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									咸宁 real estate
Special market report of investigation

The Unigarden real estate (China) limited company
In July, 2007

Table of contents

First part of introduction
First, foreword
Second, market investigation main method
Second part of 咸宁 city macroscopic environment analysis
First, 咸宁 city overall survey
Second, 咸宁 city macroscopic economy level of development
Third, 咸 宁 urban construction and urban planning developmentdirection (in 2020 urban
Fourth, urban planning to this project influence
Third part of 咸宁 shop facing the street real estate marketanalysis
First, 咸宁 present stage real estate market characteristic
Second, 咸宁 city various regions real estate competitionsituation present situation
Third, 咸宁 real estate market development situationforecast and to my project influence
Fourth, 咸宁 real estate market brand enterprise developmentcondition investigation
Fifth, subtotal
Fourth part of housing project analysis
First, competition project analysis
Second, project analysis
Third, the consumer analyzes
Fourth, real estate expense community sample investigation
Fifth part of 咸宁 local media analysis
Sixth part of project suggestion
Seventh part of intention land parcel analysis
Concluding remark
First part of introduction

First, foreword
This market investigation take the vast rather park project asthe core, understood the current 咸宁
economic environment, 咸 宁 the city similar project present situation and the goal
customercommunity's expense characteristic, 咸宁 existing leaves unused theland parcel the
search analysis. Including: Purchasing power, purchasecustom, purchase goal, family composition
shape, existing housing andso on. Through the full collection and the understanding 咸宁
shopfacing the street real estate market correlation data, the accuratejudgement project in the
region real estate market developmenttendency, the latent opportunity and the possible threat, the
thoroughanalysis goal expense community, is two projects localizations and theproduct promotion,
the promoted strategy provides the basis, theacceleration enterprise and the project brand
Therefore, I take charge of send the specialist to go to the Hubei 咸宁 employment advertise
investigation and study personnel, thecomposition special investigation and study group, carries
on thespecial market investigation in view of the project to 咸宁 thelocal market, and to
investigates the data and the correlation datareorganization analysis, the discussion, the shape cost
report ofinvestigation.

Second, this market investigation and study uses way, method

This investigation mainly uses three means to understand 咸宁 the real estate market:
1st, really examines, groups to 咸宁 is constructing, is selling, iscompleted the investment use
project to carry on the investigation,obtains the first data;
2nd, 访谈, separately with the profession public figure, thecorrelation institution officials, the
media, the consumer launchesthorough 访谈, Guang Erjing understanding market;
3rd, the random sampling questionnaire survey, separately 密集区 carries on in the hot spring and
the salty peaceful two areas tradestochastically blocks visits and receives right of residence
thevisit, as well as visit to administrative organ, hospital,telecommunication migration business
hall and so on pointed. Studiespopulace's 购房 psychology.
4th, the search 咸宁 existing leaves unused the land parcel, theunderstanding and the analysis
land parcel related information.

Second part of 咸宁 city macroscopic environment analysis

First, 咸宁 city overall survey
1st, geographical position
咸宁 the cities and areas place Central China center, isgenerally called "south Hubei". East near
Jianxi north, south meetsdeep and clear Hunan, gazes westwards Jingchu, north depends on
Wuhan,the cross east longitude 133°31 ' - 144°58 ', the north latitude29°02 ' - 30°18 ', is the
Jianghan even 原向 Chiangnan knoll zoneof transition, occupies the Yangtze River gold aquatic
product andJing-Guang Railroad aorta 交汇处 and Hunan Hubei Jianxi threeprovinces adjoining
"the golden triangle" the region, within theboundaries four (京广线, Beijing bead high speed, 107
federalhighways, 106 federal highways) put on the north and south, water(Yangtze River) 连东
west, clear waters and green hills, resourcesrich, the transportation is convenient, usually has "the
Hubei southgate" laudatory name.
2nd, historical humanities
咸宁, ancient is mysterious, accumulates deeply. As early asin more than 5,000 year ago neolites
time, then has the humanity tolive the multiplication. The Chongyang unearthed Shang Dynasty
bronzedrum, has recorded ancients' work creation; Three countries ancientbattlefields red wall,
still obviously the millennium sinks Sha Zheji;Li Zicheng cherishes hatred the imperial palace
piedmont, the NorthernExpeditionary Army passes on the Czechoslovakia 汀 Si River
bridge,celebrates the victory bridge head, the against Japan officers and menwash the blood day
mountain important pass. The curtain 阜 piedmont,has left behind older generation revolutionary
and so on the PengDehuai, Li Xiannian, holds up the flag to broadcast the fire, fightsin one place
after another south Hubei's trail; Toward the sunlakeside, free and easy several thousand cultural
celebrities,everybody thumb work sweat and thought seed.
The summer business time, 咸宁 is the Jing Zhou territory, when theSpring and Autumn Period
Warring States is the Chu place. QinWangzheng 23 years (224 B.C.) minute Chu is four county,
咸宁 subordinates south county. Three countries are Wu Jiang of Xiajun. Thebright Hongwu nine
years (in 1376) 咸宁 subordinated the Huguangcloth politics department Wuchang government
office. The Republic ofChina waste government office stands said that, 咸 宁 is the
HubeiProvince Jianghan road. 1,932 (in 1932) subordinated the HubeiProvince first administration
to supervise south area Hubei theadministration special commissioners field office. After the
foundingof the nation, the administrative area delimits several passes throughthe change, 1952 ago,
Jiayu, the red wall were the Mianyang specialarea, other was the Daye special area. After 1952
merged Huang Gang,the filial piety feeling two special areas. In August, 1965 cut thefilial piety
feeling special area, established a branch 咸宁 thespecial area. In December, 1998, authorized by
the State Council toabolish Xianning area, level 咸宁 city in March, 1999 officiallicense
establishment. Next governs salty An Qu, Jiayu County, the redwall city, Tongcheng County,
Chongyang County, a Tongshan County fourcounties city area.
3rd, administrative division and population situation
咸宁 the city governs 1 municipal district, 4 counties, actsas an agent 1 county level city. Namely:
Salty An Qu, red wall city,Jiayu County, Tongcheng County, Chongyang County, Tongshan
County.咸宁 the city altogether has 69 townships levels unit (6 streets, 51towns, 12 townships).
咸宁 city area 10,019 square kilometers,population 2.77 million people (in 2004). Salty peaceful
area area1,502 square kilometers, population 560,000 people. Regional people'sgovernment in
Fushan street big farmland. Red wall city area 1,723square kilometers, population 500,000 people.
City people's governmentin 蒲圻 street. Jiayu County area 1,017 square kilometers,population
360,000 people. County people's government in fish mountaintown. Tongcheng County area 1,129
square kilometers, population460,000 people. The county people's government in is talented 水
镇.Chongyang County area 1,968 square kilometers, population 470,000people. County people's
government in day cities. Tongshan County area2,680 square kilometers, population 420,000
people. The county people's government in passes Yang Zhen.
4th, transportation
咸宁 the cities and areas place Central China center, theYangtze River
middle reaches, are located the Jing-Guang Railroad, theBeijing bead
highway and 106, 107 federal highways center-sections,the position
moderate, the transportation is convenient. In the regionthe road, the
railroad, the water transportation three transport modecoexists, by
highway transportation primarily.
The road basically has formed take the Beijing bead highway as a mainitem,
take the country province second-class road as the branch, bythe county
township road the region road network system which extendsin all
directions for the branch. Existing 106, 107, 316 and so on 3federal
highways 285.775 kilometers, provincial road 10, for WuChixian (original
Wu Puxian), the horizontal route, the salty line offlux, the white
demarcation line, along the horizontal line, theimmortal honors the line
(the original 蒲 Hong line), honors ZhaoXian, the Southern University
line, the salty vanishing line (theoriginal salty Pan line), the red card
line, the total 466.261kilometers, basically realized the country
provincial road "twolevels", the county township road "the black", the
village road "haveunderstood". 咸宁 the city existing 69 villages and
towns (area),1,405 administrative villages, realized 100% villages and
towns, 89.6%administrative villages have passed the road.
咸宁 city existing passenger depot 30, freight terminal 4; In
thepassenger depot a level stands 1, two levels stand 7, three levelsstand
7, four levels stand 9. Period of the first five-year plan 咸宁 city newly
built Jiayu and the Chongyang passenger depot 2 twolevel of passenger
depots, salty peaceful, passed the city, the redwall and so on 3 freight
terminals are constructing, formed the layoutto be reasonable, the
function standard, the facility necessarypassengers and cargo transports
the station yard network. At present 咸宁 the city has transport business
passenger train 3,079, 41,081seats, transport business freight vehicle
3,533, 14,163 tons, othervehicle 2,233, 3,486 tons. Clears passenger
transportation line 359,the date sends school grade order 3,137, has
understood national 9provinces.
Within the boundaries of the water transportation main backing theYangtze
River main current, the Yangtze River branch and the inlandriver, the
reservoir lake, 咸宁 the city existing is open tonavigation the course
564.4 kilometers, Yangtze River main currentnavigation Daoist priest 118
kilometers. Besides the Yangtze Rivergolden waterway, has provincial
level inland river route three inaddition: Lu Shui, Fushui, the liquid
gold, the main lake has theWestern Liang lake, the axe lake, Huanggai Lake.
咸宁 the city hasharbor 12, Yangtze River harbor 6 (red wall, Lu Xikou,
rocky ledge,fish mountain, the Panjiawan, sign continent), land water
inland riverharbor 3 (red wall, Lu Shuizhu the dam, day city), Fushui
storehousedistrict harbor 3 (seven miles flush, kind mouth, swallow
mansion);Altogether has the production to use wharf 58, berth 85
(trafficdepartment wharf 53, berth 83), new year's goods volume of
goodshandled 1.3402 million tons, passenger volume of goods handled
5th, correspondence construction
Joined WTO along with our country, aspect and so onagriculture, economy
obtained at the same time which vigorouslydeveloped, 咸宁 the city
various aspects constructed also had thevery big enhancement; The
communication construction aspect, wasobtains the rapid development,
changed with each new day. Now, 咸宁 city multi-purpose, high-tech,
digitized, the program controlmodernization correspondence network has
begun to take shape. Thetelecommunication, China Unicom, the migration,
the iron pass, the netpasses and so on the enterprise successively settles
down in 咸宁 the city, brought for 咸宁 the city people's correspondence
has beenconvenient. The villages and towns comprehensive realization
exchangeprogram control and the village village pass the telephone goal;
Thepostal service synthesis network, the green card net, the electron
汇兑网 realize the national networking. The long-distance telephonecall
key position has established the important pass bureau, completesone, two
levels of skeleton lines long-distance equipment moves thesynthesis
project, the intelligent network, toll switchboard equipmentsetup the
project; Has completed the cover 咸宁 city city wirelesspublic opinion
net and has implemented the network optimization,enable the PHS
networking capability to have the enormous enhancement.Has already formed
the program-controlled telephone service, themobile communication
service, the toll service, the data communicationservice and the Internet
electronic commerce service five big servicesmutually for the supplement
communication pattern. The mobile phonenetwork has covered 咸宁 the city
urban district and subordinate 6counties (city, area) the villages and
towns as well as the federalhighway, the railroad, Yangtze River along
the route, has realizedinternational automated roaming to 55 countries
and the area. 咸宁 the city completes the fiber optic transmission, the
digitalmicrowave, the stored program controlled switching, the
mobilecommunication, the data communication, the multimedia
correspondence,the postal service synthesis computer net, the postal
vehiclesatellite positioning tracking system and so on each method
isadvanced, the cover 咸宁 city, understands the world the publicposts
and telecommunications communications network. 咸宁 citypreliminary
realization digitization, integration, wide band,intellectualized data,
image, language three networks fusions, mobilecommunication expansion
network coverage, cities, transportationskeleton line, traveling area
realization seamless cover. The moderntelephone network which by the
foundation network, the service networkand the strut net is composed has
become 咸宁 the informationsuperhighway information superhighway
backbone net.
On November 25, 2004, under water the Jiayu - Honghu Yangtze River
theoptical cable project officially begins construction in Jiayu
County.This project span 4.6 kilometers, altogether have 2 32 cores
opticalcables, is the province two levels of skeleton lines projects, also
is 咸宁 city first crosses the river the optical cable. This projectwill
complete causes Hubei Province to correspond forms from the linkmode of
transmission, greatly will strengthen the entire provincecontrolling
trunk line the traffic capacity.
6th, natural resource
Land resource: 咸宁 the city is in the curtain 阜 sierra tothe Jianghan plain zone of transition,
southeast the topography high,northwest is low, the mountainous region, the knoll, the hillock,
theplain have both at the same time, usually has "six mountains water twoto divide up land,
minute land is the homeland" saying. 咸宁 thecity national territory total area 9,861 square
kilometers, cultivatedarea 1.88 million ha, accounts for (12.7%), the average per personfarming
only 1.05 Chinese acres (statistical data is 0.79 Chineseacre), is lower than the nation average per
person 1.55 Chinese acre,the entire province average per person 1.25 Chinese acres
levels.Accounts for the Hubei Province total area 4.6%. The mountainousregion, the knoll, the
plain separately account for the total area35.3%, 37.6%, 14.4%. In 2004, many people and little
land, the personcontradictory is prominent is 咸宁 the city land market conditions,reasonably
specially is protects the farming using the land to appearin 咸宁 the city especially importantly.

Terrain landform farming
Area mountainous region
Area knoll
Area plain
Quantity 1.88 million ha 5.227 million ha 5.567 million ha2.132 million ha
Percentage 12.7% 35.3% 37.6% 14.4%

Mineral resource: 咸宁 the mineral resource by thenon-metallic mineral primarily, the metal
minerals is next, theenergy, the moisture minerals are few. Had discovered the minerals 37kinds,
in which verifies the resources reserves the minerals 18 kinds,including energy minerals 2 kind,
metal minerals 8 kind, non-metallicmineral 7 kind, mineral water 1 kind. 咸宁 the city has 11
kind ofmineral resources the reserves row to occupy entire province firstfive. Among them,
occupies entire province first to have themagnesium, the stibium, the monacite, the tantalum, the
geothermy andso on 5 kind of minerals, occupies second to have the gold, theniobium, the
metallurgy with the dolomite and so on 3 kinds, occupiesfourth to have the coal, the vanadium, the
manganese 3 kinds.
Water resources: In 2006, 咸宁 city average precipitation 1584.2mm,converts into water volume
156.01 billion m3, compared the last yearfew 19.2%, more annual means were many 4.5%, was
the even water year;咸宁 city water resources total quantity 10.28 billion m3, comparedthe last
year few 13.8%, more annual means were many 27.5%; Surfacewater resources quantity 10.04
billion m3, ground water resourcesquantity 1.917 billion m3, surface water and ground water
resourcesrepetition computation quantity 1.678 billion m3. 咸宁 the cityaverage per person holds
the water resources to measure 3693m3, theChinese acre holds the water resources to measure
5488m3; 咸宁 thecity each kind of water supply project always supplies water volume1.32496
billion m3, surface water source for water volume 1.28848billion m3, accounts for 97.2%, the
underground water source for watervolume 036.48 million m3, accounts for 2.8%. Entire social
water usedtotal quantity 1.32496 billion m3, production with water volume1.23124 billion m3,
accounts for 92.93%; Domestic water quantity093.49 million m3, accounts for 7.06%; The
ecological environment withwater volume 000.23 million m3, accounts for 0.01%. 咸 宁
cityaverage per person with water volume 476m3, ten thousand Yuan GDP withwater volume
763m3, ten thousand Yuan industries increases the valueto use water volume 680m3 with the
water volume 332m3, farmlandirrigation Chinese acre.
The early years of the new nation 咸宁 city has size lake 115, thenormal water level lake water
area is 488 square kilometers. Becauseartificial invades and so on the reason, at present 咸宁 the
city500 Chinese acre above lake only has 19, the lake water area 206.4square kilometers, ten
thousand Chinese acres above lakes 5.
咸 宁 within the boundaries of city rivers multitudinous, droppingvariance bigger, the
hydro-energy resources is rich. 咸宁 city hydroenergy theory 蕴 reserves 311,084 KW, the
potential quantity is241,057 KW. Ends to 2000, 咸宁 the city has completed hydroelectricpower
station 169, 咸宁 the city has 21 large and middle scalereservoirs. 咸宁 the city irrigation area
design irrigated area1.485 million Chinese acres, the design yearly average directs thewater
volume is 1.021 billion cubic meters.
Forest resources: 咸宁 the city total acreage accumulates 981,494hectares. Land area 905,655
hectares, account for 92.27%. In 咸宁 city land area: The forest land area 561,286 hectares,
account for61.98%; The open land area 16,375 hectares, account for 1.81%;Difficult to use the
area 7,302 hectares, accounts for 0.81%. In 咸宁 city forest land area: The wooded area 411,095
hectares,account for 73.24%; The stocked land area 8,563 hectares, account for1.53%; The bush
forest land 91,110 hectares, account for 16.23%; Thenon- standing timber forest land 47,452
hectares, account for 8.45%;The plant nursery 3,067 hectares, account for 0.05%. In 咸宁
citywooded area: The coniferous forest, the foliage forest, the needleextravagant mixed forest area
altogether has 308,238 hectares,accounts for 74.98%; The bamboo grove 102,475 hectares,
account for24.93%; The farming and forestry interplanting forest 382 hectares,account for 0.10%.
咸宁 the city lives 立木蓄积 measures8.768293 million cubic meters. Among: The forest stores
up thequantity 8.30252 million cubic meters, accounts for 94.69%; The thinforest stores up the
quantity 45,516 cubic meters, accounts for 0.53%;Disperses lives woodenly stores up the quantity
135,271 cubic meters,accounts for 1.54%; All around the tree stores up 283795, accounts
for3.24%. 咸宁 city forest 覆盖率 is 52.3%. 咸宁 south the citythe subordinate curtain 阜
mountain system -odd arteries, theelevation are many below 1,500 meters, highest mountain peak
crowpoint elevation 1,656 meters, generally in 200 - 800 meters. North thesubordinate Jianghan
plain, the elevation are many in 20 - 50 meters.
Traveling resources: 咸宁 within the boundaries various scenic spotshistorical site multitudinous,
natural landscape exquisite, themountain surrounded by water circles, 林 森                       the
bamboocyclopentadiene, the history is glorious, leaves behind themultitudinous scenic spot
historical site. The natural landscape byShan Qing, Shui Xiu, the hole is wonderful, spring
America, Lin Mao,Gui Xiangwei main characteristic; The humanities landscaperevolutionizes the
historical commemoration, the historical vestigeand the ruins is famous, the main scenic spot has
the Jiugong, the redwall and so on 21. The traveling resources abundant reality, holds theimportant
status in the entire province. At present has formed thenatural resource, the humanities material,
the social resources threecoexists, by "three four areas" (Wuhan - 咸宁 hot spring travelingline,
咸宁 hot spring - red wall land water - "three countries redwalls" traveling line, 咸宁 hot spring
- Tongshan Jiugong travelingline, national level key Jiugong traveling scenic spot, "threecountries
red walls" traveling scenic spot), the industrial layout isday by day reasonable, industrial scale
rapid expansion, with domesticinternational traveling synchronization development. In 2004,
wholeyear inside and outside the receiving state 旅游者 3.0136 millionpeople, grew compared to
the last year 12.8%, the realizationtraveling gross income 1.216 billion Yuan, grew 12.4%
compared to thelast year, traveling brought in foreign exchange income 802,300 USdollars, grew
23.4% compared to the last year. 咸宁 city star classhotel 32, three star classes 4.
Jiugong scenic spot: For national level scenery scenic spot area. Islocated southeast the Tongshan
county seat, is apart from the Wuhan190 kilometers, the elevation 1,228 meters, the high point
crow point1,657 meters, the entire scenic spot area 57 square kilometers, "Jinpeaceful three
brothers 9 people enter the mountain by more than 1,000years ago to construct the imperial
palace" to acquire fame. TheSouthern Song Dynasty celebrated a Yuan first year, taoist
priestZhang Daoqing enters the mountain to proselytize, causes it to becomeat that time national
one of five big Taoism saints earth. On themountain the scenic spot proliferates, beautiful scenery
错列, mostfamous including: The spring cliff spurts the snow, 虎伏 thefontanel, the ancient hole
floats the spring, receives a guest thepine, the cloud closes the carved stone, the cloud sea mighty
wavesand so on. Is located the elevation 1,230 meters lakes, the oceanwaves like mirror, produces
an inverted image in the clouds the dailyexpense, is our province other characteristic mountain
lake; TheJiugong forest park area 4,200 hectares, the forest vegetation rate is96%, by botanist
reputation for Chinese subtropics forest naturalecological equilibrium typical representative. The
season, the climateis midsummer cool, the daily average temperature only 22 ℃ , is
HubeiProvince's main traveling summer resort. At present, has completedeach kind of sanatorium,
guesthouse 80, the date reception abilitynearly ten thousand people.
Three lakes Lianjiang: Is located the Jiayu County area just outsidethe city gate, by Bai Hu, Mei
Xiehu, the lakelet connected (also namesJin Xiahu) three lakes straight to flow swiftly Yangtze
River but tobe famous. Here mountain surrounded by water circles, the junctionreflects the fresh
splendor, in the lake the clear wave ripples, YouYu is elated, rows a boat in the lake, the lake and
mountain scenerycomplementing each other gets a panoramic view.
Lu Shuihu: Is located red wall urban district Chengnan. East the fablethree countries times the Wu
senior general land abdicated oncestations troops to this, drill naval forces. In the lake
"hundredislands 18 dikes, the green water reflects the green hill", 湖面 isbroad, the islands
spread all over, periphery the forest onion 茏,流泉 the limestone cave decorates to during, for
provincial levelscenery scenic spot area. TV serial "All Men Are Brothers" fragmentonce in this
photography, therefore Lu Shuihu central has "the All MenAre Brothers city" a scenery.
Green hill reservoir: Is located south the Chongyang county seat, thebeginning constructed in
1963. Storehouse surface broad, thestorehouse capacity is big, storehouse surface area 441.8
squarekilometers, storehouse capacity 448 million cubic meters. Storehouse 内 港 branch
multitudinous, winding peaks and paths, windingprofound, 放目 轻舟, the level like mirror, the
mountain shadestands upside down, is in good taste fresh. Reservoir dam grandmagnificent sight,
with overpowering momentum, the hydroelectric powerstation tightly lies west the dam, flies the
waterfall to flow out,the silver light sparkles.
Big spring hole: The original Lu brook grotto, is located south theChongyang county seat,
upstream green hill reservoir white cliffShannan slope. This hole is the natural limestone fault big
crevasselimestone cave, the hole next three water seepage all year longunceasingly, therefore big
spring hole. In hole large-scale landscape38, small landscape several hundred, like "two Long
Xizhu", "the goldthread dragon curtain", "red chamber big view", "大闹天宫", "thedouble pig
fights the elephant", differ in thousands of ways, theimage is lifelike, fitting together, fascinating,
is just like alarge-scale artistic palace to hide the water-dunnel: Is located theTongshan County
northeast, among them has hides the brook, dives flowsto the west spring big batardeau awning
resurfaces for the spring,therefore for hides the water-dunnel. In the hole dissolves the column to
stand in great numbers, thegrotesquely-shaped jagged rocks, in the hole have the mountain, in
themountain have the hole, mysterious magnificent sight, colorful. Themost high place amounts to
40 meters, spacious may accommodate tenthousand people, it "dragon palace water government
office", "clockyoung beautiful scenery", "in hole labyrinth" and so on tertiarybeautiful scenery, is
eyes cannot take it all in.
Hot spring: The other name boils the deep pool, is located southwestthe city locus hot spring
office, is situated dives under the foot ofa hill, in Ganshui river. The water seepage contains 氡,
the sodiumbicarbonate, the calcium, the magnesium and so on ten kind ofingredients, 氡 the beam
to guards against the cancer to treat thecancer to have the certain function, bathes the hot spring,
not onlymay eliminate the journey to be weary, but also may coordinate totreat the arthritis, the
skin disease, the neuritis, the gastricdisease and so on the many kinds of diseases.
Jinsha summer vacation mountain village: Is located the ChongyangCounty northeast gold
Shazhen, the elevation 500 meters, on themountain has 2 small reservoirs. All around the group
peak surrounds,the pine blue bamboo green jade, the vicinity has more than 50 naturallimestone
caves, Shi Hua, Shi Sun, the stone beastly equiformcondition is lifelike, lifelike. The temperature
generally does notsurpass 32 ℃, summer night of cool breeze intermittent, the climateis cool, the
extremely suitable summer vacation convalesces. Atpresent has constructed more than 30 dryly to
rest, the sanatorium,coming to see a famous person with admiration is continuous.
Star bamboo sea, hoodoo: Is located salty An Qu, the red wall city,Chongyang County 交界处.
There bamboo sea boundless, the loosecedar folds the green jade, the four seasons scenery
respectivelydifferently, has the spring thickly, Xia Liang, the fall is pale, thewinter warms the
feeling. The bamboo grove deep place, 竹亭, theteahouse, the observation post, the summer
vacation mountain villagebuilding is antique. South the bamboo grove along, has Lian Pian
thehoodoo, the strange stone stands in great numbers, colorful, some risestraight from the ground
several meters, resembles 擎天柱; Someapparent the person surface beast, lifelike; During some
peaks enter,like 鹤立鸡群, has the precious tree seed, the raw material formedicine, the flowers
and plants watches for the person.
Too second grade hole: Too the second grade hole is located south sidethe hot spring, the main
hole span 2,000 meters, are broad place mayaccommodate several thousand people. In the hole the
stone bambooshoots stand in great numbers, the running water murmur, 乳石 isrugged, shape
11,000. In the hole too the second grade likeness of agod or buddha, worships Buddha, 卧龙 the
plate, 土地神, the cloudpond, Shi Gu, the god lamp, the Goddess of Mercy manifests a spiritand
so on the scenic spot makes one praise to the heavens. In the holehas the lake, the river, also
swims the fish obviously. 清泉 thewaterfall flies straight under, has the ancient vestige, the this
lifemarvelous sight, mays be called certainly the scenery.
Red wall ancient battlefield: Also names Wu Chibi, is locatednortheast the red wall city nearby
Yangtze River, is three countriestimes Liu Bei, the grandson power allied armies routs the Cao
armedforce naval forces the ruins. The waterfront cliff like truncates, thered crag keeps the fire,
"the quarry stone puts on spatially, startledTao strikes the shore". Hands down Zhou Yu
extemporaneously the book"the red wall" two characters now as before to come clearly into
viewon the waterfront cliff. The main scenic spot is red wall Shi Fan,wing Jiang Ting, the
Wangchiang pavilion, the east wind Chinese stylepavilion, does obeisance the wind, 武侯祠, the
phoenix young hut,Zhou Langju, Huanggai Lake, historical site and unearthed WarringStates time
cultural relic 2,000 and so on Lu Xikou. After thetowering labor "three countries red walls
museum" and "archery" themodelling is classical, quite has the ancient times customs
handeddown from the past.
Bully mausoleum: Is located Tongshan County Jiugong Niu Jiling, isbright end farmer
insurrectionary army leader Li Zicheng 陵寝. Fromdecorative archway to exhibition hall, because
the mountain takesadvantage of a situation, the straight line on, 山势 is grand, on thetombstone
has the Guo Moruo original handwriting "grave of the LiZicheng", the exhibition hall is exhibiting
the ancient times culturalrelic and the Li Zicheng fact picture exhibition and so on, may begrieved
by reminder of deceased for the tourist.
汀 Si River bridge Northern Expedition martyrs' cemetery: Is locatedsalty An Quting the Si River
Qiaozhen, for Hubei Province key fileprotection unit. In 1926 Northern Expeditionary Army
officers and menand so on the Ye Ting launched an unprecedented fierce combat in thiswith the
Wu Peifu Beiyang armed force, the Northern Expeditionary Armyhave routed the Beiyang armed
force. In order to march Wuchang to pavethe way. In 1929 died in battle the officers and men for
thecommemoration, especially constructed the monument, six columnspavilions, had died in battle
grave of the officers and men and so on.After the liberation has constructed the memorial hall, in
supposesthe reception room and the material exhibition hall. In the cemetaryplants has the
assorted flowers and plants and the trees. Visits thenational revolutionary army Northern
Expedition 汀 Si River bridgecampaign ruins, same year engages in fierce battle the scene
toresemble in at present.
"Clear water-dunnel" underground project: And underground constructstwo parts of constitutions
by the ground construction, the ground by,two, a third building constitutes 15 Chinese acre area
the centralcourtyards. May admit 130 person of board and lodging. Undergroundconstruction size
room 130. In hole draft equipment, escorts to asnecessary the fresh air each quoin, as soon as
presses the main item,the running water flows out, the food stir-fried dish, in the holedoes not
have smokes, outside the hole does not see the smoke fromkitchen chimneys.
5th, culture and education
咸宁 the city positive implementation "the science andtechnology education is popular the city",
comprehensively advancesthe education for all-around development, initially established
adaptsthe market economy system, has filled the vitality and the vigoreducation administration
system and the movement mechanism. In 2004,咸宁 the city has 4 colleges, higher professional
technicalinstitute 2, specially appointed teacher 1,339 people, in schoolstudent several 25,868
people, general-studies middle school 185,specially appointed teacher 12,079 people, in school
student several191,600 people, secondary technical or specialized school 18,specially appointed
teacher 1,312 people, in school student several27,600 people, elementary school 915, specially
appointed teacher11,941 people, in school student several 277,900 people. School "southHubei
high school" (Hubei provincial level key high school) and 咸宁 in territory highest school 咸宁
institute center school area, withmy project separation of one wall.
On 咸宁 the city geographical position and the urban developmentlocalization analysis, after 咸
宁 is Wuhan. 咸宁 the naturalresource is rich, the plant resources, the nation well-known has
themao bamboo, the sweet-scented osmanthus in particular and so on. Anycity real estate
development all cannot leave the urban economyunceasing development, 咸宁 the economy has
not recovered front thereal estate market same economy equally to be at the stationary
state.Recovered for several years after 咸宁 the economy the consolidatedtimes, the real estate
industry surmounted the partial developmentphase, the broad real estate expense community one
after another isalso activated. If 咸宁 after the economy passed through thestationary state but to
recover is the economic law necessity for along time, then the traveling resources, the education
correlationprofession development, and the plant resources development will bethe breach which
咸宁 the economy soared.
咸宁 the city is located Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi three provinces 交界处, has the red wall ancient
battlefield, the Jiugong, theCentral China first spring (hot spring) and so on the
outstandingtraveling resources, is a traveling city. As a result of 咸宁 theexquisite natural
environment, the traveling resources, highervegetation 覆盖率 and the special geographical
superiority, hasattracted a large quantities of Wuhan in recent years (four bigstoves) setting at
industry, in 咸宁 investment setting at industry.
Xianning area population nearly 2.8 million, main city populationabout 350000, because besides
the traveling, lacks other propindustries the support, the entire 咸宁 city economical levelrelative
is weaker, the main city consumption level compares the samerank city not to be high, not yet
forms the relatively maturelarge-scale commercial circle. But local resident's primitive
expenseidea certainly does not lag, along with 咸宁 economical recovering.After 2004 five years
will be 咸宁 the commercial development,business circle form, the expense idea tend to the
rationality to bemore perfect and the most inhabitants invest for five years which atthe beginning
of the idea sprouts.
Second, 咸宁 city macroscopic economy level of development

1st, GDP
In 2006, 咸宁 the city economy rate of rise speeds up.Initially surveys, whole year 咸宁 the city
realization total outputvalue 23.465 billion Yuan, deduct the price factor, the same ratiogrows
12.6%. Among them, the primary industry increases the value5.548 billion Yuan, grows 2.7%; The
second industry increases thevalue 9.602 billion Yuan, grows 19%; The tertiary industry
increasesthe value 8.315 billion Yuan, grows 2.6%. According to the householdregister yearly
average population computation, same year average perperson GDP broke through 8,000 Yuan
important passes, achieved 8,328Yuan, symbolized the economical development stepped a new
beginning,entered a fast development time.
Above the city state/entire province scale the industry increases thevalue city, the state industry
product city, the state city 镇市,the state local finance city, the state society disappears
(Present value) sale rate (%) fixed asset investment generalbudgetary revenue spending total
volume of retail sales
1-6 month rate of rise 1-6 month same time last year 1-6 monthrate of rise 1-6 month rate of rise
1-6 month rate of rise
(Hundred million Yuan) (%) (%) (%) (hundred million Yuan) (%)(hundred million Yuan) (%)
(hundred million Yuan) (%)
Entire province 1310.2120.497.2496.971827.97 32.4 293.9925.01884.2016.3
Wuhan 505.4822.797.4997.14766.62 29.8 110.08 23.0712.1916.6
Huang Shih city 95.7723.298.9797.8768.02 33.2 9.8226.180.7916.1
Shiyan 75.1316.994.7592.3259.06 35.2 7.90 10.286.2015.2
Yichang city 149.3219.096.5197.61133.45 2.0 17.7929.3142.8016.9
Xiangfan city 116.2521.597.7198.4497.59 37.3 12.2515.0150.0216.3
Hubei state city 41.0825.098.9898.3156.37 52.0 4.7226.943.3016.9
Cuts retail sales 57.3122.597.8497.7963.72 25.0 6.4318.969.3616.5
Filial piety feeling city 59.0322.898.5997.5976.03 38.3 8.4020.0103.3415.7
Jing Zhou city 62.7919.996.1794.2471.45 59.4 8.1018.5153.3015.9
Huang Gang city 37.5529.096.2696.5868.45 52.09.9116.098.0619.4
咸宁 city 36.2626.095.5795.2542.38 48.5 5.5627.945.4418.1
Along with state city 31.5023.094.9695.9033.14 34.62.7615.458.0614.6
Enshi autonomous prefecture 12.4725.194.0195.2241.57 36.06.8245.534.0718.3
Xiantao 25.2921.497.2797.9828.78 30.2 1.8915.041.5416.5
Qianjiang 25.6522.097.7398.9328.28 35.1 2.2025.625.8716.1
Day retail sales 15.6325.497.4096.7619.95 48.71.1435.134.4314.9
Shennongjia forest region 0.5220.394.2199.642.77 0.60.318.31.2512.0

咸宁 above the city scale the industry increases the valuethe rate of increment, arranges in the
Hubei Province 16 places levelsadministrative area at second. Is only inferior to the Huang
In 2007 咸宁 the city enters the economy to soar the stage, sincehas been the reform and open
policy the quickest development time, theindustrial enterprise rate of rise has specially outdone the
entireprovince average level nearly 18 spots the increased ranges, not onlyleads in the Hubei
entire province front row moreover in the nationalso is rare. 咸宁 the economy soars is stagnates
for a long time after soaring.In 2003, 咸宁 the city total output value grew 9.2% compared to
thelast year, since has been 1998 an increased range quickest year, butstill is lower than the entire
province average rate of growth. In2004, 咸宁 the economy proposed fast and the entire province
11.5%rates of rise the last year is more equal than. In 2005, 咸宁 thetotal output value is 20.49
billion Yuan rates of rise is 12.2%, ishigher than the entire province increased range 0.8
percentage point,in 2005 completes the industry to increase the value 4.449 billionYuan, grows
33.9%, the speed-up surpasses the entire province averagelevel 14.56 percentage points. This year
1 - in September completesthe industry to increase the value 4.2 billion Yuan, grew
38.8%compared to same time last year to be higher than the entire provinceto be average level 18
percentage points, the financial gross income1.57 billion Yuan, grew 31.2% compared to same
time last year, alsooutdid the entire province average level.

2nd, industrial structure adjustment
Synthesis: In 2006 咸宁 the city industrial structure furtheroptimizes, 咸宁 the city three
industries constitutions are 23.7:40.9: 35.4, compared with the last year, the primary industry
dropped2.6 percentage points, two, three industries separately enhanced 2.3and 0.3 percentage
The strength development new industry, the industry is entering raisesthe fast development phase.
Along with the national economy by theeast to the center, west shifts the strategy, middle rises
thestrategy, 8+1 Wuhan urban economy circle strategy implementation and 咸宁 the infrastructure
daily consummation, the economicaldevelopment bearing capacity strengthens, 咸宁 the city
industryentered has been new turn sends the exhibition period. According tothe preliminary
calculation, the complete industry increases the value8.733 billion Yuan, grows 20.1%, the
industrialization rate reaches37.2%, enhanced 2.6 percentage points compared to the last year,
grewthe technical progress factor to the economy is 54.5%, 咸宁 cityindustry growth fuel
economic growth 6.9 percentage points.

The new rural reconstruction has the foreword to carry on, theagricultural industry advancement
advances with steady steps. Thesocial from all walks of life union 咸 宁 is actual, acts
ascircumstances permit, positively advances the countrysideinfrastructure construction, reasonably
implements the countrysideperson to occupy the environment to renovate, positively develops
thecountryside non-profit organization, advances the socialism new ruralreconstruction with
steady steps. Whole year invests the fund whichthe new countryside various aspects constructs to
amount to 600million Yuan. In 2006, 咸宁 above the city level the main itementerprise achieved
61, provincial level key main item enterprise 11,increased 3 compared to the last year. Main item
enterprise'sstrength, has led the characteristic agricultural product basedevelopment, initially has
formed the mao bamboo, the sweet-scentedosmanthus, the tea, the vegetables, The China grass,
the nursery stock flowers and plants, the fruit andso on one batch has 咸宁 the region
characteristic, leads thesuperiority leading industry which the farmer additionally receives.The
countryside foundation status obtains strengthens. 100% villagecircular telegram, 98.5% villages
make the telephone, 95.7% villagespass the road. The countryside with the electric quantity 280
millionkilowatt-hours, grows 3.2%.

Strengthens the infrastructure, the working condition furtherimproves. Whole year the irrigation
and water conservation capitalinvestment 124 million Yuan, complete project 2,944, completes
thecubic meter of earth and stone 6.6282 million cubic meters, improvesand restores the irrigated
area 67,400 Chinese acres, eliminates thewaterlogged area 29,900 Chinese acres, increases the
irrigated area05,600 Chinese acres.

The harmonious society constructs advances with steady steps. Theenterprise basic old-age
insurance increases the senate to guaranteethe population 13,000 people; The basic medical
insurance increasesthe senate to guarantee the population 09,000 people; Whole yearprovides the
disaster relief relief funds 150 million Yuan (gives adiscount including cash and material object),
has carried on theeffective rescue to 216,000 difficult populace. The city lowlyguarantees
increases the object 6,088 people, altogether provides thelow earnest money 61.19 million Yuan.
The countryside five guaranteesprovides for 8,643 people, provides for the golden 8.7 million
Yuan.The countryside special difficult rescue increases 17,838 people, thecity and countryside
impoverished populace big sickness rescue fund6.64 million Yuan.
The urbanized advancement speeds up, the city construction effect isobvious. In 2006, sped up the
municipal administration public facilityconstruction step, the urban construction level has a
biggerenhancement, the city function has gradually consummated. 咸 宁 thecity altogether
completes the urban construction to investapproximately 500 million Yuan. Newly built urban
road 26.5 kilometer,the drainage channel 30.3 kilometers, rinse the black urban road
20.9kilometers, lays down the sidewalk 28.3 kilometers; Lays down the fuelgas pipeline 12
kilometers, supplies water the pipeline 33 kilometers,increases, renews male steam 115; The
newly built botanical gardengreen 17.8 hectares, plant trees 15,000; Construction sewage
treatmentpumping station 1, truncation dirt 管渠 5.7 kilometers. 咸宁 themain road extends, the
garbage disposal plant and the king Englandreservoir pilots and so on the project is carrying on the
plan, thedesign and the move bids and so on the earlier period work.
The development zone reform and the development is smooth. 咸宁 theeconomic development
zone smoothly through the national provinciallevel development zone verification, and carries on
the significantreform to the development zone system, has set up 咸宁 the economicdevelopment
zone in the hot spring development zone and in the YangtzeRiver industry garden foundation. In
2006, the scale above industryincreases the value 106 million Yuan, grows 136%; Turning in
taxrevenue 29.56 million Yuan. 招商引资 realizes the newbreakthrough, brings in foreign capital
actual arrives the fund 309.5million Yuan, has introduced now Mai Lang, Wang Laoji and so on
thewell-known enterprise.
Privately operated economical health development. 咸宁 the cityincreases private enterprise 721,
year's end accumulates reaches2,847; Increases the registered capital 1.5 billion Yuan, year's
endaccumulates the registered capital 3.935 billion Yuan. Increases theindividual engaged in
commerce 5,365 households, year's endaccumulates amounts to 47,225 households; Increases the
registeredcapital 308 million Yuan, year's end accumulates the registeredcapital 10.97 Yuan.
Attains Hubei Province fifth session of famoustrademark 22, city first session famous trademark
71. China famousbrand goods 19, increase 1; Hubei Province famous brand goods 9.
Market price steady rise. The market price overall assumes the risetrend, the increase scope in the
control area. Whole year theinhabitant expended the price overall level to compare the last yearto
rise 2.6%; The commodity retail price overall level rises 1.3%; Theagricultural means of
production price overall level rises 4.3%; Theindustrial product producer price overall level rises
2.3%; The rawmaterial, the fuel and the power purchase the price overall level torise 3.5%.
Expends in the price in the inhabitant, each kind ofcommodity and the service price change
direction and a degreeexistence bigger difference, presents "five increases as soon as fallstwo is
steady" the situation. Food, the family equipment thing and theservice service, the medical health
care and individual thing, thetransportation and the correspondence, the housing and so on five
bigkind of indexs rises, rise in turn 1.3%, 0.6%, 18.6%, 2.3%, 3.6%, theentertainment educated
the cultural item and the service class indexdrops 1%, the tobacco and liquor and the thing, the
attire and so ontwo big kind of indexs and the last year is impartial.
The economic society develops the main question which exists is: Theeconomical growth way
was still more extensive, the economic structurewas unreasonable; The energy conservation falls
consumes, thepollution reduces row of pressure high; Countryside and agriculturalfoundation still
weak, the farmer continues to additionally receivethe stamina to be insufficient; The employment
and the social securitypressure was still bigger, social security system Shang Dai
Agriculture: The agricultural economy develops with steady steps. Thestrength "the agriculture
synergize, the farmer additionally receives,the countryside stably" the work, the rural economy
situationcontinues to be good, the characteristic agriculture and theecological agriculture 凸现,
the production scale gradually expands.In 2006 咸宁 the city realization farming and forestry
herd fisherytotal output value 8.96 billion Yuan (present value), deducts theprice factor (similarly
hereinafter), the same ratio grows 3.1%.Among: The agricultural output value 5.46 billion Yuan,
grow 3.3%; Theforestry output value 558 million Yuan, grow 2.9%; The animalhusbandry output
value 1.561 billion Yuan, grow 1.3%; The fisheryoutput value 1.29 billion Yuan, grow 4.8%.
Whole year the crops sownarea 405.89000 hectares, the same ratio increases 5.68000 hectares.
Main agricultural product output. Whole year the grain ultimate output1.037 million tons, grow
2.2%; The cotton 1,863 tons, grow 12.5%; TheChina grass 27,957 tons, grow 19.5%; The
vegetables 1.9149 milliontons, grow 2.2%; The fuel oils 87,400 tons, the same ratio grows
3.4%;The tea 17,000 tons, grow 3%; The botanical garden fruit 33,100 tons,grow 9.1%.
The forestry production develops with steady steps, the ecologicalenvironment quality further
enhances. 咸宁 the city wooded areadevelops to 410.67000 hectares, the bamboo stores up the
quantity toincrease to 8.76 million cubic meters, forest 覆盖率 reaches 52.3%.In 2006, 咸宁 the
city afforestation area 20.77000 hectares, arefragmentary (all around) plant trees 7.36 million, the
tending ofyoung growth work area 47.1000 hectares, grows into a forest thenurture work area
87.3000 hectares. Main characteristic forestproduct: The bamboo dried bamboo shoots (contains
thunder bamboo)2,529 tons, grows 32.4%; The sweet-scented osmanthus output 354 tons,drop 1%.
In order to protect the forest resources, the bamboo cutslimits the quantity, whole year the lumber
cut 189,000 cubic meters,drop 1%; Mao bamboo cut 15.9713 million, grow 2.9%. Has 7 kind
ofproducts in the fifth session of Chinese bamboo culture festival towin the golden prize.
Raising livestock, aquatic product stable growth. In the year leavesthe pen the meat pig 1.295
million heads, drops 1%; Emergesdomesticated fowl 7.321 million, grows 23.9%; Leaves the pen
the cow14,000 heads, grows 3.6%; Leaves the pen sheep 113,000, grows 8.5%;The eggs output
29,000 tons, grow 4.5%; 咸宁 the city aquaticproduct area of cultivation 46.4000 hectares, grow
3.1%; Fine fishpond14,000 hectares, account for total area 30%. Whole year the aquaticproduct
output 152,000 tons, grow 5.4%. The aquatic product productionstructure unceasingly optimizes,
the famous specialty superior aquaticproduct output amounts to 53,000 tons, accounts for the
aquaticproduct proportion to reach 3.5%.
The agricultural structure adjustment advances with steady steps. "Theenvirons six industry" the
output value 4.33 billion Yuan, grow 3.8%.Whole year the grain crops sown area 203.8000
hectares, grow 0.5%, thegrain crops account for the crops total sown area proportion to
reach50.3%. The fuel oils sown area is 62.3000 hectares, drops 2.4%; Thecotton sown area is
1.5000 hectares, grows 7.1%; The hemp sown area is13.3000 hectares, grows 9%; The vegetables
sown area is 87.5000hectares, grows 0.9%.
The helping the poor development obtains the new result. Whole yearaltogether invests the special
helping the poor fund 20.6 millionYuan, increases 19%, has solved 05,200 extreme poverty
population foodand shelter problem, 21,000 low income impoverished population stablyescape
from poverty, complete the impoverished labor force shift totrain 2,930 people.

Industry and architecture industry: The industrial production fastgrowth,
the leading role is obvious. 咸宁 the city energetically"the industry is
popular the city" the strategy, wears the strengthdevelopment new
industry industry, speeds up the industry structureoptimization to
promote, the industrial production level fast gathers.All year after year
sells receives 5 million Yuan and state-ownedindustrial enterprise number
of units 441, with compared to increases85, grows 23%, is 咸宁 in the city
history increases a most year.Above the scale the industry completes the
industry to increase thevalue 5.632 billion Yuan, the same ratio grows
30.1%. The speed-upcontinues the top digit movement, grows from 2005 the
beginning of to2006 year's end monthly means 35.3%, quick Yu Quansheng
15 percentagepoints. The backbone profession develops quickly. The
drinkmanufacturing industry output value 490 million Yuan, grow 77.4%;
Thewoodworking and the product industry output value 540 million
Yuan,grow 72.1%; The furniture manufacturing industry output value
178million Yuan, grow 39.7%; The mechanical and electrical
manufacturingindustry output value 614 million Yuan, grow 40.8%; The
non-metallicmineral product industry 1.932 billion Yuan, grow 34.9%; The
textileindustry output value 3.417 billion Yuan, grow 33.6%; The
medicineproduct industry output value 669 million Yuan, grow 33.4%.

The architecture industry unceasingly expands. Through increases
theconstruction market order reorganization dynamics, the
strengthenedproject quality safety surveillance manages, the
construction projectsquality and the safe construction level enhance with
steady steps,咸宁 the city reported to a higher authority attained has
approved alevel of construction construction enterprise, newly increased
6 toconstruct the construction enterprise. Whole year constructs
theenterprise to increase the value 868 million Yuan, grows 9.5%.
Transportation, posts and telecommunications: Transportationshipping
industry fast development. Whole year the road is open totraffic the
course 11,874 kilometers. Whole year the volume of freightturnover
1.04157 billion ton kilometers, grow 20.1%, highwaytransportation 999.43
million ton kilometers, grow 27%. Volume ofpassenger turnover 2.57663
billion passenger-kilometer, grow 20.2%,highway transportation 2.57567
billion passenger-kilometer, grow20.1%.
The posts and telecommunications correspondence industry continues
todevelop. Whole year completes the post and telecommunications
servicetotal quantity 759.51 million Yuan, grows 26.9%. Postal service
totalquantity 113.17 million Yuan, grow 15.5%; The
telecommunicationservice total quantity 646.34 million Yuan, grow 29.1%.
The fixedtelephone user several 549,000 households, grow 8.7%; The mobile
phoneuser 475,000 households, grow 20.2%. The fixed telephone popular
rateis 66.2%, the mobile phone popular rate is 57.3%.
Domestic trade: Consumable brisk trade. Continues along with the cityand
countryside inhabitant income to grow, the expense idea change andthe
market construction consummates, 咸宁 the city consumable marketassumes
continues fast to grow the situation. Whole year socialconsumable total
volume of retail sales each month of increased rangemaintains above 13%,
specially the countryside consumable markettransfers prosperously. In
2006, 咸宁 the city society consumabletotal volume of retail sales 8.801
billion Yuan, the same ratio grows14.5%, the increased range same ratio
enhances 1 percentage point. Aminute region looked that, the city (county)
the consumable totalvolume of retail sales 5.851 billion Yuan, grow 14.9%;
The ruralmarket (below county) the consumable total volume of retail
sales2.949 billion Yuan, grow 13.7%. The branch industry looked
that,wholesale, the retail sales trade industry retail turnover
7.602billion Yuan, grow 14.3%; Lodgings, the dining industry
retailturnover 869 million Yuan, grow 17.1%; Other profession
retailturnover 329 million Yuan, grow 11.1%.
To foreign countries opening up: Foreign trade export large growth. In2006
咸宁 the city completes the foreign trade to export 59.79million US
dollars, the same ratio grows 25.5%, realized 咸宁 thecity foreign trade
to export for 19 month-long to continue the growth.Mainly exports the
product to grow quickly. The mechanical andelectrical product exports
19.26 million US dollars; The textile yarn,the fabric and the product
export 13.68 million US dollars; Theclothing exports 8.02 million US
dollars; The leather glove exports4.73 million US dollars,; The medical
surgical dressing exports 3.38million US dollars. The exportation
enterprise's exportation scale ismore and more big. In 2006 咸宁 the city
has exportation enterprise60, in which increases 12; Has exported surely
US dollar enterprise 1,exports million US dollars enterprises to reach
Intellectual property rights protection dynamics unceasingly enlarges,
咸宁 the city patented claim quantity reaches 231, grows 273%;
Thehigh-tech industry development is rapid, 咸宁 the city increases
theprovince to rise new technical enterprise 7, achieves 23.
High-techproduct increases the value 681 million Yuan, grows 23.6%.
Theprivately operated technical enterprise develops speeds up,
bringsinto line with the registration privately operated
technicalenterprise 61, grows 87%.
Each kind educates, the coordinated development comprehensively.咸宁 the
city implements nine years system free compulsoryeducation, the
elementary school in the school student 216,700 people,the junior middle
school in the school student 181,500 people,ordinary high school in school
student 60,200 people. Mediumvocational education realization high
quality, scale, mediumprofessional middle school in school student 47,500
people, graduate9,387 people. Adult college in school student 3,263
people, graduate1,202 people.
Literary style health: The cultural establishment develops with
steadysteps. Whole year conducted "has been harmonious 咸宁? 2,006 咸
宁 cities large-scale Spring Festival literary arts party "," enterssouth
Hubei "," the happy Chinese line "and so on the size more than40 literary
arts activities. "Chu Tianqun the star prize" in thecompetition 咸宁 the
city selection "Is drunk Golden Fall" in theHubei Province 11th session
to win the silver prize, "Family LivesSign Continent Bay", "the Chinese
chess" wins the copper prize. In2006, 咸宁 city existing museum 7, public
library 7, the bookcollection measures 588,000 volume.
The broadcast television coverage further opens up. Broadcast 覆盖率
95.09%; Television 覆盖率 94.94%.
The sports enterprise obtains the new result. 咸宁 the citysuccessively
undertook the Chinese chess armor A league tournament(the Hubei contest
area), the province 12 has transported the meetingthe partial sports
events. In 2006, participated in entire provinceproject the and so on
young people track and field, swimming,wrestling, Judo, martial arts,
volleyball, ping pong competition,altogether attains 2 golden 3 silvers
12 coppers result; Attends thepopulace sports competition, obtains 38
golden, 40 silvers 14 coppersresult.
The news publication continues to expand. In 2006, 咸宁 the
cityaltogether publishes the official newspaper 4 kind, the
officialperiodical 3 kind, restricted data publication 14,
altogetherpublishes newspaper periodical 7.7696 million (book),
officialpublication altogether publishes 7.506 million (book),
restricted data263,600 (share) book. In 2006, 咸宁 the city printing
duplicationindustry enterprise altogether has 268, printing enterprise
The hygienic medical service public health services is furtherstandard.
2006 end 咸宁 cities medical and health organization1,186, hygienic
organization bed figure 4,854, every thousand peoplehave bed figure 1.7
year after year. Health technical personnel 9,031people, practicing
physician and assistant doctor 3,852 people; Theregistration protects the
teacher, the nurse 2,731 people. Initiallyestablishes take the city
prophylaxis control mechanism as a center,has formed the county, the
township, the village health, theinstitution, business unit epidemic
situation reports managementsystem; Strengthened the AIDS, the snail
fever, the tuberculosis andso on key infectious disease preventing and
controlling work dynamics.Appeared "about To solve Populace" Saw a doctor
Difficultly "," To seea doctor Expensively "Implementation Opinion".
Environmental protection: The water environment is good. 咸宁 thecity
main water body surface water environment quality overall isbetter,
conforms to the environment requirement. Among: Yangtze River(Lu Xikou
the cross section), the metal river hot spring first bridgecross section
water quality reaches II kind of standard, had theimprovement compared
to the last year. Lu Shuihe, the metal river,Fushui and the main lake,
the reservoir monitor cross section waterquality reaches III kind of
standard, compared the maintenance withthe last year to be stable. The
Panjiawan, the hot spring first bridgetap water source area water quality
is good, the success raterespectively is 95% and 100%.
The ambient air quality is good. Hot spring city air environmentquality
fine day amounts to 357 day (superiorly 106 days, good 251days, slightly
pollutes number of days 8 day), is fine rate reaches97.8%, the ambient
air quality is among the best in the entireprovince. The city traffic noise
environment quality is better.

咸宁 the city has completed nature protection area 18, the area460,000
Chinese acres. Jiugong declaration country level natureprotection area
already through national environmental protectionbureau, national
forestry bureau organization's expert appraisal.咸宁 city environmental
monitoring organization 7, two levels stand1, three levels stand 6.
Environmental monitoring personnel 80 people.
The key environmental protection project progress is smooth. The
HubeiProvince solid waste centralism processing handling project
(yearprocess load 29,000 tons), have comprehensively begun
construction.The hot spring sewage treatment plant (the BOT project)
cooperates thematters concerned officially to sign a treaty and to hold
has laid afoundation the ceremony, symbolized 咸宁 the city
environmentinfrastructure construction and the environmental protection
industryadvancement makes the substantive progress.

In 2003 咸宁 the city total output value is 17.368 billion Yuan,grew 9.2%
compared to the last year, primary industry increased thevalue 3.745
billion Yuan, grew 3%; The second industry increases thevalue 8.097
billion Yuan, grows 11.4%; The tertiary industry increasesthe value 5.526
billion Yuan, the industrial structure furtheroptimizes, three
industrial structures are 21.6: 46.6: 31.8. Second,three industrial
proportions compared the last year to enhance 1.5percentage points.
In 2004 咸宁 the city total output value completes 20.501 billionYuan,
grows 11.5%, among, one, two, three industries increase thevalue to
complete 4.534 billion Yuan, 9.652 billion Yuan, 6.314billion Yuan,
according to the comparable price computation,separately grows 5.7%,
13.6% and 12.3%. Three industrial structuresare 22.1: 47.1: 30.8.
In 2005 咸宁 the city total output value achieved 20.5 billion Yuan,the
yearly average grows above 9%, primary industry yearly averagegrows 3.5%,
the second industrial yearly average grows 10%, thetertiary industry
yearly average grows 10.5%; Three industrialstructures proportion is
21:46:33. Three industries by "95" end30.1:37:32.9 adjustment is 2005
In 2006 咸宁 the city three industries constitutions are23.7: 40.9: 35.4,
compared with the last year, the primary industrydropped 2.6 percentage
points, two, three industries separatelyenhanced 2.3 and 0.3 percentage

Hubei 咸宁 three industrial structures adjustment statistics
Year three industrial structures proportion three industriesrates of
In 2003 21.6:46.2:31.8 3%:11.4%:9.5%
In 2004 22.1:47.1:30.8 5.7%:13.6%:12.3%
In 2005 26.3:38.6:35.1 3.5%:10%:10.5%
In 2006 23.7:40.9:35.4 0.9%:12.3%:10.8%

Along with 咸宁 the economical fast growth as well as theindustrial
structure strategic adjustment, the agriculture drops yearby year in 咸
宁 the national economy proportion, second, threeindustrial proportion
rise, in on was objective has accelerated 咸宁 the urbanized advancement.
Advancement real estate and architectureindustry rapid development.

2nd, fixed asset investment
咸宁 city various years cities fixed asset statistics
Year fixed asset investment cost (hundred million Yuan) withcompare the
growth scope (%)
In 2003 51.2733 16.2
In 2004 44.35 38.3
In 2005 41.2734 10.6
In 2006 103.83 32.9
In 2003, 咸宁 the city entire society fixed asset investmenttops 6
billion Yuan for the first time, whole year completes invests6.26753
billion Yuan, grew 16.2% compared to the last year, theincreased range
occupies entire province sixth, overfulfilled thewhole year to invest the
plan (605,000 ten thousand Yuan) 4 percentagepoints. Cities investment
completes 5.12733 billion Yuan, grows 18.7%,the countryside investment
completes 1.1402 billion Yuan, grows 6.2%.
In 2004 咸宁 above the city cities the fixed asset investmentproject
investment completes 4.435 billion Yuan, the same ratio grows38.3%. Among:
The capital investment completes 3.164 billion Yuan,grows 48.2%; The
technological transformations investment completes967 million Yuan,
grows 15.5%; The property development investmentcompletes 201 million
Yuan, grows 26.1%; Other investments completes103 million Yuan, grows
35.8%. Construction project amounts to 532,grows 64.7%, newly begins
project 386, grows 89.2%.
In 2005 咸宁 above the city cities the fixed asset investmentcompletes
4.12734 billion Yuan, the same ratio grows 10.6%.
In 2006 咸宁 the city realization total output value 23.465 billionYuan,
grow 12.6%; The entire social fixed asset investment completes10.383
billion Yuan, grows 32.9%; The social consumable total volumeof retail
sales 8.801 billion Yuan, grow 14.5%; The place generalbudgetary revenue
completes 871 million Yuan, grows 17.2%; Imports andexports total 59.79
million US dollars, only increase 18.99 million USdollars; The real estate
industry completes invests 474.89 millionYuan, the same ratio grows
358.2%, property development completesinvests 192.74 million Yuan, the
same ratio grows 93%. The citiesinhabitant average per person may control
receives 8,807 Yuan, grows10%; The farmer average per person net income
3,213 Yuan, increase 302Yuan, grows 10.4%. The primary industry completes
invests 91.32million Yuan, dropped 9% compared to same time last year;
The secondindustry completes invests 2.16024 billion Yuan, grew 17.8%
comparedto same time last year; The tertiary industry completes
invests2.95055 billion Yuan, grew 60.7% compared to same time last year.
The property development investment continues fast to grow. Theproperty
development enterprise completes invests 788 million Yuan,the same ratio
grows 107.5%. Among them, the commodity apartmentconstruction invests 455
million Yuan, grows 146.2%; The houseconstruction area 1.2102 million
square meters, grow 113.3%; Thecommodity house selling area 517,200
square meters, grow 135.6%; Thecommodity apartment sales volume 506
million Yuan, grow 174.4%.

咸宁 the fixed asset investment presents characteristic:
(1) invested maintains the fast growth, the tertiary industryinvestment
grows to 咸宁 the city investment has mainly drawn thefunction. Since
this year, 咸宁 the city investment has stepped ontothe fast growth track,
the cities above project investmentcontinuously maintained at 35% above
rate of rise, the increased rangecontinuously is situated the entire
province front row. The citiesproject investment increased range still
achieved 38%, this was therecent years unusual high growth, for realized
the whole year toinvest the work goal to lay the solid foundation. The
tertiaryindustry investment grew 60.7% compared to same time last
year,separately was higher than first, two industries 69.7, 42.9
percentagepoints, was higher than above the cities to invest the increased
range22.7 percentage points, grew to 咸宁 the city investment has
mainlydrawn the function.
(2) the place project investment increased range is quicker, grows themain
strut function to 咸宁 the city investment. 咸宁 the cityplace project
completes invests 5.10049 billion Yuan, grew 42.4%compared to same time
last year, accounted for the complete citiesproject investment 98%, city
county was the investment to complete4.77578 billion Yuan, grew 37.5%
compared to same time last year, theplace project investment invests the
main strut function to 咸宁 thecity.
(3) each place invested maintained the quicker rate of rise, hasguaranteed
咸宁 the city investment comprehensive growth. Since thisyear, 咸宁 the
city various counties urban district investment haspreserved the quicker
growth momentum, the cities above fixed assetinvestment increased range
has surpassed 50% unit to have 4, namely:The development zone grows 185.8%,
Chongyang County grows 77.7%,Tongshan County grows 64.9%, Tongcheng
County grows 50.2%. Othercounty urban district investment increased
ranges are also higher,among: The city straight grows 44.0%, the salty
peaceful area grows40.3%, Jiayu County grows 26.6%, the red wall city
grows 13.4%. Thecounty urban district invested the comprehensive fast
growth is therecent years unusual phenomenon.
(4) the folk investment to invests the contribution further toenlarge,
achieves remarkable success using the foreign capital. Sincethis year,
咸宁 city thorough implementation investmentorganizational reform each
action, has sped up the state-ownedenterprise to change the system the
step, further aroused the socialinvestment enthusiasm.

These characteristics displays which from the city place may see,咸宁 the
real estate market was occupying just to start, but wasjust about to the
stage which carried on further develops, although 咸宁 lacked the major
industry the strut, but because the presentreal estate start is low, in
addition travelled and the educationindustry further development, we
believed in 23 years 咸宁 the realestate market will be able to have the
big change, the house pricealso can have a larger scale rise.
(2) commercial, service industry development situation
Besides the traveling, lacks other prop industries the support,the entire
咸宁 city economical level relative is weaker, the maincity consumption
level is not high, does not have the large-scaletrade.
咸宁 commercial, service industry development backwardness, afterthe
existing tradition commercial market has not been able to satisfythe urban
development and the improvement of the standard of livingexpense demand.
The urban development summon adaption time developmentnew business center
appears enhances people's life personal status.
(3) overall tendency
咸宁 the real estate enterprise, invests from the exploratorynature to
looks at the market trend development, until today takesoil-rent value
as core cost control investment. Now 咸宁 realestate enterprise brand
construction consciousness has strengthens,but the consumer and
developer brand consciousness just germinated. Onlikely 咸宁 the economy
is same, consciousness change exteriorfactor influence also is rapid.
Part of enterprises start from thebrand image promotion to obtain carry
on the enterprise brand orproject brand making, but the majority
enterprise not yet carries onthe brand the system administration. The real
estate enterprise brandvalue universal small scope grows, 强势 brand
market influence andpremium level remarkable enhancement, like Jin Cheng,
early time andso on Jin Cheng in 咸宁 investment developer. The real
estateenterprise also must enhance the brand from the acceleration
themarket 集中度, the close brand and consumer's relation,
theformulation suits aspect and so on brand strategy which the
enterprisedevelops promotes the brand value.
Intensifies along with the competition, the development enterprisebrand,
the optimization business management, the strengthened realestate
enterprise core competitive ability (customer relations) willbe the room
enterprise's correct development direction.
Fourth, 咸宁 real estate market brand enterprise developmentcondition
(1). 咸宁 city brand developer project tabulates
Developer project name project detailed address projectoverall scale
[ ten thousand M2 ]
Three friends 咸宁 city business reaches square 咸宁 cityhot spring
silver spring main road 3 1.138
咸宁 city fragrant spring garden 咸宁 city 咸宁 mainroad 1 12.7
Jin Cheng school China courtyard Yongan main road 61 0.07
Prosperous plot A, B salty An Quyu waterway 0
Area plan bureau dormitory building four salty peaceful areasstyles road
Sweet-scented osmanthus park business lives the building
twosweet-scented osmanthuses parks 0
The will becomes style main road 10th building style main roadten land
parcels 137 0.38
Style main road 15th building style main road 15 land parcels0.48
Style main road 24th building style main road 24 land parcels1,139
Sweet-scented osmanthus north road P land parcel saltypeaceful area
sweet-scented osmanthus north road P land parcel 0.136
Salty peaceful area 99 peace and happiness gardens style mainroad 40 land
parcels 0.69
Salty peaceful area 桂竹 kindergarten salty peaceful areastyle main road
15 land parcels 0.54
Mr. Long Yuan world salty peaceful area style main road 33land parcels
Style road comprehensive country fair trade market style mainroad 6 land
parcels 0
Jin Chengjin early morning garden salty peaceful area Yonganeast road 5.8
景泰 garden 咸宁 city hot spring area silver spring mainroad 4.66
Grand synthesis building 咸宁 city metal river main road0.6
Two pieces of jade put together rainbow jade rainbow centurynew town 咸
宁 city silver spring main road flag ancient village18.5
Rather rainbow big market 咸宁 city salty peaceful areatelecommunication
business hall opposite
A good source imperial dragon garden issue of 咸宁 citysilver spring main
road flag ancient village 18.5
(2) brand developer analysis
In 2000 before 咸宁 the real estate market, nearly does nothave the
regular developer development project, even if has 12 (forexample: Grand)
has the strength the industrial corporation to investthe real estate, the
market response very is also light. At that timepeople housing
commercialization consciousness was extremely light.
In 2004 before 咸宁 the real estate market mainly is enlivening
thepartial local developers (for example: The will becomes, Jin Cheng,the
gold is honest), people's expense consciousness has been aroused.The
consumer is not high to the project attachment value request,satisfies
the consumer most basic housing function and thetransportation side
easily is accepted immediately by the city place,the project scale also
all limits in several buildings.
In 2006 咸宁 the real estate competition enters the superheating,outside
very many provinces fund introduction 咸宁, in abundance in 咸宁
establishment company massive circles (for example: The threefriends, the
two pieces of jade put together rainbow, the good sourceand so on have
part of Jiangxi, Zhejiang, the Fujian developer inaddition in 咸宁 has
set, the project not yet draws a charge). Theproject enters the scale noble
community to make great stridesforward, people's expense consciousness
also along with ittransformation, in the future 5 - 10 years will be 咸
宁 大盘 time.

Project name nine tripods garden

Pastes the picture
Developer developer 咸宁 city nine tripods propertydevelopment limited
Business agent architectural design: Shanghai Shang Chenplanned the
design institute
咸宁 city reconnaissance design institute

Geographical position silver spring main road 739-18 #
Sales hot line 0715-8132695 8.175915 million
Project plan area afforestation rate
Always constructs the area volume rate
A berth quantity household berth rents the selling price
Organizes a group to develop the order
Constructs the botanical garden characteristic 3000□Omodernistic
botanical garden to afforest, the airborne garden and thebackground music
Project necessary
Scene packing
Promotion measure
The marketing strategy facing the center low end customer,"the simple
marketing" compares with other houses, pays 3 - 4 Yuanevery day, little
pulls out several cigarates to be allowed to buy theenjoyable housing.
Project superior inferiority
Analyzes generally thought the construction quality should,咸宁 first
use the energy conservation environmental protection wallheat insulating
layer, simultaneously uses the double-decked centerspatial glass, saves
the resources for the inhabitant winter heatingand the summer day
Opens sells the situation opening price time on January 1, 2007
At present project
Progress existing comprehensive completion
The price level tube expense Yuan /□O/ month householddescription
household upright is practical, each average per householdis equipped
with the landscape balcony. Bedroom primary and secondaryminute
Floor price difference 100 Yuan bright, the kitchen has thelife balcony
design, the spatial transition is good. But room whole
The opening price 1,400 Yuan /□O natural lighting effects arenot good.
Maximum valency standard 1,800 Yuan /□O
Lowest price 1,450 Yuan /□O
The thing tube condition intellectualization estatemanagement, four
heavy peacefully guards against the system.
Household allocated proportion household area allocated
proportionhousehold area allocated proportion
2 2 halls 1 health 92 □O□□3 room 2 halls 2 health142□O□□
3 2 halls 1 health 135□O□□4 room 2 halls 2 health156□O□□
Other repair standard 毛坯房
The market responded and the sales effect appraises the marketresponse
good, is comparatively slightly high, but partially settingat industry
also may accept. The botanical garden afforests, theestate management,
the architectural design all cannot with thelarge-scale noble community
comparison, but each item of all levelhaving. The geographical
superiority also in exudes in the commercialcircle, better has grasped
the market pulse. The sales volume isbetter in 咸宁 the middle-grade

Project name jade spring garden
Pastes the picture
Developer developer great Xin property development limitedcompany
Business agent developer independent sale
North the geographical position silver spring main road leans
Sales hot line 81316888131699
Project plan area 28,000 □O afforestations rate 35%
Always constructs the area 17,000 □O volumes rate
The berth quantity has the garage, the underground parkinggarage rents
the selling price
Organized a group to develop smooth issue of A, C, E, Galready finishes
Two issue of B, D1, D2, F just began construction
Constructs the botanical garden characteristic modernarchitecture style
stochastic botanical garden afforestationconstruction not after the
regular botanical garden planning boarddesign
Project necessary
Facility garage, underground parking garage
Scene packing
The promotion measure marketing center only has 沙盘 and soon to sell the
stage prop, the discussion, the reception area and soon the basic function,
the repair relatively simple, the salespersonnel quality is ordinary.
The marketing strategy handles the VIP card, when the opening
pricesufficiently arrives at Fang Kuan promotion.
Project superior inferiority
Analysis project geographical position relative better, butthe
construction progress is slower, seriously has affected the sale.
Opens sells the situation opening price time on May 1, 2007
At present project
A progress issue finishes
The price level tube expense 40 Yuan/month of householdsdescriptions
small family layout compact, upright is practical, isequipped with the
landscape balcony. Big household
The floor price difference 50 - 80 Yuan transition spaces,create the
spatial waste. The overall natural lighting effect isbetter. Does wet
The opening price 1,350 Yuan /□O districts are appropriate,bedroom and
bathroom kitchen position processing improper, moves
The maximum valency standard 1,580 Yuan /□O static districtsare not
Lowest price 1,390 Yuan /□O
Household allocated proportion household area allocatedproportion
household area allocated proportion
2 2 halls 1 health 90-95 □O 15□□3 room 2 halls 2 health143-164 □O 60
4 2 halls 1 health 165 □O 25 □□ Fang Tingwei □O□□
Other repair standard 毛坯房
The market responded and the sales effect appraises the marketresponse
general, when opening price the price is lower. Householdtype more, the
small family price position is higher than the bighousehold, instead
easily is accepted by the city place, the bighousehold sale progress is

Project name Xiyuan elegant area

Pastes the picture
Developer developer Hubei Guangxi Xiangzhi industry limitedcompany
Business agent same
Geographical position salty An Qu has high morals the roadSiho hsi-ho
bridge bridge head station
Sales hot line 0715-8369911 1.347777626 billion
Project plan area afforestation rate 5%
Always constructs the area volume rate
The berth quantity has the garage to rent the selling pricenot to have
Organizes a group to develop the order not to organize a groupto divide,
disposable promotes three
Constructs the botanical garden characteristic 现代式 smallgarden
Project necessary
Facility garage
Scene packing
The promotion measure does not have the characteristic, doesnot have 沙
盘, non- light level
Marketing strategy sincerity customer preferential benefit 30Yuan /□O
The project superior inferiority analysis project only hasthree buildings,
the scale is smaller. Approaches the sweet-scentedosmanthus square, the
train noise pollution is serious.
Opens sells the situation opening price time in May, 2007
At present project
The progress in September, 2007 hands over the room
The price level tube expense disposable 10,000 Yuan /□O/months household
description this household design are more, with 12households
classifications. Each household mutually does not change
Floor price difference 100 Yuan big, is only the directionchange. Various
bedrooms primary and secondary are not distinct, butthe length and breadth
proportion is reasonable
The opening price 1,350 Yuan /□O, are wider are long 1: 2proportions.
The spatial transition is ingenious, reduces the spatialwaste. Positive
North maximum valency standard 1,506 Yuan /□O suppose to, forprimary and
secondary lies two room altogether to support a landscapeliving room not
to have the balcony, the household
The lowest price 1,408 Yuan /□O shortcomings are pay greatattention to
the bedroom the comfort, but has neglected the balconyfunction.
The thing tube condition has the special estate management
Household allocated proportion household area allocatedproportion
household area allocated proportion
3 2 halls 2 health 129.05□O□□3 room 2 halls 2 health123.69□O□□
3 2 halls 2 health 126.59□O□□3 room 2 halls 2 health124.05□O□□
3 2 halls 2 health 126.37□O□□3 room 2 halls 2 health123.3□O□□
3 2 halls 2 health 125.35□O□□3 room 2 halls 2 health122.8□O□□
Other repair standard 毛坯房
The market responded and the sales effect appraises the marketresponse
to be ordinary, the natural price compares not high. Thehousehold is
bigger, the geographical position superiority is notobvious, but the
price position compares the same innate nature item 目高.

Project name good Le Haoyuan

Pastes the picture
Developer developer Hubei metal river property developmentlimited
The business agent developer independently plans the sale
Geographical position 咸宁 city silver spring main road 188(train
Sales hot line 13.807248711 billion
Project plan area 35,000 □O afforestations rate
Always constructs the area 50,000 □O volumes rate 1.43
Berth quantity 122 rent the selling price not to have
Organizes a group to develop disposable promotes in turn
Constructs the botanical garden characteristic modernarchitecture style
non- characteristic botanical garden design
Project necessary
Facility supermarket, leisure office
Scene packing
The promotion measure is ordinary, has the block diagram
The marketing strategy life balcony does not include thesales area with
a building garden, the VIP card promotion
Project superior inferiority
The analysis supermarket, the leisure office, the lifenecessary facility
is more convenient
Opens sells the situation opening price time in 2007 thespring
At present project
A progress issue has been sold, two issues are left over aset, three issues
in October, 2007 opening price
Price level tube expense disposable 10,000 Yuan householdsdescription
each household is the upright design, the living room hasthe Southern
Dynasty to the balcony. The host lies supposes
The floor price difference 100 Yuan have the small landscapebalcony, the
layout compact, the space reasonably matches, thetransition is good
Opening price 1,300 Yuan /□O. But the kitchen and thebathroom design is
unreasonable, the kitchen approaches the livingroom to be nearer also
The maximum valency standard 1,506 Yuan /□O do not have anytransition,
the bathroom gate straight to the dining room.
Lowest price 1,408 Yuan /□O
The thing tube condition security, is clean and so on thebasic estate
management service
Household allocated proportion household area allocatedproportion
household area allocated proportion
3 2 halls 2 health 133 □O□□4 room 2 halls 2 health 139□O□□
3 2 halls 2 health 130 □O□□ vacuums duplicate 210 □O□□
3 2 halls 2 health 146□O□□
Other repair standard 毛坯房
The market response and the sales effect appraisal salesituation is better,
two issues are only left over last the set.Market response price moderate,
the construction quality is good.

Project name jade rainbow century new town

Pastes the picture
Developer developer Jiangxi jade rainbow land developmentcompany 咸宁
subsidiary company
Business agent developer independent sale
Geographical position 咸宁 city sweet-scented osmanthus northroad
Sales hot line 0715-8314188 8.314199 million
Project plan area afforestation rate
Always constructs the AREA 14000□o-17000□O volume rate
The berth quantity temporarily not special-purpose stops theberth to rent
the selling price
Organizes a group to develop smooth this A, B, C, D, E fivedisposable
Constructs the botanical garden characteristic non- scale
botanicalgarden afforestation project
Project necessary
Facility this project lives the dual purpose for business, thefirst floor
store, two office buildings, above three buildings are theresidential
Scene packing
Promotion measure 沙盘 manufacture finer, the propertybroker 简约, is
The marketing strategy take the economical practical small family asthe
promoted main body, leads three, four sales
Project superior inferiority
Analysis 楼盘 scale bigger, belongs upscale, but leaves thepath too near,
the noise is big
Opens sells the situation opening price time on July 18, 2006
At present project
The progress has comprehensively been completed
The price level tube expense Yuan /□O/ month householddescription
household upright is practical, is the traditionalhousehold. In design
unique place, function district
The floor price difference 200 Yuan basic are reasonable,bedroom gate
directly to living room, private dense unsatisfactory.
Opening price 800 Yuan /□O
Maximum valency standard 1400-1600 Yuan /□O
Lowest price 810 Yuan /□O
Household allocated proportion household area allocatedproportion
household area allocated proportion
4 2 halls 2 health 160□O□□ Fang Tingwei 110□O□□
3 2 halls 2 health 118□O□□ Fang Tingwei □O□□
Other repair standard 毛坯房
The market response and the sales effect appraisal purchasecrowd mainly
for the salty peaceful area nearby the inhabitant, theproject overall
image is the populace expense.

Project name Dongxing garden
Pastes the picture
The developer developer Hubei 咸宁 city is popular the cityreal estate
limited company
Business agent developer independent sale
Geographical position style road (Chinese telecommunicationopposite)
Sales hot line 0,715 - 8368802/8226903
Project plan area afforestation rate 40%
Always constructs the area 20000m2 volume rate
A berth quantity household berth rents the selling price
Organizes a group to develop disposable promotes the market inturn, not
organizes a group to divide.
Constructs the botanical garden characteristic non- botanical
Project necessary
Facility non- characteristic project necessary
Scene packing
The promotion measure sells the scene to use the simplearrangement,
tallies with this image. Has the basic sales functiondistrict.
Marketing strategy
Project superior inferiority
Analysis project scale lower, the scale is smaller. But pricemoderate,
the geographical superiority is obvious.
Opens sells the situation opening price time in 2006 the year's end
At present project
The progress already comprehensively was completed
Price level tube expense 0.22 Yuan /□O/ month householddescription each
household upright is practical, does not have the bigspatial waste, the
double balcony supposes
Floor price difference 48 Yuan ideas, but life balcony areasmaller, is
very difficult to use, the sound of something astir anddoes the wet minute
The opening price 1,250 Yuan /□O areas are not distinct.
Maximum valency standard 1,328 Yuan /□O
Lowest price 1,280 Yuan /□O
Thing tube condition
Household allocated proportion household area allocatedproportion
household area allocated proportion
Three two halls two health 112□O□□ Fang Tingwei 137□O□□
Three two halls two health 130□O□□ Fang Tingwei □O□□
Other repair standard 毛坯房
The market responded and the sales effect appraises thisalthough the scale
not to be high, but extremely having pricecompared to the project, the
sales progress is very quick.

(2) each main competition project synthesis contrast analysis
1) whole plan contrast
Project overall plan narration
The imperial dragon garden along the street U shape skirtbuilding, the
whole partly encircles suitably along the silver springmain road is four
U shape skirt building, in the area the buildingarranges scattered and
organized. Building spacing 10-15m, the densityis bigger.
景泰 garden compound buck private type this has been only completingthe
plan part, not yet begins construction. Analyzes the not
obviouscharacteristic from the construction shape aspect, uses the
compoundbuck private type arrangement. Small high level and the
multilayeredposition distribution is reasonable.
The fragrant spring garden partly encircles suitably
(fan-shapedencircles gathers) this project whole plan to assume
"fan-shaped", theidea is extremely ingenious. "Fan-shaped" center
section triangleregion for government municipal engineering square
garden, but withthis project organic synthesis. Provides the convenience
for theproject afforestation and inhabitant's leisure. Multilayered
eachhousehold faces the square the inhabitants all may see the square
theafforestation, regards as oneself the garden.
Mr. Long Yuan world four "1" the glyph arranges this project only tohave
four to be small high level "1" the font arrangement, but betweenthe
building afforests, 水景, the construction sketch reasonablymatches,
scattered and organized.
Blue territory central two small high level, the building
spacingexcessively small this project area had defined the project plan,
twobuildings both have 45° the angle with Ma Bailu parallel tojuxtapose.
Three close neighbor housing go, along Ma Bailu a side is"the cloth sack
mouth" the exportation.
School Hua Ting buck private type arranges two rows of eight
buildingscompound buck privates to arrange, the building spacing is
怡和 the water shore garden buck private type arrangement projectoverall
scale is small, some four buildings composition, theafforestation
receives limits, has the characteristic with difficulty.
桂竹 new world buck private type this plate has 11 buildingscompositions,
divides three row of arrangements. West leans four amongsmall leisures
squares, central five five units construction. 东侧 two longitudinal
arrangements first floors along the street store.
Brocade early morning garden buck private type this altogether
sevenbuildings, divide two rows. West arranges in order two two
unitsconstructions, east lists as five four units constructions, east
therow between fourth, five is equipped with an agricultural market fair.
Jade spring garden scattered about buck private type whole plandisorderly,
will not suit the estate management, the density is big inthe future.
Concluding remark
Through this 咸宁 shop facing the street real estate marketspecial
investigation and study work, I took charge of to 咸宁 thereal estate
market have have been complete, comprehensively, the clearunderstanding.
咸宁 the most housing project is not in the construction and thebotanical
garden aspect design and the model, was still continues touse the real
estate market mature area to eliminate the householddesign and the
marketing strategy. Speaking of my project is easy toestablish the brand
and 凸显 the superiority the opportunity.
I take charge of have the confidence in the accurate assurance
marketfoundation, looks for the accurate project the core
localization,constructs the project the unique core competitive ability,
decidesthe effective marketing strategy, thus successfully guides the
projectthe market, establishes the project and enterprise's good brand
image.Takes charge of as me initially fords the real estate industry
successattempt, for later in the real estate aspect considerable
development,will lay the stable foundation.

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