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									Introduction                                                                                    Issue 1      December 2007

The Ingula Update aims to keep you abreast of the project progress, local
social upliftment initiatives and more importantly, share the meticulous care
Eskom is undertaking to preserve the environment within the new power
                                                                                                        Key Projects
station boundary. This includes the partnership it has established with BirdLife
South Africa and the Middlepunt Wetland Trust.                                                  Road works
The Generation Communication team will distribute the newsletter monthly to                     The contract for the building of
ensure our readers receive the latest news. Contact us by sending an email to                   67 km of roads was awarded to or 036 631 0372 ext. 4057.                                                    Grinaker LTA. This two year
                                                                                                project began in January and is
                                                                                                scheduled for completion at the
Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme                                                                    end of 2008. Visible progress
                                                                                                has already been made with the
                                                                                                tarring of certain sections.
                                           A pumped storage scheme needs
                                           suitable dam sites relatively close
                                           together, but at significant altitudinal
                                           difference, suitable geology and                     Civil works
                 Km                        available water. A 9000 ha site north
                                           east of Van Reenen’s Pass has been
                                           selected. It span’s the escarpment of
                                           the Little Drakensberg, straddling the
                                           provincial boundary of the Free State
                                           near to Harrismith and KwaZulu Natal,
                                           near to Ladysmith.                                   The building of 1.2 km
                                                                                                Exploratory Tunnel by Murray
The Scheme                                                                                      and Roberts began in 2005 and
The scheme consists of an upper dam Bedford and a lower dam Braamhoek,                          was completed in June 2007.
both boasting approximately 22 million cubic metres water capacity. The                         The Main Access Tunnel
dams, 4.6 km apart, are connected by underground waterways, through an                          contract was awarded to CMC
underground powerhouse, which house 4 x 333MW pump turbines.                                    Mavundla, a consortium of South
                                                                                                African and Italian companies.
          Ingula Pumped Storage Scheme
                                                                                                Work has already begun and is
                                                                                                scheduled for completion in

                                                                                                B & E Quanza group has been
                                                                                                awarded the contract for quarry
During times of peak energy consumption, water will be released from the upper dam through      and work is already underway
the pump turbines to the lower dam to generate electricity. During times of low energy demand   with primary and secondary
the pump turbines are used to pump the water from the lower dam back up to the upper dam.       crushers     are     now      fully
                                                                                                operational. Sub-base material
The project is scheduled to come on line during 2012, with a unit being                         has been crushed and applied
commissioned each quarter of that year. The construction and upgrade of the                     on the quarry internal roads.
roads is currently underway and scheduled to be complete by the end of 2008,
by which time both the main civil works and electromechanical plant contracts                   Afriscan has been awarded
will be in progress.                                                                            contracts for water supply,
                                                                                                sewage treatment, small access
                                                                                                roads and building of temporary
Eskom is working in conjunction with various contractors and consultants to
                                                                                                Eskom offices.
manage the project. A small team of Eskom personnel are on site and it is
expected that approximately 500 of total workforce of 2500 people will be on
site during the peak construction period.
History behind the name Ingula                                                              Key Projects …….
 The name change from Project Hotel to Braamhoek to Ingula was
officially announced in March 2007. The name may have come as a                         Conservation
comment that the water from this river tasted or satisfied much like                    The Eskom site will be managed
soothing milk. This name Ingula power station was inspired by the                       as a conservation site, and with
mountains and the river waters, which represent the rich cultural symbols               the cooperation of landowners in
and traditions of the indigenous people on both sides of the border. Ingula             the district, may form the core of
alludes to the creamy contents that floats to the top of the milk calabash. It          a larger conservation area
is an opportune stroke of coincidence that mountains and water have root                conserving     the moist      high
in the scientific and physical challenges of this new Eskom Pumped                      grasslands of the eastern Free
Storage Scheme.                                                                         State and northern KwaZulu
Partnership with BirdLife South Africa & Middlepunt
Wetland Trust                                                                           Birdlife: More than 200 species
                                                                                        of birds have already been
                                            The partnership                             sighted at Ingula. One of these
                                            senior managers                             being the Wattled Crane which is
                                            visited the site to                         amongst the top five endangered
                                            see results of years                        birds in terms of regulations
                                            of strategic planning                       issued in the National Biodiversity

The partnership between BirdLife South Africa (BLSA), Eskom and the                     Wildlife: The threatened Oribi
                                                                                        occurs on site, and grey rhebok
Middlepunt Wetland Trust (MWT) launched in March 2004 is aimed at                       and steenbok are also present.
generating benefits at international, national, regional and local levels to            Historically, the site has been
offset the negative impacts of the construction and operation of the                    heavily utilised by livestock and
pumped storage scheme. This will be done effectively by managing                        large tracts of erosion can be
environmental impacts and projects relating to the area impacted by the                 seen. Livestock numbers have
scheme.                                                                                 been reduced, and eroded areas
                                                                                        will be rehabilitated. The area
Site Visits                                                                             has also been subject to high
                                                                                        intensity poaching and illegal
                                                                                        plant harvesting. Through the
                                                                                        development of a protected area,
                                                                                        it is hoped to increase numbers of
                                                                                        animals on site, and to in a
                                                                                        secure environment, establish
                                                                                        viable populations. A reduction in
   Tim Gaskell is the Ingula            Peter Nelson Ingula Conservation Manager        unsustainable       activities will
   Project Manager                      points out the challenges facing this project   improve general conditions on
                                        to Ehud Matya (MD, Generation)

Mid year the Project Manager conducted a site visit of the scheme for the               Wetlands: Wetlands on the
Generation Managing Director accompanied by the Generation Divisional                   property serve as continual
Client office personnel and Generation Communication for progress                       supply water to the Wilge River,
update on the project.                                                                  and springs flow throughout the
                                                                                        year. The wetland system is host
Ingula Progress welcomed by Ladysmith Mayor                                             to a variety of species, and is in
                                                                                        need of protection following years
                                        On the 17th August 2007 the Mayor of            of overgrazing and inappropriate
                                        Ladysmith, Councillor DCP Mazibuko              burning. The formal conservation
                                        visited the scheme. She was                     of the Wilge River and associated
                                        accompanied by the Deputy Mayor,                wetlands will be explored in
                                        municipal Executive      Committee,             conjunction with the Free State
                                        Heads       of  Department       and            Dept of Tourism, Environmental
                                        councillors. The honourable mayor               and        Economic        Affairs.
                                        welcomed the progress of the project.           Rehabilitation done in the past
                                                                                        will be continued and the
“The impact of this project on tourism alone is major and sustainable. We               sustainable functioning of the
are likely to get thousands of tourists that will book for accommodation in             wetlands ensured.
our bed and breakfast lodges and buy in our shops” she commented.

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