 Revolutionizing Your Marketing Communications Programs
 Featuring Don E. Schultz and Ralph A. Oliva
    What issues do senior financial marketers face today? What approaches are right for a challenging, changing landscape?
    How do you measure the effectiveness of your branding and marketing communication strategy? Where do you want to
    take your brand and by what strategy? What does your competition look like?
    A premier marketing summit, Branding in the New Century, will answer these questions and more. Two world-renowned
    marketing thought leaders, Don E. Schultz and Ralph A. Oliva, will drive a high-level discussion of key challenges, trends,
    powerful solutions, practical tips and techniques. This 2-day, hands-on program includes lectures, work sessions and panel
    discussions, as well as detailed, illustrated examples of concepts and approaches. The orientation will be strategic and
    managerial, designed to help attendees gain insight for a truly competitive advantage.

 Summit Topics - 21st Century Marketing And Branding Challenges
     •   Managing Your Brand as an Asset
     •   Integrating The Branding and Communication Process
     •   Estimating and Measuring Returns on Branding and Marketing Communication Investments (ROI)
     •   Emerging Challenges to Brand Management
     •   Succeeding in the Future Through the 7Cs Of Integrated Marketing Communications and Branding

 Plus, You’ll Be Invited To Attend:
     • An exciting roundtable discussion on the most urgent marketing and branding issues of the day with Don Schultz,
       Ralph A. Oliva, Bill Wreaks (Publisher of the Journal of Financial Advertising and Marketing) and other senior indus-
       try leaders; plus a discussion of B2B Marketing’s latest trends survey, conducted by The Institute for the Study of Business Markets.

 Summit Take-Aways
     •   Why branding and marketing are in trouble
     •   How to create the next-generation integrated marketing communications process
     •   Meeting organizational challenges to new marketing strategies
     •   Making the transition to customer-focused communications
     •   Brand equity and how relevant stakeholders see the brand
     •   Merging internal and external branding
     •   Understanding brand touch points and contacts
     •   ROI: analyzing the role of financial models
     •   Comprehending media synergy
     •   Exposure to best practices and cutting-edge solutions

 Summit Premiums
      Join Professors Schultz and Oliva at a cocktail party on Monday, October 17th for further discussion of workshop
     ideas. You’ll also receive a copy of Don E. Schultz’s new book, IMC: The Next Generation, Five Steps for Delivering
     Value and Measuring Returns Using Marketing Communication, (list price $39.95). Additionally, Breakfast and Lunch
      are included both days.

 Who Should Attend
      Senior marketing, communication and branding executives who play a leadership role in financial institutions, their
      advertising agencies and other organizations that service the industry are urged to attend.

Register early and save at Space is limited; sign up now to guarantee a spot. Make plans to attend this ground-breaking event today.
 Faculty Leaders
     The primary faculty for Branding in the New Century will be two world renowned leaders in the field: Don E. Schultz
     and Ralph A. Oliva. They will be assisted by veteran financial-services professionals.
     Don E. Schultz is currently the Professor Emeritus-in-Service of Integrated Marketing Communications at the Medill School of
     Journalism, Northwestern University. He also teaches in Bedfordshire, UK; Brisbane, Australia; and Beijing, China. He is the
     author and co-author of 13 books and has consulted, lectured and held seminars on integrated marketing communication,
     advertising, sales promotion, branding and communication management in Europe, South America, Asia, the Middle East,
     Australia and North America. He holds a Master’s Degree in Advertising and a Ph.D. in Mass Media from Michigan
     State University.
     Schultz is president of the Illinois-based consulting firm, Agora, Inc., and his recent books include Brand Babble: Sense and
     Nonsense about Brands and Branding, and an update with his wife on the seminal integrated marketing communications
     text, IMC: The Next Generation, Five Steps for Delivering Value and Measuring Returns Using Marketing Communication.
     Dr. Ralph A. Oliva is the Executive Director of the Institute for the Study of Business Markets (ISBM), and Professor of Mar-
     keting, Smeal College of Business, at Penn State University. Oliva teaches e-business strategy, integrated marketing com-
     munications, brand management, and B2B marketing for Penn State’s MBA Programs; he has received the MBA award for
     excellence in teaching.
     Holding a Ph.D. and M.S. in Solid State Physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Oliva has authored 15 books and
     served as a TV spokesperson for the application of technology to education. He boasts a 23 year career in B2B and con-
     sumer marketing, along with innovations in marketing education.
     Monday, October 17 - Tuesday, October 18, 2005. The 2-day program will consist of 6 educational modules.

     The 2-day summit will be held at the offices of Business Week in the spacious McGraw Hill Building
     1221 Avenue of the Americas (at 48th street), 50th Floor, New York City
     Once in New York, the location is easily accessible by subway, bus and cab.

     The fee for the FCS Financial Marketing Summit is $1,900 for non FCS members and $1,600 for FCS members and
     includes breakfast and lunch for both days, break refreshments, instructional materials, a cocktail reception featuring Don
     Schultz and Ralph A. Oliva on October 17th, and a complimentary copy of Don E. Schultz’s book.
     Special Early Registration Discount - FCS members who register by September 9th receive a special early enrollment fee
     at only $1,400. Early enrollment for non-FCS members is $1,495. In all cases, non-FCS members’ fee includes a one year
     membership in the Financial Communications Society.
     Full payment is expected before the program start date through credit card, check or cash. We accept MasterCard, Visa,
     and American Express. Cancellations and refunds cannot be honored after September 30th.

 Program Hosts
     Penn State’s Smeal College of Business is a pre-eminent learning community, shaping business practice for tomorrow’s con-
     verging economies. In addition to the nationally ranked undergraduate program, Smeal College is home to internationally
     ranked MBA and executive education programs. Penn State Executive Programs are consistently ranked among the very
     best in the world.

     The Financial Communications Society (FCS), a not-for-profit organization based in New York City, is dedicated to improving
     professional standards in financial communications. FCS provides industry professionals with a forum for gathering relevant
     information, sharing ideas and building relationships.

REGISTRATION Space is limited. Please contact FCS via e-mail or see our web site.

Phone: 212-366-3161                             Fax: 718-847-9051                                        Web:

Toll Free: 800-FCS-2927                         E-mail:

Register early and save at Space is limited; sign up now to guarantee a spot. Make plans to attend this ground-breaking event today.

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