OVERVIEW MACHINERY                                WIRE EDM
                                                  1 Fanuc 1Ia
ENGINEERING                                       1 Mitsubishi FA20VS
6 CAD-CAM stations (Solid Edge/Mastercam),
compatible with Auto-Cad and other construction   1 Hurco, 580 EDM
parts (DWG, DXF, IGES,                            1 CNC Agie, Integral 2
ACIS, VDAFS, IDEAS, ME10, RHINO CEROS             1 CNC Sodick type AQ 35LP1
and various other files can be excharged).
                                                  1 CNC Starter hole wire-machine APos 600 P
2 Milling machines Avia                           REMAINING
1 CNC Milling machine center with System 3R       1 Engraving-copying machine Deckel
Workpal Compact robot.                            4-Pillar Proofpress AGEO,
DMG DMU 50 Evolution Universal 5-axled            1 3D Measuring machine Brown & Sharpe,
2 CNC Hermle B300 universal 5-axled               Scirocco 10.15.09.NT
1 CNC DMG DMC 100Vhi-Dyn universal 3-axled
1 CNC DMC 70V lVhi-Dyn vertical 3-axled           Methodical welding under which Micro-plasma-
1 CNC DMC 105V linear vertical 3-axled            welding, laser-welding and TIG-welding.

LATHE                                             Complete equipped toolmaker stations with
1 CNC OKUMA LB15II-M                              modern polishing equipment and some little
1 Weiler                                          machines.
1 CNC OKUMA LB300-M                               Tesa Micro Hite high indicator
                                                  Mitutoyo measure projector
GRINDING                                          Wolpert hardness gauge,
3 Profile grinding machines Jung HF50RD           Werth measure projector
1 Surface grinding machine Okamoto 105 DXV        Zeiss 100/50 measure microscope
1 Cylindrical grinding machine Kellenberger       Hommel roughness meter
1 Cylindrical grinding machine Elb rotary, 60     VDB Dollwin is complete air-conditioned with
SPS-NK                                            temperature 20°C..
1 Co-ordination grinding machine Hauser

                                                                                                 VDB Dollwin BV
                                                                                                 Ambachtsstraat 41
                                                                                                 Industrieterrein Vèèneslat
                                                                                                 7102 DW Winterswijk

                                                                                                 Postbus 461
                                                                                                 7100 AL Winterswijk

                                                                                                 T: +31 (0)543 546000
                                                                                                 F: +31 (0)543 520098
                                                                                                 E: info@vdb-dollwin.com
                                                                                                 I: www.vdb-dollwin.com

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