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					Introduction P2

Our Affiliated Companies P3-4

Landmarks P5-6

Products and Platforms: P7-11
(A)     Institutional FX and Bullion           (C)     NASDAQ Currency Futures
      · Ikon MT4 Matrix Platform                     · IKON-NASDAQ (NFX) Platform
      · Ikon Currenex Viking Platform          (D)     Futures
      · Ikon Currenex Institutional Platform         · Ikon Elite Platform
      · Mega Institutional Platform            (E)     Contract for Difference (CFD)
      · Wireless Platform                            · Ikon Supreme Platform
(B)     Retail FX and Bullion                  (F)     Options
      · Ikon Meta Turbo Platform                     · Ikon Prime Platform
      · Ikon Mega Platform                     ( G ) Non-deliverable Forwards (NDF)
      · Ikon Wireless Trader                         · Ikon Mega Platform

Key Advantages of our platforms P12-13

Services, Software and Efficiency P14

Market leader P15

Platform Comparison P16
  Our Affiliated Companies

                             Ikon GM
                             Ikon Global Markets is the US affiliate of the Ikon Group and is headquartered in Wall Street, New
                             York. Ikon GM offers a full range of Products and Services such as on-line trading in Foreign
                             Exchange, Bullion and Options with unparalleled liquidity and risk management solutions in the
                             online Financial derivatives Market. Ikon GM is registered as a Futures Commission Merchant
                             (FCM), as well as a member of the National Futures Association and is also regulated by the
                             Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

                                                               Member of the National Futures Association (NFA #0327622)

                                                               Registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

                                                               Partnership with NASDAQ

                             Ikon Capital
                             Ikon Capital is based in London, United Kingdom. Ikon Capital is a FSA registered firm that
                             provides top of the line execution for Foreign Exchange, Bullion, CFDs, Physical Delivery, OTC
                             Options, Futures & Options, Weather Derivatives and Prime Brokerage.

                                                               Registered with the Financial Services Authority of the UK

                             IFSCL is a member of the Ikon Group of Companies. IFSCL is an accredited New Zealand
                             Exchange (NZX), Futures and Options Participant and, accordingly, is an authorized Futures
                             dealer under the Securities Market's Act. IFSCL is regulated by NZX based on the terms of the
                             NZX Futures and Options Rules. It is also governed by The Futures Industry (Client Funds)
                             Regulations 1990.

                                                               IFSCL is a licensed and regulated by the New Zealand
                                                               Exchange (NZX)
                                                                                                          Our Affiliated Companies
Ikon FX
Ikon FX, established in the heart of Corporate UAE, is authorized by the DGCX to promote, market
and perform customer services for Financial Institutions in the Middle East.

In particular, Ikon FX promotes and services the Ikon Group and its affiliated Ikon companies and their
Products and provides our clients with the highest quality Financial Products and Services.

                                   The Dubai Gold Exchange (DGCX)

                                   Regulated in the Ras Al Khaimeh Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ)

Ikon Financial Service Corporation (IFSC)
Ikon Group has established its subsidiary company in China under the name of Ikon Financial

Services (Shenzhen) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “IFSC”). IFSC is regulated by the Luohu
Financial District in Shenzhen and is authorized, by the Chinese Government, to promote, Market and
perform customer Services for Financial Institutions worldwide. In particular, IFSC promotes and
services the Ikon Group and its affiliated Ikon Companies and their Products worldwide. IFSC
maintains its headquarters in Shenzhen with branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

                                   The Financial Luohu Government in China

                  In October 2009, Ikon Group was pleased to announce that its affiliated company Ikon GM
                  has partnered with NASDAQ to offer NASDAQ Futures Exchange Products (NFX) to retail
                  and Institutional Clients.

                  As the leading Market in the Middle East for Foreign Exchange and Bullion Derivatives, the
                  promoters of the Dubai Gold & Commodities Exchange (“DGCX”) selected Ikon Group to be
                  a primary Market Maker on the DGCX. In the 12 months since activation, Ikon Group has
                  been responsible for 30% of the daily turnover on FX Products and is consistently a top 5
                  volume leader.

                  In January 2010, Senator Larry Pressler (formerly, of the US Congress representing the US
                  Senate for over 22 years) was appointed as Chairman of Ikon Group Global Advisory Board.
                  Senator Pressler will guide Ikon Group as it expands globally into new Markets.
Ikon Group has also entered into a strategic partnership with Currenex Technologies Inc. to offer
all our traders access to Currenex trading technology. The new partnership resulted in the
development of a new Platform namely the Ikon Currenex Viking.

Upon FXALL (an Institutional FX liquidity aggregator) developing a retail Product (ACCELOR),
Ikon Group was selected to be the first active Market Maker on the FXALL Platform. Ikon Group
became the first firm to successfully integrate their proprietary pricing applet into the FXALL
system and has been a daily active Market Participant in FXALL.

In August 2009, Ikon Group was proud to announce that it has obtained a license to operate in
China, which is authorized by the Chinese government, with its headquarters in Shenzhen, and
branches in Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai.

  Products and Platforms

                           Institutional FX and Bullion Trading

                           The Matrix Platform delivers instantaneous
                           trade execution from over 15 simultaneous
                           Interbank price feeds, coupled with the
                           most stable and tight two-way pricing, with
                           5 figures platform, averaging an incredible
                           0.9 pips spread on the €/$ or its equivalent
                           in other currency pairs.

                           Our cutting edge technology has enabled
                           the creation of the Matrix Platform, which
                           resulted in the amalgamation of the
                           technologies and Banks price feeds of
                           Currenex and Mega Institutional so as to
                           combine these and integrate them with
                           MT4 technology at Interbank rates. In
                           other words, this Matrix Platform, we
                           believe, is manifestly the only MT4
                           Platform in the world, which offers and
                           guarantees multiple interbank price feeds
                           with no slippage.
                                                                                                              Products and Platforms
                                     In 2009, Ikon Group entered into a strategic partnership with
                                     CURRENEX Technologies Inc. to offer all traders access to
                                     Currenex Multibank Prices. The new partnership is called the Ikon
                                     Currenex Viking Platform.

                                     Ikon Currenex Viking Platform most striking feature is that it
                                     embodies an electronic advanced order-matching engine, with
                                     extreme price sensitivity. All participants can place live bids and
                                     offers, which will be displayed as the latest bid/offer spreads to the
                                     rest of the trading community. There is a complete transparency of
                                     the Market with only the best bid/offers being displayed.

Global Finance ( has included Currenex in the category of Best Bank System for
Online Foreign Exchange Trading Systems for 2009.

Ikon Currenex Viking Platform, powered by Currenex technology, is now offered to Banks, Institutional
and Retail Clients of Ikon Group. Ikon Viking provides a wide range of functionalities which are the
features of the Ikon Currenex technologies.


The Mega Institutional Platform offers the latest trading technology in the institutional FX business. The
Platform is tailored to professional traders and Banks for the ultimate up-to-the-second technology in
this field.

Joining the Mega Institutional Platform is reserved for large individual Investors or Corporate Clients.
Products and Platforms

                         Retail FX and Bullion Trading

                                                                  In this Platform we use MT4 software. We have heavily
                                                                  invested in this technology, resulting in a Platform of
                                                                  un-paralleled stability allowing its users to trade in the
                                                                  Forex Market utilizing technical analysis in real time.

                                                                  Ikon Group Turbo Meta Platform provides traders with
                                                                  fixed spread pricing.

                         This Platform executes multiple strategies simultaneously
                         from one screen, combining a high-tech charting system,
                         crisp and clear graphics, faster access and dynamic
                         enhanced studies.

                         It also includes point-and-choose position closeout,
                         enhanced position tracker, detailed decision support tools
                         and faster executions.

                                                                     This Platform runs our Products on our Clients’
                                                                     cellular phones or PDAs, which allows them to
                                                                     control their trading account with mobile devices,
                                                                     including devices that use the OS Windows Mobile.
                                                                                                            Products and Platforms
NASDAQ Currency Futures Trading

NFX offers trading on seven currencies, all of which are retail-sized (approximate value of $10,000)
and are cash settled in U.S. Dollars. WCFs are an exact hedge for World Currency Options
(securities options) which trade on NASDAQ OMX /PHLX.

NFX's WCF Products include: the Australian dollar (AD), British pound (BP), Canadian dollar (CA),
Euro Dollar (EU), Japanese Yen (JY), Mexican Peso (MP), New Zealand Dollar (NZ), Norwegian
Krone (NK), South African Rand (SA), Swedish Krona (SK), Swiss Franc (SF) and Turkish Lira (TL).

Futures Trading

In today's Financial world, traders have access to Markets from Japan to Chicago. In our continuous
efforts to provide traders with fast and efficient connectivity to global exchanges, we offer the Futures
Elite Platform allowing continuous access to the global electronic Futures Markets worldwide.

The Platform offers efficient sub-second trading executions. It is windows-based so that you can
trade using streaming live quotes, narrow spreads, and view your positions, statement summaries
with unrealized/realized profit & loss statements instantaneously.


Ikon Group offers Products which are tendered on the following Exchanges: CME (Chicago
Mercantile Exchange), CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade), KCBT (Kansas City Board of Trade), ICE
(Intercontinental Exchange), NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange), NYSE (New York Stock
Exchange), LIFFE (London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange), LME (London
Metals Exchange) and NFX (NASDAQ Futures Exchange).
Products and Platforms

                         Options Trading

                         Ikon Groups’ truly unique Options trading Platform
                         places us firmly as one of the largest Financial
                         Institutions in terms of dealing with online Options in
                         the USA.

                         Ikon Group has a long tradition of catering to active
                         options traders. With a worldwide network of dealers,
                         producers, consumers, and speculators, Ikon Group
                         brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our

                         Prime Options is Ikon Groups FX and Bullion Options
                         Trading Platform. Our Platform offers Streaming Executable Options for thirteen select Vanilla
                         Options for pre-determined dates, and endless Request for Quote (RFQ) opportunities.

                         Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDF)

                                                                             NDFs are exotic currencies that are not traded

                                                                             as spot and very few brokers provide liquidity in
                                                                             this Market. Ikon is among the first who provide
                                                                             NDF quotes online.

                                                                             Ikon is proud to offer Emerging Markets
                                                                             non-deliverable forwards (NDFs) namely
                                                                             Brazilian Real, Russian Ruble and Indian
                                                                             Rupee via our proprietary NDF Request for
                                                                             Quotes (RFQ) system. The system provides
                                                                             streaming indications for the pairs and allows
                                                                             customers to select a maturity and obtain a
                                                                             tradable quote.
                                                                                             Key Advantages of our platforms
5 figure Platform with extremely unprecedented interbank spreads

Direct access to over 60 Interbank trading prices including United Bank of Switzerland
(UBS), JP Morgan, Citibank, Barclays, Dresdner Bank, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley,
Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Currenex, FXALL and many others

Fully automated dealing desk technology and services with no human intervention

Availability of MT4 sub-second execution technology with MT5 technology on the way

Margins from 100:1 to 500:1 through a number of regulated companies (NFA in the US, FSA
in the UK, NZX in New Zealand, DGCX in Dubai and NASDAQ in the US), and no FIFO
requirements in the UK and NZ. Offering products in a number of jurisdictions worldwide to
suit and meet the requirements of our customers

Latest PAMM, MAMM and Expert Advisor technology and services

No price slippage on displayed prices when deals are being executed with Instant
sub-second trade capture/execution

Customized price feeds for Banks and Institutional parties with our own API technology                   
providing complete order flexibility and functionality

24/7 multilingual, first-class, comprehensive Customer Supports

Over 55 currency pairs (majors and cross rates) with various execution types including
Instant, request and Market
Key Advantages of our platforms

                                  Risk Management, Decision Support Tools, Dynamic position tracker, Point-and-choose
                                  position closeout and Back-office suite with strategic design and user-friendliness for the
                                  convenience of our Clients and Partners

                                  Request for prices on any date on any currency pair (RFQ)

                                  Algorithmic trading and complete Prime Brokerage functionality with fully integrated Straight
                                  through Processing (STP)

                                  24 hours on-line financial news in numerous languages

                                  Supports Non-Deliverable Forward Trading (NDF)

                                  Comprehensive business development and support
  Market Leader

                                                                    Ikon Group offers no less than 15 state-of-the-art
                                                                    trading Platforms with 7 diverse Financial Products.
                                                                    Our customized version of the trading Platforms
                                                                    offers cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking
                                                                    levels of stability and reliability involving major
                                                                    Banks liquidity providers and tight pricing coupled
                                                                    with Minimum slippage and instant sub-second

                  Trade with confidence in a number of jurisdictions worldwide with products tailored to suit and meet
                  the requirements of our customers (Regulated by the CFTC and members of the NFA in the US,
                  regulated by the FSA in the UK, member of the NZX in New Zealand, and DGCX in Dubai)

                  Ikon Group distinct advantage, over its competitors, is that, we believe, we are the only corporation
                  in the world, able to offer its Clients and Partners, multiple and variable choices, to suit their specific
                  requirements and needs, particularly in relation to:

                            Regulatory bodies to suit the                 Security of funds
                            jurisdiction and compliance
                                                                          Margin requirements

                            Products, Platforms and

                            trading policies                              No FIFO requirements

                            ECN solutions on all its FX

                  In other words, Ikon Group offers all types of Products, to the specific and tailored requirements of
                  its Clients and Partners, by a number of its affiliated Group Companies, in various jurisdictions, all
                  of which are regulated, from one Source, Ikon Group, the world leader in online Financial Trading.
 Details                                Ikon GM                                                                 IFSCL                                           Ikon Capital

 Platform      Turbo Meta        Matrix            Viking            Mega          Turbo Meta          Matrix         Viking       Mega        Turbo Meta     Matrix     Viking      Mega

 opening        150 USD        1500 USD          1500 USD        300 USD            150 USD           1500 USD       1500 USD     300 USD       150 USD      1500 USD   1500 USD    300 USD

                                                                                                                                  Forex,                                            Forex,
                Forex &         Forex &                        Forex, NDF            Forex &          Forex &                                   Forex &      Forex &
  Products                                        Forex                                                                Forex       NDF &                                 Forex       NDF &
                Bullion         Bullion                         & Bullion            Bullion          Bullion                                   Bullion      Bullion
                                                                                                                                  Bullion                                           Bullion

                                                                                                                                   Forex                      Forex                  Forex
                                                                Forex 100:1                          Forex 200:1                               Forex 300:1
                                                                                  Forex 300:1**                                    300:1                      200:1                  300:1
 Leverage         50:1            50:1            100:1           Bullion                              Bullion        100:1                      Bullion                 100:1
                                                                                  Bullion 150:1                                   Bullion                    Bullion                Bullion
                                                                   33:1                                 100:1*                                    150:1*
                                                                                                                                  150:1*                     100:1*                 150:1*

 Instruments    16 pairs        24 pairs         31 pairs        55 pairs           16 pairs          24 pairs       31 pairs     55 pairs      16 pairs     24 pairs    31 pairs   55 pairs

                   4               5                4                4 or 5             4                  5             4         4 or 5           4           5          4         4 or 5

* up to a maximum $20.000 per account
** up 1000USD we can offer leverage 500:1*

                                                               Commodity Platforms

 Details                       Ikon GM                                           IFSCL                                           Ikon Capital

 Platform              Elite             Prime               Elite             Supreme             Prime               Elite      Supreme         Prime

 opening         1000USD               1000USD              1000USD            1000USD            1000USD           1000USD       1000USD       1000USD

                Currencies                              Currencies            Currencies                           Currencies    Currencies
                  Metals,                FX               Metals,               Metals,                              Metals,       Metals,         FX
 Products                                                                                         FX Options
                  Energy               Options            Energy                Energy                               Energy         Energy       Options
                (others)***                             (others)***           (others)***                          (others)***   (others)***

 Leverage        Exchange                   *
                                         100:1              Exchange           Exchange             100:1*          Exchange      Exchange            *

*** (Others include: Equities, Dow, Meats, Interest Rate)

                                                                                                                                                                                          Ikon Group   16

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