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									                                                                  Brühl, May 4th, 2009

Info 24h Renault Race Festival 2009 – Nürburgring

Ladies and Gentleman,

our event is coming closer and the positive feedback towards the invitational race by Renault MotorSport
Germany is simply overwhelming: more than 100 participants have registered by now. One week after the
end of the registration period the field is complete and we can not admit any more vehicles.

I’d like to take this opportunity to stress the spirit and the motto of this special event once more.

The Renault Race Festival in the course of the 24-Hour-Race at the Nürburgring is an international manned
invitational race. We do hold not only ourselves, the staff and members of Renault MotorSport
Deutschland, but also the participants of the German one-make-cup series by Renault as responsible hosts.
While Renault Deutschland is covering a huge part of the costs and is – so to say – paying for the “party”,
we’d also kindly like to ask you for your active support in any way possible.

We would like to present ourselves towards our race-guests from Germany and abroad as perfect hosts.
Therefore we have already invested a lot of ado and effort in the run-up to the race – so that this weekend
will be a nice and exciting, fair and pleasant event on and beside the racetrack for all involved. Thereby I’d
like to especially stress out the following points:

   • Some participants, domestic and foreign, are not that familiar with the Nordschleife as are our active
     cup-drivers. Because we prioritize a substantiated knowledge of the track over daring bravery, we
     would like to encourage especially our veteran-drivers to show real sportsmanship and to support
     the Nürburgring rookies in every possible way.

   • This applies especially to our 15 Chinese New RENAULT CLIO CUP-guest – if we would drive in
     China, we also would be thankful for any support.

   • Generally we expect a friendly atmosphere, cooperation and helping out each other in the paddock.

   • Notorious squealers and nagger – as they sadly all too often appear in one-make-cups – are not
     wished-for. We reserve our right to expel harassers from the paddock. Thereby we will act upon a
     principle, that works miracles in Belgium: “My Way or Highway” – who is not with us, will have to
     bear the consequences.

Please consider the information and regulations on the following pages, as they are vital for a
smooth and trouble-free procedure of the event:
   Considering vehicles

   • Please bring your vehicle in flawless conditions to the Nürburgring, technically and optically. Some of
     the already registered vehicles, that are known to us, show great potential for improvement in this
     respect. We reserve the right to refuse vehicles whose appearance does not meet our expectations.

   • All participating race-vehicles need to have a car-pass or a corresponding document of the given ASN.

   • Important: All safety-devices – including the drivers safety-clothing – have to be up-to-date. The
     stewards will be focussed on this subject and won’t make any exceptions. This is done to your own
     protection as well as for liability-reasons. Please make sure, that you fulfil all requirements so that you
     do not jeopardize your start-authorization.

   • Attached to this document you will find the starting list. Please make sure, that your race car fits into
     one of the listed vehicle-classes.

Procedure of the event

Very important: the Renault Race Festival is a proper SPRINTRACE. The first starting group will run a
championship-heat of the ADAC PROCAR. This means for participants in the starting groups 2 and 3: After
some time the top-drivers of the ADAC PROCAR-championship will start overlapping. Therefore: highest
alertness! Watch your REARVIEWMIRROR!!

Admittance to the paddock will start on Wednesday (May 20th) from 5 p.m. via the drop-in-centre
SCHARFER KOPF (see attached map). There you will find an ADAC-Trailer, where upon presentation of
your licence/passport you will receive 6 tickets per registered race-car.

Our separated paddock is located behind the helicopter-landing platform towards the Hatzenbachbogen and
stretches out behind the Mercedes-Arena.

Important: Please inform us about your requirement of space (truck/tent) so that we can organize the
distribution of lots in the paddock.

Parking lot D1 is designated for “team-parking”. We will try to offer campsites nearby for caravans – racing-
teams will be treated with priority in this process.

We advise all participating teams to bring along scooters or bicycles. Distances in the paddock and to the
parking lot can be quite long. Scooters have to be marked with a special sticker, which you can get at
Renault MotorSport.

Please consider also: In course of the 24-hour-race the organizers and us are anticipating up to 200,000
viewers. Several of those will definitely like to marvel at your beautiful race-cars in the paddock. A word of
advice: Secure your belongings and protect them from unwanted access at anytime! Also, there will be
a „security-guard“ for the three nights from Wednesday to Friday in our area.

For Nordschleife-rookies: On Wednesday (May 20th) at exact 4 pm we would like to invite you to an
information lap around the track. For this a coach will drive from the paddock to the new gateway to the
Nordschleife and from there around the legendary track. Exactly at 5.55 pm we have to have left the track
again. On board will be some Nordschleife-veterans – former DTM-driver and truck-euro-champion Markus
Oestreich for example will be our moderator – who will explain the secrets and specialties to the rookies.

Apart from that the “Nürburgring Adventure Department” will offer a Nordschleife-training course on
Wednesday (May 20th). Contact:; Phone: +49 26 91 / 30 22 46.

On the evening of Wednesday from 6 pm all participants will have the opportunity to join a parade. It will
run in walking pace around the whole track and will bring you in direct contact with the numerous visitors
alongside the Nordschleife.
The acceptance procedure has to be done by the drivers in the office of the ADAC in the basement of the
race management tower on Thursday (May 21th) until noon.

Important information regarding the sign on by the ADAC: Please present your completely filled official
and original nomination – see attached ADAC-form. The hitherto existing registration by Renault
MotorSport Germany served only to generally record all participants.

The scrutineeringfor the vehicles takes place in our paddock.

All participating vehicles need to have a transponder for timing purposes. If you do not have a transponder
installed in your car, you will have to rent one at WIGE. The specialists at WIGE will visit us in the paddock.
They will require a deposit of 350 Euros in cash for an adequate module.

The ED-gas station in the paddock will be declared as the mandatory gas station. It is located near the race
management tower, right behind the snack bar. Payment is done through a machine (cash only!).

All vehicles will get a sticker, which carries the title of our event. It stretches over the whole width of the
upper part of the cars windshield and is mandatory for all participants. All vehicles from the New RENAULT
CLIO CUP will receive an additional banner ad of our sponsors, who made this party possible. All sticker will
be issued during the scrutineering.

The mandatory drivers-briefing will take place on Thursday, 2.30 pm in the briefing room in the 1st floor of
the race management tower – right above the administration office.

Procedure of the training sessions and race

For the New RENAULT CLIO CUP-VEHICLES we are happy to have engaged the team of Jean Paul
Borremans as helpers, who have accompanied the Belgian and Dutch Clio Cup in 2007 and 2008. Frans
Lubin will act as an assistant to the ADAC-racecontrol. Starting group 3 will be accompanied by the
experienced colleagues of Renault from Brühl.

1st and 2nd training: the sessions will start for all three starting groups simultaneously from the pit lane and
will also end there. Afterwards the return to the paddock takes place, which will also serve as a PARC
FERMÉ during the weekend.

Refuelling during training: this may only take place in front of pit 1-3 from SHEET CANISTERS. One
person has to stand thereby with a fire extinguisher and the exhaust pipe hast to be covered with some sort
of metal can.

Race/starting grid: please drive directly to the start/finish straight. From there you will be guided by pace
cars into the formation lap.

Please consider: the race will go over the complete distance of 4 race laps plus one complete formation lap.
This equals an overall distance of 125 kilometres.

One more remark: during the training sessions, the qualifying and the race co-drivers are not allowed on
board the race vehicle.

Further information about all procedures will be given during the mandatory drivers briefing.

Race tires and spare parts

For our participants from starting group 2 – New RENAULT CLIO CUP – those three tyre types (Michelin,
Dunlop or Pirelli) are permitted, that are used in any of the different national cups and that were declared
during the registration.
Amount of spare tyres: participants from starting group 2 may only have marked and use 8 tyres for both
training sessions and the race.

Michelin Deutschland tyre service: Reifenservice Knüttel (64668 Rimbach/Odw., Dieter Knüttel / Benny
Krause, Phone +49 62 53 / 68 68; has some of the compulsory and ordered
Michelin slick- and wet-tires (dimensions 20/61-17) for starting group 2 on board.

Important: Those participants who haven’t ordered any tires yet, should do this urgently and quick.
This also applies to all Michelin customers from starting group 3, where the tire choice otherwise is open. All
other participants from starting groups 2 and 3 will have to bring their own tires.

Spare parts: Renault MotorSport Deutschland will keep a maximum of different spare parts for the current
New Renault Clio in stock. There will additional colleagues from Alpine and Renault Sport Belgium with parts
for current vehicles. Upon our request a French colleague will carry along some parts fort he Renault Clio II

Beside that, as in any race, it is essential to provide and help each other out!

Catering and award ceremony

As a conclusion to the event, on Thursday night from 6 pm to 10 pm and on Friday from app. 12 pm till
evening Renault invites you and your team/friends to a rustic lunch in front of the Renault Sport truck in the

Therefore we will hand out a maximum of 6 yellow Renault ribbons, which for the course of the 2-day-event
have to be carried around the wrist. They serve as a sign of legitimacy at the food- and refreshment-
counters. Please understand, that we will not serve any food or drinks to anyone without one of those
ribbons, as we cannot invite all external visitors.

Award ceremony: Please consider that in the course of event, there will be two award ceremonies. The
first and official award ceremony for the top three drivers and the best team principal of each starting group
( 8 persons) will take place immediately after the race finish on the podium of the race management tower
and will be conducted by the ADAC.

The second, internal award ceremony for ALL participants of both starting groups of the Renault Race
Festivals will take place at 6.30 pm at the Renault Sport truck. Trophies will be awarded by the following key:

Renault starting group 2: the best driver of every nation – by our calculation this applies to eight or nine
drivers – plus the three fastest drivers of the training sessions in the grid of starting group 2. All participants
who haven’t been awarded yet, will receive the Renault Nordschleife-trophy.

Renault starting group 3: the best driver of each class (Clio Renault Sport I to III and V6, Mégane Cup and
Trophy, Alpine, Renault 5 and others), by our calculation app. 10 participants. Plus the three fastest drivers
of the training sessions in the grid of starting group 3. Here also applies: All participants who haven’t been
awarded yet, will receive the Renault Nordschleife-trophy.

This means: EVERY DRIVER will receive a TROPHY as a keepsake of this unique event!

The award ceremonies will be moderated by our track announcer Wolfgang Drabiniok and our Renault brand
ambassador Rainer Braun, assisted by a nice wine queen and us.

Afterwards we will conclude this event with a barbecue – so your yellow Renault ribbons can come to a good
use at last …

Yours sincerely,

Bernd Hütter                                                       Ralph Weishaupt
Renault Deutschland AG                                             Renault Deutschland AG
Dept. Motorsport                                                   Dept. Motorsport

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