Sample Work Session Agenda by MattyWray


									                              “Cedar Rapids is a vibrant urban hometown –
a beacon for people and businesses invested in building a greater community for the next generation.”

                          NOTICE OF CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION

The City Council and Staff will meet on Wednesday, February 18, 2009 at 5:30 PM in the AEGON
USA Auditorium, 4333 Edgewood Road NE. (Please silence cell phones and pagers.)

Public Comment:
If you wish to address the City Council on any subject pertaining to City Council business, please use
the sign-up sheet located in the back of the auditorium.

   •   Motion to Approve Agenda

Council Agenda Planning/Issue Intake & Sort
(Council identifies issues for potential action including issues from Council and staff)

             City’s role in facilitating relocating homes in the flood area – to be addressed in the
             Neighborhood Planning Process;
             Sustainability - will be reviewed with the community as a part of the Neighborhood
             Planning Process;
             Community Facilities – working group of City, County and Schools preparing a
             presentation regarding public participation process;
             Future agenda direction – Mayor to review agendas with Council members each week;
             Interim Flood Protection Plan – report on Feb. 11 council meeting;
             Ice Removal Policy – policy updated and reported via email on January 21;
             Local Preference Purchasing – Chamber event on March 12 – “How to Do Business with
             Government” and open house at Kirkwood on March 17;

Consent Agenda

   1. Resolutions (2) approving payment of bills and payroll.      CIP/DID #422801


   2. Report on bids for the Cedar Rapids WPCF Ash Slurry Pipeline Replacement project. (Pat
      Ball)  CIP/DID #615147-02


30 minutes
   3. Presentation by the Commercial Building Permit, Inspection and Certificate of Occupancy
      Permit Lean Kaizen Event participants outlining action items for process improvements from
      January 19, 2009 event. (Vern Zakostelecky)     CIP/DID #422795

30 minutes
   4. Discussion and possible motion regarding the City’s participation in a Community Facilities
      Public Participation Process. (flood) (Council members Tom Podzimek and Justin Shields)
      CIP/DID #377545

20 minutes
   5. Discussion and possible motion directing staff regarding the City Council’s vision for Bever
      Avenue SE right-of-way in the area of properties located at 4027 and 4028 Bever Avenue SE.
      (John Reasoner)     CIP/DID #41-09-047


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