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					This set of instructions provides the information needed to modify a Microsoft Xbox

gaming system. This modification will enable the owner to install games on their system

and play them without the need for a disk. This set of instructions needs additional

materials besides the Xbox such as the modification chip (mod chip) and the tools that

are needed to install it into the system itself.

How to obtain the mod chip

        1. A mod chip is not sold in stores that can be visited and is only available on
           online only websites. A respectable online store that sells mod chips is located
        2. Open up the specific internet browser on your computer and in the address
           bar, type in
        3. In the search tab located at the top right corner of the site, type in “Xecuter
           mod chip”.
        4. Choose the “Xecuter 3” model and click the „add to cart‟ icon and proceed to
           the payment process.
        5. Follow the instructions the site gives to pay for the item and fill in the
           necessary information that is needed to buy the item.
        6. Wait for the item to arrive in mail according to the shipping time you

How to install the mod chip in the Xbox

        1. Once the item arrives, bring the Xbox without the wires attached to a work
           area to install the mod chip.
        2. Check which type of screws are used to keep the Xbox‟s outer case attached
           on its bottom side and decide which screw driver is needed for the job (screw
           types may vary by model of Xbox).
        3. Go to hardware store and pick up the type of screw driver you need and a
           soldiering iron if you do not already have them.
        4. Use the screw driver to remove the screws located on the bottom of the Xbox
           and gently lift the case from the system and place it and the screws
           somewhere they will not be disturbed.

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